Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tries to run away but Brady grabs her and screams at her asking why she slept with his brother.

Eric cries at the altar as Marlena approaches him.

Victor returns home where Maggie is waiting. Maggie asks if he has any idea what he's done.

T joins Sonny at the coffeehouse to help run things with Chad gone. T asks how Chad is doing. Sonny says he's on the mend. T comments that Abigail must be happy about that. Abigail informs him that they broke up. T responds that they are both free now and it's got to be fate.

Jordan exits Rafe's room to let him have family time with Gabi and Arianna. Rafe asks Gabi about her and Cameron. Gabi says there is something else that has made her happy.

Nick walks through the town square finishing a phone call in which he says New York would be a cool place to live. Kate approaches and asks if he's moving to New York.

Marlena tries to hug Eric but he tells her not to touch him and to get out of his sight.

Brady demands an answer from Kristen. Kristen admits she slept with Eric and agrees that Brady deserves to know why.

Eric questions Marlena showing that vile pornographic filth in God's house and asks if she has any idea what she's done.

Kristen tells Brady that she never wanted him to find out about the huge mistake she made when they were apart. Kristen claims that she turned to Eric and trusted him but that he seduced her.

Abigail is unsure what T is getting at. T says he's felt a vibe between them for awhile and knows they could have some fun together so he asks what she says.

Jordan goes into a room at the hospital on the phone saying that everything is fine here and it will stay that way. Jordan says she's tired of running and doesn't want to abandon the people she's helping. Jordan says that no matter what happens, this is the last stop as she hangs up.

Rafe asks Gabi about her smiling. Gabi doesn't want to jinx it but Rafe wants good news. Gabi jokes about finally seeing Jordan smile. Rafe says she loosens up sometimes and admits they had a great time at the town square last night as friends. Gabi asks him about Kate.

Nick tells Kate that New York is possible but he's still weighing his options. Nick gives her a draft for a project he came up with. Nick asks her how Will is doing at his seminar and if she knows when he will be back. Kate asks why he's suddenly so interested in Will.

Victor tells Maggie that Brady is lucky someone showed him what a lying slut Brady was going to marry and he won't apologize. Maggie brings up Eric. Victor complains about Eric being involved with Kristen and says they now know what both Eric and Kristen are.

Eric tells Marlena that Kristen drugged him. Marlena says she understands now with all of his flashbacks. Eric says she could've came to him instead of broadcasting it. Eric says she humiliated him. Marlena says she knows he would never do that. Eric asks her why. Marlena complains that there was just no time.

Brady questions Kristen claiming that Eric seduced her. Kristen says she didn't want to lie to him but couldn't tell him the truth about Eric. Brady calls her sick. Kristen says she was so lost and devastated when they broke up. She continues to claim that Eric reeled her in. Brady tells her to stop lying but Kristen insists that she's telling the truth and she can prove it. Brady questions how she can prove it so he sits down and tells her to convince him. Kristen talks about feeling sick, guilty, and disgusted on the night it happened. She claims she could tell that she wasn't the only one Eric had done this to and that he had taken advantage of other women but she couldn't prove it. Kristen says that's why she had to get video as the only way anyone would believe her. Brady tells her to stop her lying and says Eric would never do that. Kristen argues about how well Brady really knows Eric.

Kate suggests Nick call Will as they are going to keep things professional. Nick realizes Kate will never forgive him as Kate walks off. Nick looks at Gabi's picture and says good thing they are leaving.

Rafe tells Gabi that he and Kate are done since she broke it off and was right. Gabi gets a call and steps out to answer it. Rafe plays with Arianna and wonders why Gabi is smiling so much.

Abigail tells T that it's tempting but she thinks they're such good friends. T agrees but thinks the next level could be cool. Abigail says she doesn't want to risk losing him as a friend so she thinks they should just stay good friends. Abigail exits to go help Jennifer with things. T says Abigail is amazing and resumes working with Sonny.

Marlena explains to Eric about overhearing that Kristen had an affair. She talks about Victor having the flash drive cracked into and she had no idea Eric was on the video. Eric questions why she would play it in front of the entire church. Marlena says there was no time as Brady was about to destroy his life. Eric calls it unbelievable and says now it has destroyed his life. Marlena apologizes and says if she knew it was Eric, then she would've let Brady destroy his life rather than have Eric go through this pain.

Brady continues insisting that Eric would never do what Kristen is suggesting. Brady argues that she is lying to him which is all she's ever done. Kristen talks about planning to show the video to the bishop until Brady wanted her back. Kristen says she got rid of the video and doesn't know how they got their hands on it. She blames Marlena. Kristen talks about times where she was avoiding Eric. Kristen assures Brady that she loves him and swears that she's telling the truth. Brady refuses to believe her and accuses her of lying. Brady says he saw her looking guilty when the video played while Eric looked shocked and disgusting. Brady accuses her of drugging Eric and forcing him into bed. Kristen calls that the biggest lie of all.

Eric says being sorry doesn't change what Marlena did. Eric adds that he's not the only one hurt in this aside from Brady and Kristen. Eric informs Marlena that he accused Nicole of raping him and condemned her as a liar. Eric declares that what he did was unforgivable and as unforgivable as what Marlena did to him.

Gabi goes to the coffeehouse with Arianna and asks if Sonny can watch her as he suddenly got an appointment. Sonny says he can't as it gets really busy now so T offers to watch her. Gabi promises to take an extra shift with her any time and exits. Sonny asks T if he's sure he's up for this. T asks how hard it could be and plays with her.

Nick runs into Abigail at the town square and asks if it's true that she and Chad broke up. Abigail admits she called it quits. Nick comments that he never really thought Chad was the right guy for her and brings up Cameron. Abigail informs him that Cameron is leaving town. Abigail says it was good to see him as she walks on. Nick says to himself that Cameron is out of the picture and Will is out of town so this is going to work.

Kristen asks Brady if Eric looked weak or drugged in the video. Kristen says Eric had her pinned down doing whatever he wanted. Brady tells her to shut up. Kristen tells Brady that he can go see Eric for who he really is and ask why he did it. Brady accuses her of lying. Kristen says she's only guilty of protecting Eric out of love for Brady. Kristen tells Brady to go back and watch the video and believe what he sees. Brady turns and walks out.

Eric tells Marlena that he just needs to sit alone and pray. Eric doesn't understand who he is and says he doesn't have time for Marlena's sympathy or apologies. He tells her to go. Marlena says she can't. Marlena looks down at his priest robe that he threw down and mentions that she gave it to him. Eric throws it back at her and tells her to take it and go. Marlena takes it and exits. Eric turns and drops to his knees crying at the altar. Eric gets up and walks to the production and plays the video again.

Kate enters Rafe's room. Rafe tells her that she just missed Arianna. Rafe asks about her envelope. Kate says it's a project from Nick. Rafe thought she fired him. Kate says she did but will still listen to his projects. Rafe thinks Nick should move on and Kate tells him that just might happen.

Abigail goes to the hospital and runs into Jordan. They talk about a book on Queen Elizabeth that Abigail is reading for school which Jordan read last year. They joke about not needing a man.

Maggie tells Victor that she saw his meetings with Marlena and just assumed he was working on a way to stop the marriage. Victor says they were and is glad she stayed out of it. Maggie knows Marlena wouldn't sacrifice Eric to save Brady so she must not have known. Maggie accuses Victor of stabbing Marlena in the back.

Kristen pours a drink and tells herself that her story made sense and Brady can't prove that she lied. She wonders if he's going to come back to her.

Brady goes to the church and finds Eric watching the video. Brady stops it and asks Eric if he seduced Kristen.

Gabi meets with a woman from a modeling agency at the Pub. She talks about seeing all her work and wanting to take new photos. She talks about her life story and she's excited to sign her today.

Nick gets a text from Gabi saying thanks for everything. Nick says to himself that he's with Gabi all the way and will always be there for his family.

Rafe is glad to hear from Kate that Nick might leave town. Rafe says after what Nick did to Will and Gabi, he can change somewhere else. Kate agrees and is thankful that Arianna is where she needs to be.

Abigail talks to Jordan about seeing how her patients praise her. Abigail offers to show her restaurants around town. Abigail says she should get going as Jennifer should be done with the wedding. Jordan asks about it. Abigail says it's just a man and a woman who think they will live happily ever after. Abigail then exits.

Victor admits to Maggie that he was the only one who knew what was on the video and Marlena had no idea. Maggie questions him going ahead without showing it to Marlena. Victor says there was no time and there only chance to stop Brady. Maggie yells at him to stop and says this isn't about Kristen. Maggie says Victor made a mother destroy her son and tricked her into doing it. Maggie calls it unforgivable.

Eric tells Brady that Kristen raped him. Brady says he has a problem with that as he saw the look in Eric's eye in the video and can tell he enjoyed every minute. Brady tells Eric that it's time to pay and punches him in the face. Eric tries to fight back but Brady attacks him with more punches to the body.

Kristen looks in the mirror, crying that Brady won't believe her and he'll talk to Nicole and Daniel. Kristen shouts that she hates Marlena for not letting her be happy. Kristen decides she's going to find Brady to make him believe her. She grabs her things and goes to exit. She stops after opening the door and pulls her gun out of her purse. Behind her, Marlena enters the mansion.

The modeling agent tells Gabi about everything they will plan to do and says when she gets to New York, she'll be the next big thing. Gabi stops her and questions New York.

Jordan returns to Rafe's room and says it's time to get back to work so Kate decides to leave. Jordan asks what's wrong as she thought the three of them would be friends. Rafe jokes that she can be hot and cold kind of like Jordan. Rafe tells her not to let Kate scare her. Jordan says that she doesn't. Outside the room, Kate says to herself that Jordan can't hide from her as she exits the hospital.

Victor tells Maggie that Brady is his grandson. Maggie points out that Eric is Marlena' son. Victor says it's family first and Marlena and Eric are not their family. Victor says Maggie married into the Kiriakis family and should know the rules by now. Victor tells her if she can't realize that family comes first then she might as well take a hike right now. Maggie then walks out of the mansion.

Marlena shuts the door to the DiMera Mansion and startles Kristen. Kristen turns and says she's just the person she wanted to see.

Brady and Eric continue fighting in the church. Brady tackles Eric down and punches him. Eric rolls him over and hits Brady with a punch to the face then begins choking him.

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