Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/8/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric begins the ceremony and says first Brady has something to share. Brady says he knows most everyone had their doubts about them but he's sure that once they see this then they will see the woman he's come to know and love. Sami turns the lights down for the video to be played. Marlena presses the button but nothing happens due to the plug. Eric calls for the video to be played. Marlena catches the mistake and plugs it back in. The video then begins showing Kristen's sex tape with Eric to the shock of everyone in attendance. Marlena peeks out from behind the curtain to see it as well.

Daniel holds Parker in the town square and tells him it's game night. They go to leave when they run into Abigail.

Cameron is on the phone at the hospital, saying he's very interested but needs more time to think about it and get back to them. He hangs up as Jordan walks by and asks if everything is okay. Cameron says he's fine. Cameron comments that Jordan's never spoke to him first or about anything more than a patient. Jordan says she didn't mean to intrude. Cameron gets that she just keeps to herself and does her job then asks if maybe that's changing.

Rafe works out in his hospital room until Nicole enters. Nicole encourages him as Rafe says he's just killing time until his next physical therapy session. She comments that he looks much better. Rafe wishes he could say the same for her and asks what's wrong as he notices she's been crying. Nicole admits she's been crying but says she's done with that.

Marlena says to herself that it can't be as the sex tape continues playing. Brady watches in shock as EJ holds Kristen's hand. Sami can't believe it and asks if this is some sick joke. Eric is speechless. Maggie asks what's happening as Victor says it's pretty ugly. Brady orders it to be turned off as Marlena wonders what she's done. Brady calls for it to be turned off again but Marlena can't figure it out. Marlena tries but can't figure it out and ends up accidentally knocking down the curtains, revealing herself to everyone. Sami and Brady are shocked to see Marlena as Kristen calls her a sick twisted bitch and asks why she's doing this to her. Kristen goes after Marlena but Brady holds her back. Kristen accuses Marlena of creating that trash. Marlena screams that she didn't know. Brady holds Kristen back as Kristen accuses Marlena of trying to ruin their happiness. Marlena repeats that she didn't know. Kristen questions how she did it and accuses her of hiring actors that looked like them or used Photoshop. Marlena shouts that it was her. Kristen denies it being her or being in bed with Eric. Kristen says she knew Marlena was sick but didn't think she would use her own son. Kristen accuses her of creating a lie like this. Kristen turns to Eric, who remains speechless.

Daniel tells Abigail that he heard good news from Boston that Chad came through the surgery in great shape to make a full recovery. Daniel sits Parker down with his game and steps aside with Abigail. Daniel apologizes to her. Abigail says it's okay as they don't fully understand. Abigail tells Daniel that she doesn't think she should babysit Parker anymore.

Jordan tells Cameron that she is there to do her job. Cameron apologizes for it coming out wrong. Cameron says he knows how it is to be in an unknown place with unknown people. Cameron gets that it's all about the work. Jordan talks about some of her patients needing a lot. Cameron brings up Rafe. Jordan talks about how far Rafe has come and how he's always pushing himself. They each go back to work as Jordan thinks back to her moment with Rafe outside. Jordan tells herself that he is a patient and that's all.

Nicole tells Rafe that she came to see how he's doing. Rafe says he's bored and wants a story. Rafe wants a distraction. Nicole says she came for a friend. Rafe says he's trying to be and asks if it's Brady getting married today. Nicole tells Rafe that she doesn't know if she will ever speak to Brady again. Rafe says they've been through a lot together. Nicole tells Rafe that Eric hates her. Rafe responds that Eric doesn't hate anyone especially her but Nicole says that he found a way.

Marlena and Kristen continue arguing as Sami tries to get through to Eric, who is in shock. Kristen tells Marlena to get out. Marlena approaches Eric. Kristen continues yelling about no one wanting Marlena there. Sami tries to talk to Eric. Kristen asks if Eric wants Marlena there after that. Eric turns to Kristen and declares that it was her. EJ goes to Eric and suggests they go get fresh air. Eric says that was the dream and everything on the screen had been what he's seen but he never saw her face until now. EJ argues that Eric is just in shock and not himself. Sami tells EJ to let Eric talk. Sami and Brady ask about the dream. Kristen asks why they are doing this now. Eric says he was sick for days. EJ argues that Eric was sick and confused. Eric shouts that he remembers. EJ tries to take him out for fresh air but Victor stands up and says there's nothing confusing about what they just saw. Victor is worried about Brady. Kristen accuses Marlena of lies. Sami asks what Marlena thought she was showing. Marlena says it was just Kristen with someone but she had no idea it was Eric. Sami stops everyone and calls it insane and the video has to be fake. Kristen agrees but Victor says she's not getting away with it this time. Kristen wants to leave but Brady says no. Sami agrees that they have to figure out the video. Victor suggests playing it again. EJ calls it ridiculous. Victor wonders why not and says if Kristen wants the truth then she can clear her name. Sami asks Eric and Brady what they want to do.

Abigail tells Daniel that he always tried to do the right thing with her, JJ, and Jennifer and put them all first. Abigail says maybe Daniel doesn't owe them anymore but questions him about being with Theresa. Abigail calls it a big slap in Jennifer's face. Daniel says he doesn't want Jennifer to think he was trying to hurt her. Abigail questions him getting involved with the one person that Jennifer can't stand and claims it was just five minutes after they broke up. Abigail complains about how humiliating and heartbreaking it was for Jennifer. She asks if that's what Jennifer deserves. Daniel says he wasn't trying to hurt her. Abigail argues that he did hurt her and had to have known it. She tells him to take some responsibility. Abigail declares that she doesn't understand it and never will. Abigail says goodbye to Parker and walks away.

Rafe tells Nicole that they became friends and she can obviously use a friend right now. He asks her what happened. Nicole says for once, this wasn't her fault. She knows she's pulled stuns, scams, and bad choices but she genuinely didn't do anything wrong and is getting slammed for something she didn't do. Nicole says Eric doesn't believe her and she can't prove it. She can't believe Eric thinks she would do something like that then stops and tells Rafe no more questions. Rafe suggests maybe Eric will come around. Nicole doesn't think so and isn't sure she could forgive Eric for accusing her.

Kristen reminds everyone that they are in a church and shouldn't be looking at that filth again. Victor suggests it will clear up any misunderstanding. Sami agrees and argues that it's not even Eric and Kristen. Sami believes Marlena was conned with the video. Victor goes over to plug the monitor back in. Kristen wants Brady to stop it and doesn't want this on her wedding day. The video resumes and everyone watches on.

Abigail goes to the hospital and tells Cameron that Daniel told her about Chad's surgery going well. Cameron says he heard as well. Abigail says she'll see him around but Cameron stops her and says she actually won't.

Jordan works with Rafe and says it's the best he's done yet so they can go to the town square. Rafe agrees that he did well but Jordan notices that something is wrong. Rafe tells her about a friend of his being bummed out and it's not Kate. Jordan says she didn't assume as she knows he has a lot of female friends. Jordan wheels Rafe out.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and excitedly greets Parker. Nicole tells Daniel that she will just be a second as she packs her things but Daniel asks her to stay.

The sex tape continues as everyone watches. Marlena turns away. Maggie looks over at Victor. Jennifer tells Hope that she can't believe they are watching this. Hope determines that it is real. EJ looks at Kristen. Kristen looks to Brady who stares on at the video. The video ends and Eric shouts that it was Kristen who drugged him. Eric asks how she could do this to him as he goes after her but Brady stops Eric and nails him with a punch to the face. Brady attacks Eric on the floor with punches as Sami and EJ try to pull him off. EJ pulls Brady off and holds him back as Eric says Kristen raped him. Brady shouts back that Eric will answer for this. Kristen turns to leave as Victor stands in her way and warns her to keep going and not look back. Jennifer sits Brady down. Sami and Hope hold Eric back. Eric complains that she raped him but Brady doesn't believe him. Kristen then exits.

Daniel tells Nicole that there is no reason for her to move out as they have plenty of space and Parker obviously loves her. Nicole feels it's time. Daniel asks where she'd go. Nicole says she'd go back to the Salem Inn. Nicole worries what people will think of her staying with Daniel but Daniel doesn't care and tells her that she can't go. Daniel tells Nicole that it's game night with Parker and she smiles.

Jordan takes Rafe to the town square and tells him to tell her if he needs a break. Rafe loves being out this time of year and they talk about how beautiful it is. They share a favorite spot on the lake. Rafe is glad she's giving Salem a chance.

Sami sits Eric down and checks on him, noticing that he's bleeding. Hope and Jennifer hold Brady back and convince him to step away. EJ brings Sami a cloth to wipe Eric's blood. Eric says he's been trying to understand what happened and now he knows. Brady asks where Kristen went and goes out to find her. Hope, Sami, and EJ help Eric back up. EJ pulls Sami away and tells her to stay put as he has to find Kristen before Brady does. Sami stops EJ and says they have a lot to talk about first so they step out together. Eric stands up with a bloody nose.

Cameron tells Abigail that he's been called by Doctors Without Borders to join their program. Abigail remembers him being interested. Cameron says now he is sure. Abigail says that's great and a real chance to do some good. Abigail congratulates him and says it sounds like too good of an opportunity to pass up. She hopes it's everything he wants it to be. Abigail decides to go and wishes him luck. He thanks her as she then exits.

Jordan tells Rafe that Salem is great and she never complained about it. Rafe wasn't sure she noticed it. Jordan says she does everywhere she goes. Jordan talks about moving around a lot. Rafe talks about being the same in the FBI. Rafe says he left the FBI to be close to friends and family. Jordan calls it hard to imagine as she doesn't have family here. Rafe says she can't says he doesn't have friends here anymore.

EJ and Sami walk out of the town square. EJ feels this is not the time for a chat as Kristen needs him. Sami says Kristen needs to go to jail as she's a complete nutjob. EJ feels the video looked like sex between two consenting adults. Sami says they both know Eric wouldn't have sex with her in a million years. They argue about it. Sami says that Eric must have been drugged and that's the only way it possibly could have happened. Sami says Kristen would not have been able to pull it off by herself so she had to have help.

Maggie comments that Victor never looked surprised. Victor says there's nothing they can do for Brady now and walks away. He takes Brady's tribute to Kristen DVD and exits. Hope tells Eric that they should go back to the rectory and he should rest. Eric screams at everyone to get out and throws down his robe.

Kristen returns home and says this can't be happening to her. Kristen says she can't let it happen. Kristen pours a drink and says she has to think of a way. The door slams and Brady walks in enraged.

Daniel and Nicole play Candyland with Parker.

Jordan tells Rafe that they are late and she should get him back. Rafe doesn't feel a rush and suggests they go to the Pub. Jordan says they have more work to do. Rafe says she's the boss but he's content to stay there the whole day. Jordan is sure he could but jokes with him about continuing his therapy.

EJ tells Sami that they don't know anything. Sami says she knows Stefano was involved as it was his type of demonic plan. Sami calls Kristen insane and says she destroyed her brother's life. EJ doesn't want to speculate. Sami says Eric was wrecked. EJ says all they know is there are a lot of unanswered questions. Sami doesn't have any questions and is certain that Kristen is behind this. Sami says she is dangerous and evil and hurts her family time and time again. Sami tells EJ to face the facts. Sami questions how anyone could do that to a man like Eric. EJ says he's sorry and hugs her. Sami cries that she doesn't know how to help Eric and wishes she could've done something to prevent this train wreck. Sami gets a call and hopes it's Eric. She checks it and says they have to go and she'll explain on the way. Sami rushes off and EJ follows.

Jennifer says they can't just leave Eric like this but Hope says they have to give him space so they exit the church and take the rest of the crowd with them. Eric cries at the altar as Marlena approaches him.

Kristen tries to run away but Brady grabs her and screams at her asking why she slept with his brother.

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