Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/7/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/7/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric updates the church schedule with the Black/DiMera wedding for today.

Kristen holds her gun and looks at her wedding dress.

Sami tells EJ that he has to tell her what's going on as he can't keep Kristen's secrets from her since Kristen is marrying her brother. EJ says it's just work. Sami tells him that she'll find out eventually and he can't hide it from her.

JJ goes home and overhears Jennifer talking to Hope in the living room about Daniel and Theresa. Jennifer insists that Daniel set out to hurt her.

Caroline visits Theresa at the hospital. Daniel enters but Caroline tells him it's not a good time.

One of the nuns enters the rectory with Nicole's last check but Eric says he won't see her soon so she can e-mail her instead.

Victor opens the video and sees Kristen's sex tape and then discovers that it is with Eric. Victor calls Marlena and tells her to drop everything and get over to the mansion. Marlena excitedly asks what's on Kristen's flash drive. Victor says he can't begin to describe it.

Brady calls Kristen and tells her about a surprise that she'll have to wait until the ceremony to see. Kristen responds that she's kind of starting to hate surprises. Brady tells her to get over it because he plans for their lives to be surprising on a daily basis. Kristen thinks that sounds ominous. Brady says he just wants to show how much he loves her every day. They say they love each other as they hang up. Kristen puts her gun in her purse.

EJ tells Sami that Kristen crossed a line. Sami notes that he seemed rattled. EJ doesn't know what to do with what she told him.

Brady tells Victor that he's off and headed to the church. He notes Victor's mood and asks what's wrong and if everything is alright.

Theresa tells Caroline it's okay as Daniel is one of her doctors and asks for a minute so Caroline exits. Daniel mentions that Theresa is being released today. She says her parents are on their way. Daniel asks if any part of the night has come back to her yet.

Jennifer and Hope greet JJ. JJ asks if Jennifer is okay. She says she's good and tells JJ that he doesn't have to fight her battles for her. JJ says he just feels bad. Jennifer says she and Daniel are grown ups and made their choices. She hugs him and says him being home means more to her than anything.

Father Matt goes to the rectory and asks Eric if he has a moment. Father Matt says Eric is upset about something that happened but he doesn't know what and he's worried about him.

Brady doesn't want to argue with Victor. Victor says he just has his best interests at heart. Brady tells him that he loves Kristen and is marrying Kristen and there's nothing he can say to change his mind. Brady puts his DVD video tribute to Kristen away as he prepares. Victor tells Brady that he wouldn't miss the wedding for the world. Brady calls it the most important day of his life as he exits. Victor comments that it will certainly be memorable.

Sami tries to get EJ to tell her Kristen's secret. EJ claims it's just that she and Brady are leaving for three months after the wedding and complains that she didn't even consult him. EJ complains about having to take everyone's workload. Sami doesn't get why he's so upset. EJ says they had a fight but he's letting her go and it's done. Sami encourages him. Sami wants to know everything that happened and every word Kristen said as Kristen listens in from the doorway. EJ says he doesn't remember everything but told her the important parts. EJ suggests they just go on to the wedding. Sami jokes that she'll be smiling when Kristen leaves. Kristen enters the room and says it's showtime. Sami comments that she looks beautiful and goes to get ready. Kristen realizes EJ didn't tell Sami about her and Eric. EJ says he couldn't tell her the truth so he lied.

Eric says he confessed to God and asked for forgiveness but doesn't deserve peace. A student enters and hands Eric a note from his teacher that says he is acting up in class. Eric says they will get him a new department as soon as they can but assures him that he's safe there. Eric encourages him to learn in the classroom so he agrees to try. Eric tells him he can help him study tomorrow as he exits. Father Matt comments that Eric has a gift and this is truly his vocation.

Brady goes to the church and gives his DVD to the producer and tells him when to play the video. He goes to get another cable and tells Brady they will be good to go. Brady walks into the church and says this is finally going to happen.

Marlena goes to see Victor. Victor tells her that the DVD is footage of Kristen cheating on Brady. Victor tells her that Brady is at the church. Kristen says they have to show him. Victor says he tried but he wouldn't sit still. Victor declares there is only one way to make this work now.

Theresa tells Daniel that she wishes she could remember that night but it's a blur. Daniel is glad she's just feeling better. Daniel is concerned about a rumor about them going around the hospital. Theresa says she's sorry as she doesn't remember the specifics but feels bad if she hurt him since he's been so nice to her. Daniel tells her it's not important and just to get stronger then call him the minute she starts to remember anything about that night. Daniel then exits.

Kristen thanks EJ for not throwing her under the bus. EJ says she's family and she'd do the same for him. EJ questions her being in love with Brady. Kristen stops him and says if she has to be nice to Sami then he has to be nice to Brady. Kristen questions if it's that hard to keep this secret and if anyone would have anything to gain from it coming out. EJ comments that if it does get out, it will be ugly.

Sami goes to the church and notes how excited Brady is to get it all over with. Eric joins them as Brady jokes about a speed wedding. Eric says a lot of guests are coming so it will be a big production. Brady agrees to give the people what they want.

Victor tells Marlena that Kristen has to be exposed publicly at a time and place where Brady can't avoid it. Victor informs Marlena that Brady plans to show a DVD tribute of Kristen at the ceremony so they have to sneak in to the church and switch the DVDs. Marlena says she's not even invited. Victor says that's why she can sneak in and out. Victor says he would do it but Maggie will be watching him and he'll have to be front and center. Victor says if she wants to stop Kristen then this is it. Marlena takes the DVD and goes to Victor's computer as she wants to see what's on it. Victor says they don't have time for a viewing. Marlena just wants to know what Brady will see. Victor asks if she needs a description. Marlena realizes that Victor doesn't want her to see it and asks who's on it. She tells him that she isn't leaving until she knows so he better tell her.

Kristen tells EJ that Eric can barely remember the sex. She says he will think it's Nicole for good. EJ says she always told him to never leave a trace. Kristen says the video is gone and Eric will never remember. Kristen asks EJ what his problem with it is and if he feels bad for Nicole.

Caroline brings Theresa home and tells her she'll be okay as she exits. Anne helps set things up and asks Theresa if she can do anything for her. Theresa says she'd like the last week back and mentions her job. Anne assures her that she still has her job at the hospital. Anne encourages her to just get healthy and put this behind her.

JJ walks through the town square, talking on the phone about Theresa being released from the hospital.

Sami adjusts Brady's tie as they joke around with each other. Brady mentions the ring causing he and Eric to worry that Sami lost the ring. Sami digs through her purse and Brady then reveals he had it the whole time. They joke around about it and talk about a family Christmas in the past. Brady insists that Marlena will come around and be okay with Eric performing the ceremony. Brady talks about his long honeymoon. Eric says it will give people time to get used to the idea of Brady and Kristen. Brady says he wouldn't be getting married if it wasn't for Eric. Eric says they did all the work as they hug. Brady says he owes him.

Victor asks Marlena if she really cares who she is doing as what's matter is what she's doing. Marlena asks if he recognized the man she was with. Victor says he will arrange a limo for her. Marlena asks if it was Daniel. Victor says it wasn't Daniel as he wouldn't publicly humiliate his godson like that. Victor worries about Brady ruining his life. Victor says if Marlena doesn't do this then they lose but Marlena declares that she won't let Kristen win so she will get this taken care of. She takes the DVD and exits.

EJ tells Kristen that he has no problem with Eric blaming Nicole as she brought it on herself. EJ tells her that she was lucky that Nicole was there. Kristen tells EJ that she has his back and EJ says he has hers. EJ says they are good and warns her that she's going to be late so they exit together.

Eric says guests should be arriving soon. Sami has champagne for a celebration toast and they rush off to the rectory together. Marlena sneaks into the church and begins switching the videos but the producer returns and asks what she's doing.

Daniel sits in the town square with Parker until Anne approaches and questions what Parker will say when he finds out who Daniel really is.

Theresa gets up as there's a knock at the door and it's JJ. She questions how JJ knew where she lived. JJ asks if she doesn't remember. Theresa says she doesn't remember the last few weeks and asks if he's there for drugs. JJ says it's not so she asks why he is there.

Brady, Sami, and Eric take a family photo in the rectory and toast their champagne to Brady and Kristen having a long happy life together.

Marlena convinces the producer that Brady wanted the videos switched. He gets texted that he has to fix some equipment for another wedding so he asks Marlena to stay. Marlena tries to say she can't but he shows her what to do and rushes out as Marlena worries that she can't be there. Marlena hears Sami, Brady, and Eric coming back as they return to the church and guests begin entering. Brady says he's going to check the audio and video equipment which worries Marlena. Marlena hides as Brady prepares to go to the equipment but is stopped by Maggie, Hope, and Jennifer. They greet him and Brady asks if Victor is there. Victor enters and says he wouldn't miss it for the world. Brady tries to go check the equipment but Sami pulls him away. Marlena pulls Victor aside and tells her what happened. Victor says there's no time and tells her to just handle it. EJ brings Kristen to the church and tells her she's perfect. Kristen assures him that everything will be okay. EJ tells her this is her happy ending as they prepare to head inside. Eric calls for the music to be played and Marlena gets the button pressed on time. The doors open and EJ walks Kristen into the room.

JJ tells Theresa that he just wanted to make sure she's okay. She says she's fine and perfect. She admits she feels stupid and not proud of herself but she's okay. JJ says he's glad. Theresa says she doesn't mean to be rude but needs a nap. JJ understands and tells her to feel better as he exits.

Daniel warns Anne to be very careful about what she says in front of Parker. Anne says he will hear about him some day. Daniel says he will teach his son not to listen to lies and gossip. Anne asks for the truth about Theresa. Daniel says she needs her privacy and he doesn't answer to her. Anne says everyone knows what he really is as she walks away.

EJ walks Kristen to the altar where she joins Brady. Kristen notices the video screen and Brady tells her it's the surprise and she will love it. Eric starts to begin the ceremony then calls for the music to be stopped. Marlena has trouble and accidentally unplugs the monitor but gets the music off. Eric then begins the ceremony and says first Brady has something to share. Brady says he knows most everyone had their doubts about them but he's sure that once they see this then they will see the woman he's come to know and love. Sami turns the lights down for the video to be played. Marlena presses the button but nothing happens due to the plug. Eric calls for the video to be played. Marlena catches the mistake and plugs it back in. The video then begins showing Kristen's sex tape with Eric to the shock of everyone in attendance.

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