Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/6/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/6/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami questions Sonny about Gabi getting back in bed with Nick as she can't believe it. Sami pulls out her phone and declares she's going to give Gabi hell.

Gabi tells Nick that she just got an e-mail from Sparkle modeling agency and wonders why out of nowhere. She then says she gets it now.

Victor and Marlena talk at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor mentions that Maggie is off to get flowers for the wedding. Marlena asks about the flash drive. Victor says his guy is having trouble with it and it will take time which they don't have.

Daniel returns home where Nicole is. Daniel mentions taking some days off. Nicole says Daniel didn't do anything wrong and she hates that they all hate him because of a lie.

Eric tells Brady that he can't talk to him about Nicole. Brady thinks he has to talk to someone about it as he's a mess. Brady says he can't hate Nicole for falling in love. Eric shouts that it wasn't love as no one could do that to another human and call it love.

EJ stops Kristen and asks how could she have sex with Eric. Kristen pretends not to know what he's talking about. EJ says he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't heard it from her. EJ questions her about the doctor that was there. Kristen blows it off and assures EJ that she loves Brady so she has nothing to gain from sleeping with his brother.

Victor tells Marlena that Brady needs to know that Kristen cheated on him and he needs to know today before the wedding. Marlena worries about not having proof. Victor says they have to get hard evidence.

Daniel tells Nicole that he knew what he was getting into when he let everyone think he was with Theresa. Nicole comments that Theresa is the one person with a worse reputation than her. Nicole says Daniel was at least doing something heroic and wonders how Eric could think she raped him. Daniel tells her that Eric isn't thinking straight and anyone would know she'd never do that. Nicole says she doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

Eric apologizes to Brady for going off on him. Brady realizes this is about a lot more than Nicole's feelings. Brady states that he thinks he knows what happened.

Kristen asks if EJ is trying to ruin her wedding and says she has no idea what he's doing. Kristen decides she's going to get ready for her wedding. EJ stops her again and says she either tells him what's going on or he will go and talk to Eric.

Gabi tells Nick that it's so generic that it probably just got sent to a bunch of girls. Gabi doesn't think anyone remembers her in modeling. Nick asks if she would want to go back since she loved it. Gabi says she has Arianna now and wouldn't have time. Gabi's phone rings with a text from Sami and she wonders what now.

Sami tells Sonny that she told Gabi that she needed to see him right now as she wants to make sure she doesn't get back with Nick. Sonny assures her that she won't get back with Nick as she's with Cameron now. Sami asks about Will knowing. Sonny tells her that Will knows and they had a huge spill at first but it's over. Sonny warns Sami that if she gives Gabi grief over it then he will get blamed.

Brady continues questioning Eric about Nicole but Eric says it's his wedding day and he doesn't want to ruin it with drama. Eric praises Brady's vows. Brady mentions that he also wants to give Kristen a surprise she will never forget at the ceremony.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's doing fine as he has Parker and Melanie. Nicole mentions that she doesn't have anyone. Daniel admits he's really worried about her.

Victor makes a call wanting the best hacker working on his flash drive. Marlena wishes she could do something else to help. Marlena decides she should leave before Maggie gets back and apologizes if she's caused any problems. Victor says Maggie is the least of his problems. Victor tells her that he will be in touch as soon as he knows anything. Marlena wishes there was another way to get Kristen as she exits.

EJ questions Kristen which part he misunderstood and repeats what Kristen said about sleeping with Eric. Kristen tells him it's not what he thinks. EJ complains about Kristen sleeping with a priest and Sami's brother as he asks how could she. Kristen explains that she came back for revenge on John and Marlena but then fell in love with Brady and realized she couldn't have both. Kristen recalls Marlena being so happy that she won when her marriage fell apart so she couldn't let her win again. Kristen tells EJ that she had to get revenge on Marlena through her children. She says she wasn't going to go after Sami to hurt him. EJ questions if she drugged Eric. Kristen mentions the video as she wanted Marlena to find out in the worst way possible. EJ calls her insane. Kristen tells him not to judge her because he's done far worse and knows it.

Sonny explains to Sami that Gabi was feeling lonely and stressed out so Nick took advantage of her. Sonny says he and Gabi had a huge fight which caused tension and he doesn't want that again. Sonny regrets telling Sami. Sonny says Sami will make Gabi and Will both upset. He asks her to text her back and say nevermind.

Nick asks Gabi if she's going to call the modeling agency back. Gabi asks if she should. Nick talks about how beautiful she is and he thinks she misses it. Gabi is unsure. Nick thinks Gabi would always wonder.

Nicole tells Daniel that her life is pathetic. Daniel stops her and talks about her job at the church. Nicole questions how she could let herself fall in love with priest. Daniel says she loved him long before he took his vows. Nicole talks about knowing she could never act on her feelings. She says she could live without Eric or the job but she can't live with Eric thinking she did something so horrible.

Brady tells Eric that he made a video for he and Kristen to show at the beginning of the ceremony. Eric agrees to whatever he wants and says he's honored to be a part of his day. Brady thanks him. They talk about being brothers. Brady says he'll never forget how he's been there for him and they hug.

Kristen asks EJ if she wants her to throw his sins in his face. She says it's not his problem. She thinks it's late to be worrying about her. EJ brings up how Sami adores Eric. Kristen says no one ever has to know since her and Brady are back together. EJ talks about her plan being ill conceived. Kristen worries about losing Brady forever and says the only way anyone would find out is if EJ told. EJ questions if she's sure about this. Kristen talks about finding out Nicole's in love with Eric. She says she's golden as long as Eric doesn't remember. EJ says it would appear that Eric is starting to remember.

Marlena goes to see Eric. He tells her that Brady and Kristen have completed all their counseling so he truly believes they are in love. Marlena prays they never make it to the altar. Eric mentions having a lot on his mind. Marlena tells him that Theresa is receptive to going to rehab and adds that she will be talking to Daniel in hopes of no long term implications on his career. She mentions that Eric seems sad and asks him to tell her what's going on.

Sami decides to text Gabi back that she just wanted to talk about the kids getting together with Arianna. Sami promises not to talk to Gabi about Nick as she doesn't want Nick in Arianna's life. Sami mentions Brady's wedding and decides to go get ready. Sonny wishes her luck and they hug goodbye as Sami then exits. Sonny sits back with Arianna and says they really dodged a bullet there.

Gabi gets Sami's text and is relieved. Nick gives Gabi the present he came in with and says it's from his mom. Gabi opens it and it's a stuffed animal for Arianna. Gabi says to thank her as Nick says his mom thought Arianna could be a model like Gabi. Nick gets a message and steps away with his phone as Gabi makes a call to the modeling agency and gets put on hold while Nick watches.

Victor meets with a hacker to try and encrypt the flash drive. He sends him to his office as Brady enters. Victor asks about the big day and says he's trying hard to be supportive. Victor questions Brady's idea of a honeymoon being to drop off for three months. Victor asks who will run the company while he's gone. Brady says Victor can. Victor says he should've asked. Victor tells Brady that he's concerned about him. Brady tells him not to be. Victor questions Brady rushing to the altar and then leaving everyone right after. Victor thinks he should wait to really know Kristen. Brady says Eric may be the only family on his side but he's not changing his mind.

Eric tells Marlena that he doesn't want to talk right now and insists that he's fine as he hugs her.

Nicole questions someone being able to do something that sick to anyone especially Eric. She thinks that Eric was horrified about how she feels and was looking for a reason to hate her. Daniel says something happened that night and it's still likely that Eric was poisoned. Daniel goes over the strange woman wanting the room next to his and they wonder why. Nicole asks what to do. Daniel wants to talk to Eric about what exactly he remembers because if they find the woman then they can prove it wasn't her and maybe they will finally get to the bottom of what really happened that night.

Kristen tells EJ that Eric and Nicole can't stand each other. EJ says he knows Nicole better than her and she won't just let this go. Kristen says she has no choice. EJ says he won't let it go as what she's doing could ruin the lives of Eric and Brady. Kristen says it's only if he lets it and questions his family loyalty. EJ says this is about her planning to drug Eric again and questions if he's just supposed to lie to Sami. EJ says he can't do that. EJ says every time he's lied to Sami that he's almost lost her and he's not going to lose her again because of her plan. Kristen responds that she won't lose Brady because of his sudden conscience. Kristen tells EJ that he's not going to ruin her wedding day or her life and will keep his mouth shut. Sami then enters and asks if it's a bad time.

Nick returns to Gabi. She tells him that she called the agency and they are really interested in her which Nick is excited about. Gabi doesn't want to get her hopes up but says it's hard not to. Gabi says she has to go pick up Arianna. She thanks him for the gift and advice. Gabi asks him not to tell anyone about the modeling as she's unsure of how Sonny would react. Nick is sure he'd be supportive but says he doesn't really talk to Will and Sonny anyways. Gabi tells him to have a great day as she exits. Nick says he's sure that he will.

Nicole talks to Daniel about wanting to help. Daniel goes to exit but opens the door to see Marlena. Marlena asks if they can talk but Daniel says he was on his way out and apologizes for wasting his time. Marlena then sees Nicole. Nicole says she needs a word with Marlena so she didn't waste her time. Daniel agrees to set up a meeting with Marlena as he exits. Marlena then goes in and asks Nicole what she wants.

Brady shows Victor that he had a video made as a tribute to Kristen to show at the wedding. Victor jokes about it. Brady tells him that they are going to get married and she's the only one he cares about right now. Brady vows to make it the most memorable day of Kristen's life.

Eric resumes work at the rectory as Daniel arrives. Daniel is pretty sure Eric is upset about what happened with Theresa. Eric says he knows he's not here to talk about that as he knows Nicole told him her version of what happened at the hotel. Daniel admits she did and says he believes her. Eric says he doesn't. Daniel goes over everything they know about that night. Eric says he knows what he remembers and calls Nicole a good liar. Eric tells Daniel not to be taken for a fool like he was.

EJ tells Sami that he and Kristen were just in the middle of something so Sami decides to leave them to it and exits. Kristen asks EJ if he's going to tell Sami or not.

Nick looks at pictures of Gabi on his computer and wonders who wouldn't want to hire her. Nick says that Gabi can finally follow her dreams and the three of them can finally be a family like they always wanted. Nick declares "New York, here we come"

Brady tells Victor not to think he's doing any favors by coming to the wedding and if he doesn't want to come, he shouldn't. Brady exits. Victor's hacker returns and reveals that it's all done and the video is ready for him. He hands him a DVD copy of the video.

Daniel tells Eric that he knows Nicole wouldn't do this so there has to be another explanation. Eric shouts back that there's not and he knows the truth.

Nicole says she wanted to talk to Marlena about Eric and asks how he was earlier. Marlena notes that he was upset but didn't want to talk about it. Nicole says that's all she needed to know but Marlena says she now needs to know what's going on between them. Nicole says it's nothing. Marlena asks if she's causing problems but Nicole shouts back that she didn't do anything.

Kristen tells EJ to make up her mind on either keeping her secret or telling Sami everything right now. She asks what it's going to be. Sami returns to the room and asks if they need a referee to settle things so that Kristen can walk down the aisle.

Marlena questions why Nicole is so defensive. Nicole warns her not to start with her. Marlena threatens her if she hurts Eric. Nicole says she would never hurt Eric and then orders her out. Marlena exits and Nicole slams the door as she cries.

Eric wants Daniel to drop this and says he remembers what happened that night but wishes he didn't. Eric tells Daniel to go. Daniel can't imagine what he's going through right now. Daniel stops and says he's making a huge mistake with Nicole and believes he will regret it some day. Daniel then exits as Eric asks if he will regret it.

EJ tells Sami that they were just discussing work. Sami asks what about it. EJ says they just had a disagreement and he's decided that she acted appropriately and he will support her. Kristen thanks him and heads upstairs to get ready for the wedding. Sami asks EJ what the decision was. EJ tells her not to worry about it. Sami has her doubts and says EJ can't keep Kristen's secrets from him as she's going to marry her brother.

Brady gets dressed for the wedding and looks at his wedding band.

Kristen goes to get dressed and looks in the mirror where she says nothing is going to stop her wedding this time. Kristen reaches in her drawer and pulls out a gun.

Victor opens the video and sees Kristen's sex tape and then discovers that it is with Eric.

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