Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/5/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen has a nightmare of Eric telling her that he knows what she did to him. She wakes up in a panic as Brady asks if she's alright.

Nick walks through the town square and makes a call to a modeling agency, pretending to be Lucas showing interest in Gabi. He is told they don't represent Gabi but are planning to sign her.

Gabi brings Arianna to Sonny at the coffeehouse. Gabi is unsure about leaving her. Sonny insists that he can handle it and says spending time with her helps him miss Will less. They talk about Will enjoying Berkley. They are both happy for him.

Kate talks on the phone at the Pub, saying there has to be records of where Jordan was before now. Kate demands information and hangs up. Lucas joins her and asks who's private life she's snooping into now.

Jordan goes to the hospital and stops outside Rafe's room as she thinks back to spending time with him again. She tells herself no it can't happen as she then heads inside. Rafe greets her and says he's ready to get to work. Jordan says they will go over his therapy as it's hospital policy. Rafe asks what's going on.

Sami and EJ kiss in bed. Sami complains about having to pretend to be happy at Brady and Kristen's wedding. Sami says she will never come to terms with Brady wanting to be with Kristen.

Eric talks on the phone at the rectory, leaving a message for Father Matt saying he needs to speak with him. The bishop enters and senses omething is wrong, he asks if he wants to talk about it.

Brady hugs Kristen and notes that she is shaking. Brady tells her that today is their wedding and she's going to be his wife as he kisses her.

Kate tells Lucas that she has no idea why he thinks she was snooping. Lucas says he knows she was talking to her personal PI. Kate claims it is someone that she is thinking of hiring but Lucas says he would know about that since he's the creative director of the company. Lucas wants to know whose life Kate is trying to run into the ground.

Jordan tells Rafe that she's arranged for another therapist to take Rafe outside. Rafe questions why she's not doing it herself. Jordan says she has other patients. Rafe thinks it's about what happened last night but Jordan says nothing happened.

Sami continues saying she can't stand that Brady is marrying Kristen. Sami says the only positive is that Eric has agreed to bless the union. Sami praises Eric as a good person and her hero.

Eric says he just has a lot on his mind and needs to straighten things out himself. The bishop says he wanted to come to congratulate him on all of his wonderful work. He says they are very proud of him.

Kristen tells Brady that she just had a bad dream but now can't remember it. She blames wedding jitters. Brady jokes that all of their wedding guests oppose their union. Brady says everyone will see her how he sees her and they kiss. Brady tells her to get ready as he's taking her to breakfast and will surprise her with a wedding gift. Brady tells her that it's something she has wanted as much as he does.

Sonny asks what her work hours were like when she was modeling. She talks about it just being something she enjoyed. One of the workers takes Sonny to the back to work on the espresso machine. Gabi sits with Arianna and tells her how much she loves her.

Kate tells Lucas that she's just trying to get some information on Jordan. Kate thinks they should know everything about people who come into contact with Rafe after Bernardi. Lucas asks if there's more to it. Lucas jokes about Kate feeling Jordan is young and beautiful. Kate says she's responsible for inserting Jordan into Rafe's life.

Rafe tells Jordan that something is going on with her tone and not looking at him. Jordan says he is her patient and there's boundaries. Rafe talks about spending more time with her than anyone. Rafe talks about opening up to her. Jordan says there's not much to know about her and her life outside of work is not his concern. Rafe says it's too bad as he thought they were starting to become friends.

Brady and Kristen have breakfast at the town square. Kristen wants to know what her surprise is. They look over and see a little girl run off with her mother. Brady tells Kristen that they can have that one day. Kristen hopes so. Brady then hands her an envelope. She opens it and it's a 3 month travel to go everywhere she'd ever want. Brady says they'll be away from everyone. Kristen hugs him and excitedly says she wants to go.

EJ thinks Sami puts Eric on a pedestal. Sami talks about all Eric has done and how she's proud to be his sister. Sami admits she's a little jealous because Eric is a better person than her. EJ agrees that Eric will be a better person than they will ever be combined as they joke around together.

The bishop continues to praise Eric and says he's honored to have him at St. Luke's. He talks about wanting to transfer Eric to turn things around like he has here. Eric suggests maybe he should transfer him. Eric says he's not sure he's handled things the way they should be here. Eric suggests a fresh start away from any distractions could be good for him. The bishop asks if Eric is rethinking his vocation. Eric assures him that his vocation means everything to him as joining the church defined who he is. Eric suggests leaving St. Luke's to see if he can make more of a difference elsewhere could be God's latest test for him. The bishop asks about the differences he's making here.

Lucas tells Kate that he's confused why she's probing into Jordan's background and if she's threatened. Lucas brings up that Kate did break up with Rafe before he was attacked. Kate says she had a feeling and acted on it so she's waiting for her investigator to fill in the blanks on Jordan as according to him, Jordan didn't exist a few years ago.

Jordan tells Rafe that they are not friends and just therapist and patient. Jordan goes to leave but Rafe grabs her hand and says he knows they made a connection last night just like they are now. Rafe apologizes if that scared her and admits it scared him a little too. Rafe promises not to push it and asks her not to shut him out because it doesn't have to go back to the way it was. Jordan tells him that she will be back as she then exits.

The bishop talks about Eric helping the church but also helping couples get a fresh start by marrying Brady and Kristen. He talks about the school being stronger than ever and how Kristen and Brady seem to be as well. Eric invites him to attend. He agrees to try and best to come to the ceremony. Eric says he'd be honored and is sure Brady and Kristen will be as well.

Brady tells Kristen that he's going to talk to Eric to make sure he's still officiating their wedding. Brady kisses her and walks off. Kristen quickly pulls out her phone and calls her doctor associate. She tells him to come to the mansion to assure her that her life is not going to go up in smoke.

Nick texts Gabi that he has something for her and asks if they can meet. Nick takes his gift and walks on.

Gabi goes to the hospital and gets the text from Nick. Gabi texts back that she's at the hospital but offers to meet at the Pub later. Gabi goes to visit Rafe and asks if he's okay. Rafe says he's fine but frustrated about Jordan.

Lucas tells Kate that Jordan might not be bad news and she could've just changed her name for a fresh start. Lucas asks Kate about Jordan not causing any trouble. Kate says everything will be explained as she hands him an envelope. Kate tells him to trust her. Lucas just doesn't want her to get hurt again. Kate says she can take care of herself and exits.

Kristen meets with her doctor at the mansion and says Eric is remembering the hotel night but thinks it was with Nicole. He thinks that means she's safe. Kristen worries about him remembering it was her while he is marrying her and Brady.

The bishop asks Eric about what's troubling him. Eric says he's fine as Brady enters and greets them. The bishop gives Brady his blessings on the wedding. Brady says they are very happy. The bishop then exits. Brady hopes that means Eric is still performing the ceremony.

Kate runs into EJ at the town square. EJ says he'll see her at the wedding but Kate wasn't invited. Kate brings up Chad paying for the sins of Stefano. EJ says Chad is much better. Kate is sure he'll be fine. EJ asks Kate about her life and talks about Rafe being under the spell of a young therapist. EJ talks about her being nervous about the amount of time Rafe is spending with Jordan as he walks away.

Rafe tells Gabi that Jordan is the reason that he's getting through this but he feels he's blown it with her. Rafe talks about thinking she was opening up. Gabi asks if he made a move on her. Rafe says no and they were just hanging out. Jordan walks to the door and listens in. Rafe talks about Jordan acting like they never made a connection now. Gabi wonders if he did something to scare her off. Rafe admits there was a moment when he looked into her eyes and wanted to protect her.

Eric tells Brady that he will marry he and Kristen. Brady hugs him and says it means a lot to him. Eric adds that he's still bothered that they kept the truth about Nicole's feelings from him. Brady is sorry about it but doesn't see the big deal. Eric says it's caused a huge rift between he and Nicole that he's not sure he can get past. Brady thought she had her feelings under control but Eric says she didn't at all.

Kristen yells in frustration as the doctor tells her to calm down. Kristen talks about getting married today and Eric performing the ceremony. He asks what she suggests that he does. She tells him to make sure Eric doesn't remember any more than he does ever. He understands she's worried but thinks she's looking for trouble. He says Eric remembers what he remembers and that's the end of it. Kristen says he better hope so or it will be the end of him. He wonders if Eric would try and trap her which Kristen laughs at.

Jordan continues listening in on Gabi and Rafe as Gabi tells Rafe that she doesn't think Jordan is the kind of woman who needs a protector. Rafe says he knows she is strong and independent. Rafe hopes they can go back to how they were before and friends. Jordan walks away. Gabi tells Rafe to do exactly as Jordan says and try not to scare her off. Rafe jokes with Gabi as she exits. Jordan then starts to go back towards Rafe's room.

Brady apologizes again for keeping Nicole's feelings from him but he doesn't think he's told him everything that's gone down between them so he wants to talk about it but Eric says no. Brady says maybe he can help but Eric says he can't. Eric tells him he will see him at the wedding but Brady stops him and doesn't want to be dismissed like that. Brady wants to know what's going on with him and forget everything else to just talk to him. Brady asks him what is going on.

Kristen laughs at the idea of Eric trying to trap her and says Eric has no malicious bone in his body. She says what she did had nothing to do with Eric but getting revenge on Marlena. Kristen tells him to just make sure that Eric doesn't remember he had sex with her and that he continues thinking it was Nicole. He decides maybe he could come up with another potion to make Eric's vague images disappear forever. Kristen says that's what she's asked from the beginning and he then exits. EJ then comes out from behind the corner and startles her.

Sami goes to the coffeehouse and Sonny talks to her about talking to Will and how things are going. Sami is grateful that things worked out with Arianna and Nick didn't get to keep her from them. Sami is glad Gabi came to her senses and has nothing to do with Nick anymore. Sami notices the change in Sonny's expression and asks about Gabi and Nick. Sonny says they got together again once and adds that Nick wants her back badly but Gabi doesn't.

Gabi sits at the Pub. Nick arrives outside and looks through the window at her. Nick heads inside with his gift for Gabi. Gabi tells Nick that she just got the strangest e-mail.

Jordan returns to Rafe's room and asks if he's ready. She says they have a long hard day ahead but maybe they can take a walk by the pier. Rafe says he would like that and Jordan says she would too. Jordan exits and Rafe follows out in his wheelchair.

Brady apologizes if he's pushing and says he doesn't mean any offense but it's obvious that Eric is a mess. Brady asks what Nicole did to him.

Kristen tells EJ that she didn't know he was there. EJ says he can tell. EJ asks if she's ready to walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Kristen says very much and has to go get ready. EJ stops her and asks how could she have sex with Eric.

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