Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel goes to his office where JJ is waiting. Daniel assures him that Nicole won't say anything. JJ says if Theresa says anything then he is screwed. Jennifer then enters and questions what JJ is doing there. JJ asks what she's doing there. Jennifer says she asked him first. Daniel tells JJ to go ahead and tell her.

Kate goes to Rafe's hospital room but he's not there. Maxine enters and tells her that Jordan just took Rafe out for some fresh air. Kate comments that Jordan is so full of good ideas. Maxine asks what the problem is.

Jordan takes Rafe outside the town square. Rafe says it feels good to be out. Jordan encourages him but Rafe doesn't want to talk about physical therapy. Rafe suggests they act like two friends hanging out on a beautiful night.

Kristen goes to Daniel's in hopes of finding out how much Eric remembers. She knocks on the door and Nicole answers. Kristen questions what she's doing there. Nicole responds that she could ask her the same question. Kristen says she's there to see Daniel and walks inside. Nicole thinks it's a little late for her to be dropping by the night before her wedding. Kristen says she doesn't owe her an explanation. Nicole questions why she seems so nervous.

Marlena says she needs to find out what's on the flash drive. She then seems taken aback by what she sees, saying it can't be. Marlena declares she can't believe that bitch did this.

Hope approaches Eric at the hospital and says she didn't know he was still there. Eric was hoping to speak to Theresa again. Hope says she's sleeping. Eric brings up hearing about Daniel being with Theresa. Eric comments that he thought Daniel was still in love with Jennifer. Hope says they all thought that.

JJ questions Daniel hanging him out to dry. Daniel then says that JJ came to let him have it about what a jerk he is. JJ goes along with it. Jennifer tells JJ that it's enough and tells him to go home. JJ asks if she's coming with him. Jennifer says she has something to say to Daniel but it won't be long. JJ exits. Daniel asks Jennifer what she wants to say.

Kristen tells Nicole that Daniel is her friend and she doesn't have to have an excuse to talk to him. Brady arrives and brings up hearing about Daniel and Theresa. Nicole questions Brady not being a friend to Daniel. Kristen thinks to herself that Eric thinks Nicole was the woman and has no idea it was her.

Marlena sees the flash drive comes up with a red X and worries that she downloaded a virus. She says it'd be just like Kristen to crash her hard drive. Marlena then wonders if this was all a big hoax and a waste of time.

Kate asks Maxine why she thinks something is wrong. Maxine says she's questioning anyone about Jordan and she's clearly not a fan. Kate admits she's bothered by her. Maxine thinks she should give Jordan a break as she works hard and is making real progress with Rafe. Maxine exits as Kate comments that she is in more ways than one.

Jordan agrees to just hang out with Rafe. Jordan says taking his mind off therapy could help his mind then asks Rafe what he wants to talk about. Rafe picks football and starts explaining the game to her then he is surprised when she knows details about football.

Hope comments that Daniel should've known not to get involved with Theresa of all people. Eric asks more about it. Hope says Theresa doesn't remember and Daniel's being evasive. Eric hopes it doesn't bring him down since Daniel has been a friend. Eric brings up Daniel helping him find out what happened to him.

Nicole argues that Daniel didn't do anything wrong but Brady feels he did if he slept with Theresa. Nicole tells him that Daniel and Jennifer broke up so Daniel can sleep with whoever he wants. Brady asks Nicole why she's there anyways. Nicole brings up Brady telling Eric. Brady apologizes for Eric finding out and says he did not intend for that to happen. Nicole says no matter her feelings, she always had Eric's back and now he's accused her. Brady asks what he accused her of but Nicole says it's nothing. Nicole declares that Eric is out of her life and so is Brady so they can get out. Kristen and Brady exit together.

Jennifer tells Daniel to stay away from JJ. Daniel asks what to do if he walks into his office. Jennifer doesn't want Daniel to engage with him. Daniel agrees to whatever she wants. Jennifer thanks him. Daniel then asks why she's there. Jennifer responds that she's not really sure. She stops and says she came for answers and is not leaving until she gets them.

Rafe and Jordan continue to discuss football. Rafe then asks how she knows so much about it. Jordan jokes with him. Rafe comments that she knows more than most guys. Jordan tells him that she had a rehab patient who played in the NFL. Rafe tries to figure out who but Jordan won't reveal any information. Jordan jokes with him about always being right. Rafe jokes about sharing his cookies with her. She tries one and admits it's amazing. Rafe comments that he didn't know she was capable of joy.

Daniel thinks Jennifer got all the answers she needs. She questions him after everything they've meant to each other and wants to know how long she's been sleeping with Theresa. Daniel says he never cheated on her and that's all she knows. Jennifer talks about Theresa wanting her to believe she was with him. Daniel says what he does is no longer Jennifer's business. Jennifer questions if Theresa is now his type. Daniel doesn't answer to her. She questions if he wanted to hurt her that much.

Brady and Kristen walk through the town square talking about Eric changing his mind and performing their wedding still. Brady still doesn't see the big deal about Nicole's crush. Brady says whatever Eric thinks Nicole did to him had to have been big since it pushed them over the edge. Brady wants to know the story but Kristen doesn't think they should care about them at all since they are getting married tomorrow and that's all that matters. Kristen says whatever is going on with Eric and Nicole has nothing to do with them. She kisses him and Brady agrees. Brady then asks Kristen what she was doing at Daniel's apartment in the first place.

Nicole remains at Daniel's until there's a knock at the door and this time it's Eric.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Victor. She tells him that she needs his help. Victor tells her to make it fast as Maggie is onto them and doesn't like it. Marlena surprises him with the flash drive. Marlena explains that the flash drive is encrypted but still wants to open the file. Victor tells her that she's come to the right place.

Rafe continues to joke with Jordan as he says it's nice to see her having a good time. Jordan says she knows how to have a good time. Rafe laughs and asks when. Jordan talks about boosting his determination and lifting his spirits. Rafe convinces her to have half of another cookie and they both put their hand on it at the same time.

Jennifer asks if Daniel got with Theresa to hurt her. Daniel doesn't feel he owes her anything and feels she lost that right when she said she never wanted to see him again. Jennifer says she didn't want to but she has JJ back now. Daniel says she made a choice and can't have it both ways. Jennifer questions if he's just shutting her out. Daniel says maybe now she knows what it feels like. Jennifer then exits and walks off trying not to cry.

Kristen tells Brady that she went to Daniel's to ask what's going on with Jennifer. Brady says he talked to Jennifer and she doesn't want to be at the wedding if Daniel is going to be there. Kristen says Jennifer is her best friend. Brady says he will talk to Daniel about not coming so Jennifer can be there. Kristen doesn't want Daniel there after what he did to Jennifer. Brady says he'll talk to him and walks off.

Eric wants to see Daniel. Nicole asks if he was going to talk about her. Eric says he's not being judgmental. Nicole tells him that Daniel's not there so Eric starts to leave but Nicole stops him and says he got to say his piece so now she's going to say hers.

Jordan tells Rafe she'll eat her half at the hospital and they decide to head back to the hospital.

JJ returns to Daniel's office. Daniel asks if Jennifer is expecting him home. JJ says he texted her to say he's getting something to eat and asks how it went after he left. Daniel tells him not to worry as he didn't give him up. JJ thanks him and says he sees now that he was totally wrong about him.

Nicole tells Eric that even though he accused her of something she didn't do, she knows something awful happened to him and is terribly sorry. Nicole remembers how sick he was when she found him and thinks he remembers something that didn't happen. Eric continues accusing her of drugging him. Eric says she was the sick one that night. Nicole says she wouldn't use drugs to seduce him. Eric argues with her. Nicole tells him that Martha the desk clerk took bribes. Eric accuses her of being the other woman. Nicole thought he knew her better as they worked together for over a year. Nicole asks if he knows how much his accusations hurt her. Eric can't believe her. Nicole tells Eric that she told Daniel everything tonight and he believes her and knows she's telling the truth so she doesn't give a damn what Eric thinks anymore.

Victor tells Marlena that his computer guy is a genius and has a program that can break encrypted files. He puts the flash drive into his computer and comes up with the file. Victor notices that it's a video file. Marlena stops him and says there's something he needs to know before they open it.

Jordan brings Rafe back to the hospital where Hope is in his room about to leave him a note. Hope asks if he's up for a visitor. Rafe says he is if it's her. Rafe introduces Hope and Jordan to each other. Hope says it's nice to finally meet her. Jordan says she will leave them to talk. Rafe thanks her for the night. Jordan says it was her pleasure as she exits. Hope tells Rafe about Kate coming to see him earlier and being very invested in his recovery. Rafe wishes she didn't feel guilty about what happened. Hope asks if he thinks she's being supportive because she feels guilty.

Outside Rafe's room, Jordan smiles as she thinks back to spending time with Rafe. Kate approaches and comments that it looks like someone had a fun night.

Eric is not surprised that Daniel believes Nicole as no one wants to believe she would do that. Eric says Daniel wasn't there. Nicole questions him being so sure of himself. Eric brings up Nicole kidnapping Sami's baby and accusing Jennifer of pushing her down stairs in the past. Nicole thinks Eric just wants to pin this on her to kick her out of his life. Eric says he doesn't hate her and has nothing but pity for her. Eric says Nicole can't lie to herself or God. Nicole calls him self righteous and throws a glass at him as she screams for him to get out.

Daniel gets why JJ didn't like him and says he'd have been the same way. JJ feels he's letting him off too easy. JJ says he did everything Daniel said he did on purpose. JJ admits to breaking his mp3 player, smashing his car, and breaking Parker's train set. JJ says when he wasn't doing that, he was trying to wreck things with Daniel and Jennifer. JJ says he didn't want Daniel to be the good guy so he didn't give him a chance. JJ apologizes for everything and can't believe that he put Daniel in this screwed up position. Daniel says he doesn't care what people think about him. JJ knows he cares what Jennifer thinks and it must be killing him. JJ knows he's doing this because Jennifer wouldn't be able to handle if he went to prison. Daniel says he wouldn't be able to handle it. JJ says after everything he did to him, he asks why Daniel is saving his life after he tried to ruin his.

Brady and Kristen go to Jennifer's to try and convince her to come to the wedding. Jennifer assures them that she will be fine and she's thrilled that they are finally going to have a happy ending.

Marlena informs Victor that she has reason to believe the man in Kristen's video could be Daniel. Victor doesn't believe he'd get involved but admits he thought the same about Brady. Marlena talks about Kristen being friends with Daniel and Jennifer and how she would never hesitate to stab a friend in the back. Marlena also reveals that she found the flash drive in Daniel's office. Marlena adds that rumors are around of Daniel making strange choices. Victor still can't believe Daniel and Jennifer didn't work out. Marlena says if it is Daniel on the video then maybe they don't want to know about it. Victor declares they have to know for Brady.

Rafe tells Hope that he knows Kate feels guilty as they were together for awhile. Hope jokes about it but Rafe says she's different without Stefano. Rafe says Kate broke things off with him not long before he was beaten and she thought Stefano did it which led to Stefano finding out and sending Bernardi after him. Hope asks about Kate breaking it off because of Stefano. Rafe says there were other reasons but it's all good as they remained friends and once he's out of the wheelchair, she can stop feeling guilty. Hope asks about Jordan. Rafe talks about his progress. Hope thinks Rafe likes Jordan. Rafe admits she's been a little closed off but is starting to open up.

Kate tells Jordan that she's so generous to spend all this extra time with Rafe. Jordan thanks her. Kate thinks she must need some time for herself and offers to take Rafe out on these excursions. Jordan appreciates it but says legally, Rafe has to be accompanied by hospital personnel and adds that she doesn't mind as she walks away. Kate gets a call and hopes they came up with something. Kate doesn't understand and questions if Jordan didn't exist before this time.

Nicole screams at Eric to get out. Eric accuses her of being unable to stand him becoming a priest and ruining him. Nicole screams that she didn't do it. Eric says he trusted her and loved her but just not the way she wanted. Eric questions how she could do that to him as he exits, leaving Nicole crying.

Daniel tells JJ that he's not out of the woods yet. JJ asks if he means Nicole. Daniel says the wildcard is Theresa if she remembers what happens. JJ worries about what she may do. Daniel assures him that he will handle it. Daniel tells JJ to stay away from Theresa and keep his distance from him since everyone thinks JJ hates his guts. Daniel adds that JJ will be on his own if he hears about him messing with drugs. JJ promises he won't. JJ offers his hand and they shake hands as JJ thanks him for everything. JJ then exits. Daniel sits down and looks over Theresa's file.

Jennifer talks with Brady and Kristen about her children being home and safe so she can't complain. Kristen encourages that she will have it all. Jennifer says she can go on without Daniel even if she doesn't like it. Kristen gets a call from work and steps out to take it. Jennifer comments that Brady looks so happy. Brady admits he feels like the luckiest guy on the planet.

Outside, Kristen talks on the phone with her doctor associate about Eric remembering what happened. Kristen says Eric remembers having sex but he thinks it was with Nicole and she wants to know how they are going to keep it that way.

Victor assures Marlena that he wants to see the video so he moves forward. Victor tries to open it but can't. Victor refuses to give up and keeps trying to access the file. Victor says Kristen being this careful must mean she's worried about the wrong people finding this video and she'd be in trouble. Victor says they are going to find out what's on the file and then they are going to stop Brady from making the biggest mistake of his life.

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