Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/1/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena continues looking through Daniel's desk and finds the flash drive. She remembers it as Kristen's and laughs.

Brady questions Jennifer about Daniel moving on. Jennifer tells him that Daniel's latest fling overdosed while they were hanging out. Brady recalls hearing about Theresa from Sami. Jennifer tells him that is who Daniel is seeing.

Theresa asks Kayla if she told her parents. Kayla says she hasn't been able to reach them so Theresa can recover. Kayla tells Theresa that she got a second chance and she should use it wisely.

JJ goes to see Daniel and wants to know what happened. Daniel tells him that no one will ever know he was there. JJ says Daniel will be stuck covering for him with people thinking he slept with her. Daniel says that's a lot better than JJ going to prison as Nicole comes out from the bedroom and JJ says anyone but her.

Kristen worries about Eric finding out that it was her at the hotel and says she needs to find out what's in Eric's head. Kristen says Daniel is the only person that Eric ever opens up to so she needs to visit Daniel. Eric returns to the rectory and says they need to talk and it can't wait. Eric says he realizes he was completely wrong about everything and now sees the truth.

Marlena wonders what the flash drive is doing in Daniel's office. Marlena says what matters is what's on it and that it will make Brady leave Kristen for good.

Daniel tells Nicole that he will explain and asks for a minute with JJ first. Daniel steps outside with JJ. JJ asks why he didn't tell him that Nicole was there. Daniel says he didn't get a chance. JJ complains that Nicole hates him and will tell everyone to send him to prison. Daniel says he will make sure that Nicole doesn't tell anyone. Daniel tells JJ to meet him in his office in an hour. JJ asks what he's going to say to Nicole. Daniel tells him not to worry as he sends JJ away. Daniel heads back inside and Nicole questions what the hell is going on.

Kristen tells Eric that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Eric admits he's not happy about them not being honest with him about Nicole but he shouldn't have said he wouldn't marry them because he made a promise. Kristen thanks him and offers to talk about his problem with Nicole but Eric doesn't want to talk about that.

Anne goes into Daniel's office and finds Marlena. Anne says she doesn't see her leaving a note. Marlena states that she decided to call him tomorrow. Anne complains about what Daniel did with Theresa. Marlena asks her to get out of her way but Anne says no and stands in her way as the flash drive again lies nearby.

Victor offers Maggie flowers and assures her that he's not up to anything with Marlena. Maggie thinks Victor was trying to get information out of Marlena and could have been manipulating her. Victor asks about her thinking he's capable of that. Maggie accepts his flowers and agrees to declare a truce but says they have to set the terms first. Maggie says she will stop cross examining him if he doesn't hurt someone that she loves.

Sonny asks Abigail about Jennifer. Abigail says she's not great but doesn't want to talk about it. Sonny knows why she's mad but says it's not cool of Daniel. Sonny calls Theresa an evil bitch and says it's all her fault.

Brady doesn't think Theresa sounds like Daniel's type and thinks Jennifer is making a mistake. Jennifer says she broke up with Daniel and he can see who he wants but she feels like he picked Theresa to hurt her. Brady still doesn't think it sounds like Daniel. Jennifer says Daniel is not the man they thought he was.

Daniel asks Nicole how much she heard. Nicole says enough to know he's covering for JJ and something to do with Theresa. Daniel tells her about what happened and says no one knows that JJ was involved. Daniel adds that if the judge finds out then JJ will go straight to jail. Daniel thinks Nicole would know JJ needs a break as he tries to put his life back together. Nicole argues that JJ is just trying to cover his ass. Nicole asks Daniel about everyone thinking he slept with Theresa. Daniel says he can't explain why he was there without implicating JJ. Nicole questions Daniel risking his reputation for a kid who hates him but understands he's doing it because he loves Jennifer.

Marlena tells Anne that she is senior staff and questions her challenging her authority. Marlena talks about Anne insulting Daniel's reputation. Anne accuses her of making personal attacks now. Marlena says everyone is either intimidated or enraged by her. Anne wants to stay on the subject of Daniel. Anne tells her that she manages personnel. Marlena says all they know is that Daniel saved someone's life while Anne will just hurt people for more power. Marlena says she will not allow Daniel to be a victim. Marlena warns Anne to back off and get out. Anne asks her to stay out of her sight too. Anne says the board would defend her because she's highly respected. Anne exits and Marlena realizes she dropped the flash drive. Kristen then enters, saying it's fancy meeting her there.

JJ asks Abigail what they were talking about. Abigail tells JJ that it was about Theresa and she informs him that Theresa has been having a thing with Daniel which is crushing Jennifer. Abigail thinks Theresa was only out for Daniel to get back at Jennifer. JJ calls Theresa a user that ruins lives. Abigail thought he liked her and asks what changed.

Jennifer goes into the living room with Hope and Kayla and tells them that Brady is having a hard time believing Daniel is with Theresa. Jennifer insists that Daniel chose to be with Theresa to hurt her. Jennifer says she doesn't want to be in a room with Brady and Kristen pledging their love for each other. Jennifer wonders how this happened as Hope hugs her and tells her that she doesn't have to go. Kayla suggests now isn't the best time. Brady offers to talk to Daniel to try and figure this out. Brady apologizes and exits.

Daniel asks Nicole if he can count on her to keep this to herself. Nicole brings up all the times that Jennifer shoved him away and didn't believe him and they aren't even together anymore. Daniel says it doesn't matter as JJ going to prison would kill Jennifer. Nicole asks about his reputation. Daniel says he's calling on all his favors with her and brings up keeping secrets for her. Nicole brings up how that turned out. Daniel tells her that Jennifer already thinks he was with Theresa and she can deal with that but can't deal with losing JJ. Daniel asks Nicole to promise to keep this to herself so she promises. Daniel thanks her. Nicole states that love sucks and Daniel agrees. Nicole says they have things in common and starts to talk about her problem with Eric but stops. Daniel remembers that she came upset about something Eric said. Nicole decides she's leaving. Daniel realizes she meant Eric as the person she loves most in the world so Nicole admits it.

Kristen questions Marlena being in Daniel's office. Marlena says it's not her business. Kristen asks where he is as she thought he'd still be there. Marlena says he left so she can see him another time. Kristen goes to leave but stops and notes that Marlena seems jumpy so she asks if anything is wrong. Marlena tells her it's just the end of a long and difficult day and now she ran into someone she doesn't like. Kristen questions her being in Daniel's office. Marlena says she was leaving him a note. Kristen gets a text from Brady and talks about how excited they are about the wedding. Marlena warns her about skeletons in her closet and asks about one coming out right before the wedding.

JJ says with his head on straight now he can see what Theresa is really like and never liked how she treated Jennifer. Abigail comments that Daniel should've shown some restraint. Abigail questions JJ not being all I told you so about Daniel. JJ doesn't want to pile on when he's already going to pay for what happened. JJ asks Sonny about Will. Sonny tells him that he just got to Berkley so there's no news yet. Sonny adds that he hadn't told Will about Theresa so that he didn't worry since she had plenty of family here.

Eric visits Theresa in the hospital and asks how she's feeling. Theresa mentions being confused as she knows she overdosed but everything else that happened is unclear to her. Theresa can't imagine what it's like which Eric relates to.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks about Daniel. Maggie says Daniel doesn't want to talk about it but she doesn't understand how he could hurt Jennifer like that. Victor declares that he doesn't think Daniel did anything wrong.

Hope and Kayla try to tell Jennifer that Daniel just happened to go and find Theresa. Jennifer says she tries to understand but thinks Daniel would only choose to be near Theresa to hurt her. Hope suggests there may be another explanation.

Daniel tells Nicole that he had no idea she was in love with Eric but looking back the signs were there. Daniel asks how long she's felt this way. Nicole says it's been almost since the day he came back to town. Daniel is sorry. Nicole calls Eric her first love that got away. Daniel asks about Eric having no idea. Nicole says she tried hard to keep it from him but he found out in horrible timing and now thinks she had motive to do what he thinks she did. Daniel asks what he thinks. Nicole then reveals that Eric thinks she drugged and raped him.

Jennifer wonders why Daniel wouldn't admit if there was another explanation. Hope and Kayla hug her and tell her she will be fine as they then exit to head back to the hospital. Jennifer sits down and repeats that it just doesn't matter but wonders why it hurts so much then.

Victor tells Maggie and Brady that Daniel just saved a woman's life. Maggie argues that's not the issue. Maggie gets a call and steps away, saying she didn't want to hear what Victor had to say anymore. Victor argues that she should be on her son's side. Brady tells Victor that Maggie is just upset and brings up how upset Jennifer was. Victor says Daniel is family so his loyalty is to him just like Brady which means he'll be at his wedding tomorrow.

Theresa says Eric must be ashamed of her. Eric says they all make mistakes and it's how they handle them that matters. Theresa feels she's a screw-up. Eric believes she can change that. Theresa doesn't think she's cut out to be as pure and saintly as Eric.

Daniel questions how Eric could think Nicole had anything to do with it. Nicole says she barely understands it and his memory is fuzzy. Daniel thinks they should get more details before Eric starts accusing her. Nicole is worried about Eric. Daniel questions Nicole still defending Eric after he accused her of rape. Nicole compares it to Daniel taking the fall for JJ even after Jennifer dumped him. Nicole says something happened to Eric and someone did something to him. Daniel continues to question Eric thinking it was her. Nicole tells Daniel about what Martha told Eric and how the woman used the name Fay Taylor. Nicole cries, swearing that she didn't do this and hopes Daniel believes her.

Kristen tells Marlena that she learned her lesson to not keep secrets from Brady but Marlena says they both know that's not true. Kristen thinks back to saving her sex tape on the flash drive. Kristen tells Marlena that Nicole is spewing a bunch of lies. Marlena asks if she's denying the affair. Kristen claims it's a lie as even when they weren't together, Brady was in her heart. Kristen doesn't care what they say or believe because Brady believes her and nothing will ever convince him otherwise. Kristen then storms out. Marlena goes back and picks up the flash drive and says she isn't so sure Kristen's right about that.

Nicole continues swearing to Daniel that she did not do this. Daniel believes her and says she wouldn't do something like that. Nicole thanks him and they hug. Nicole cries that she feels so alone right now.

JJ asks Abigail about what happened with she and Chad since things were good between them. Abigail says things just didn't work out and she will be fine. Sonny gets a text from Will and steps away. JJ tells Abigail that he's going to get going. JJ jokingly offers to beat up Chad for her. Abigail tells him it's not necessary and they hug goodbye. Abigail tells JJ that she's so glad to have him back and she's glad he came to his senses before getting into any more trouble as she was worried about him. JJ assures her that things are good now as he exits.

Theresa tells Eric that she's a screwed up mess but notes that he seems a little not himself and asks if something is wrong. Hope interrupts. Eric says he was just on his way out and tells Theresa to call if she needs anything. Eric exits the room and goes to get some coffee. Anne approaches and comments that it's terrible what happened to Theresa. Anne introduces herself to Eric. Anne suggests Eric talk to Marlena if he cares about Theresa because Marlena is letting Daniel get away with what he did. Eric asks what Daniel has to do with this. Anne tells Eric that Daniel was with Theresa when she overdosed and claims he was working on his bedside manner.

Daniel offers to talk to Eric but Nicole asks him not to yet. Nicole says there's more to tell him but she doesn't feel like it right now. Daniel decides he will go tell JJ that he can trust her to stay quiet. Nicole asks if she can stay for awhile and promises to be gone when he gets back. Daniel tells her not to go and stay in the guestroom so that she's not alone. Nicole thanks him and says it's good to have a friend. Daniel tells Nicole that the truth will come out and Eric will realize that she didn't do anything wrong. Nicole wishes she could believe that but wonders how.

Marlena goes home and says there must be something on the flash drive that has proof of Kristen's affair. She says she found it in Daniel's office but he'd never have anything to do with Kristen. Marlena declares that it's time to find out as she plugs the flash drive into her computer.

Kayla works at the hospital as Eric approaches and tells her what he just heard. Kayla assumes he talked to Anne. Eric asks if Daniel found Theresa at her apartment. Kayla says he was. Eric asks why he was there but Kayla doesn't know and rushes off. Eric questions aloud Daniel and Theresa.

Theresa says she doesn't even remember having drugs on her and that someone could've slipped them to her. Hope asks if she remembers her coming over and having a conversation. Theresa says she doesn't remember anyone being at her house at all.

Daniel goes to his office where JJ is waiting. Daniel assures him that Nicole won't say anything. JJ says if Theresa says anything then he is screwed. Jennifer then enters and questions what JJ is doing there.

Kristen goes to Daniel's in hopes of finding out how much Eric remembers. She knocks on the door and Nicole answers. Kristen questions what she's doing there. Nicole responds that she could ask her the same question.

Marlena says she needs to find out what's on the flash drive. She then seems taken aback by what she sees, saying it can't be.

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