Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/31/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/31/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie talks to Jennifer at home. Jennifer says she's fine but Maggie says she can't be. Maggie brings up Daniel and Theresa but Jennifer doesn't want to talk about them. JJ walks in as Maggie tells Jennifer she's there if she wants to talk. Maggie tells JJ that she's glad he's back home and tells him to take care of Jennifer. Maggie says goodbye and exits. Jennifer greets JJ and notes that he's home early. JJ tells Jennifer that he has to talk to her as there's something he has to tell her.

Theresa wakes up in the hospital asking where she is. Daniel and Maxine are at her side. Daniel asks Theresa if she remembers what happened last night.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Victor that she doesn't like being summoned. Victor doesn't like being out of the loop and says Marlena hasn't told him anything and Brady hasn't cut off the wedding. Victor tells her that she has 24 hours to come up with something. Marlena says she feels bad enough as she had a chance to stop Kristen but blew it.

Brady says he just got done listening to Eric for over an hour. Brady tells Kristen that he's never seen Eric more upset ever. Brady says he's furious over him not telling about Nicole's feelings. Brady repeats that he's never seen Eric this upset before. Brady doesn't see the big deal in Nicole's crush but Eric is acting like it ruined his life.

Eric tells Nicole that what happened between them was not entirely her fault. Nicole tells him that nothing happened between them. Eric says he won't tell anyone or go to the police to press charges. Nicole tells Eric that she didn't drug him or have sex with him.

JJ thinks Jennifer is worrying about what he did now. JJ understands if she doesn't trust him. Jennifer wants to say what he's going to tell her. Abigail comes in and comments on JJ parking in the driveway. Jennifer tells her not to blame JJ. JJ says it's okay and asks Abigail about saying goodbye to Chad. Abigail says she's not in a good mood so she will let them talk. JJ thinks she should hear what he's going to tell Jennifer too.

Marlena tells Victor about the flash drive being stolen back. Victor talks about how weird it is that Kristen kept proof of an affair on the flash drive. Marlena says they both know Kristen must have destroyed it.

The flash drive remains on Daniel's desk in his office at the hospital.

Kristen talks to Brady about seeing Nicole and feeling like her life was ruined too. Brady blames himself for lashing out at Nicole and allowing Eric to overhear. Brady talks about trying to apologize to Nicole. Kristen thinks Nicole needs space and suggests they go see Eric to try and smooth things over.

Nicole tells Eric about going to see Martha and questions Eric believing her. Eric claims he remembers that night. Nicole says she would never drug someone she loves. Eric brings up Nicole lying to people she loved like EJ and Daniel.

Theresa says the last thing she remembers is leaving work but that's hazy and before that the whole week is blank. Daniel tells her that she's going to be fine. Anne watches through the door so Daniel sends Maxine to take care of her. Daniel tells Theresa that she overdosed last night at home. Daniel says she called him earlier in the evening so luckily he came by and found her. Theresa doesn't remember calling him at all.

JJ imagines Jennifer slapping him and kicking him out of the house after finding out he did drugs with Theresa. JJ then tells Jennifer that he knows how stupid he's been and it's like he finally woke up. JJ declares that he is done doing drugs forever. Abigail and Jennifer are happy. JJ states that he's not going to use or deal as he saw how the drugs were ruining their lives. JJ apologizes for how he acted and treated them. Jennifer says it's in the past and doesn't matter now. Jennifer says they will move forward. JJ insists that he means it but understands if they will take awhile to trust him again. Jennifer hugs him and says she's proud of him as Abigail smiles.

Victor questions Marlena not telling him that Kristen destroyed the evidence. Marlena says she just assumes she destroyed it. Victor says it will be Marlena's fault if the wedding happens tomorrow. Marlena wonders how Maggie puts up with him. Maggie enters and says she asks every day and wants to know what's going on.

Kristen tells Brady that she will go talk to Eric and asks Brady to go see Jennifer about the wedding. Kristen kisses him goodbye and walks off.

Eric tells Nicole that he thought she was his guardian angel looking out for him but she hurt him in more ways than she can imagine. Eric talks about what she's done and declares that she defiled him. Nicole grabs the bible and swears that she did not drug him or have sex with him. Eric tells her to put it down. Nicole swears to God she didn't do it. Eric tells her not to after what she's done. Nicole says she knows the anger and rage he's going through because she was abused as a kid. Nicole says she knows what he's going through and would never do that to someone else. Nicole says Eric doesn't believe her as some desk clerk's word means more than hers. Nicole declares it's because she's always been a lying slut and storms out.

Daniel asks Theresa to call him right away if she remembers anything about last night as it's a sensitive situation. Theresa promises him and then goes back to sleep so Daniel exits. Daniel walks to the front desk where Anne approaches. Anne questions how Daniel lives with himself and blames him for Theresa almost dying. Maxine joins and suggests Anne leave people alone to work. Anne accuses Daniel of destroying the hospital's reputation. Daniel tells her to get a life. Anne continues to mock Daniel's life as other nurses watch on. Daniel warns her to get away from him so she walks off. Maxine apologizes for Anne being more brutal than usual. Daniel assumes it's what Maxine was thinking too but she says no. Daniel says she must be disappointed in him. Maxine admits it's hard not to be since he all but owned what he did last night. Maxine wants a reason to be wrong. Daniel tells her that he has said all he's going to say and now he's going to take the rest of the day off. Maxine says it can't get any worse and then says she spoke too soon as Jennifer arrives glaring at Daniel.

Marlena says there's an emergency at the hospital so she has to go and leaves Victor to explain things to Maggie. Marlena exits. Maggie hates that Victor is doing something behind his back. Maggie asks him what's going on.

Hope walks out of the town square and runs into Brady. Brady reminds her about moving the wedding up and hopes she will attend. Brady also wants Ciara to be the flower girl. Hope says she'd love to but Ciara will be in New York with Doug and Julie. Brady senses Hope is relieved which she admits to.

Nicole sits at the coffeehouse/club with a drink, looking at a photo of Eric on her phone which she then deletes.

Eric sits at the rectory with matches from the hotel and wonders how she could've done this to him. Kristen enters and tells him that Brady is so sorry and upset. Eric doesn't want to talk about it. Kristen reveals that she knew about Nicole's crush too and didn't think it was their place to tell. Eric says if they told him then he could've handled it better and says none of it was innocent. Eric asks if she has any idea what she did. Kristen asks what he's talking about but Eric doesn't want to talk about it. Kristen asks if it has anything to do with what happened at the hotel.

Daniel and Jennifer exchange looks as Daniel walks past her and exits. Maxine comments that she didn't expect to see Jennifer. Jennifer says she just came to pick up some documents and asks how Theresa is doing. Maxine says she was awake and didn't remember much of last night. Jennifer wishes she could say the same.

Brady asks if Hope thinks he's making a big mistake marrying Kristen. Hope admits that she doesn't trust Kristen and doesn't want Ciara looking up to her. Brady understands as it took him a long time to see Kristen changed. Brady insists they will have a good marriage. Hope says she hopes so. Brady says he has things to do but hopes Hope will attend. Brady walks off.

Nicole goes to Daniel's knocking on his door saying she really needs to talk to him but he's not home. He then arrives and asks what she's doing there. Nicole says she didn't know where else to go and cries as Daniel hugs her.

Kristen tells Eric that she remembers Daniel's suspicions that someone poisoned him. She asks if something implicated Nicole. Eric tells her that it's not her business. Kristen says she would understand since it's how Nicole is. Kristen says if Nicole poisoned him she'd want to rescue him and be the hero so she understands why he'd be upset. Eric glares at her and Kristen asks if there's something more.

Anne wakes up Theresa. Theresa tells her to go away but Anne wants to know what exactly happened with her and Daniel. Anne says if they are going to pin anything on him it has to be soon. Theresa says Daniel saved her life. Anne wants to know what really happened and asks if Daniel gave her the drugs. Theresa says no and then says she can't remember. She worries about losing her job but Anne says she will take care of it. Theresa thanks her and says she owes her which Anne agrees with.

Brady goes to Jennifer's to talk about the wedding. Jennifer is sorry but says she can't be there.

JJ watches through the door of Theresa's room. Anne approaches and asks what he's doing there. JJ says he came to see Jennifer but heard about Theresa so he wanted to see how she was doing. Anne tells him that Jennifer went home early. JJ says he'll get going then and walks away. Marlena arrives at the hospital and tells Anne that she got her text about an emergency. Anne tells her that the hospital's reputation is in jeopardy because of Daniel so she should hold him responsible for his actions.

Nicole sits with Daniel and tells him that Eric is wrong and she didn't do anything to hurt him. Daniel tells her this will work out but Nicole says she can't ever see him again. Daniel asks what Eric said that she did. Nicole can't say it and asks if she can lay down for a bit and they'll talk later. Daniel agrees. Nicole cries that Eric hates her and she didn't do anything to him. Daniel walks her to the bed to lay down.

Eric tells Kristen that he has things to do. Kristen tells him that Brady is sorry and realizes he made a huge mistake. She encourages them being brothers and says she respects him. Kristen hopes Eric can forgive them and marry them after all. Eric agrees to think about it but says he won't make any promises. Eric says he has things to do and tells her to show herself out as he exits. Kristen finds the hotel matches on Eric's desk.

Victor tells Maggie that he and Marlena are just upset about Brady and Kristen's wedding so he's comforting her with John not here. Maggie says they were fighting and wants to know what it was about. Victor says she's making a big deal about nothing and tells her to trust him. Victor states that they are just trying to protect Brady. Maggie agrees to let it go for now but says whatever he's doing better not hurt anyone he loves or she'll answer to her. Victor tells her that the only one he's after is Kristen.

Abigail sits with Hope at the Pub. She tells her that she made peace with Chad before he left and she's still angry about what he did but she misses him. Abigail says she will take a break from dating as she doesn't need a guy to be happy. Hope asks how things are at home. Abigail says they are great as JJ just said he was done doing drugs for good. Hope says Jennifer could use some good news after last night. Abigail asks what happened. Hope realizes Jennifer hadn't told her. Hope informs Abigail that Theresa overdosed last night and Daniel brought her in. Hope then lets it slip that she didn't even know they were dating.

Jennifer tells Brady that she can't be at their wedding if Daniel is going to be there. Brady says they are just going through a rough patch but Jennifer tells him that Daniel has moved on and it's over.

Nicole sleeps at Daniel's and dreams of Eric having her arrested for rape.

Marlena tells Anne not to rush to judgment as Daniel's drug test came back clean and Theresa would've died if not for him. Anne believes Daniel could've given her the drugs. Anne says everyone covers up bad things and thinks they should investigate Daniel. Anne questions Daniel getting a free pass. Marlena agrees to talk to Daniel about what happened. Anne wishes her luck and tells her that Daniel went home already. Marlena says she will leave him a note and tells Anne to keep her speculation to herself. Marlena goes to Daniel's office and looks for paper on his desk to leave a note while the flash drive lies nearby.

Hope calls it bad timing but says Jennifer was at the hospital when Daniel brought Theresa in. Abigail says it's too weird and thought Theresa was just messing with Daniel so it can't be true. Abigail wonders why Jennifer didn't say anything to her. Hope thinks she's really embarrassed. Abigail assumes she's devastated.

Brady questions Jennifer about Daniel moving on. Jennifer tells him that Daniel's latest fling overdosed while they were hanging out.

Theresa is asleep as Maxine gets Anne out of her room. Theresa then wakes up.

JJ goes to see Daniel and wants to know what happened. Daniel tells him that no one will ever know he was there. JJ says Daniel will be stuck covering for him with people thinking he slept with her. Daniel says that's a lot better than JJ going to prison as Nicole comes out from the bedroom.

Kristen worries about Eric finding out that it was her at the hotel and says she needs to find out what's in Eric's head. Kristen says Daniel is the only person that Eric ever opens up to so she needs to visit Daniel.

Marlena continues looking through Daniel's desk and finds the flash drive. She remembers it as Kristen's and laughs.

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