Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/30/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/30/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad says he was with Abigail because she told him she loved him. Cameron says that's only because he backed off and if he didn't then there's no way they would've ended up in bed together, as Abigail then appears in the doorway. Cameron turns and says he didn't know she was there. She says obviously and talks about two guys fighting over her. Abigail pulls out a coin and says she'll flip the coin to determine who she goes with.

Nick runs into Will outside the Pub and congratulates him on his essay contest.

Sami tells EJ about the conversation and wants to know what EJ did and if he threatened Lucas. EJ says he didn't threaten him but talked about what would be the right thing to do. Sami questions their talk. Sami says Lucas was adamant about not wanting Allie in the mansion and knows he doesn't change his mind easily so she's pretty sure EJ didn't just talk him out of it. She wants to know exactly what he did.

Brady goes to see Eric and says he got his message. Eric shuts the door and says he wants to talk to him because he has to know the truth. Brady doesn't understand and asks if it's about the wedding. Eric says it's about him, Brady, and Nicole.

Nicole returns to outside the town square and sits down on the bench. She breaks down crying as Kristen walks by behind her and approaches her.

Brady tells Eric that he's lost. Eric brings up Nicole leaving her job here and asks if he knows why. Brady says it's not his business. Eric wants his take on it. Brady asks if he's mad at him. Eric says they'll take one thing at a time.

Nicole questions why Kristen is there. Kristen asks what's wrong with her. Nicole thinks back to Eric accusing her of raping him. Nicole tells Kristen that what's wrong is Kristen's getting married tomorrow while she's been thrown out like yesterday's trash.

Nick tells Will he gets that he's not his biggest fan but thought they could set it aside for a moment. Nick tells Will that getting into the writing program is a big deal and he's happy for him. Will asks he found out. Nick tells him he heard from Kate. Will is just surprised he knew since not a lot of people knew. Nick thinks Will was worried that he heard from Gabi. Nick mentions seeing Gabi last night. Will tells Nick that Gabi is over him completely and has moved on.

At the hospital, Gabi and Sonny are with Arianna, talking about Arianna dressing as a pumpkin for Halloween. Hope arrives with Ciara and Ciara mentions hating Halloween parties. Hope asks if Will is there since his cousin Theresa is at the hospital. Hope then sees nurse Karen.

Cameron tells Abigail that it wasn't what it sounded like. Abigail thinks they were arguing over her like a notch in a bedpost. Abigail says Chad scored with her but Cameron challenged him. Abigail says this was never about her but about which one of them won. Cameron argues that it's not how they feel but Chad says she's on to something and that's exactly what it was. Chad admits they were competing for her and says it's because she set it up that way.

Sami accuses EJ of threatening Lucas. EJ says he just enlightened him to legal realities of the situation and that he could lose Allie altogether if he wasn't careful. Sami questions him. EJ says he simply told him that a judge wouldn't take kindly to hearing Lucas threaten to take Allie out of the country. Sami continues accusing EJ of threatening Lucas. EJ says he did it so Sami could get Allie back. EJ admits he may have gone a little bit too far. Sami pretends to be mad at him. EJ realizes she's joking so he picks her up and carries her upstairs.

Karen tells Hope that she knows she hates her. Hope says she doesn't. Karen says she hates herself for gossiping about Theresa. Karen asks if she's going to be okay. Karen says Theresa is her friend or at least she thought so but she didn't know she did drugs as she's new. Hope tells her that it's tough being new but will be okay. Ciara offers her candy and tells her not to cry. Karen thanks them as she exits. Hope tells Ciara it was very nice of her. Ciara comments that she needed a friend and Hope agrees.

Gabi and Sonny continue talking about Arianna's Halloween costume. Gabi then wonders where Will is.

Nick tells Will that Gabi's life is hers and they can't control her. Nick apologizes and says they shouldn't even talk about that as he only wanted to congratulate him. Will questions Nick calling him his cousin. Will thinks Nick took advantage of Gabi twice when she was vulnerable. Nick calls Will the expert on that but then says it was uncalled for. Will tells him that he was right but because of that he has Gabi in his life along with his daughter. Will says he won't apologize for being protective of them. Nick says he respects that but hopes he realizes that he doesn't need to protect Gabi from him.

Cameron questions Chad meaning that. Chad says he did. Chad brings up how indecisive Abigail was and how she wanted them all to be friends while she figured things out. Chad accuses her of playing them off each other. Abigail says neither of them complained. Cameron says they both wanted to be with her. Chad says he didn't want to jeopardize still having a shot. Cameron felt with time she would come to her senses and choose him. Abigail declares that she did choose Cameron and not Chad.

Nicole tells Kristen that she heard about her wedding being moved up. Kristen talks about Nicole's past with Brady and feelings for Eric. Nicole tells her to go away. Kristen questions if Nicole told Eric how she feels. Nicole says Brady did and she tried hard to keep it from them. Kristen says she must be devastated. Nicole tells her not to fake sympathy. Kristen questions what the big deal is. Nicole says she can't fix it and it's all because of Kristen.

Brady tells Eric he's uncomfortable. Eric tells him to get comfortable and questions him about Nicole. Brady says he's not exactly talking to her right now. Brady says he has a wedding to prepare for and wonders how Nicole factors into things. Eric thinks she does. Eric asks if Brady knew about Nicole's feelings for him. Brady doesn't see a point here. Eric says Brady can't be honest and say it. Eric tells Brady that he overheard them at the church and Brady has known for months about Nicole's feelings. Eric questions Brady never saying a word and if it ever occurred to him that it was something he needed to know.

Will joins Sonny and Gabi and says he just got hung up. Hope joins and hugs Will. Will comments on the kids costumes and says it's why he loves Halloween. They see Ciara talking to a boy named Tommy. Ciara excitedly asks Hope if she can go trick or treating with him. Hope offers to go with her but Ciara doesn't want her to so she doesn't. Ciara then rushes off. Sonny jokes about kids staying kids.

Chad tells Abigail not to rewrite history because she chose him and knows what they had together. Cameron tells him to let her finish. Abigail doesn't think it matters anymore. Cameron says it does as this is the first he's heard of her choosing him. Abigail repeats that it doesn't matter anymore. Abigail asks Cameron for a moment alone with Chad. Cameron tells her that they aren't finished talking about this as he then exits. Chad is glad they can talk alone. Abigail says Chad is leaving in awhile for Boston and before he goes, she didn't want to leave anything unfinished. Chad asks if she means it's over.

Sami and EJ lay in bed together after making love. Sami assures him that she was just kidding before about him threatening people. Sami thinks it will work out with Lucas as he'll have to understand they will do what's best for Allie. EJ says Allie needs to be apart of their pack. Sami then brings up Will going to Berkley and she has to say goodbye to him so she gets out of bed. EJ remembers that he has to go to the hospital to say goodbye to Chad before he and Stefano go to Boston. Sami calls it weird how many people are leaving and then they kiss in bed.

Brady tells Eric that he made a judgment call and thought Nicole was dealing with the situation. Eric questions him and says Nicole doesn't respect that he's a priest. Brady doesn't get it. Eric asks if he's wondering why he's a bit upset with him. Brady doesn't understand and asks what would've changed if he knew her feelings. Eric says a lot would've changed. Brady asks Eric what would've been different. Eric says the question is whether or not he can trust him anymore.

Kristen tells Nicole that she has no idea what any of this has to do with her. Nicole thinks she knows exactly what she did when she broke up with Brady and she tried to tell him. Nicole says Brady didn't believe her and lashed out which Eric overheard. Nicole says things have gotten worse all because of her. Kristen tells Nicole that she will eventually have to admit the truth to herself.

Abigail tells Chad that she knew it when she heard them arguing over her that it's over. Chad wishes he didn't absolutely deserve to lose her. Abigail tells him that he's not a bad person but for right now, he's not the person for her. Chad notes that she said for now. She tells him not to push his luck. She tells him to go to Boston and get healthy while she works on herself too. Chad says he had to lie to get a person as great as her in his life and he knows what that says about him but also what it says about her too. Abigail kisses him on the cheek goodbye and wishes him luck in Boston as she then exits crying.

Ciara returns to Gabi and Hope. Ciara tells her that she traded Tommy her candy for his leather jacket because the jacket reminded her of Bo. She says she misses her dad more and more. Hope hugs her and says she knows.

Will and Sonny visit Chad with Arianna. Chad tells him he couldn't be better. Will says he's taking off this afternoon. Chad tells him to have a good time. Will asks if Abigail is going with Chad to Boston. Chad informs them that they are over. Sonny says he's sorry. Chad says it's his own fault and she was even kinda nice while dumping him. Will says it sucks to happen before he goes off for surgery. Sonny asks if they can do anything for him. Chad asks to hold Arianna so Will hands her to him. Chad tells them that they are really lucky.

Sami talks with Will outside the coffeehouse and jokes about his writing about her. Sonny joins them and says they need to get going. Sami is sorry she can't go with them to the airport. Will says he will have a hard enough time saying goodbye to Sonny and Arianna. Sonny says they will stay in touch. Sami says she'll be there if Sonny needs anything. Sonny jokes with Sami about being a grandma. Sonny takes Arianna so that Will and Sami can say goodbye. Will mentions that he didn't think he should do this but Sami encourages him about deserving this. Sami adds that EJ is sorry he couldn't say goodbye. Will understands he's taking Chad from the hospital. Will asks if things are okay with them. Sami says they are which is something she couldn't say a few days ago.

Gabi jokes with Cameron at the hospital about Halloween. Cameron mentions Arianna and asks to see pictures but he sees Abigail walk up and rushes off. Gabi comments that it was strange how Cameron left when he saw Abigail come in. Gabi asks if everything is okay or if something happened. Abigail tells Gabi that she just broke up with Chad and it's a long story. Gabi asks if it has something to do with Cameron. Abigail says yes and then no. Abigail tells Gabi that there is nothing going on between her and Cameron and there never will be.

Nicole and Kristen continue to argue. Kristen reminds her that she could've told Eric a long time ago. Nicole mocks her. Kristen says she knew how painful this would be for her and she knows how much lack of love can hurt her so she gave her that. Kristen figured she would handle it on her own but she didn't.

Brady assures Eric that he can trust him. Brady questions him being mad at him for keeping a friend's confidence and respecting Nicole's privacy. Eric goes over the importance of honesty and trust. Brady says he didn't lie to him but feels it wasn't his place to say anything but he wishes he did and apologizes for not saying anything. Brady wants to get past this but Eric doesn't think he can. Eric doesn't think he can even perform their marriage anymore. Eric asks if he understands that and storms out. Brady chases after him.

Sami tells Will that it finally feels like she and EJ know each other so well that it paid off. Will jokes that she didn't shoot him in the head this time. Sami is happy that their relationship is really working. Sami says it doesn't matter that they don't have a wedding date as she's not worried about it at all. Will is happy for her and they hug.

EJ goes to the hospital to pick up Chad. EJ asks if he's okay. Chad says karma is a bitch. EJ asks about things with Abigail. Chad says she doesn't hate him anymore but it's over. EJ says he's sorry as he knows how much she meant to him. Chad says it's okay as he had it coming. EJ's phone rings and says it's Stefano wanting to know when he'll be at the airport. EJ tells Chad that he will now receive all of Stefano's attention. Chad says they will bond and he's glad he won't be going alone. EJ tells him that he'll never be alone. Karen comes in with a wheelchair for Chad and informs them that a helicopter just landed on the roof for him and goes to tell them that he's coming. EJ tells Chad to stay in contact. EJ helps Chad up and into the wheelchair. Chad recalls the last time he talked to Johnny and Johnny told him he's a hero. EJ notes that Johnny will miss him. Chad says he will miss all the kids. EJ repeats that Chad is a hero that saved his life and he'll forever be grateful for that. Chad says maybe he can return the favor one day but he won't have to take a bullet to do it. EJ is proud to call him his brother. Chad says the same as he gets teary-eyed and they hug.

Abigail tells Gabi that she will fill her in later but isn't up for it right now. Gabi asks if she's okay. Abigail says she is but thinks she's going to take a time out from dating. Abigail doesn't think it matters to be involved with someone. Gabi says none of it matters. Abigail says some people don't know how to not be involved with someone and she thinks that desperation leads to bad decisions which Gabi agrees with.

Nick walks through the town square and sees Cameron seated alone. He thinks back to seeing Cameron and Gabi holding hands at the coffeehouse. Nick then thinks back to kissing Gabi. Cameron walks away. Nick says to himself that he knows Gabi still loves him and when he gets everything set up, they will be together forever.

Brady joins Kristen outside the town square. Kristen starts to tell him about Eric overhearing him and Nicole. Brady says he just got done listening to him for over an hour. Brady tells Kristen that he's never seen Eric more upset ever.

Nicole goes to the rectory and goes through her desk. She drops her purse. She gets her things together as Eric walks in. Nicole says she'll be gone soon. Eric stops her and says they are almost done for good but not quite yet.

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