Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/29/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/29/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas eats with Allie at the Pub. Allie mentions that she left her headphones at Sami's and wants to go back and get them but Lucas says that may be a problem. EJ then arrives.

Sami goes to the coffeehouse talking on the phone, trying to get information on Theresa. Brady joins her and Sami informs him of Theresa's overdose. Brady recalls Daniel mentioning an overdose but didn't realize it was Sami's cousin. Sami asks him to keep her informed if Daniel says anything. Brady doesn't think he will see Daniel any time soon. Sami mentions Daniel being Brady's best man tomorrow but Brady says he's not anymore which is why he wanted to meet with her.

Kristen gets off the phone with catering at the mansion and then switches the call to Stefano. Stefano tells her that she's wasting her time because he is not going to be at her wedding. Kristen asks what has happened now.

Cameron checks on Chad at the hospital as he's asleep. Cameron goes to exit but Chad wakes up and asks if he's not going to say hello. Cameron says he's just making his rounds. Chad asks how it went with he and Abigail.

Hope catches up with Abigail in the town square and mentions hearing that JJ is home. Abigail is glad he slept in his own bed. Abigail talks about how relieved Jennifer is. Hope says things are looking up with JJ home and Chad recovering. Abigail looks down. Hope asks if Chad took a turn for the worse. Abigail says no but their relationship did.

Nicole walks out of the town square and thinks back to Eric accusing her of raping him.

Eric finishes praying in the church and goes to exit as Father Matt arrives. He asks Eric what's the matter. Eric responds "everything."

EJ joins Lucas and Allie. Lucas sends Allie with Caroline. Lucas asks EJ if Sami sent him. EJ says she has no idea he's there but admits it's not a casual visit.

Sami questions Brady playing a practical joke but Brady is serious that he wants Sami to be his best man or atleast a witness. Brady says she's his stepsister and one of her best friends then admits that it was Kristen's idea. Brady adds that EJ has already agreed to stand up for Kristen. They joke about EJ being her maid of honor. Brady says it may be unconventional but so is marrying a DiMera. Brady thinks they should stick together because they're the only ones who know what they've signed on for.

Kristen questions what could keep Stefano from her wedding. Stefano says Chad needs a little more work and another surgery in Boston. Stefano says he's going to Boston with Chad soon. Kristen asks if she should postpone the wedding but Stefano says no. Kristen asks who will walk her down the aisle. Stefano says no one and she should just enjoy that she's won. Stefano says she is marrying Brady and no one knows what she did with Eric. Stefano says he'd love to see their reaction if they did. Kristen says she knows now that Eric is a great person and was out of her mind over losing Brady. Kristen says she would lose Brady forever if he ever found out about what she did to Eric. Stefano tells her to get married tomorrow.

Father Matt says Eric has been stressed for sometime and asks if he's guilty of something. Eric thinks back to the hotel night. Matt asks if it's a matter for Confession. Eric isn't sure. Matt suggests it could ease his mind. Eric says he can't ask for absolution until he's sure what he's asking God to forgive.

Nicole walks through the gate out of the town square and says she didn't do what he thinks she did and there's got to be a way to make him see that. Nicole pulls out her phone, smiles and declares that's it as she walks off.

Abigail tells Hope that she and Chad are now finished. Hope asks what happened. Abigail says it happened before but she didn't know. Hope asks what he did. Abigail says she was just a prize in a contest with Chad and someone else. Hope hugs her.

Cameron asks Chad how he thinks it went with Abigail. Chad guesses pretty well after how she feels about him. Cameron asks if he thinks she just switched her feelings and hooked up with him. Chad questions if she didn't. Cameron responds that he knows less about her than he thought.

Sami agrees to stand up for Brady but mentions that she can't stand Kristen. Brady says he hates EJ so it works out. Brady says they don't care what others think about what they do. Sami says she'll be honored. Brady thinks they are the only two to see good in the DiMera family. Sami says she sees change in EJ every day and hopes Stefano will change after what happened with Chad. Brady believes Kristen has changed as well. Sami doesn't buy that. Brady doesn't believe EJ has changed either and that he ever will.

EJ tells Lucas that he is there as Sami's attorney since she and Lucas have a custody agreement so the law forbids Lucas from keeping Sami from her daughter. Lucas says when it comes to his daughter, he will do anything to protect her so he can take his facts and shove them. Lucas tells EJ that he doesn't want his daughter living with EJ or Stefano. EJ brings up the law but Lucas doesn't care. Lucas says if Sami won't move out then Allie is staying with him. Lucas threatens to take her out of the country as he will do whatever he has to in order to keep her away from EJ's family. EJ reveals that he just recorded what Lucas said.

Sami assures Brady that EJ has changed and tells him to back off. Sami mentions she's sensitive after a bad week. Sami tells Brady about Lucas not wanting Allie to live with her anymore. Brady offers to talk to Lucas. Sami admits seeing Chad get shot has her worried about the kids safety too. Sami says her and EJ are good. Brady says that's good since they are standing up for his wedding tomorrow. Brady says all the details are finalized now. Brady tells Sami that she can't change her mind. Sami realizes that he's been talking about his wedding but hasn't mentioned John. Sami asks if his father is really not coming to his wedding.

Kristen tells Stefano that she just wants to be happy with Brady and that's it. She says she feels she wasted so much time trying to get even with John and Marlena. Stefano tells her to be happy as there is nothing standing in her way.

Father Matt asks Eric about what he thinks he's done. Eric says he's confused as he thinks his sin was arrogance and he believed he could save anyone. Father Matt encourages him to gain some perspective. Eric agrees but doesn't know how. Eric says something around him seems so oppressive. Father Matt has never seen him so lost and asks if it has to do with Kristen.

Nicole goes to Martha's apartment and says she knows she's been talking to Eric. Martha says Eric asked a lot of questions about a long time ago and she answered to the best she could. Nicole questions why Eric thinks what he thinks. Nicole tells Martha that Eric believes things because of what she said when it's not what happened. Nicole tells Martha that she better tell Eric that she lied.

Abigail talks to Hope about her life being run by others like Chad and JJ. Hope tells her that there's times when they just aren't in control. Hope promises that everything will eventually turn around. Abigail talks about finding out what Chad did and says she's so stupid for ever getting back with him. Hope tells her of a saying from Alice that you can't pick who you fall in love with. Abigail asks what to do when you fall in love with someone and then they are nowhere near who you thought they were.

Cameron tells Chad that Abigail found a way to be furious with him even though Chad's the one who faked a brain tumor. Cameron says he walked away which was like giving her to Chad. Chad says maybe she'll forgive them. Chad says they both did what they did because they are crazy about her. Cameron wonders how he's more stupid than he was before as he walks out of the room.

Lucas questions EJ recording their conversation. EJ brings up Lucas saying he didn't care about the law and threatening to take Allie out of the court. Lucas argues that he can't use it without his knowledge. EJ says family court is different than criminal court so the judge can admit whatever he considers relevant. EJ warns Lucas to be careful or he could lose Allie altogether. EJ questions if Lucas wants to put Allie through a legal tussle that he knows he will lose. EJ tells him to think about it. Lucas calls him a son of a bitch. EJ calls Lucas a good father and says he would've done the same thing except for talking about it on a recording. EJ tells Lucas that he and Sami agreed that Lucas should keep Allie for an extra night. EJ says they aren't the bad guys as he exits the Pub.

Brady tells Sami that it's okay to exclude family members that wish the bride was dead. Sami asks if he's prepared to spend his life with a woman who can't be in the same room with his father or stepmother. Brady compares it to her and EJ. Sami argues against it. Brady doesn't want to get into it. Brady says he and Kristen saw the worst of each other but they are still together and they are okay. Sami believes him but doesn't know how he did it.

Stefano tells Kristen that it's been quite a year and she's in the center of her family about to marry the love of her life. Kristen is glad to be looking forward to tomorrow. Stefano declares all's well that ends well.

Eric asks Father Matt why he would think this is about Kristen. Matt brings up the pre cana sessions and his family disapproving of Kristen. Matt asks Eric if he's sure that his duty as a priest is not in conflict with his feeling as a man. Eric assures him that it's not about Kristen. Father Matt says Eric never says what it is then. Matt tells Eric that he keeps going around in circles. He asks if it's not Kristen then what is it.

Martha asks Nicole what she wants. Nicole wants her to come back to Salem and tell Eric that she was wrong. Martha says she just told it as she saw it. Nicole questions her story. Martha doesn't want to be involved anymore. Nicole tells her about trying to fax Eric's notes and remembers talking to Martha on the phone. Martha swears she doesn't know anything and says it was a long time ago. Nicole accuses her of having selective memory. Martha doesn't want to do this anymore. Martha is scared that Nicole is about to lose it. Nicole responds that she is.

Maggie arrives at the Pub and greets Allie and Lucas. Lucas tells Allie that she's going to spend another night with him. She worries about missing game night at the mansion. Lucas promises they will have fun. Allie goes back to helping Caroline in the kitchen. Maggie hugs Lucas and tells him he can stop faking his smile now. Lucas feels Allie is disappointed to stay with him and she'd rather be with EJ and Stefano. Lucas brings up Marge's shooting and feels the DiMera Mansion is not safe. Maggie asks if he's upset because it's not safe or because Allie likes it there so much.

Kristen visits Chad in the hospital and asks how long he will be gone. Chad tells her that she can't postpone the wedding. Kristen wishes he and Stefano were there. Kristen brings up hearing about Abigail and can't believe she's mad at Chad. Chad says she has her reasons and feels what he did was pure DiMera. Kristen asks if there's any chance they work things out. Chad doesn't know. Kristen calls them their last great hope for the future. Chad hopes she and Brady are really happy. Brady arrives and mentions hearing that Chad won't make the wedding. Chad says he can make his toast now and tells Brady to take care of Kristen because she's one of a kind.

Eric tells Father Matt that he's still trying to understand this himself. Matt asks if it's something he did or something that happened to him. Eric is afraid it's a little of both. Father Matt hopes he finds the answers he's looking for. He apologizes for assuming Kristen was a part of it and hopes he didn't upset him. Eric tells him not to worry as he was only trying to help. Eric adds that he couldn't be any more upset than he already is. Father Matt then exits.

Martha tells Nicole to get out before she calls the cops. Nicole questions who paid her off to tell lies about her to Eric. Martha says she could tell whatever happened to Eric was bad so she just told him what she saw. Martha says Eric knows Nicole and believes what happened. Nicole says she's going to make her see the truth. Martha threatens to call the cops. Martha questions the way Nicole is acting and says now she knows she was right. She tells Nicole to get out so she exits.

Brady and Kristen walk through the hospital as Kristen says it was sweet of Brady to visit Chad. Brady brings up Stefano and Chad missing the wedding. Kristen says she offered to postpone it but Stefano wouldn't hear it. Kristen feels she should've talked to Brady about it first. Kristen hugs him and says she doesn't want him to be surprised by her ever again.

Eric goes to the Rectory and sits down at his desk. He looks at his notes for Brady and Kristen's wedding then makes a call.

Lucas tells Maggie that he's not threatened and he just wants her to be safe. Maggie says it sounds like Lucas thinks Sami isn't keeping her safe. Lucas says Sami is a good mother. Maggie asks if it truly wasn't safe then wouldn't Sami get the kids out. Lucas questions Sami's faith in EJ. Maggie asks if he thinks she's so deluded that she would put the children at risk. Lucas says he keeps asking himself that. Maggie calls it a tough question. Maggie gets a call and steps away to answer it. Lucas then looks at his phone.

Sami cleans up in the living room and finds one of Allie's dolls that makes her think of her. EJ returns with a smile. Sami asks if he got good news about Chad. EJ says the prognosis is good and he will head to the hospital later to say goodbye to Stefano. Sami says the good thing of this mess is that Stefano will be out of town for a couple of days. Sami gets a call from Lucas, who says he has to talk to her about Allie and EJ.

Cameron returns to Chad's room and says he spoke to his surgeon and got him up to speed on everything so his surgery will be scheduled as soon as possible. Cameron wishes him luck. Chad asks if that's all he has to say. Chad wants him to promise not to make a move on Abigail while he's gone. Cameron can't believe he's serious and says he's not doing this. Chad asks if he's going to make a move or not. Cameron tells him he lied about a brain tumor so he's not calling the shots anymore. Chad thinks there should be a cooling off period for all of them. Chad says if that's not what Cameron wants then he's no better than him. Cameron says they aren't in the same class after Chad's lie. Chad says he was with Abigail because she told him she loved him. Cameron says that's only because he backed off and if he didn't then there's no way they would've ended up in bed together, as Abigail then appears in the doorway.

Lucas tells Sami that he saw EJ and he told him to keep Allie another night. Lucas calls EJ a compulsive liar so he thought he should check with her first. Sami was afraid he was calling to say he was never bringing her back. Lucas says he just wants Allie safe and doesn't want to start anything. Sami knows he's worried but feels they can work this out. Lucas tells her to pray she's right as they hang up. Sami tells EJ about the conversation and wants to know what EJ did and if he threatened Lucas.

Nicole returns to outside the town square and sits down on the bench. She breaks down crying as Kristen walks by behind her and stops when she sees her.

Brady goes to see Eric and says he got his message. Eric shuts the door and says he wants to talk to him because he has to know the truth.

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