Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/28/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/28/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel tells Jennifer that it's lucky he knew where Theresa lived or she'd probably be dead. Jennifer doesn't understand what he was doing there in the first place. Daniel looks over at JJ watching from around the corner and states that he was just there.

Jordan brings Rafe to the Pub. Rafe thanks her for bending the rules for him. Jordan talks about being in the real world and asks why he wanted to come to the Pub. Caroline comes out and excitedly greets Rafe. Rafe says that's the reason as Jordan smiles.

Kate sits in the town square talking on the phone trying to find information on Jordan. She says no one can be that clean and orders them to dig deeper. Nick approaches. Kate thanks him for meeting her. Nick asks why she wanted to see him. Kate tells him to sit but Nick wants to know what it's about first. Kate says it's his future.

Cameron stands outside the town square as Gabi approaches and asks if he's okay.

Jennifer questions Daniel being at Theresa's. Anne arrives and asks about Theresa. Jennifer tells Anne to shut up and continues questioning Daniel about being at Theresa's apartment at night. Daniel tells her that it doesn't matter but Jennifer says it does to her. Hope recalls being at Theresa's and hearing her reference a Danny. Daniel reveals Theresa was leaving him a voicemail and plays it for them. Jennifer grabs his phone and turns it off. She questions Theresa asking him to come over and him doing so. Daniel says he was there. Anne questions Daniel about things and accuses him of having access to prescription drugs. Anne says she will arrange a drug test for him. Daniel tells her to go to hell and walks off.

Caroline tells Rafe that she wanted to visit him at the hospital but had so much going on and wasn't sure he'd want to see her. Rafe says none of it had anything to do with her. Caroline is relieved to see he has moved on like Sami has and says no one deserves more happiness than him as Caroline assumes Rafe is with Jordan. Jordan tries to explain and turns to Rafe.

Kate credits Nick for helping make a lot of money and thought he should share the wealth. She hands him an envelope which surprises him and he thanks her. Kate also has a proposition for him and he sits down. Kate wants him to come back to work for her full time but Nick responds that it's not possible. Nick says with different timing he would jump at the opportunity but he's been working hard on his plan to leave Salem.

Cameron tells Gabi that he's fine and just thinking about a patient. Gabi asks if he can talk about it. Cameron thinks back to Abigail arguing with him and slapping him. Cameron talks about doing something that meant well and it backfires. Cameron says he handled something incredibly poorly. Gabi says everyone screws up every once and a while. Cameron calls this a colossal screwup. Gabi thinks it can't be worse than her getting pregnant with her gay best friend. Gabi says Arianna came out of it so what was a mistake turned out to be a blessing. Cameron agrees. Gabi asks Cameron to come with her so he does.

Theresa lies in her hospital bed. Karen comes in and is surprised to see her. The other two nurses in the room tell her that she's lucky Daniel was there making a house call.

Maggie goes to the hospital and tells Jennifer that she's so sorry. Hope invites Jennifer to stay the night with her and Ciara. Jennifer says she will be fine and she will focus on JJ because that's what matters now. Jennifer begins crying that Daniel's excuse doesn't make sense as he wouldn't leave Parker. Maggie informs her that Parker is with Chloe. Jennifer questions Daniel going to Theresa's apartment.

Daniel goes to his office where he finds JJ inside.

Jordan explains to Caroline that she is Rafe's physical therapist. Rafe introduces them. Jordan tells Caroline that this is the one place Rafe wanted to go. Rafe says Jordan is really good at what she does so next time he will be walking in. Caroline asks Jordan about a husband but she mentions that she isn't married. Caroline goes to get them drinks and says next time they'll have champagne. Rafe asks if Caroline thinking they were together really threw her. Jordan says it didn't but Rafe asks if someone assuming they're together really terrified her that much.

Kate says she isn't surprised that Nick would want to leave Salem. Kate wishes him luck and says he's very talented. Nick thanks her. Kate talks about how great Will and Sonny and Gabi are doing. Nick says he's glad for them all. Kate talks about Will's opportunity with Berkley and asks Nick when he's leaving. Nick says it depends on different options and opportunities. Nick says it comes down to where will be the perfect place to start a new life. Kate says he can start anywhere. Nick says anywhere but here. Nick tells Kate that he will be in touch with something she and the company may be interested in. Kate wishes him luck. Kate tells Nick that he's one of the brightest people she's ever met and she thinks pursuing a dream outside of Salem is the best thing for him and everyone else. Kate wishes him luck again and walks away. Nick says to himself that he's not sure she will feel that way if this pans out how he wants.

Gabi and Cameron sit together at the coffeehouse as Gabi talks to him about school. Cameron talks about being a doctor in position to help people. Cameron says he feels better and credits Gabi as they hold hands and then Nick walks in and sees.

Karen remains at Theresa's side. Anne enters the room and says it's so sad. Karen agrees and exits the room. Anne sits at Theresa's bed side and talks to her about hearing she will be okay. Anne mentions not knowing what she did but she'll be glad that her plan to torment Jennifer worked. Anne wishes she could've seen Jennifer's face when she puts things together. Anne says it was like Daniel stabbed Jennifer in the back and calls it priceless. Anne tells her to rest up while she takes every chance she gets to twist the knife on Jennifer.

Daniel tells JJ that he shouldn't be there. JJ says he had to make sure Theresa was okay. Daniel says she is so he should go so no one sees him. Daniel says JJ not being seen is priority. JJ worries about Theresa waking up and saying something. Daniel tells him that no one else can know JJ was at Theresa's or the judge could find out and send him straight to prison. Daniel asks if JJ has any drugs on him. JJ looks down so Daniel tells him to lose them now. Daniel says they will talk somehow more in the morning. Daniel repeats that no one else can know. JJ goes to leave but Jennifer knocks on the door and says they need to talk and she's not leaving until she gets some answers.

Cameron gets paged from the hospital. Gabi tells him it was good to spend time with him. Cameron agrees and exits. Nick joins Gabi. Gabi says she was just about to go. Nick asks about Arianna. Gabi says she's great. Nick asks for pictures of her. Gabi shows him a picture. Nick praises the picture and jokes with her.

Jordan tells Rafe that she wasn't terrified that Caroline thought they were together. Jordan says she's his just physical therapist. Rafe hoped they were becoming friends too. Caroline returns with their drinks. Rafe decides to try and get out of his wheelchair into the chair at the table and does it successfully. Caroline is impressed by Rafe being able to use his legs a little. Jordan talks about the nerve damage but says he's getting there as long as he doesn't overdo it. Rafe tells Caroline that Jordan's not as serious as she'd like everyone to believe.

Daniel has JJ hide in the closet as he answers the door. Daniel tells Jennifer that he was on his way out to check on Theresa. Jennifer wants to talk but Daniel says there's nothing left to say as it's clear to everyone what's going on and they can leave it at that. Daniel then walks out. Jennifer follows him and tells him not to walk away from her after everything they've been through. Jennifer thinks he owes her an explanation.

Nick and Gabi look through pictures of Arianna. Nick calls her a good mother and says he always knew she would be. Gabi is glad she has Will and Sonny to help. Nick mentions seeing Kate and she bragged about Will getting into a program. Gabi calls it an amazing opportunity. Gabi mentions that Will wasn't even looking for it but someone sent in his work and he got chosen. Nick thinks sometimes it takes someone else seeing the potential to get opportunities. Nick hopes Gabi gets that same opportunity.

Kate enters the Pub and greets Rafe and Jordan. Kate jokes about almost not recognizing Jordan outside of the physical therapy room. Jordan gets a call from the hospital and steps away. Kate goes to get a beer from the counter and greets Caroline. Caroline is surprised to see Kate and Rafe together. Kate reminds her that they are good close friends. Caroline says it wasn't her memory that put that out of her mind.

Outside the Pub, Jordan talks on the phone about someone asking questions.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he knows she's been worried out of her mind about JJ and he does this. Jennifer questions Daniel thinking she doesn't deserve his time and attention. Jennifer gets that they are done and over and it was her choice. Jennifer says she no longer regrets it and declares they are so done so he can see whoever he pleases. Jennifer questions it being Theresa, who hates her. Maggie tells her not to do this here. Jennifer continues questioning Daniel choosing Theresa. Jennifer says she never believed the rumors and thought it was impossible. Anne watches from a distance. Jennifer questions Daniel going with the woman that she despises, knowing how she feels. Jennifer accuses Daniel of trying to intentionally hurt her. Jennifer asks if he hates her that much. Jennifer then storms off. Daniel walks off in the opposite direction.

JJ walks through the town square and passes by the shop window he smashed. Bev rushes up and hugs him asking where he's been. She says everybody's looking for him and asks if he's okay. JJ says he's not and that there's something he has to do as he walks off.

Jordan is unsure of the questions and hangs up.

Kate sits with Rafe at the Pub. Rafe talks about getting out of his wheelchair one day and Jordan then rejoins them.

Nick and Gabi talk about her modeling. Nick thinks she can still get opportunities. Gabi has to go. Nick was glad to talk about Arianna. Gabi likes that he still cares after all they've been through. Gabi then exits.

Daniel gets drug tested at the hospital.

Jennifer goes home and starts to go inside. JJ approaches and tells her that he's so sorry and he's home.

Gabi goes home and puts Arianna to sleep. Gabi talks about how Nick thinks her dreams can come true like Will's but she says she already had her miracle in Arianna and she couldn't wish for more.

Nick sends another e-mail trying to get Gabi a modeling gig. Nick says to himself that he felt the connection and he, Gabi, and Arianna will build a new life together while nothing and no one gets in the way of it.

Rafe decides to get another half beer and goes to get it himself. Kate tells Jordan that it's nice that things are working out between them and it's nice. Jordan agrees.

Daniel visits Theresa. The nurse says she was lucky and should be waking up soon. Daniel wants to be contacted the minute she wakes up.

JJ and Jennifer go inside. JJ looks at a photo of Jennifer and Jack. JJ says he thought about everything tonight and realized he was so wrong about a lot of things. JJ says he's been hurting Jennifer, Abigail, and himself. JJ admits he's been really messed up since Jack died and he's been using it as a stupid excuse to get away with stuff and take chances but he's not that stupid even though he acted that way for a long time. JJ tells Jennifer that he is done dealing and he is done acting out because he doesn't want to hurt anybody anymore.

Maggie and Hope approach Daniel at the hospital. Maggie doesn't understand. Daniel tells her it's not her problem or her business. Hope questions what he's doing and why he isn't explaining himself. Daniel tells Hope to stay out of it too. Hope doesn't think it makes sense and wonders why he's not explaining. Daniel says he went to Theresa's, found she overdosed and got her help. Hope thinks he just wants this to go away but Anne won't let it. Daniel declares he's done talking about it and walks away.

JJ tells Jennifer that he loves her. She smiles as he takes her hand. Jennifer tells him that it's going to be okay now because he's home and they're together. Jennifer says it's them and Abigail and they have each other which is all that matters. Jennifer says she loves him as they hug.

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