Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ starts to worry as he can't wake Theresa up. JJ realizes she's not breathing and continues trying to wake her up.

Will sits at the coffeehouse with Arianna talking about the essay he wrote and being away from Sonny. Sonny joins him.

EJ asks if something happened. Sami informs him that Lucas came to pick up Allie for his visitation and made it clear he will not bring her back to the mansion ever. EJ says he has to. Sami says he's worried for Allie's safety and threatened to get a lawyer involved. EJ thinks he's just throwing a tantrum. EJ says Lucas can't break a custody agreement. Sami says Lucas is worried that something terrible could happen and she doesn't blame him.

Chad says the thing he needs to tell her about with the lousy choices he made. Chad informs her that he did a terrible thing and wants her to hear the truth from him. Chad admits that he told Cameron a big huge lie and reveals he let him think he was dying of a brain tumor when there was nothing wrong with him.

Daniel sleeps in bed and dreams of Jennifer joining him then wakes up disappointed.

Jennifer goes home and finds Hope inside. She saw the lights on and hoped JJ was home. Jennifer asks if there's news.

JJ continues trying to wake Theresa up but can't. JJ checks her again and sees she is breathing now. JJ worries about what to do and grabs Theresa's phone. He says help me please as he calls Daniel.

Sonny assures Will that he and Gabi will handle everything while Will is gone. Will isn't sure about missing Arianna's first Halloween but Sonny insists. Sonny surprises Will with a new shirt and they kiss. Sonny says he's so proud of him and adds that his essay was amazing. Will is surprised that Sonny read it.

EJ tells Sami that the mansion is protected 24/7 and is the safest place in Salem. Sami thinks everything is different with Stefano living there. Sami knows he made the huge sacrifice to keep her out of prison but feels they have huge targets on their back because of Stefano. EJ brings up how Stefano was in the chapel and that he apologized to her. Sami thinks he probably wants something. EJ believes Stefano wants to change but Sami doesn't believe him.

Hope tells Jennifer that she didn't mean to get her hopes up and just decided to stop by but says she should've called. Jennifer is glad she's there and says she doesn't know what she'll do if JJ doesn't come home. Hope says they will take it one step at a time. Jennifer says she has a terrible feeling that JJ is in some type of trouble.

Daniel sees it's Theresa calling and answers the phone. JJ answers and tells him to get to Theresa's fast as she needs his help.

Will isn't upset that Sonny read his essay and says he's just not used to putting himself out there like that as they hold hands.

Sami and EJ continue talking about Stefano. EJ talks about how they used to hate each other. Sami knows they've both changed but says she's a mother first and she can't lose Allie. EJ says she won't as he is just as protective of their children as her. EJ says they are miserable when they are apart.

Abigail questions Chad letting Cameron believe he was dying. Chad explains how it happened. Abigail says Cameron would never have celebrated. Chad says he knows that now but it drove him crazy as he thought he'd lose her forever.

Hope asks Jennifer about getting in touch with JJ's friends. Jennifer mentions having Rory's number so Hope says there is something they can do.

JJ waits by Theresa's side as Daniel arrives asking what is wrong. Daniel checks her and orders JJ to call 911. JJ says they were doing pot and GHB and he thinks it might've killed her.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't want to leave. He asks if she does want to call off the wedding. EJ questions letting Lucas or Roman dictate her life. EJ says Sami doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. EJ and Sami argue and almost end up kissing until Will and Sonny arrive with Arianna. Sami is excited to see Arianna. Will hopes it wasn't a bad time and EJ says it's not. Sonny reveals Will has an amazing news to tell them in person.

Abigail questions Chad not saying a word to her when he thought he was dying. Chad didn't want to say anything until he knew. Abigail questions Chad letting Cameron believe. Chad says he was going to tell Cameron the truth and found them making out. Chad explains that Cameron knew what he was going through and still went after Abigail. Chad says the lie just slipped out and he couldn't take it back. Abigail points out that Cameron broke up with her because he was caring and concerned. Chad says they both know Cameron is not right for her or else he wouldn't have walked away so easy. Chad says they are together like they are meant to be so it doesn't matter but Abigail shouts back that it matters a hell of a lot.

Jennifer and Hope meet with Rory and Bev in the town square. Hope asks when they last saw JJ. Rory says he's been avoiding them since trashing the store and going to jail. Bev adds that the stuff with his dad flipped him out. Hope says they obviously care about him and can help him. Jennifer says they need to find him as he's not answering her calls. Bev notes that he's ignoring them too. Hope and Jennifer insist that they try.

Daniel checks on Theresa and finds her pulse but it is weak. Daniel says they need to get the stuff out of her system and needs a medic. Daniel grabs the phone back from JJ and calls 911. Daniel has JJ tell him how much she had. JJ worries not wanting Theresa to die. JJ's phone rings with a call from Bev but Daniel tells him not to answer the phone.

Chad gets that Abigail is upset. Abigail tells him that she was going to tell him in the park that day that she chose Cameron. Chad questions this being the only reason she ended up with him. Abigail says she cared about him a lot and waited a long time for someone like him in her life. She says he was her first and she thought it was so special. Chad says he never meant to hurt her. Abigail says he just wanted to win. Abigail has heard enough and wishes him luck as she starts to leave. Chad stops her and says he was honest because he wanted her to know the truth. Abigail cries about what he did and storms out.

Will says it's no big deal but Sonny tells him not to be modest. Will reveals he wrote an essay for a contest and was chosen for a week long seminar. Sami hugs him and calls it amazing. Sonny adds that only 20 people were invited. Will says it was about his life. Sami asks if they can read it. Will says sometime. Sami asks what he said about her. Will says nothing and they laugh about it. EJ gets a call from Chad, who says he really needs to see him. EJ asks if everything's okay. Chad says he told Abigail the truth. EJ says he will be right there. EJ tells Sami that Chad needs to see him and they can continue their conversation when he gets back. Sonny takes Arianna upstairs to see Johnny and Sydney. Sami asks Will when he leaves for California. Will reveals he's leaving tomorrow which surprises Sami.

Bev gets no answer on her call to JJ.

JJ wonders why he shouldn't answer. Daniel tells him that no one can know where he is. Daniel suggests JJ get out before the cops come. Daniel says he did the right thing by calling him first but no one can know he was there or else the judge will send him straight to prison. Daniel tells JJ to grab all of his things and go and not let anyone see him leave. JJ grabs his stuff and rushes out as Daniel continues checking on Theresa.

Rory says they told them that JJ is ignoring them too. Jennifer says they can go. Jennifer tells them that she loves JJ and wants what's best for him. Jennifer talks about JJ having a hard time lately but says he's not a troublemaker. Jennifer asks them to call if they hear from him to prevent him from making a mistake that could cost him his life. They agree and walk off. Jennifer apologizes to Hope. Hope hugs her and tells her it's okay to let it out. Jennifer does not want to shed one more tear over JJ.

Daniel carries Theresa into the shower and turns it on to get water on her. Daniel says he's there and not leaving her as he won't let her do this to herself.

Jennifer complains about JJ and tells Hope that she realizes she can't control him. Jennifer says whatever happens next is up to JJ but she has to be strong. Jennifer says she needs to go get a file from the hospital as she won't sleep so she has to keep busy. They walk off together.

Will asks Sami if there's a problem with him leaving tomorrow. Sami says of course not and that it's awesome. Will asks if she and EJ were fighting when they came in. Sami says they just had an intense conversation and there's stress after what happened with Chad. Sami tells him everything's great. Sami adds that she's just trying to make sure she doesn't make another horrible mistake.

JJ rushes home and sits on the couch saying this can't be happening as he continues to worry. JJ says he can't call the hospital but he can't stay there and do nothing. JJ grabs his bag and rushes back out.

Hope and Jennifer go to the hospital. Jennifer heads to her office while Hope walks by Karen and another nurse discussing rumors of Daniel and Theresa sleeping together. Hope stops and warns them about their conversation being inappropriate. Jennifer interrupts and tells Hope it's okay as it's not their fault.

The doctors arrive with a stretcher as Daniel places Theresa onto it. Daniel tells them all of what they have on her. Theresa is stretchered out while Daniel says he will meet them out there. Daniel bags the cup of GHB and grabs his bag then exits.

Jennifer says the nurses were just gossiping over Theresa's lies and that Theresa is just using them. The nurses go back to work as Daniel brings Theresa in after her overdose. Daniel sends a nurse to send the cup to the lab. Daniel looks over at Hope and Jennifer.

Will tells Sami that he thinks she and EJ can make it work if she loves him so marrying him is not a horrible mistake to him. Will says bad things happen and there are things they can't control but choosing not to spend your life with someone who makes you happy would be the mistake. Sami hugs him.

EJ visits Chad. Chad says the truth came out and now she's furious. EJ says she won't stay furious forever but Chad disagrees. EJ says she won't just walk away. Chad says she told him that she was going to choose Cameron at first. Chad says Cameron was the better person and he's sure Abigail is back with him as they speak.

Abigail meets with Cameron outside of the town square. She tells him that Chad told her the truth. Cameron is glad he was finally honest with her. Cameron says he couldn't say anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Abigail slaps him and calls him a liar.

Daniel tells Hope about Theresa overdosing at her apartment. Jennifer steps in and questions how Daniel knew she needed help and how he even knew where she lived. JJ rushes to the hospital and stops when he sees them from a distance.

Will and Sonny walk through the town square talking about being in love. Sonny notes that they've never been apart this long. Will says he'll miss him already and they kiss. Sonny gets a text that Gabi is hung up and can't get home. Will notes that Arianna is asleep so they wonder what to do as they walk off together.

Cameron questions Abigail about the slap. Abigail says Chad told her the whole truth and doesn't get how Cameron could reject her without any consideration for how she felt. Cameron says he thought it was a good idea for Chad to have someone to confide in. Abigail questions if she was supposed to be Chad's medicine. Cameron says she couldn't decide between them. Abigail declares that she doesn't want to be near either one of them ever and she storms off.

EJ returns home to Sami. Sami asks if everything is okay with Chad. EJ says it will be and apologizes for leaving in the middle of their fight. Sami says it was probably for the best as they would've ended up in bed and that wouldn't have solved anything. EJ asks if that means something has been solved. Sami says she had a good talk with Will and knows that she could never walk away from EJ. Sami says they've been through a lot and she doesn't care what anyone else thinks as she's not walking away from the man she loves and then they kiss.

Daniel tells Jennifer that it's lucky he knew where Theresa lived or she'd probably be dead. Jennifer doesn't understand what he was doing there in the first place. Daniel looks over at JJ watching from around the corner and states that he was just there.

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