Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/24/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano goes into the living room to speak with Sami.

EJ visits Chad at the hospital and asks what's wrong. Chad informs him that Cameron knows he was faking the brain tumor. EJ says he knows because he told him.

Abigail goes to the hospital and tells Cameron that she needs him to tell her what he's been hiding from her about Chad.

Lucas goes to Jennifer's and apologizes for going out of town and asks about JJ. Lucas offers to talk to JJ but Jennifer doesn't know where he is.

Theresa tells JJ about taking the drug to go on the ride of their life. JJ thought they were going to hookup. Theresa says the are and the sex will be off the charts.

Lucas questions Jennifer about almost having Hope arrest JJ. Jennifer tells him they were giving JJ one more night to come home. Lucas apologizes for being worked by JJ about Daniel before. Jennifer says she is the main person at fault besides JJ.

Theresa prepares to mix the drug and tells JJ that he won't believe what it does.

Sami asks Stefano if it's about what she said at the hospital because she's not going to apologize. Stefano tells her that almost every word she said was true.

Maxine goes into Kayla's office at the hospital. Kayla says she was reading Chad's reports and it's not good. Kayla says it's a good thing Daniel called in a specialist. Kayla gets a call back from the specialist. She says they need to take care of Chad's condition immediately.

Chad asks EJ how he could do that. EJ explains why he had to tell Cameron while he was in surgery. EJ apologizes. Chad says it's okay. EJ asks if Cameron told Abigail. Chad says not yet.

Abigail tells Cameron that Chad didn't mention anything about what they discussed but she feels like he's hiding something. Cameron asks what's bothering her. Abigail asks if it's okay for him to talk about her and Chad. Cameron says whatever she needs so Abigail agrees to tell him what she thinks is going on with Chad so that Cameron will be honest with her.

Lucas tells Jennifer that they've been there and JJ will come around. Jennifer hopes he's right and prays that JJ comes home but she doesn't think he will. Lucas asks if she's just going to sit around and wait for him. Jennifer says she's going to work and complains about Anne. Jennifer says she doesn't really believe in miracles anymore.

Theresa mixes the GHB drug in their drinks. JJ claims to have done it before. Theresa talks up the effects of it.

Sami asks Stefano if he understands that he's the reason that Chad was shot. Stefano tells her that he gave his word to God, swearing that if he spared Chad's life then he would change. Sami wishes him luck with that. Stefano apologizes to Sami and asks her to accept his apology for everything he put her through.

Chad tells EJ that he thinks Cameron will be quiet for now. EJ tells him that he can't count on that. EJ thinks Chad has to tell Abigail before Cameron does to beat him to the punch. EJ encourages Chad to win this. EJ feels Abigail is going to find out since Cameron knows. Chad doesn't think he can spin that he lied. EJ tells him to just get ahead of Cameron. A nurse comes in and tells EJ that Kayla wants to see him so he exits.

Abigail tells Cameron that she's afraid that Chad isn't in to her now. Abigail talks about people changing from trauma. Cameron assures her that Chad still wants to be with her. Abigail wonders why he's being distant. Cameron suggests she ask Chad. Cameron gets paged as EJ walks by and sees them together. Cameron then walks away.

EJ goes to Kayla's office. Kayla brings up Chad's tumor and says there's a complication from his injury. Kayla asks for the specialist but Cameron enters and reveals there is no specialist or brain tumor.

Abigail goes to visit Chad.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and finds Maxine looking at the busted photo of her and Daniel. Jennifer recognizes that it's Daniel's and wonders why it's there and broken. Maxine suggests they go somewhere else and talk.

Theresa continues talking up the effects of GHB. They toast their drinks as she asks if he's ready.

Sami questions if Stefano just apologized to her. Stefano says he did. Sami asks if this means he's admitting that he put her behind bars and was willing to leave her in prison. Stefano says he's truly sorry. Sami asks what he expects from it. Stefano understands if she doesn't believe him but he wants a chance to make it up to her. Sami realizes he's serious. Stefano says he will never bury another of his children. Lucas enters to pick up Allie. Stefano tells Lucas that his daughter is lovely. Stefano tells him to feel free to visit any time. Lucas asks Sami what that was about as Stefano exits.

Abigail asks Chad how he's feeling. Chad says he's better. Abigail is glad. Chad tells her that there is something. Abigail says she knew it as she could tell. She says Chad has been through a lot so he's questioning everything in his life. Chad says he's talking about some stupid choices that he made. Abigail feels it's harsh and asks if he doesn't feel the same way about her.

Kayla doesn't understand but Cameron informs her that Chad never had a brain tumor and lied about it. Kayla questions how anyone could lie about that. EJ says he had his reasons. Kayla questions EJ about knowing about it. EJ suggests they just focus on Chad. Kayla informs EJ that there are serious complications with Chad's injury.

Maxine and Jennifer sit at the Pub. Maxine explains to her about the photo being found in the trash. Jennifer says it used to be in Daniel's apartment. She figures Daniel threw it in the trash. Maxine asks if she's just going to let Daniel give up on her. Jennifer says she can't give him what he wants so if Daniel says it's over then she has to accept it. She comments that it looks like for Daniel it really is over. Jennifer asks if Maxine is going to tell her she's wrong but Maxine thinks maybe she's right.

Theresa finishes her drink with GHB in it as JJ watches.

Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't know as it's supposed to be the new and improved Stefano who is after a family that loves him. Lucas asks if she's buying it. Sami admits he's seemed different since Chad was shot. Sami talks about all the times Stefano has lied in the past but he seems sincere this time. Lucas questions her believing that. They talk about Allie getting ready. Lucas wants to talk about the shooting and asks how Allie isn't at risk living in the mansion. Sami thinks it's safe there for them. Sami thinks the Marge incident was a freak happening. Lucas blames Stefano. Lucas brings up the DiMeras having enemies and worries about if it was one of the kids.

Kayla tells EJ about Daniel being able to stop the bleeding but there's been damage to an artery. EJ wants it repaired. Kayla says a cardiologist recommended surgery. EJ wants to fly in the best possible specialist. Kayla says they have to get Chad to him. EJ says he will take care of it. Kayla says she can schedule him quickly. EJ agrees to talk to Stefano and have it set up tomorrow morning. EJ then exits. Kayla apologizes to Cameron and says he was right to question Chad's treatment. Kayla asks if Abigail knows. Cameron says she doesn't and it's not his place to tell her.

Chad tells Abigail that he loves her and that won't change. He wonders why she thought that. Abigail admits she felt he was hiding something from her. Kayla enters the room and says she needs to speak with Chad in private. Chad tells her that she can say whatever in front of Abigail.

Jennifer talks to Maxine about her being the biggest backer of her and Daniel. Maxine says they've always been right for each other. Jennifer admits they were really happy and lucky. Jennifer asks if she thinks she threw it all away because of JJ. Maxine says she said it.

Theresa notes that JJ barely touched his drink. JJ feels he doesn't need much. Theresa encourages him to take it all. Theresa then asks if JJ has never done cocaine either. JJ says he just likes to relax and smoke. Theresa realizes this is all new for him. Theresa wants it to be a night he remembers for the rest of his life. Theresa notes that he barely took any of the drugs. She wants him to get rid of all of his problems by offering him the rest of the GHB.

Kayla tells Chad about the surgery to repair his artery and EJ is arranging to get him to Boston. Abigail asks when Chad should leave and Kayla responds tomorrow.

EJ talks with Stefano at the hospital about sending Chad to Boston for the surgery. EJ thinks someone should accompany Chad. Stefano offers to go. EJ notes that it could be a very long recovery. Stefano tells EJ to stay with his family who need him while he takes care of this.

Lucas tells Sami that he'll have Allie so she can think about what she wants to do. Sami complains that Allie loves Johnny and Sydney. Lucas doesn't want her in the mansion. Lucas says he's sick of Sami and EJ's life. Sami complains that he can't do this or else he will be violating the court order. Lucas agrees to bring Allie back to her but not to the mansion.

Jennifer talks to Maxine about giving up Daniel because JJ said it's what he needed at the time. Jennifer admits Daniel was right that it didn't help so it's just another mistake that she can't undo.

JJ thinks Theresa is just stalling while he's ready to go. Theresa then starts drinking the GHB instead. JJ assures her that he's in the mood. He asks if she's sure she's okay and then they kiss.

EJ tells Stefano that he needs to be ready to go by tomorrow morning. Stefano agrees to pack his bag. EJ thinks he needs to rest. Stefano tells him that things are going to change and he'll see.

Abigail says it's good that they will take Chad for the surgery. Chad is sorry he has to leave and asks how long he will be gone. Kayla says it will be at least a few weeks. Chad adds that he has a few technical questions about the surgery and asks Abigail to go get him some water. Chad asks Kayla why she won't look him in the eye. Kayla says it's pretty hard to watch Abigail infer that he always tells her the truth. Chad realizes she knows. Kayla says it's dangerous for his doctors not to know and reminds him he'd be dead if EJ didn't tell Cameron.

Allie comes in and hugs Lucas as Sami tells him not to say anything to her. Sami tells Allie to text her all the time and hugs her goodbye. Sami says she loves her and wants her to have fun. Lucas exits with Allie.

Jennifer tells Maxine that all Daniel ever did was try to help JJ. Maxine calls him a good man. Jennifer wonders about losing a man like that. Jennifer questions Maxine not telling her to fight. Maxine informs her that there's a rumor around the hospital that Daniel is seeing Theresa. Jennifer laughs it and calls it impossible. Jennifer believes Theresa is just stirring it up and she doesn't have time for those games. Jennifer says Theresa is the least of her troubles right now.

JJ and Theresa continue kissing on the couch until she passes out.

EJ goes home and tells Sami that Stefano will be staying with Chad during his surgery so they have a bit of breathing room. EJ notices she's angry. Sami says Stefano being gone doesn't help her breathe. EJ asks if something happened. Sami informs him that Lucas came to pick up Allie for his visitation and made it clear he will not bring her back to the mansion ever.

Chad tells Kayla that the whole story got out of hand. Kayla tells him to save it as there's no excuse. She knows exactly what he wanted and that was Cameron out of the way. Kayla asks if it was worth it. Abigail returns and asks if what was worth it. Kayla exits. Abigail asks what that was about. Chad says the thing he needs to tell her about with the lousy choices he made. Chad informs her that he did a terrible thing and wants her to hear the truth from him.

Maxine tells Jennifer that she will see her in the morning and exits the Pub. Jennifer remains seated with the smashed photo of her and Daniel. Jennifer says goodbye Daniel and puts the photo in the trash can.

JJ starts to worry as he can't wake Theresa up. JJ realizes she's not breathing and continues trying to wake her up.

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