Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/23/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano goes to Daniel's office and says he came to thank him in person for saving Chad's life as it's something he will never forget. Daniel appreciates it and thanks him. Daniel asks if there's something else. Stefano says he's paying his debts. Daniel says he doesn't owe him. Stefano wants to help because he understands Daniel has a problem that he could fix.

Theresa and JJ kiss at her place. They drink together. Theresa asks if he brought any drugs. JJ reminds her that he could go to prison if caught. Theresa insists on having fun. JJ says it's always about him doing something for her. Theresa then continues kissing him.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she will never speak to her again if she calls the cops and sends JJ to prison. She asks if that's what she wants. Jennifer says she has to help JJ before it's too late and calls Hope. Jennifer says she needs to talk to her as a detective about JJ.

Brady says Nicole told him that Kristen had an affair with someone while they were broken up and lied about it. Kristen calls it disgusting and not true. Kristen wants him to assure her that he believes her.

Eric says what Nicole did was vile, horrible, and beyond belief. Nicole asks what he thinks she did. Eric says it's not what he thinks but what he knows. Eric declares that she raped him, leaving her confused. Nicole questions it. Eric repeats himself. Eric accuses her of drugging him and calls it rape.

Jennifer begs Abigail to understand. Abigail complains about sending JJ to prison. Jennifer claims that JJ is her priority and she's trying to stop him from destroying his life. Abigail worries about him being in prison and storms out.

Theresa and JJ continue kissing. JJ stops but she encourages him to relax and drink. JJ suggests they smoke something instead. Theresa says that's the JJ she knows and loves.

Brady tells Kristen he knew this would upset her. Kristen wants to know if any part of him doubts her. Brady assures her that there is no doubt and he doesn't believe Nicole. They talk about Brady being with Nicole and how Kristen would've been upfront if there was anyone. Kristen calls Nicole evil.

Nicole asks Eric to sit down and talk about this. Nicole says what he's saying doesn't make any sense to her. Nicole says he knows how she feels about him and she could never hurt him. Eric says he fought believing it but finally accepted the truth about what she did.

Hope goes to Jennifer's. Jennifer feels she doesn't have a choice so she needs Hope to find JJ and arrest him. Jennifer says she can't let this get any worse so she needs to find him tonight. Jennifer guesses he's with Theresa.

Theresa asks JJ about smashing the window in the town square. JJ says his dad turned out not to be a stand up guy. Theresa compares to his parents. JJ suggests they not talk about family stuff and then the go back to kissing until JJ hears a noise and worries about being spied on. JJ opens the window trying to get the pot smell out as he worries about noises while Theresa laughs.

Daniel appreciates Stefano's gratitude and understands his love for Chad. Daniel tells Stefano that he doesn't owe him or need his help. Stefano wants to help and says it involves a certain woman giving him trouble and he can get rid of her.

Theresa assures JJ that no one is out there but JJ insists he heard something. Theresa checks the door and no one is there. JJ worries about a cop walking by and smelling the weed. Theresa wants him to calm down. JJ says he will be right back and goes into the other room.

Brady tells Kristen that it's sad but he had to tell Nicole that he didn't want her in his life anymore. Kristen wants him to be happy and kisses him. Kristen calls Nicole a disgusting low life loser. Kristen complains about her and shouts that she hates her guts. Brady comments that Nicole doesn't usually get to her this badly. Brady asks what's really going on.

Nicole asks Eric if this is what he thinks he remembers from the hotel. Eric says it's what he knows and demands an answer. Nicole brings up what she said to Brady and says she has loved Eric all along. Eric accuses her of following him to the hotel, drugging him and having sex with him. Nicole says she came to the hotel because he forgot his notes and recalls finding him in the hotel. Eric continues to accuse her of drugging him. Nicole questions if he honestly believes that.

Brady doesn't think it's just about Nicole. Kristen admits it isn't. Kristen tells Brady about getting her last test for fertility and she can't have a baby. Brady says he's sorry as he know she wanted a yes but assures her that they will do anything she wants when it comes to kids. Brady says he loves her and nothing is ever going to change that as they hug.

Eric continues to insist on what happened. Nicole asks how he could believe she could do that. Eric says he investigated the evidence and goes over how he questioned about the woman that was at the hotel. Nicole denies being that woman. Eric goes over what happened that night and continues accusing her. Eric informs Nicole that the name the woman used was Fay Taylor.

Hope tells Jennifer that everything she said is off the record and she wants to try something with JJ. Hope says she might have some leverage with Theresa and will try everything to get JJ home. Hope says if it doesn't work then Jennifer can decide on the next step.

Abigail goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and sees Maggie. Maggie asks what's wrong. Abigail says it's just her and her family. Abigail tells Maggie that she has to talk to Jennifer to make her understand that she's doing the worst possible thing.

Theresa wonders what JJ is doing. Theresa then makes a call to Daniel and leaves a voicemail inviting him over for another chance. JJ sneaks back into the room and overhears Theresa. JJ goes back in the room when there's a knock at the door. Theresa answers to see Hope.

Maggie explains to Abigail that Jennifer is trying to teach JJ that he's vulnerable. Abigail feels JJ is just confused. Maggie worries that JJ will destroy himself if he doesn't change and Jennifer is just pressuring him to decide. Abigail feels she can't let this happen to JJ. Maggie says she may not have a choice. Abigail disagrees and walks out.

Hope wants to come in and talk to Theresa. Theresa steps out and gives her two minutes. Hope says it's about JJ and asks if she's seen him. Theresa says she hasn't and wouldn't hang out with him. Hope wants inside. Theresa says she has a date waiting for her inside. Hope tells her that JJ is a good kid and she's trying to help him. Theresa says she'll tell him to call if she sees him and heads back inside. Hope walks away. Theresa tells JJ that Hope has no idea he's there. JJ mentions hearing her on the phone and questions her about it.

Daniel thanks Stefano for the thought but says he has it covered. Stefano calls it his choice and wishes him luck. Daniel agrees to keep his offer in mind. Stefano advises Daniel to handle the problem quickly because with women it always gets worse. Stefano exits. Daniel checks his phone and sees a voicemail from Theresa which he calls a message from his problem.

Nicole calls Fay Taylor a pure coincidence and denies being the woman in the wig. Nicole yells that she didn't do anything. Eric thinks it's why she didn't want to talk about that night. Nicole says she didn't because Father Matt asked her not to talk about it and he can ask him. Eric thinks she's just avoiding the truth. Nicole screams that she's not lying. Eric questions her loving him and says she's been lying since he first came back to Salem. Eric calls her a liar and she cries. Eric says he won't believe a word she says.

JJ questions who Theresa called. Theresa says he was being paranoid. He continues questioning her until she admits she called Daniel.

Daniel plays Theresa's voicemail and wonders who she thinks she is. Daniel sees his battery is about dead so he looks for his phone charger but realizes he left it at home.

Nicole stops Eric from leaving and swears she's not lying. Nicole says she's been completely honest. She admits lying a lot in the past but she didn't want to ruin anything. Nicole cries about wanting to be with him, near him, and working with him and she hoped it could last forever but her feelings were eating away at her so she quit to get away. Eric continues to accusing her of drugging him but Nicole denies it. Nicole talks about just wanting his attention. Nicole says she loves him and always has and that's the truth. She says she'd never do anything to hurt him especially in the hotel room. Nicole says if Eric thinks she could do that then he never knew her at all.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and finds Brady knocking on the door as he's not home. Maggie talks about hearing Daniel had a fight with Anne at the hospital. They talk about calling the hospital. Maggie wanted to talk to Daniel about Jennifer and Abigail. Brady suggests they go talk and takes her to the Pub.

Hope returns to Jennifer and tells her that JJ wasn't with Theresa. Jennifer worries about him being out there somewhere. Hope encourages that JJ may decide to come home so she should think positively. Hope tells Jennifer to wait until tomorrow before making any calls. Abigail interrupts and begs Hope not to arrest JJ.

JJ questions Theresa calling Daniel. Theresa talks about Daniel being there earlier. JJ can't believe she had the hots for Daniel. Theresa says they weren't having fun so she called Daniel. Theresa says Daniel knows what a woman wants and how to give it to her. JJ kisses her back onto the couch.

Kristen complains at home about Nicole to Stefano. Kristen shouts about being with Eric. Stefano tells her that was her plan to get back at Marlena. Kristen says she knows what she did but doesn't know how Nicole knows. Kristen shouts that Brady can never find out or she will lose him forever.

Eric tells Nicole that he finally knows the real her. Eric says he was deluded to think he could salvage her life. Eric calls her sick and twisted. Nicole says she's just a sad and pathetic woman who is in love with a man who will never love him back. Nicole insists that what he thinks never happened. Eric says it did but Nicole swears it wasn't with her. Eric questions her lying to God. Nicole says she's not. Eric says she can't change the facts. Nicole questions his memories becoming facts. Nicole realizes she can't change his mind. Nicole says to hell with him and God as she smashes the flowers from the altar on the floor and storms out.

Kristen is glad Brady didn't believe Nicole. Stefano tells her that she's safe as the only proof was the flash drive that is long gone and no one will believe Nicole. Stefano tells her to relax and consider her future since nothing will interfere with her happiness.

Daniel sits at his desk saying he will call Maggie later. He grabs his keys and exits, leaving the flash drive on his desk.

Abigail questions Jennifer saying she loves JJ and then calling Hope to arrest him. Hope tells Abigail that they were just talking about giving JJ time to see what he does. Abigail hugs Hope and thanks her. Jennifer hugs Hope and they talk about JJ doing the right thing. Hope says to call if he contacts. Hope then exits. Jennifer thanks Abigail for coming home. Abigail was hoping JJ would be there and she didn't have anywhere else to go. Jennifer tells her that they are going to get through this. Abigail says JJ just needs time. Jennifer hopes he doesn't do something tonight that he shouldn't do.

JJ and Theresa continue kissing and JJ removes his shirt. Theresa stops and brings out a drug that she says will give them the ride of their lives.

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