Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/22/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric sits in church praying for help and the truth. He has a flashback to the hotel room night and says Nicole would never do that to him.

Brady goes to the rectory where Nicole is. Brady thought she quit. Nicole says she's not leaving until she hires her replacement. Nicole notices Brady has his vows and questions his brain. Nicole tells him that Kristen is the one lying to him. Nicole then declares Brady is so stupid that he deserves what's coming to him.

EJ joins Kristen in the living room of the mansion and talks about Chad's improvement. Kristen informs him that the wedding has been moved up. Kristen gets a call and asks if they are sure then hangs up.

Abigail walks through the town square past Rory and Bev, who try to ask how JJ is because they are worried. Abigail tells them to stay away from JJ and blames them for his life being a nightmare.

Jennifer tells JJ that this is it and if he walks out now then she doesn't want to see him again. JJ reminds her that he would go to prison. Jennifer calls it his call.

Theresa answers the door and it's Daniel. She smiles and says she likes a doctor who makes house calls. She asks how he found out where she lives. Daniel says he made it his business to find out. Theresa invites him inside.

Eric continues to pray and thinks back to Daniel first telling him he was poisoned and then has more flashbacks to the hotel night. He thinks back to showing Martha the picture of Nicole. Eric repeats that Nicole would never do that to him but wonders who else it could be.

EJ asks Kristen what's wrong. She says nothing and then everything. Kristen admits she had a pregnancy scare a few weeks ago and she just had it confirmed that she's not. EJ hugs her and says he's sorry. Kristen talks about being happy to have Brady but that phone call hurt her as EJ hugs her.

Brady questions Nicole calling him stupid and accuses her of lying about Kristen. Brady brings up that he was with Nicole while they were broken up and told Kristen about it. Brady says Kristen has no reason to lie to him because she knows he would've forgiven her. Nicole insists that Kristen continued to keep the secret. Nicole declares she's tired of trying to be his friend and storms out. Brady says he doesn't think so and follows out after her.

Bev and Rory tell Abigail that it wasn't them and everything with JJ was about his dad. Bev says they are afraid for him. Rory says JJ wouldn't even talk to them anymore after the stuff about Jack came out. They tell her that he isn't responding to their calls. Bev is afraid that JJ will do something.

Daniel tells Theresa that this is about JJ. She questions Daniel coming over to talk about him. Daniel tells her it's important that she stay away from JJ. Theresa wonders why he cares when JJ hates him.

JJ tells Jennifer that she's not going to tell him what to do and if she doesn't like it then she can send him to prison. JJ says Jennifer already wrecked his life by lying to him for 18 years about his dad being a rapist. JJ opens his bag and reveals weed, saying that's what he came for so he could smoke it.

Abigail appreciates their concern for JJ and admits she's worried too but thinks what JJ is going through could turn out to be good. Abigail assumes JJ is at home now. Rory wonders why he won't text him back. Abigail suggests that JJ figured out hanging out with them is part of the problem. Bev doesn't think he would be happy at home. Abigail suggests being with the two people who love him the most is what's best for him as she walks away.

Jennifer asks if JJ is out of his mind. She warns him about being one step away from prison and he's going to smoke marijuana. JJ says he's going to do community service and wants to do it baked. JJ adds that he thought about going to Theresa's because she's hot. Jennifer can't believe him. JJ says he's being honest and she should try it sometime. JJ offers her the phone to call the cops and turn him in.

Daniel tells Theresa to stay away from JJ. Theresa asks if he's making a pitch for Jennifer. She says everyone at the hospital knew they broke up. Theresa says Daniel stuck his nose in her business while telling her to stay away from JJ. Daniel asks if she will stay away. Theresa says she would but the town is so boring and she likes to have fun. Theresa says she could tell JJ to take a walk if she knew something better was waiting for her. She asks Daniel if there is.

Kristen talks to EJ about doing horrible things in her life so maybe she deserves this. EJ asks if she means John and Marlena. Kristen says she isn't going to dwell on it and is going to be happy about her wedding. EJ encourages her about having family and they toast their drinks. Kristen asks what is going on with EJ.

Brady catches up to Nicole outside the church and they argue. Brady calls Nicole a miserable and unhappy person that wants everyone else to be unhappy. He accuses her of wanting Eric and loving him when she can't have him. Nicole admits she loves Eric and is obsessed with him and she can't help it which Eric overhears from inside the church.

Daniel tells Theresa that he's here to talk about JJ as he's in trouble and doesn't need her help or he'll end up back in prison. Theresa brings him a drink. She mentions that he's not too old for her. She asks what's stopping him since Jennifer dumped him for good.

Jennifer takes the phone from JJ but stops. JJ says he didn't think she could do it. JJ says Jennifer isn't too good at anything and adds that her love doesn't mean a thing to him anymore. JJ says he looks at her and just sees a liar. JJ opens the door to leave and Abigail arrives. Abigail asks if Jennifer is okay. JJ declares he's out of there but Abigail asks him to stay for her.

EJ tells Kristen that he and Sami have had problems and her main concern is that she and the children will never be safe in this house. EJ thinks they will work things out but notes Stefano can be problematic.

Nicole asks if Brady is happy now as she admits she dreams of Eric and loves him. Nicole says she's miserable when she's not by his side. Brady tells her that she will never be with Eric. Brady is glad she's finally admitting it. Eric listens in from the door. Brady reminds Nicole that Eric is a priest. Nicole says it doesn't change how she feels and she's fought so hard. Nicole says things got weird and she made mistakes and did crazy things as she lost control. Nicole says she quit to get away from him. Nicole cries that she's so confused she doesn't know who she is anymore. Brady responds that he doesn't recognize her at all anymore. Nicole tells him to go listen to more lies from Kristen and go to Hell. Brady says "after you, bitch" and exits as Nicole cries. Nicole heads into the church with flowers and places them on the altar. She turns around and sees Eric. Nicole says she will let him finish but he stops her. Eric informs Nicole that he heard every word she said to Brady.

Daniel suggests to Theresa that they don't talk about his personal life. Theresa says they don't have to say another word as she flirts with him. Daniel gets up to leave. Theresa thinks he was checking her out and says they have the whole night. Daniel says he's not at all interested. Daniel tells her that he has a lot of problems. Theresa doesn't believe he came to talk about JJ. Theresa agrees to stay away from JJ if Daniel gives her something they both enjoy in return.

JJ goes into the living room with Abigail and Jennifer. Abigail tells JJ that Chad is doing better. JJ is glad for her and tells her to tell Chad that he said hello. She thanks him for caring. Abigail says she knows the real JJ. JJ doesn't want to do the whole family thing and starts to leave again. Jennifer argues. Abigail suggests they sit down and talk it out. JJ tells Abigail to tell Jennifer that she can't tell him what to do anymore. JJ declares his family is dead just like Jack as he storms out of the house.

Kristen asks EJ if he thinks Stefano has actually changed since he sounded sincere in the chapel. EJ says Stefano would've promised anything to anyone when Chad was dying. Kristen credits Daniel for Chad being alive. EJ agrees that they owe him. EJ asks if Daniel is standing up for Brady at the wedding. Kristen says he was going to but he and Jennifer are going through problems so she's not sure. Kristen then asks EJ to stand up for her while Sami stands up for Brady. EJ loves the idea and would be happy to do it and they toast their drinks.

Nicole apologizes to Eric and says it wasn't meant for him to hear. Eric says he wasn't eavesdropping but they were both quite loud. Nicole says she's never been this embarrassed in her whole life and wants to forget it happened but Eric insists they talk about it now. Nicole calls it a misunderstanding and she didn't mean it but Eric stops her. Nicole says she only said those things to satisfy Brady but Eric says she's lying in the house of God. Eric says he knows the truth and just wants her to say it. Nicole admits she loves him as she holds back tears.

Abigail tells Jennifer that JJ is just upset and not meaning what he says. Jennifer says she has to call the police and have JJ arrested for walking around with marijuana. Jennifer says she's taken the abuse hoping it would prove to JJ that she loves him but it doesn't so she has no choice. Abigail argues that he can't be arrested again. Jennifer says JJ has to have consequences. Jennifer says JJ is going to be caught. She says she loves JJ but she has to do this. Abigail argues that she doesn't and begs her not to send JJ to prison.

Daniel tells Theresa that it's not going to happen. He calls her deluded and questions her life choices. Theresa says she's fine and doesn't need a shrink. Daniel wishes her luck and exits. Theresa shouts after him that he is an egomaniacal jerk. She sits back down and calls JJ, who is walking through the town square. Theresa invites him over.

Kristen hugs Brady at home and notes that he is tense. Brady calls it not important but admits that he had an intense argument with Nicole.

Nicole apologizes to Eric for ruining things and hurting people. Eric suggests she confess what those things are. Nicole says she lost control and swears that she tried to fight her feelings. Nicole says she knows she crossed the line and didn't think she was capable of doing things she's done. Nicole says it doesn't matter as Eric needs to see why she has to quit. Nicole declares that she is done. Nicole says she's terribly sorry for everything she's done and asks if he can forgive her.

Abigail tells Jennifer to take a step back. Jennifer says JJ will get caught and will have a better chance if it's soon. Abigail says his friends are worried about him too. Jennifer thinks JJ is only going to get worse and only the police can handle him right now.

JJ goes to Theresa's. She's glad he came and brings him inside.

Daniel approaches Anne at the hospital to talk about Jennifer and Theresa. Daniel didn't realize the hatred there. Daniel asks Anne about rehiring Theresa. Anne says she has a lot of potential but Daniel doesn't think that's why she hired her. Daniel says Anne did it to spite Jennifer. Anne calls it the right thing to do. Anne says Jennifer was being spiteful. Daniel argues against Theresa. Daniel says he will go to somebody else and find out what's going on. Anne asks if he has a thing for Theresa and if that's why he's so interested. Anne brings up Theresa having Daniel's bracelet. Daniel calls Anne a sad, lonely woman who has it in for Jennifer and it's consumed her life. Daniel doesn't think Theresa should be anywhere near Jennifer or her children or in Salem at all. Anne accuses Daniel of breaking up with Jennifer then moving on to Theresa and is now moving on to the next one.

Kristen tells Brady that Nicole doesn't surprise her. Brady tells her not to worry about it. Kristen talks about not letting Nicole upset her. Kristen wants Brady to tell her what was said. Brady says she won't like it.

Eric asks Nicole what she expects from him. Nicole hoped he would understand. Nicole says she tried to fight it but it was bigger than her. Nicole asks if he can forgive her. Eric doesn't know how she expects him to forgive her for what she did and he doesn't even know if God can forgive what she did. Nicole then asks what he's talking about.

Abigail tells Jennifer that JJ is upset and has made mistakes but he needs their help. Jennifer thinks she needs to call the police to stop things from getting worse. Abigail swears that she will never speak to her again if she does it.

Theresa sits with JJ and says this is finally happening. She says she's so ready and bets he is too.

Daniel tells Anne that he and Theresa had nothing. Daniel calls Theresa a dangerous person out to hurt Jennifer and JJ. Daniel wants her fired from the hospital. Anne says she doesn't work for Daniel so Theresa is staying. Daniel thinks she only hired her to stick it to Jennifer. Anne calls his opinion biased. EJ arrives. Daniel wants Theresa gone.

Brady tells Kristen that Nicole told him something that he knows is not true but she should be prepared if it spreads around. Brady says Nicole told him that Kristen had an affair with someone while they were broken up and lied about it.

Nicole tells Eric that it's not a sin to love someone and no harm was done. Eric says what she did was vile, horrible, and beyond belief. Nicole asks what he thinks she did. Eric says it's not what he thinks but what he knows. Eric declares that she raped him, leaving her confused.

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