Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/21/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/21/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe sits in his wheelchair at the hospital. Hope comes in and talks about him working through physical therapy. Rafe talks about getting stronger every day. Hope wants Rafe back on his feet. Rafe mentions that Jordan should be back any minute.

Kate talks on the phone, saying she already did a routine background check on Jordan but she wants them to dig deeper. Jordan then returns to the room and slams the door. Kate hangs up and Jordan asks what she wants to know about her.

At the apartment, Adrienne talks to Sonny about what happened to Chad and Marge. Adrienne mentions thinking about asking Justin to defend Marge. Will questions her wanting that when Marge tried to kill Sami and EJ.

At the town square, JJ runs into Daniel. JJ says they have nothing to say to each other. Daniel stops him and says there may be one thing that could change everything. JJ asks why he's there and if Jennifer sent him. Daniel says he hasn't talked to her and doesn't want to make trouble for him. Daniel asks for five minutes.

Jennifer warns Theresa to stay away from JJ or she will kill her. Theresa says she will devote all of her time to making sure Jennifer doesn't get what she wants.

Daniel tells JJ that he won't testify against him if this goes to trial. JJ says he doesn't need him to make a case. Daniel says he's on his side and so is Jennifer. JJ tries to walk away but Daniel stops him and tells him to be a man of his word and hear him out.

Jennifer tells Theresa to come after her if she wants but keep JJ out of it. Theresa blames Jennifer for putting JJ where he is now. Jennifer warns her to stay away from him. Jennifer tells Theresa that she's going down but asks her not to take JJ down with her.

Jordan and Kate argue. Kate says she's questioning everything about her since Jordan is a closed book but has put herself in Rafe's life. Jordan says Rafe's recovery depends on only him. Kate thinks she's hit a nerve. Jordan says Rafe is just her patient but Kate doesn't buy it. Jordan says not everyone thinks like her. Kate says they are less safe because of it. Kate says she sees Jordan coming. She warns her that she won't stand by and let Rafe be hurt in any way ever again.

Hope exits as Gabi visits Rafe. Gabi shows Rafe a picture of Arianna rolling over. Gabi encourages Rafe about getting back on his feet. Rafe notes Gabi being happy and asks why. Gabi says there could be no reason but she had a great time at the party before things got crazy. Rafe asks if she means with Cameron. Gabi smiles and admits it's nice to be out for a change. Gabi says she and Cameron are friends and there's no pressure like with Nick.

Hope goes to the Pub and finds Nick. Nick tells her that he's job hunting for something permanent. Nick mentions looking in New York and LA because he thinks things are over for him here. Hope agrees. Nick is surprised that she didn't try to talk him out of it. Hope says she wants what's best for him. Hope wishes things could've been different for him. Hope mentions that he won't have to run into Gabi all the time.

Will tells Adrienne what could've happened because of Marge. Adrienne feels that Marge is sick and needs help. Will and Sonny talk about how Sami would feel. They talk about Chad. Will asks about JJ's hearing. Adrienne says Justin called it a serious wake up call.

JJ tells Daniel that he won't listen to him tell him about Jennifer. Daniel says she's not really the problem anyway. JJ asks what the problem is. Daniel tells him that Jack loved him and how one thing shouldn't wipe away all he thought of him. JJ tells Daniel not to tell him about his father. Daniel tells JJ that he was afraid of him taking Jack's place. JJ says he doesn't give a damn now. Daniel tells JJ to forget it because he is out of Jennifer's life for good. Daniel declares JJ wins.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she can't get rid of her. Jennifer says she won't have to because Theresa will destroy herself. Jennifer calls her an addict and a user. Jennifer says she won't let JJ be collateral damage. Jennifer adds that this is JJ's last chance so Theresa should back off. Jennifer warns her that if she hurts JJ, she will make her pay. Theresa says if she leaves JJ alone then she can hang out with Daniel. Jennifer tells her to just leave JJ alone.

Nick tells Hope that it's not hard for him to see Gabi because they are very good friends so he doesn't want to leave Salem to get away from her. Hope knows he fell hard for her so it will be difficult to move on but he will move on like Gabi has. Hope says that will be easier when he's somewhere where he can make a fresh start. Hope tells him to keep her posted on the job search as she exits. Nick goes back to his computer and wonders who Gabi is involved with. Nick says he needs to get her a modeling gig soon so they can get out of Salem.

Gabi talks about her relationship with Nick. Rafe says Nick is out of her life and Gabi's moved on so it's time to be happy. Gabi admits she is happy for the first time in awhile.

Jordan wonders what she did to make Kate so crazy. Kate talks about what Bernardi almost did to Rafe. Jordan questions Kate thinking she has ulterior motives. Kate tells Jordan that she's incredibly secretive. Jordan says she's just a normal private person. Kate feels something's just not right. Kate wants an explanation for what's bothering her. Jordan tells Kate that she obviously cares about Rafe and she can understand it makes Kate like she is. Jordan tells her to do whatever she feels like she needs to do if she wants to investigate her. Jordan tells Kate that she's wasting time that she could spend helping Rafe recover. Jordan then exits.

Will talks on the phone and says it'd be an honor but he is a new dad so he has a lot of responsibilities. Will thanks them and hangs up as Sonny enters the room with Arianna and asks what that was about.

JJ questions Daniel being out of Jennifer's life and if he wants something from him. Daniel tells JJ that Jennifer loves him so he shouldn't take that for granted. Daniel tells JJ to just show up and he's gone. Daniel tells JJ to just go home because he got what he wanted.

Other hospital workers watch Jennifer and Theresa argue. Theresa tells Jennifer that JJ doesn't have to listen to her anymore. Theresa tells her to stop being a sanctimonious bitch. Jennifer blames Theresa. Theresa says JJ just grew up and got a clue. Jennifer asks Theresa how she feels about her parents. Theresa says Jennifer doesn't know them. Jennifer says they will never give up. Theresa suggests they all give up because JJ would be better off if Jennifer walked away. Jennifer then slaps Theresa.

Will tells Sonny that a professor apparently sent in an essay he wrote to a competition. Will says he won a scholarship to Berkley. Sonny is excited for him. Will says it would be at the end of the month. Sonny says they have plenty of time to get ready but Will says he turned it down as he can't go away for a week because of Arianna.

Maxine finds Kate in the physical therapy room. Kate tells her that she just had a chat with Jordan. Maxine calls Jordan caring and professional. Maxine jokes about Kate saying she was going to get Jordan a gift and calls it a great excuse to ask questions. Maxine assures Kate that she thinks Jordan is okay. Maxine says Jordan gives all of her patients 100%. Maxine tells Kate to get over it because Rafe is lucky to have Jordan as his therapist. Maxine then exits.

Rafe asks Jordan if she's ready to go outside for fresh air if she still has time. Jordan agrees. Rafe asks if she's alright since she seems a little off. Jordan decides she could use some fresh air too and takes Rafe out.

JJ tells Daniel that his time is up. Daniel asks if he's going to go home. Daniel assures him that he's leaving his family alone. JJ says it's none of his business then. Daniel says he's doing it for JJ and Jennifer. JJ tells Daniel that he doesn't care who Jennifer is with and says Daniel can take Jack's place. JJ says he's not Jack or Jennifer's kid anymore so he's not going home. JJ tells Daniel that he can move in because he doesn't give a damn anymore.

Theresa continues to argue with Jennifer. Jennifer says she won't let her ruin JJ. Jennifer calls her disgusting and a manipulative slut as Daniel arrives at the hospital. Theresa tells Jennifer to leave her out of her problems and walks away. Jennifer calls out to her to remember what she said. Daniel approaches Jennifer and asks what the problem is. Jennifer says she hates Theresa and storms off. Maggie approaches Daniel, who asks what's going on. Maggie says Theresa is no longer Jennifer's assistant. Daniel asks if there's bad blood over that. Maggie then decides maybe Daniel should know the whole story.

Will plays with Arianna and talks about his essay.

Sonny joins Gabi at the coffeehouse. They are thankful for Chad and Sonny says Gabi is dating a hero as Nick walks in. Gabi says they are just friends.

Jennifer returns home looking for JJ. She's followed by a knock on the door and it's Adrienne. Adrienne thought they'd be having a party since JJ was released and home. Jennifer tells her that JJ is not there because he immediately walked out. Jennifer doesn't know what JJ cares about and says he just hates her. Jennifer feels JJ hates their whole family and he cares about getting high and about Theresa. Adrienne talks about what Justin said and thinks JJ won't do anything stupid. Jennifer worries about everything. Adrienne tells her to stop panicking.

JJ runs into Theresa at the town square. She congratulates him on being a free man and thinks they should celebrate if he's holding. JJ asks what would happen if he had weed on him. Theresa insists on wanting to celebrate and says they never know what might happen.

Sonny tells Gabi about Will turning down the scholarship. Nick listens from the counter. Sonny and Gabi think they can cover things for Will so he can go. Sonny decides to go tell Will while Gabi stays behind to finish things. Sonny exits. Nick approaches Gabi and asks how it's going. Gabi says she's just a little stressed. Nick says he heard about the shooting. Gabi says she had something to do so she's heading out. They say goodbye and Gabi exits.

Jordan takes Rafe outside the town square. Rafe talks about the warm weather and his childhood. Jordan starts to talk about her childhood but stops. Kate joins them. Kate says she came to see Jordan to apologize.

Theresa asks JJ for an answer. JJ needs time as he has something to take care of. Theresa questions him but says she gets it. She tells him not to wait too long or he'll lose his spot. JJ says he will call her and walks away. Theresa complains and pulls out her phone. She calls a dealer and says she will need something stronger than weed.

Jennifer knows Adrienne wants to help but being in denial doesn't help her. Adrienne tells her that JJ is responsible for his own actions. Adrienne knows it's a bad time but says it's not as dire. Adrienne tells her not to assume the worst of JJ. Jennifer says she has to be prepared because he's determined to prove how bad it can get. Jennifer says JJ knows the risk of hanging out with his drug buddies and Theresa. Jennifer expects a call from the cops. Adrienne asks what she can do to help. Adrienne tells her not to give up hope. Jennifer wants to be alone so Adrienne exits.

Gabi and Sonny go home. Gabi tells Will they need to talk. Sonny assures Will that they can cover the time but Will feels there's too much to do. Sonny tells him how much they believe in him. They joke around together and assure Will that they can go a week without fighting. Sonny and Gabi tell Will to call the scholarship back so he does.

Nick makes a call trying to get Gabi modeling gigs. Nick argues with an agency not accepting submissions and hangs up. Nick says he won't give up as they are getting out and far away from Cameron.

Rafe asks what's going on and if something happened. Jordan says no but Kate says she shouldn't have questioned Jordan. Jordan calls it nothing and knows Kate wants what's best for Rafe. Kate says they all do. Kate decides to leave them alone and exits. Rafe calls that weird. Jordan insists it was nothing but Rafe is unsure. Rafe thinks it's why Jordan was acting off at first. Jordan says to cut Kate a break as it's over and she's already forgotten about it.

Kate walks through the town square and declares that everyone's friends again so Jordan won't see her coming.

Theresa goes home with a paper bag. She sits down and checks her phone then there's a knock at the door which she hopes is JJ but it is Daniel. Theresa smiles and says she likes a doctor who makes house calls.

Jennifer sits at home until JJ comes in. Jennifer rushes up to him but JJ heads upstairs saying he just came to get something and then he's out. JJ comes back down and Jennifer stands in front of the door, telling him he's not leaving. JJ says he is. Jennifer tells him that this is it and if he walks out now then she doesn't want to see him again.

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