Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad wants Cameron to understand why he kept lying. Cameron understands that he wanted to keep him away from Abigail. Chad worries that Cameron told Abigail. Abigail then enters and asks what she was told. Chad tries to say it's nothing but Cameron tells him that she's going to find out eventually so it might as well be now.

EJ says Sami never hesitates on getting what she wants and asks if she doesn't want to marry him. Sami responds that she doesn't know what she wants.

Rafe works through physical therapy with Jordan. She reminds him that he can take a break but he keeps going. Rafe tells her that he's fine. She asks why he's upset when he made it through. Rafe blames himself for Chad getting shot. Kate watches through the window as Jordan puts her hand on Rafe's arm and says she won't let him talk like that.

Theresa goes to the Pub with the nurse Karen. Karen sees Theresa has the busted photo of Daniel and Jennifer and questions it. Theresa claims she wasn't supposed to see it.

Daniel is at home with Parker when Maggie arrives, saying she has great news about JJ.

JJ tells Jennifer that he's not going to start listening to her just because of what the judge said.

Karen questions Theresa about why she has the picture and why it's broken. Anne sits nearby and smiles. Theresa talks about doing things for a friend which Karen assumes is Daniel and asks if she's sleeping with him. Theresa tells her to lower her voice.

Maggie tells Daniel about JJ. Daniel hopes he stays to the terms. Maggie talks about Jennifer wanting to do anything to turn this around for JJ. Daniel holds Parker and talks about never giving up on your kid.

Jennifer questions JJ about not listening to the judge. JJ says he gets that this is his last chance but that doesn't mean he has to listen to her. She talks about how this was supposed to be a new start from them. JJ says he got his new start when he found out the truth about Jack. JJ questions her pretending like they are a perfect family. Jennifer thinks they can be. JJ accuses Jennifer of being dishonest. Jennifer wanted to protect him from the pain. JJ tells her that she doesn't know who he is. Jennifer asks him to tell her then.

Cameron tells Abigail that the truth is that he was telling Chad how close he came to not pulling through. Chad goes along with it and says he just didn't want Abigail to get upset. Abigail tells him not to worry about her. She questions Cameron about telling him that now but Chad says he wanted to know. Abigail decides they'll move on and all that matters is his recovery. Abigail still feels like there is something they aren't telling her.

Jordan asks Rafe why he would think he could've stopped Chad's shooting. Rafe calls it complicated but Jordan is willing to listen. Rafe says it goes back to his affair with Kate which Kate overhears from the door and she then walks away. Rafe says he's not blaming Kate but what happened to Marge and Chad all ties back to him. Jordan doesn't see it but understands. Jordan then tells Rafe to continue his physical therapy.

EJ understands Sami is upset and he is too after he came close to having to bury his brother. Sami asks what if EJ got shot and what she would tell the kids. Sami says it wasn't random but EJ says it was. Sami feels trouble haunts the house. Sami blames the house and Stefano. EJ says he gave his word to Stefano so that she was set free. Sami asks if he's going to give her his word to love, honor, and protect at their wedding. EJ vows to never give her a reason to doubt those words but Sami complains about Stefano being in charge. EJ says he saw her talking to Roman and blames him for these ideas. Sami says Roman just doesn't want her to make a mistake. EJ questions if he's just a silly mistake. Sami says no but she's trying to figure things out and she makes her own decisions. EJ believes in her and asks whether or not she's still in love with him.

Cameron admits to Abigail that there is something else but he cannot discuss it due to doctor-patient confidentiality. Cameron goes to leave them alone but Abigail stops him and thanks him for saving Chad's life, saying he wouldn't be here without him. Cameron then exits. Abigail sits with Chad and is thankful that he's okay, saying she doesn't know what she would've done if she lost him.

Maxine asks Cameron how Chad is. Cameron says he will be fine. Kate approaches the front desk and says it's good news about Chad and Rafe is doing well. Kate starts talking about Jordan and wanting to get her a token of appreciation. Kate asks Cameron what he knows about Jordan.

Rafe finishes lifting weights and tells Jordan that he wants to know one thing. Rafe says she pushes him like crazy in therapy but let him off easy about the Marge thing. Jordan says they are different things and understands Rafe feels guilty. Jordan goes over what Marge did and questions her being the victim while asking how it could be Rafe's fault

Theresa tells Karen that any rumors are untrue. Karen says she would go for it if she was her. Theresa tells her to just drop it. Karen offers to make Theresa's clothes donation for her. Karen asks Theresa about the picture of Daniel and Jennifer. Theresa says it's broken so it's being tossed out. Theresa walks away and high fives Anne. Karen takes the photo and exits the Pub as Anne watches on.

Jennifer asks JJ if he thinks he's a victim. JJ says he's not but he just sees things clearer. Jennifer questions if he's going to leave and cause more trouble and live the part of what people are thinking of him.

Sami tells EJ it's not about her loving him but about protecting their family from Stefano. EJ talks about Stefano's feelings during what happened to Chad. Sami says Chad lived so Stefano lost nothing and doesn't have to take responsibility. Sami argues that EJ is justifying Stefano. Sami asks if he understands what's at stake for her family. EJ suggests postponing the wedding so Sami says they should just cancel.

Jordan continues talking to Rafe about Marge being unable to cope which they can't let happen.

Cameron tells Kate that Jordan wouldn't want him discussing her personal life and he goes back to work. Kate turns to Maxine, who says the same.

Abigail gives Chad a good luck charm that Jack gave her. Chad promises to take care of it and they kiss. Abigail lays with him and says she has a confession to make. She reveals that she told Jennifer about them making love. Chad asks how she took it. Abigail says she needed to talk while he was in surgery and she wanted Jennifer to understand how much Chad means to her. Abigail says way back when he lied to her, she never thought it was possible for them to have this kind of relationship that is so perfect and honest.

Daniel finishes sending Parker off with Chloe. Maggie tells him that she's going to stop by Jennifer's and invites him but Daniel tells her to stop. Daniel says he can't go over there as it makes things harder for her and wants them to be clear on that. Maggie understands but says Jennifer is having a hard time. Maggie thinks it would be a tremendous help to have him there but Daniel argues against it and says he won't change his mind. Maggie says she cares about JJ but hates that his issues are keeping Daniel and Jennifer apart. Daniel says Jennifer is putting her son first which is what he would do too. Daniel finds Parker's favorite toy cars. Maggie comments that JJ had one just like it when he was that age.

Jennifer tells JJ that no one thinks that about him but JJ says she just said it was. JJ says he's leaving. Jennifer tries to stop him. JJ asks what she's going to do. Jennifer tells him not to leave. JJ tells her to do what she wants as he's going out. Jennifer begs him to not do anything wrong and stay away from his friends and Theresa. JJ shouts back that she can't tell him what to do anymore as he storms off.

EJ tells Sami not to give up on them. Sami says she's not but thinks they should take some time to figure out when it's right. Sami says EJ promised that they would live there but she didn't. EJ questions if she's moving out. Sami says no but she doesn't know. EJ agrees that they should take some time. EJ decides he's going to see Chad at the hospital. EJ tells Sami not to do anything rash and spend some time with the children. Sami thanks him for not fighting. EJ says he loves her and they almost kiss but EJ exits.

Cameron checks on Chad again. Chad thanks him for not saying anything to Abigail about what he did. Cameron asks for his explanation as to why he did it.

Theresa joins Anne at the Pub. Anne says she's proud of her. Theresa says Karen won't keep anything about her and Daniel to herself. Anne is excited about Jennifer finding out and Anne hopes it leads to Jennifer quitting her job. Theresa realizes Karen took the picture too and says great.

Karen brings Theresa's clothes bag to donate to the hospital along with the photo. Karen shows the photo to Maxine and says she thinks someone threw it away by mistake. Maxine notes it being broken. Karen suggests it was an accident and says she doesn't know them so she gives it to Maxine to see if they want it. Maxine decides to leave it behind the desk.

Daniel sits with Parker's toy cars. He puts them down and grabs his things then exits.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and asks what happened with JJ. Jennifer says he's gone and she doesn't know what's going to happen or what he's going to do but she couldn't stop him. Jennifer says JJ was determined to let her know what he thought of her. Jennifer worries that JJ is going to prison and she can't stop or fix it. Jennifer feels she's made everything worse. Maggie hugs her.

JJ meets up with Rory and Bev at the park. Rory gives him some weed and warns him about Jennifer finding it on him. JJ responds that Jennifer has no say in anything he does. Bev asks if he's okay after court. JJ says the judge is just a jerk who thinks he's tough. Rory asks if JJ told them why he did what did and maybe they would understand about what Jack did. JJ then questions Rory about how he knows what Jack did. Rory tells him that news like that travels fast. Bev adds that everyone knows about JJ trashing the book display. JJ says it doesn't matter as it happened a long time ago. Rory notes that JJ is still upset about it. JJ decides to take off. They try to stop him but JJ walks off.

Maggie tries to convince Jennifer that she did nothing wrong. Jennifer says it's not about her but about JJ, and she wants him to feel okay. Jennifer complains about JJ's friends and Theresa. JJ calls Theresa the devil and says she's so manipulative. Jennifer says she's out of answers, and she's going to die if JJ goes to prison. Jennifer decides she's going to work and exits crying.

Theresa questions Anne about Karen leaving with the picture. Theresa says it was just meant to be a prop. Anne warns that this could come back to bite her because Daniel could figure out that she was in his apartment. Theresa says that can't happen then wonders if Daniel will even hear about it. Theresa says Karen won't run up and show Daniel or anything. Theresa says she just wanted the rumors to start faster. Theresa then exits.

Jordan decides to take Rafe back to his room. Rafe suggests taking him outside for fresh air. Kate enters and talks about Chad doing great. Kate wants to hear all about Rafe's progress as Jordan takes him back to his room. Kate then makes a call saying she wants a background check done.

Chad tells Cameron that he has to understand just how freaked out he was when he first told him he had a brain tumor. Cameron calls it crap and says he only wanted to help. Chad says he came back from seeing the specialist and saw him kissing Abigail. Chad says he couldn't believe that Cameron thought he was going to die so he was taking total advantage. Chad asks if he what he did was really so bad compared to him. Cameron questions Chad rationalizing faking a brain tumor. Chad says he just wanted to punish him and then he backed off so he got all he wanted. Chad asks what Cameron would've done. He says he would never have done that. Chad says Cameron knows everything now so there's nothing stopping him from telling Abigail if that's what he wants to do. Cameron says he has other patients and Chad needs his rest as he then exits.

EJ sits alone outside the town square. Abigail approaches and sits with him. EJ asks her about seeing Chad. Abigail is relieved that he is healing well. EJ talks about how much Chad cares about her. Abigail wants Chad to focus on getting better. EJ says Chad puts her first.

Sami goes into the living room of the mansion and looks back at Stefano's portrait. She thinks back to times of Stefano threatening her. Sami then looks at a photo of her and EJ together and smiles as she thinks back to times they spent together.

Kate talks on the phone, saying she already did a routine background check on Jordan, but she wants them to dig deeper. Jordan then returns to the room and slams the door.

JJ walks through the town square and calls Theresa, leaving a message that he needs to see her. He turns around and runs into Daniel. JJ says they have nothing to say to each other. Daniel stops him and says there may be one thing that could change everything.

Theresa runs into Jennifer at the hospital. Theresa mentions just missing a call from JJ. Jennifer grabs Theresa and pins her against the wall. Jennifer warns Theresa to stay away from JJ or she will kill her.

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