Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/17/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The judge denies JJ bail at the arraignment

Sami sits with Johnny at the Pub and talks to him about visiting Chad.

EJ sits at Chad's bedside as he awakes. EJ asks about what he remembers. Cameron watches from the doorway as EJ tells Chad that he took two bullets for him and saved his life.

Nicole visits Brady and tells him that he cannot marry Kristen. Brady says he's heard it enough. Nicole then tells him that he can't marry Kristen because she's been unfaithful to him.

Kristen sits at Daniel's desk to use the phone where the flash drive lays nearby. Marlena enters looking for Daniel but finds Kristen.

Eric asks about the woman who checked in that night. Martha says Fay Taylor and she remembers very well. She tells Eric that she was a very strange woman.

Kristen tells Marlena that she and Brady will be getting married as soon as possible.

Brady and Nicole argue with Nicole insisting on Kristen's affair. Brady compares it to he and Nicole sleeping together. Brady asks Nicole for a name but she doesn't know. Nicole calls Kristen a lying slut but Brady warns her to watch her mouth.

Sami explains to Johnny why Marge shot Chad, saying she didn't mean to but couldn't help it. Sami assures him that Chad is getting better. Johnny asks if she will wait for Chad to get better before getting married. Caroline comes over and sends Johnny to make cupcakes with Kayla. Caroline points out that Sami didn't answer and asks if she's going to postpone the wedding.

EJ and Chad joke with each other about Chad being a hero. Chad asks if Abigail is okay. EJ tells him that she's fine as they subdued Marge before anyone else was hurt. Cameron continues listening in. EJ tells Chad that Abigail was there most of the night and will probably be back soon.

The judge mentions a plea bargain. Justin argues against the circumstances that made JJ act out. Justin offers Hope to speak on JJ's behalf. The judge asks if there's anyone not related to JJ. He goes over all of JJ's crimes and believes it's time for JJ's luck to run out. Jennifer thinks he has to accept the plea but the judge wants to see JJ learn his lesson and says prison might be the only place for it to happen.

Kristen says this must be humiliating and demoralizing for Marlena since she's getting everything she ever wanted. Kristen asks if Marlena has spoken to John and says to give him her best. Marlena warns her not to gloat because she hasn't married Brady yet and reminds her what happened last time she tried. Kristen asks if she thinks something is just going to come out and destroy them. Kristen says it's not going to happen because nothing can. Marlena thinks back to talking with Nicole about the flash drive. Marlena tells Kristen that she must be right that nothing will stop their marriage this time.

Nicole tells Brady that she doesn't have proof yet but knows it happened. Brady questions any proof. Nicole says Kristen admitted it on the phone. Nicole wanted to wait for the proof but he moved up the wedding date. Nicole promises to find proof if he postpones the wedding. Brady thinks Nicole just can't stand their marriage and got desperate so she made crap up. Nicole questions Brady thinking she's lying. Brady says it's what liars do.

Eric asks Martha questions about Fay. Martha thinks she didn't want anyone to know who she really was. Martha says she paid cash and was in a disguise, noting sunglasses, a wig, and a bad accent.

EJ tells Chad that Stefano was there earlier and was as devastated as he's ever seen him. Chad thanks EJ for not telling Stefano about the brain tumor. Chad worries about Abigail ever finding out that he lied to Cameron about it. EJ thinks back to telling Cameron the truth. EJ tells Chad not to worry. EJ says it's important he understands that he has his best interests at heart as it's his job to protect him especially since he saved his life. EJ tells him to get some rest as he exits.

Justin continues to argue against the judge's ruling. The judge talks about JJ's recent behavior but says he's willing to consider the plea deal with the condition that JJ moves back home with Jennifer. Justin quickly agrees to it.

Kristen talks to Marlena about all of her last minute wedding plans. She grabs her purse to leave but knocks Daniel's folders on the floor, with the flash drive in between them.

Nicole tries to get through to Brady but he doesn't want to hear it. Brady says Nicole is the one that can't handle truth. Nicole insists that she's not lying and she's his best friend. Brady remarks that Nicole is not a friend because she's not supportive.

Eric shows Martha a picture of Nicole and asks if she thinks it could've been Fay. Martha isn't sure and they talk about not getting a good look. Martha concludes that she thinks they probably are one in the same.

Kristen starts cleaning up the folders. Maxine comes in and suggests she leave them because they could contain confidential information. Maxine says she will take care of it. Kristen tells them to have a wonderful day and exits. Marlena follows out. Maxine then begins picking up the folders and puts them back on the desk with the flash drive on top.

Sami tells Caroline that they don't know how long Chad's recovery is going to take but they want him to be a part of the wedding so she will postpone if they have to. Caroline asks if that's the only reason. Sami insists on her love of EJ. Caroline talks about Roman wanting what's best for her and then mentions talking to Shawn last night which worries Sami.

EJ approaches Cameron at the hospital and asks for a moment in private. EJ mentions Abigail being there. Cameron tells EJ that he won't lay Chad's lie on her and didn't. Cameron questions if he's going to pay him off or make a death threat. EJ says he's not Stefano. EJ says Cameron can go ahead and tell Abigail but he should be in possession of all the facts. EJ thinks Cameron would be surprised by Chad's reasoning.

The judge says he's not opposed to the plea deal of probation and community service but he needs time to make the decision at a later date. He says it will give JJ time to redeem himself and he will be living with Jennifer. He adds that if JJ gets in any more trouble then he will no longer consider the deal and he will be serving five years in prison. JJ accepts. The judge reminds him that they cannot be in contact with any of the witnesses. The judge hopes he doesn't get any more reasons to reject the plea bargain and send him to prison. JJ asks Justin if that means he's free. Justin tells him he's free for now. Abigail, Hope, and Jennifer all hug as they hear the good news and JJ is removed from the handcuffs.

Nicole continues to question Brady believing Kristen. Brady talks about laying everything out there in the pre cana sessions so there's no secrets left. Nicole thinks he's a fool. Brady thinks she's a fool because she's in love with Eric who she can't have. Nicole says Eric has nothing to do with this. Brady thinks Nicole is lying. They both feel sorry for the other until Brady declares he doesn't want her in his life anymore and orders her to get out. Nicole then walks away and exits the Kiriakis Mansion.

Eric doesn't understand why Nicole would've been in disguise as it doesn't make any sense. Eric decides there has to be someebody else. Kristen knocks on the door from outside and asks if she can come in.

Sami points out to Caroline that she said she talked to Shawn last night. Caroline notes that he's been dead for five years. Sami says she probably meant in prayer. Caroline blames the medication and therapy then asks what they were talking about. Sami says it wasn't important. Caroline thinks she just doesn't want to talk about it. Sami tells her she loves her and doesn't know what she would do without her.

Maxine checks on Chad as he's asleep. Cameron enters. Maxine asks Cameron about the treatment he said Chad was taking. Cameron tells Maxine that he was wrong and there's nothing to worry about now. Maxine exits. Chad wakes up and questions Cameron what that was about.

Jennifer, Hope, Justin, and Abigail return home with JJ. JJ thanks Justin for what he did for him. Justin reminds him it's not a done deal yet. Hope doesn't want to see JJ in the station again unless he's coming to say hello. Jennifer thanks Hope for being there for all of them. Justin and Hope exit together. Abigail talks about how quiet it had been without JJ. Abigail suggests ordering a pizza and playing games but JJ tells Abigail that he understands if she wants to go be with Chad. Abigail thanks him and they hug, saying they love one another as Abigail thinks this could be a brand new start for their family. Abigail then exits.

Nicole sits alone at the coffeehouse when Marlena enters to meet her. Nicole mentions the wedding date getting moved up. Marlena says Kristen couldn't help but gloat. Nicole informs Marlena that she got upset and went to Brady and told him that Kristen cheated on him. Marlena questions why she would do that.

Eric opens the door to see Kristen and asks if she forgot something. Kristen says she just wanted to thank him again for moving up the wedding and hugs him. Martha remains inside and wonders why Kristen looks so familiar.

Cameron tells Chad that Maxine just had a question about his charts. Cameron asks how he's feeling. Chad realizes that Cameron knows. Cameron admits that he knows he's not dying of a brain tumor.

EJ talks on the phone at home and says they have no plans to postpone the wedding as Sami enters. EJ tells her it was the caterer asking about designs for the ice sculptures. Sami admits she may have gotten a little carried away. Sami asks how Chad is. EJ says Chad is determined to be back on his feet in record time. EJ mentions that Chad insisted on not delaying the wedding. Sami suggests maybe they should wait.

Kristen tells Eric she doesn't want to keep him so she'll let him get back to work. Eric goes back inside and Kristen exits. Martha asks who that was. Eric informs it was Kristen DiMera and asks why. Martha then says there's no reason.

Nicole tells Marlena that she was so desperate that she thought he would listen to an old friend. Marlena says Brady won't listen to anyone. Nicole adds that she didn't mention Marlena at all. Marlena promises to never give up but worries about Brady confronting Kristen about this. Nicole insists he won't since he said he trusts her completely. Marlena talks about needing every advantage to stop this wedding. Marlena declares that if they don't stop her then she will destroy Brady's life forever.

Brady and Kristen kiss on the bench outside the town square. Kristen asks if he thinks EJ and Sami will be jealous that they beat them to the altar. Brady looks away and Kristen asks what's wrong.

Martha tells Eric that she will get going if she answered all of his questions. Eric appreciates her time. Martha stops before leaving and reveals that Fay bribed her and then Nicole did the same thing. Martha says it was odd that two women both did this in the same night if they were the same person. She then tells him that they bribed her for the room next to his.

Cameron tells Chad to stay calm. Chad wants him to understand why he kept lying. Cameron understands that he wanted to keep him away from Abigail. Chad worries that Cameron told Abigail. Abigail then enters and asks what she was told.

Jennifer starts to talk to JJ at home but JJ decides he's going out and will see her some time. Jennifer reminds him what the judge said and says he's not going anywhere but JJ says he is and she can't stop him.

Sami talks about delaying the wedding for Chad and to not compete with Brady and Kristen and also brings up Halloween coming up. EJ says Sami never hesitates on getting what she wants and asks if she doesn't want to marry him.

Eric asks Martha about Fay and Nicole bribing her. Martha mentions that Nicole was desperate to find him which makes Eric think she couldn't be Fay. Eric wonders if Nicole was Fay and if she would go through that much trouble to get the room next to him.

Brady talks to Kristen about all they have to do for the wedding. Brady says they have the rest of their lives and he'll be the luckiest guy. Kristen says he won't be half as lucky as she is and they hug and kiss.

The flash drive remains on Daniel's desk.

Marlena tells Nicole that she wishes she realized when she had Kristen's flash drive. Nicole figures they'll never know what's on it since it's probably been destroyed. Marlena decides not to dwell on it. Marlena tells her that she's sorry that Brady cut her out of his life. Nicole swears things can't get any worse.

Eric thanks Martha for coming and trying to help. She agrees to call if she comes up with anything else. She stops before leaving again and mentions that Eric's hotel room and the one next to it shared a door. She wishes him luck and then exits. Eric starts having flashbacks to the hotel room night again and realizes it wasn't a dream but it really happened and wonders if it was with Nicole.

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