Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/16/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole turns down another woman interviewing for the job at the rectory. She tells Nicole that she can't handle the idea of anyone replacing her.

Brady surprises Kristen with a tray of food in bed. He tells her that he just heard Chad is doing okay. Brady wishes he was there for her.

Eric talks on the phone with the clerk from the hotel but she can't give him any information.

Theresa and Anne talk at the hospital. They mock Jennifer when she arrives.

Hope goes to Daniel's and asks if he's going to the arraignment today. Daniel would love to help Jennifer but doesn't want to set JJ off. Daniel offers to do anything. Hope wishes there was something. Daniel asks what she thinks is going to happen to JJ.

Justin visits JJ in his cell. JJ asks if he's going to keep him out of prison or not.

Abigail joins Jennifer at the hospital. They talk about Chad expecting a full recovery. Abigail credits Daniel for saving Chad. Abigail mentions that she will join her at the courthouse. Theresa walks by and drops Daniel's bracelet in front of them which Abigail recognizes.

Hope tells Daniel about the charges against JJ. Daniel says JJ is getting a wakeup call but he thinks it's unusually harsh. They talk about how Jennifer is doing. Hope tells Daniel to be prepared because he might be called as a witness. Daniel doesn't want to send JJ to jail but Hope tells him that he will have to tell the truth about what he saw. Hope adds that if JJ goes to prison, it's not Daniel's fault.

Justin tells JJ that he could be stuck behind bars until the trial. JJ calls it better than the street and that he doesn't care. Justin tells him to start caring or else he'll be behind bars for a long time. JJ compares being a felon like Jack. Justin suggests he learn from Nick. JJ says he can't change what he did. Justin tells him that he can change what happens next. Justin wants JJ to admit he's being a total jackass. JJ warns Justin not to lecture him about honesty when his family's been lying to him his whole life.

The clerk tells Eric that the hotel bosses worried about bad publicity after he was asking questions. Eric says she was the one that was there that night. Eric feels something bad happened to him and worries about something more happening.

Brady and Kristen talk about Sami making bad choices. Brady defends Sami saving Rafe's life and talks about making decisions without thinking about what happens next. Kristen thinks to being with Eric then says she's never shot a guy. Brady talks about times in life when people get away with things that they should be destroyed for.

Hope talks to Daniel about the damage JJ caused and the people he assaulted. Daniel talks about Hope having to build the case and compares it to him in the OR. Hope calls it a miracle that he saved Chad's life. Daniel recalls watching his first wife die and being unable to do anything about it. Hope says she's sorry. Daniel says there's nothing worse than feeling useless. Daniel doesn't know if he and Jennifer can ever get back to what they had. Hope says no one can make things right for JJ except himself.

JJ says Jack was a rapist and everyone let him believe he was a hero. Justin says he was a hero in many ways and sacrificed his life for Abigail's. Justin talks about his parents wanting to tell him together when he was old enough. JJ mocks the idea and that they told Abigail. JJ asks who else knows, mentioning that Sonny and Will already knew. JJ says everyone in the town knew but him. JJ says he was proud to be named after Jack. Justin says everyone has flaws but Jack led an honorable life. Justin tells JJ to stop his pity party and put his best foot forward at the arraignment or his life will get worse. Justin informs JJ that Chad was shot last night and almost died and that Abigail was with him and could've died which shocks JJ. Justin tells JJ to put things in perspective that his situation is bad but could be a hell of a lot worse.

Theresa claims she found the bracelet and was going to turn it into lost and found. Abigail assures her it's Daniel's. Jennifer says she isn't going to play games and exits with Abigail. Anne and Theresa smile at one another.

Nicole tells the woman she's interviewing that she already has a new job lined up. She tells Nicole to learn to let go. Nicole insists there's nothing left to let go of as she exits.

Eric continues asking the clerk to meet him and promises not to get her in trouble but she hears someone coming and hangs up.

Brady apologizes for going off and doesn't want to upset her. They talk about the pre cana counseling and then kiss until Brady gets a phone call. Brady says he will let them know and hangs up. Brady informs Kristen that it was Sister Elizabeth from the church who does the scheduling for weddings. Brady reveals that a couple canceled their wedding so they might be able to get married sooner. Kristen says nothing would make her happier and they kiss.

Theresa and Anne talk about Jennifer. Theresa says she's out for blood. Karen the nurse notices Theresa's bracelet and says she would return it to him. Theresa claims she just found it but Karen thinks there's something going on between them. Anne joins in and says they don't gossip. Theresa and Anne walk on and continue to mock Jennifer and her life. Theresa looks over as Daniel arrives.

Justin tells JJ to help himself in court today if he wants to help Abigail. A cop comes in and tells JJ that they are ready in the court.

Kristen and Brady talk about all they need for their wedding. Kristen then says she doesn't want to have the wedding without Chad but Brady encourages that he'll be out soon. Brady kisses her.

Eric talks on the phone about how many applicants Nicole has interviewed. Eric adds that the position needs to be filled as soon as possible then declares he will take care of it himself. Eric thinks back to talking to Nicole when she said there were things she's done that she couldn't tell him. Eric gets a call back from Martha the hotel clerk, who says she wants to help him but can't talk to him at the hotel. Eric offers to clear his schedule. She offers to come to Salem which he says would be perfect. Eric hangs up and hopes he will finally find out who the mystery woman is as Nicole then enters.

Jennifer and Abigail go to the court as Jennifer talks about never expecting this. Jennifer keeps thinking that she could've done things differently with JJ. Abigail assures her that it's not her fault. Hope arrives and greets them. Abigail talks to Hope about Chad being in good health. Hope tells Jennifer that Justin is the best and will do all he can to help JJ. Jennifer wishes everything would be alright. Abigail compares it to Sami's charges and now she's moving on. JJ is then brought into the room.

Theresa approaches Daniel and returns his bracelet. Theresa says she found it in the locker room. Daniel thanks her and says he'd been looking all over for it then walks away as Anne and Karen watch on. Anne joins Theresa and reminds her to keep smiling since people are watching. Theresa thought Daniel would be more appreciative. They joke about her next encounter with Daniel.

Nicole asks Eric who he was talking to. Eric says he was saying a prayer and asks about her search for a replacement. Nicole says none fit the job as she does more than people think. Nicole tells Eric that she's trying to find him the best possible person that he deserves. Eric says he just talked to the agency and they believe she's looking for every reason not to hire someone. Nicole asks if she's that eager to get rid of her and then Brady walks in.

Daniel sits in his office and talks on the phone about Chad's lab work looking much better. Daniel hangs up and goes back to looking at the flash drive. Daniel decides now is as good a time as any to find out who it belongs to and he puts it back into his computer.

Abigail asks JJ how he is. JJ says he's okay and asks how she is after hearing about Chad. Abigail says Chad will be fine. JJ is sorry he wasn't there for her as he is then escorted to his seat.

Theresa and Anne talk and Theresa reveals she got Daniel's keys and made a copy of his apartment key.

Daniel prepares to watch what's on the flash drive but Kristen enters.

Brady starts to leave but Nicole and Eric tell him no. Nicole says they just had a work disagreement. Eric asks what he can do for Brady. Brady says Chad is doing better and they are allowing visitors so it'd be nice if he saw him. Nicole thinks he came for more and asks what she doesn't want her to hear. Brady says it's no big deal but there's an opening for their wedding. Brady mentions them looking forward to getting married as soon as possible. Nicole suggests never and then walks out. Brady complains about how the family will react and asks if Eric is okay with moving the date up and if he's still planning on marrying them.

Daniel puts the flash drive away as Kristen sits with him and thanks him for saving Chad. Kristen tells him about moving the wedding up and Daniel being the best man. Daniel promises to be there. She mentions Jennifer being the maid of honor. Daniel says none of that will affect the wedding. Kristen says that's all because of JJ. Kristen says if she and Brady can make it to the altar then never say never. A nurse comes in and returns Daniel's keys that he left at the nurses station.

Theresa goes to Daniel's apartment and uses her key copy to get in.

Daniel thanks Kristen for believing in he and Jennifer. Kristen comments on Parker and tells Daniel that the chances of her conceiving are slim to none. Kristen says it's okay as she has plenty to be grateful for. Kristen wonders if she really deserves a child after the rotten things she had done.

Eric reassures Brady that he will be there. Brady assures that he's ready but he feels Eric just doesn't seem happy. Eric says he has a lot going on with Nicole but he's pretty sure her leaving is the best decision they can make.

Nicole walks through the town square and sits on the bench. She asks God how he could make Brady so dumb and how he could let Eric help ruin his life when she did everything she could to make them see Kristen is ruining their lives. Nicole then gets an idea and says that's it.

Theresa walks around Daniel's apartment. She steps on one of Parker's toys and kicks it away. She looks through his drawers and finds the photo of Daniel and Jennifer that JJ smashed.

Justin enters the court room and the judge begins the arraignment. Judge Goldberg asks JJ how he pleads. JJ pleads not guilty. The judge mentions bail and talks about what JJ has done then denies bail.

Theresa lays on the couch with the smashed photo and concludes that Daniel must be really over Jennifer. Theresa suggests maybe he's ready to move on with someone more like her. Theresa puts the photo back in the drawer but then takes it back out. Theresa says life is good because Jennifer's life will be hell. She takes the photo and exits the apartment.

Daniel talks to Kristen about not knowing about Melanie until she was grown up and not knowing Parker was his at first. Daniel praises how Kristen is with kids and says she will make a great mother. Daniel says when she and Brady get married, nothing will stop them from pursuing all of their options. Daniel gets paged to the ER. Kristen asks if she can stay behind to make a few phone calls so Daniel agrees. Daniel exits and Kristen then sits at his desk to use the phone where the flash drive lays nearby.

Martha from the hotel visits Eric at the rectory. Eric assures her that this conversation is strictly between them. She asks what he wants to know that she hadn't told him. Eric asks about the woman who checked in that night. Martha says Fay Taylor and she remembers very well.

Nicole visits Brady and tells him that he cannot marry Kristen. Brady says he's heard it enough. Nicole then tells him that he can't marry Kristen because she's been unfaithful to him.

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