Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/15/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maxine approaches Will and Sonny. They ask about Chad. Maxine is afraid it is going to be a long night as they are still working and she walks away. Will says it's hard to believe and wishes they could do something. Sonny gets an idea and they walk off.

Jennifer encourages Abigail about Chad. Abigail worries about too much damage.

Kristen takes Sami off to the side and wants to know exactly what she said to Stefano. Sami admits that she told him that he has no one to blame but himself if Chad dies. Kristen questions her. Sami says it's the truth. Kristen says Stefano loves his children. Sami says it doesn't change the fact that he caused this.

EJ walks in to the church behind Stefano as Stefano declares that they are right that he put this in motion. Stefano prays for God to save Chad's life. Stefano adds that he knows somebody has to be punished for what he's done in the past but wants it to be himself. Stefano prays for his son to not be taken away from him. EJ turns and walks out.

Daniel and Cameron work on Chad to try and save him. The nurse asks if she she could call it but Daniel refuses to give up.

Abigail thinks it feels too much like when Jack died. Abigail says Jack was trying to protect her and now Chad was too. Jennifer assures her that it's not her fault. Abigail worries about bad luck and wonders why they have to lose everyone they love.

Kristen tells Sami that it's her fault because Marge went to shoot her. Sami tells her it was actually EJ. Kristen continues to blame her. Sami brings up Stefano bringing Bernardi in to hurt Rafe. Sami insists that this isn't her fault. Kristen keeps saying it is. Sami blames Stefano and hopes this finally makes Stefano realize it.

Daniel continues working on Chad. Cameron and the nurse believe that Chad is gone.

Stefano prays for God to hear his prayer.

Daniel continues working but cannot revive Chad. The nurse prepares to call it when Chad's heartbeat suddenly returns.

Kristen tells Sami to wait and find out about Chad before she starts blaming people. EJ comes back and Sami asks if he's heard anything. EJ thinks back to Cameron telling him that the lie could've cost Chad his life. EJ tells Sami that if Chad comes through this, he will understand the price of being a DiMera. Sami suggests he talk to Kristen.

Jennifer continues to encourage Abigail about working through this together. Abigail apologizes for not telling her about being with Chad but Jennifer says she doesn't have to.

Will and Sonny walk through the town square. Will stops him and asks where they are going. Sonny explains that they are going to grab food from the club and bring it to everyone at the hospital so that they can stay busy instead of just waiting around. Sonny hates that their friend is fighting for his life and they can't do anything. Will says it's a great idea and they go to get food.

A nurse at the hospital helps Sami with the coffee and recognizes her from the papers. She comments that she knows how EJ and Kristen must feel because her brother was in the hospital once and her family was at each other's throats. She tells Sami that she hopes Chad pulls through.

Kristen complains to EJ about Sami making this Stefano's fault. EJ tells her that it is Stefano's fault. Kristen calls him no help at all and asks where Stefano is. EJ tells her that he's in the chapel praying for God to not punish him. Kristen goes to find him.

The nurse mentions getting a pulse. Daniel wants to use the defibrillator on Chad. Cameron asks if he's sure. Daniel worries that without it, Chad may not survive.

Will and Sonny go to the club where cops are taking photos of the crime scene. A cop tells Sonny that he will need to answer some questions and they will have to keep the area clear. Sonny and Will is sent to behind the bar which is not part of the crime scene. Sonny starts making coffee but Will stops and wants to talk to him first.

Sami apologizes to EJ for getting into it with Kristen. EJ says it's okay as she didn't say anything that wasn't true. Sami says she knows Kristen is afraid for Chad too. EJ brings up the story of King Leo, an old man who tries to control his children with his power but instead starts a war and dies holding his youngest child. EJ hopes this will finally get through to Stefano and wonders why Chad got in between he and the bullet.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she feels she's been so focused on JJ that she's left her on her own. Abigail disagrees and says she always had Chad to talk to. Abigail says Chad knew everything about her and she held nothing back. Jennifer comments that Chad is not his father's son.

Stefano continues talking in the chapel about being strong. Stefano says this happened to Chad because he was foolish and vain to test Kate. Stefano regrets throwing Kate out of his life instead of apologizing and saying he loved her as Kristen walks in and listens. Stefano says he started this chain of events. Stefano declares Sami is right that at this point, all his power is useless. Stefano says only God can save his son.

Daniel uses the defibrillator on Chad to try and get his heart back in rhythm.

Sonny complains to Will about Marge and Chad getting in front of the bullet. Will talks about Chad coming into the DiMera family and how apparently he would risk his life for them. Will suggests they make the coffee and get back to the hospital.

Stefano talks about God's son dying to save sinners like him and now it's his turn to pay for his own sins. Stefano promises to make up for what he's done if Chad is saved. Kristen turns and walks out.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she looks forward to getting to know Chad better. Abigail hopes she has that chance.

Sami tells EJ that Chad did it because he's his brother. Sami says she and Eric would do the same and EJ would do the same for Chad. EJ is not sure. Sami tells him that he is sure as he was willing to give himself up to keep her from prison. She asks why EJ is being so hard on himself. EJ reveals that he blackmailed Chad to get him to move into the mansion to make Stefano happy. EJ admits that he used information to make him move in. Sami comments that Chad didn't seem that miserable. EJ feels he forced the issue which is why Chad is fighting for his life.

Stefano continues praying, saying he knows God doesn't make deals with men like him but he cannot lose another child especially because of his own misguided actions. Stefano says if God spares his son, he will do so much good in the world and Stefano will try to be a better man. Stefano prays for that chance.

Daniel gets Chad's heart back in rhythm and pulse steady. Cameron can't believe it. The nurse goes to prepare things. Daniel declares that someone up there is on Chad's side because it clearly wasn't his time to go.

Roman and Hope go to the club. Will and Sonny tell them about making sandwiches and coffee then they exit to get back to the hospital. Roman looks at the crime scene and says it could've been Sami. Roman says maybe he should've came to the celebration even though he detests EJ. Hope says she stayed home with Ciara so they had choicse but had no way of knowing Marge would crash the party with a gun. Hope says she loves Sami but she knows what she's getting if she marries EJ. Roman isn't giving up as they are not married yet.

Daniel exits the OR. Cameron believes someone was watching over Chad.

Kristen encourages Abigail about Chad pulling through. Sonny joins them.

Will joins Sami and EJ and guesses everything is still the same. EJ says the waiting is driving him crazy. Roman and Hope arrive. Roman goes to talk to Sami while Hope hugs Abigail and Jennifer. Hope wants to ask them questions. Roman asks to talk to Sami alone. Daniel and Cameron come out. Daniel announces that Chad has made it through surgery and is being moved to a room now. Daniel adds that the bullet did some damage but Chad made it through and is a fighter. EJ thanks him. EJ says he will go to find Stefano. Abigail hugs Daniel and thanks him. Cameron starts to walk away but EJ stops him. Cameron asks what he wants. EJ thanks Cameron but Cameron doesn't want his gratitude. EJ asks if Cameron plans on using the information he knows to his advantage. Cameron looks at Abigail and says it's the last thing he would do to her. EJ tells him to keep it that way and walks away. EJ walks on into the chapel and finds Stefano. Stefano asks what he has heard and if Chad is gone. EJ informs him that Chad made it through surgery. Stefano tells EJ to take him to Chad and gives the sign of the cross before leaving.

Abigail asks if she can see Chad but Daniel says they don't usually do that. Daniel agrees to try and talk the staff into bending the rules so that she can. Daniel tells the others to wait. Sonny says they just care that he made it. Kristen thanks Daniel for what he did for Chad. Daniel says he will let her, EJ, Stefano, and Abigail in to see Chad. Kristen thanks him. Daniel walks on to Jennifer. Jennifer says it seems like when anyone she cares about has a medical crisis, he's right there. Daniel says he's just doing his job but it seems like more to her. Daniel goes to call Melanie to tell her the good news.

A nurse gives Chad's chart to Cameron. Cameron goes to check on Chad.

Abigail enters Chad's hospital room. Abigail tells him that she can't lose him. Abigail recalls giving him a hard time about wanting to get back together but that's all over now because she knows how lucky she is. She says she's with the sweetest, bravest, most genuine guy in the whole world as Cameron enters.

Kristen excitedly hugs Stefano and talks about Chad making it. Stefano sees Sami so she walks away. Stefano tells Kristen to call Cecily with the good news. Kristen tells him that they will be able to see Chad. EJ approaches looking for Sami then goes to find her. Kristen follows EJ and asks if he thinks Chad will turn out like them. Kristen talks about overhearing Stefano at the chapel and his jealousy which she thinks is a family curse. Kristen asks if he thinks Chad will escape this curse.

Abigail kisses Chad on the forehead. Cameron then turns to exit the room but Abigail sees him and asks if she has to go. Cameron tells her that she can see him tomorrow. Abigail doesn't know how to thank Cameron. Abigail says he and Daniel saved Chad's life. She hugs Cameron and then exits. Kristen and EJ enter. Cameron agrees to give them a few minutes so he exits. Kristen tells Chad that she's glad he stuck around and she loves him. EJ tells Chad that he will never forget that he stepped in front of him and saved his life.

Roman stops Sami to talk. Sami knows what he's going to say. Roman asks if the kids had been at the party or if Marge didn't stop at two shots and killed Sami and EJ. Sami says Marge is locked up now. Roman brings up Sami's past in witness protection because of the DiMeras. Roman compares EJ to Stefano. Roman says she hasn't made the mistake yet so he advises her to think hard about what she's doing and if this is really the life she wants. Roman then exits the hospital. EJ and Kristen come out of Chad's room. EJ hugs Sami and tells her that he's ready to go home as they kiss.

Stefano visits Chad and sits at his bedside thankful.

Will and Sonny return home to be with Arianna. They sit together. Sonny mentions that he called Gabi to tell her about Chad and she said she was exhausted. They talk about miracles as Will holds Arianna.

Cameron walks through the town square and stops, thinking back to breaking up with Abigail and then EJ telling him the truth that Chad didn't have a brain tumor.

EJ, Kristen, and Sami return home to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen goes upstairs to call Brady. Sami decides she's going to sit and think awhile while EJ goes upstairs. Sami enters the living room and sits down, looking back at Stefano's portrait on the wall.

Stefano tells Chad that he will find out soon that what happened tonight happened because of him. Stefano adds that he made a promise with God to spend the rest of his life being a good father, grandfather, and trying to make up for things that he is done. Stefano has a feeling someone will be watching to make sure he keeps his end of the deal.

Sami thinks back to Roman's warning asking her if this is really the life she wants.

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