Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/14/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/14/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi gets off the phone with the babysitter and jokes with Will about all the calls they've made. Chad gets everyone's attention for a speech of his own. Chad talks about not knowing what to do when he first found out EJ was his brother but now knows what it means to have a brother. Chad says EJ has proven what Stefano always talked about and that's how important it is to have family on your side. Chad says EJ has been there for him through tough times and became his best friend. Chad toasts to Sami and EJ. Abigail shouts that there's a gun as Marge appears and fires her gun, shooting Chad.

Hope finishes a phone call in the town square. She turns around to see Ciara practicing being a flower girl, which she says she is going to be for Brady and Kristen.

Eric goes to the hospital and runs into Daniel. Daniel asks him about the name of the woman when he got sick and if it was helpful.

Kristen and Jennifer sit together at the Pub. Kristen asks if she can do anything to help. Jennifer tells her there's nothing anyone can do about JJ and she can't talk about it without wanting to cry. Jennifer wants to be distracted and asks what's going on in Kristen's life. Kristen says something wonderful is going on.

Nicole walks through the town square and stops to think back to talking to Marlena about what she heard about Kristen's affair and concluding that there was something on the flashdrive that Kristen didn't want her to see. Nicole declares that if the flashdrive is gone then Kristen will get away with everything including Brady.

Sami yells at Marge about how she could shoot an innocent man. Marge screams that she wanted to shoot EJ for taking Bernardi away from her. EJ yells at her to shoot him and presses up against her gun as everyone watches on.

Eric tells Daniel that he's still trying to process things. Daniel asks if there's something he isn't telling him. Daniel says they are friends and looks like he could use a friend. Eric says he doesn't understand some things. Daniel takes him to his office to talk.

Kristen tells Jennifer that she wasn't going to say anything until Eric talked to Marlena but she reveals to Jennifer that Eric is going to marry her and Brady as Nicole walks in and overhears.

Cameron and Abigail check on Chad as EJ continues yelling at Marge. Sami yells for him to stop. Stefano watches on in rage. Will and Sonny stop Marge and get the gun down. Stefano screams about what she's done as Marge cries that she didn't mean to hurt Chad.

Hope tells Ciara that Brady and Kristen haven't asked her to be the flower girl. Ciara bets they will and that Eric will marry them and everything will be almost as perfect as the last time Hope and Bo got married. Hope agrees that was nice. Hope gets a call about the shooting and rushes off with Ciara.

Abigail holds Chad as Cameron and EJ check on him. Cameron has Abigail apply pressure to the wound. Stefano calls Marge a stupid bitch. Will holds Stefano back as he warns that Marge will pay for this. Sonny holds Marge back as she apologizes. Sami helps Will hold Stefano back.

Daniel sits with Eric in his office. Eric doesn't know where to begin and says this odd thing happened with Nicole. They get interrupted by a knock on the door. Parker's babysitter Joanna brings Daniel the flashdrive that he found. Daniel talks about wanting to find out who it belongs to. Eric wonders what's on it. Daniel says they are about to find out as he plugs it into his computer.

Kristen talks to Jennifer about Brady and Eric being close and Eric being okay with everything. Nicole sits nearby and listens in. Jennifer promises not to say anything to anyone. Jennifer gets a call from Justin and steps away. Nicole approaches Kristen. Kristen starts to argue with her. Nicole says Kristen's world is about to come down as they are on to her and going to find out what she's hiding. Kristen thinks back to being with Eric and putting it on the flashdrive. Kristen thinks Nicole would be bothered if she truly found out what she's done.

Stefano warns about telling him what to do. Paramedics arrive for Chad. Hope arrives with the police. Will tells Hope that Chad has been shot twice. Sami assures EJ that Chad is going to make it and going to be okay. Abigail worries about the amount of blood Chad has lost. Gabi and Sami hold Abigail and encourage her. Abigail cries that she can't lose him. Sami assures that no one is losing Chad. Stefano comments that Marge better pray that's true. Abigail wants to go with Chad as he's taken away in the ambulance. Gabi follows out with her. Stefano calls for his car to be brought around as he needs to be at the hospital. Hope tells EJ that she'll need his statement. EJ says to get it at the hospital as he exits. Will tells Hope that he and Sonny will give theirs now. Sami approaches Marge about what she's done because of her hate. Marge says she didn't mean to shoot Chad. Sami says Marge has now left Timmy with no one because of what she's done as Marge cries.

Kristen and Nicole argue over Brady. Kristen brings up Eric. Nicole tells her to stop talking about him. Kristen says Eric would never be with her.

Marge is arrested as Sami tells her that this all could've been avoided. Hope orders Marge to be taken to the station. Marge is escorted out, yelling back that Sami set all of this in motion. Sami hands over the gun to Hope. Hope declares the party over and for everyone to clear out. Will and Sonny exit for the hospital. Outside, Sami holds EJ and asks what he's thinking. EJ declares that his brother saved his life by willingly taking the bullet for him. Sami decides they will go to the hospital to thank him. Back inside, Hope looks over the wedding cake now splattered with blood along with the engagement party sign.

Nicole and Kristen continue to argue until Jennifer returns. Nicole tells Jennifer that she's sorry about JJ and hanging out with Kristen won't make anything better. Nicole then walks out of the Pub. Nicole wonders out loud what Eric is thinking by marrying Kristen and Brady. In the Pub, Jennifer comments that it looked like they were about to get into it. Kristen calls Nicole harmless but Jennifer warns her to be careful.

Daniel jokes with Eric about the flashdrive as he loads it onto his computer.

Chad is brought into the hospital as Cameron calls for Daniel to be brought in. Abigail worries to Gabi and wants her to tell her that Chad is not going to die.

Marge sits at the police station. She asks Hope if Chad is going to make it. Hope says no one knows as he will be in surgery for several hours. Roman reveals to Marge that she shot Chad DiMera. Marge questions him being a DiMera.

Kristen tells Jennifer that her affair was the stupidest thing she's ever done but Jennifer is the only one that knows or ever will.

Daniel and Eric prepare to see what's on the flashdrive when Maxine enters and calls Daniel to the OR so he leaves immediately. Eric says that Daniel will have to wait to find out who it belongs to.

Jennifer gets a call from Sami. Sami tells her that she's at the hospital and informs her that Chad has been shot and Abigail is really upset there. Jennifer says she will be right there. Jennifer informs Kristen that Chad has been shot so they rush out of the Pub.

Daniel, Cameron, and Maxine prepare for Chad's surgery. Stefano asks Maxine what is happening. She says she will let him know when she knows everything. Stefano declares that Marge will pay for this. Stefano complains to EJ. EJ tells him to can it and take his revenge somewhere else because everyone else is praying for Chad to get through this and they don't want to hear it. Stefano tells him that he loves Chad but EJ thinks Stefano just loves controlling him.

Hope tells Marge that Chad is Stefano's son. Marge remembers him now as the one that filmed the video of Sami and Bernardi. Roman says Chad didn't want to hurt anyone. Marge says she didn't want to hurt him but maybe now the DiMeras will understand what they took from her.

Will asks EJ if there's any news. EJ says they just took him into surgery. Will talks about spending too much time in the hospital. Will and Sonny go to check on Abigail. Sami worries to EJ. EJ assures her it's not her fault as he looks over at Stefano. EJ says she's not the one who started this. Jennifer arrives and hugs Abigail, who cries about losing Chad. Kristen asks Stefano about what happened. EJ tells Stefano that it's not over yet. Kristen confronts Sami and asks what the hell she was thinking.

Eric sits in the rectory and looks back at the paper with Fay Taylor on it. Nicole enters and says she didn't think he would be there. Eric says the same and asked if she forgot something. Nicole talks about wanting to get things in order.

Kristen questions Sami calling Jennifer instead of her. Sami explains that she called for Abigail. Kristen complains that Sami didn't call her. Sami says she didn't want to talk to her. Kristen blames Sami and says if Chad dies, it's on her. Will and Sonny hug and assure one another that Chad will be fine.

Cameron searches for the treatment that Chad told him he was taking and other effects of it which makes him worry.

Daniel works on Chad and notes ruptured arteries that if he doesn't fix, they could lose him.

Cameron asks Maxine for word from the OR. Maxine shows him the surgical plan. Cameron says they can't give this to him. Maxine orders him to scrub in and tell Daniel. EJ approaches Cameron, asking what's wrong. Cameron tells EJ that if he doesn't tell Daniel about Chad's brain tumor treatment, he could die. EJ stops him and says he can't let him do that.

Jennifer sits with Abigail and encourages her about Chad. Abigail says Chad is more important to her now than ever as she reveals to Jennifer that he was the first guy she had sex with. Jennifer apologizes as she didn't know how close they had gotten.

Sami argues with Kristen but refuses to get sucked into her crap and walks away. Sami goes to Stefano and asks where EJ is.

Nicole complains to Eric about him agreeing to marry Kristen and Brady. Eric says it's not her business. Nicole says it will be when it all goes wrong. Eric tells her to stay out of it but Nicole says she can't when it comes to him.

Hope questions Marge. Marge blames the DiMeras for everything that happened to Bernardi. Hope says he made his own decisions. Marge says he had no choice if it's with Stefano. Hope says there's always a choice and Roman agrees. Marge talks about people ending up dead for going against the DiMeras. Marge bets Stefano threatened them to make Bernardi work for him.

Sami warns Stefano not to start with her. Sami tells Stefano that he has no one to blame but himself if Chad dies. Sami blames Stefano for her shooting Bernardi and putting this in motion with his jealousy over Kate and Rafe. Sami tells Stefano to look in the mirror if he wants someone to blame as she walks away. Kristen goes to Stefano but he walks away. Kristen goes back to Sami and asks what she said to him. Sami says she just told him the truth.

Cameron warns EJ about the treatment he believes Chad is taking and it could kill him. EJ has to admit that Chad is not on the drug and doesn't have a brain tumor. Cameron asks if that was a lie. Cameron calls EJ a disgusting son of a bitch. EJ tells him to take it out later and go help Chad. Cameron warns EJ that the lie could've cost Chad his life.

Stefano goes into the church and sits down. Stefano asks if it's possible that Sami is right. Stefano wonders what he has done.

Eric asks Nicole what she means. Nicole says it's nothing and walks out. Eric sits back down and looks at the paper. Eric decides he's not going to get any answers out of Nicole. Eric then makes a call to the hotel and says he wants to come back one last time.

Roman notes that Marge waived her right to an attorney. Marge says a room full of people saw her shoot Chad and she can't afford an attorney. Hope says the court will appoint her one. Marge is escorted out. Roman tells Hope that Marge was right that the DiMeras never did pay. Hope wonders if tonight will change that.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she didn't want her to get upset. Jennifer just wants her to be happy. Abigail says Chad has to be okay. Jennifer encourages her.

Daniel works on Chad and says he thinks this is working.

Sami joins Will and Sonny. They tell her they are ok waiting. Sami says Chad became a better person after becoming their friend. Sonny feels he could've been a better friend. Will doesn't want to talk about him like he's dead. Kristen takes Sami off to the side and wants to know exactly what she said to Stefano. Sami admits that she told him that he has no one to blame but himself if Chad dies.

Cameron joins the OR. Daniel declares that he thinks Chad is going to make it but the monitors start beeping and Chad seizures then flatlines.

Stefano sits in the church, thinking back to Caroline warning him that karma would get him and then to Sami telling him to blame himself. EJ walks in behind him as Stefano declares that they are right that he put this in motion. Stefano prays for God to save Chad's life.

Daniel and Cameron work on Chad to try and save him. The nurse then announces that they have lost him and that Chad is gone.

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