Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Cameron tells Chad that he's onto him about the treatment he was supposedly getting. Cameron says he's onto him lying about having a brain tumor and that his medical condition is one big lie. Cameron says he called the clinics and it's all coming together that he didn't want Abigail to know because it wasn't true. Cameron says he broke up with her because he was concerned but the lies end today.

Will makes sure the babysitter has their numbers. She goes to check on Arianna as Sonny joins Will and they prepare to go to the engagement party then they kiss.

Rafe talks to Kate at the hospital about being downgraded to a rehab patient but he's still stuck in the bed. Rafe complains about being stuck there. Rafe declares he's breaking out tonight.

EJ calls it a dream come true and says he loves Sami. EJ says she and the children make life worth living.

Marge holds the loaded gun and looks at photos of Bernardi and Timmy. She says she's so sorry and then looks back at the article on Sami being cleared. Marge turns the gun and aims it at herself. Marge then declares she can't and puts the gun down.

EJ jokes about he and Sami's life being boring and kisses her. Sami announces they will announce the wedding date soon. Sami talks about all they've been through over the years and she didn't think it was possible but his love and support lately has made her love him even more. Sami declares that she's learned that EJ is a real man capable of incredible, unbearable sacrifice to protect those he loves from anyone and anything. They toast and the crowd applauds as Stefano watches with a smirk.

Kate tells Rafe that she gets it but he has to look at the bigger picture. Kate talks about when she had cancer and had to recover and wait to start her life again. Rafe admits she brought joy to his life. Kate encourages him about his progress. Rafe doesn't like falling down when he tries to walk. Kate offers to provide homecare but Rafe declines. Kate jokes about Jordan as Jordan then enters the room.

Marge declares that Sami and EJ should be the ones who suffer and know what it feels like to lose. Marge sticks the gun in her purse and exits.

Sami and EJ kiss as Stefano watches on. Will and Sonny arrive, apologizing for being late. EJ tells them that they didn't miss anything and are in time for cake. EJ thanks Sonny for letting them use the club. Will comments that everyone seems to be having a great time except for Stefano. EJ says Sami took care of him. Sami says she just made a little speech. Will is glad and tells her that everyone else is on her side.

Stefano approaches Marlena and says it's nice to bump into her as they haven't had a chance to talk. Marlena thought it was too good to be true. Stefano compares her to Sami. Stefano remarks that they are now family so he invites her to the house for dinner and to see the children. Marlena says never and walks away. Stefano toasts to her and takes a drink.

Abigail tells Gabi that she's going to go find Chad but Gabi stops her and tells her that Cameron asked her to distract her so he could talk to Chad alone about something important.

Chad tells Cameron that this whole thing is none of his business and questions what he was doing checking into him. Cameron questions backing up his lies. Cameron suggests they go inside and tell Abigail the truth but Chad doesn't want her to know anything about this. Cameron says he should've known the whole thing was false. Chad stops Cameron from going back in. Cameron tells him that this lie has to end. EJ intervenes and asks what's going on.

Marge walks through the town square. She stops and pulls the gun out as she looks around.

Rafe jokes with Jordan that Kate only insults people she cares about. Jordan doesn't take it as an insult. Kate is glad Jordan is there and tells her about Rafe threatening to break out. Kate suggests Rafe getting out in the real world. Jordan says she'll have to accompany Rafe so he offers to buy her a beer. Rafe jokes that some time out of the hospital might do her some good.

Sonny tells Will that he's going to check on the bartender to make sure everything is okay and to check on the cake. Will wants him to be his date and not be working. Sonny promises he'll be right back as he walks away. Will then makes a call to the babysitter to check in. She tells him that everything is fine and to enjoy the party. Will hangs up and Stefano approaches, calling him a very devoted father. Stefano tells Will that he's welcome in the mansion any time he wants including Sonny. Sonny rejoins Will. Stefano tells them that they are very fortunate to be together. Sonny thanks him. Stefano says things don't always work out between EJ and Justin but they can bury the hatchet. Stefano walks away. Will comments that he hopes Stefano doesn't bury the hatchet in Justin's back.

Sami thanks Gabi for coming to the party as she knows it must be weird seeing her marry someone other than Rafe. Gabi is glad she's happy. Sami thanks Abigail for coming as well while she's going through a lot. Sami asks where Chad and EJ are.

Chad informs EJ that Cameron is accusing him of lying about his treatment. Cameron insists that he talked to the hospital in LA. EJ questions Cameron how he accuses Chad of lying at his party. Cameron tries to explain. EJ says the doctors were just covering up. EJ warns Cameron that he will personally end his medical career if he pushes this. EJ warns Cameron further and then checks on Chad. EJ tells Cameron that Chad is scared to death about keeping this secret. EJ continues warning Cameron about bringing stress to him. Chad tells EJ that it's alright. Cameron apologizes and heads back inside. Chad tells EJ that was impressive. EJ says there's nothing like righteous indignation to camouflage people. Chad believed everything he said. EJ takes him in for a drink.

Kate and Jordan walk through the town square with Rafe in a wheel chair. Rafe impresses them by turning himself around in the chair. Kate tells him it's good that he builds his upper body strength just in case. Rafe questions if she means in case he's stuck in the chair the rest of his life.

Marlena and Caroline joke together as they talk about Will and Sonny's happiness.

Jordan tells Rafe that there's no reason to believe he'll be confined to the chair with his progress but she's considering all possibilities. Jordan apologizes for suggesting it. Rafe wants her to prove she's sorry by buying him a beer.

Cameron rejoins Gabi and suggests they leave. Sami questions why since they just got there. Cameron says he has work early tomorrow. Sami understands and doesn't want to pressure a doctor into partying into the night. Gabi and Cameron say goodbye to Sami and Abigail. Chad joins Abigail and asks what's going on. Gabi informs him that they are going to leave but Chad says it would mean a lot to him if they stayed. Cameron agrees and Gabi says they'll be right back as they walk on. Abigail asks Chad what's going on and what they talked about outside.

Marge sticks the gun back in her purse and walks on.

Chad tells Abigail that Cameron just wanted to talk about how Theo was doing. Abigail asks why that had to be private. Chad says it was just about him moving back into the Mansion and Abe not being happy but it was good to clear the air. Chad toasts to her and suggests they dance together.

EJ holds Sami as she talks to Will about feeling like a young bride. Sonny joins them and apologizes for the cake not being there yet. Will says that's when they were going to announce the date. Sami looks up and looks worried as Stefano looks over to the door and questions what the hell she's doing here as Kate enters with Jordan and Rafe. EJ walks up to Rafe and shakes his hand to welcome him. Kate says they didn't know this was going on and were just looking for a beer. EJ says they are welcome and praises Rafe as an inspiration. Rafe wants to get out. Jordan starts to take him back out but Rafe sees Stefano and decides they should stick around. Rafe turns back to EJ and says a beer sounds good and he wouldn't want to be rude.

Marge goes to the DiMera Mansion and rings the doorbell. Harold answers and asks if he could help her. She asks if EJ and Sami are home.

Sami questions if EJ should've sent Stefano away before inviting Rafe to stay. EJ jokes about it and says Rafe can say whatever he wants to Stefano. EJ kisses Sami.

Jordan brings Rafe his beer and goes to get Kate a wine. Gabi asks Rafe if he's sure this is okay. Rafe assures her that one beer won't hurt. Rafe jokes about EJ and Sami not looking so happy. Gabi thinks him being there just made them tense. Rafe says he's all about letting bygones be bygones as they look at Sami and EJ. Marlena approaches and says she's so happy to see Rafe out and about. Marlena asks Kate for a second so they step away. Marlena comments on not seeing her on the guest list. Kate says it wasn't her idea. Sami interrupts and finds that hard to believe. Kate admits Sami and EJ are not her two favorite people. Sami doesn't want her to ruin the party and suggests getting Rafe out. Kate says she's looking radiant. Sami says this isn't a good idea after what Stefano did when he found out about them. Kate says Rafe wanted to stay. Sami then says at least Rafe doesn't know what Stefano tried to do to him. Rafe remains seated and thinks back to EJ telling him what Stefano wanted to do. Sami returns to EJ and worries that something awful is going to happen.

Harold tells Marge that they are not home and asks if there's anything he can help with. Harold gets a call and tells of the engagement party cake being delivered and where it's being delivered to. He goes back to the door but Marge is gone.

EJ tells Sami that nobody can ruin their happiness and kisses her.

Will asks Rafe if he's having a good time and admits he's worried about him. Will suggests they go outside for fresh air but Rafe declines. Will says he knows it's hard for him but he genuinely believes Sami is happy. Rafe mocks the idea of EJ changing and Stefano being a good guy. Will suggests maybe today they are but Rafe disagrees. Rafe appreciates Will talking to him and being concerned about Sami's happiness but says he is too. Rafe says Sami defended him when he couldn't defend himself but he can't do that for her.

Marlena talks on the phone outside the party. Will joins her and says he didn't get a chance to say hi and hugs her. Marlena asks how everything is going with Arianna. Will says it's all great and Sami getting out of jail was great too. Marlena is glad to see him happy. Will asks Marlena how she and John are.

Marge walks out of the town square looking at a photo of Bernardi on her phone. She says she's sorry it's come to this but she will make EJ and Sami pay for what they did. Her phone rings and she answers a call from her son Timmy.

Sami sits with Rafe and tells him that she's happy to see him out of the hospital and that he looks like he's doing better. Rafe says he's getting stronger every day and wishes her luck as she walks away. Stefano then approaches Rafe and remarks that he's really lost a lot. Rafe comments that he still has all his working parts. Stefano states that he looks a little pathetic to him. Rafe says Stefano looks like a broken down equipment manager compared to a guy that can still swing the bat. Rafe reminds Stefano that he won't rest until he's on his feet to come after him. Stefano says he'll be waiting but won't hold his breath.

Will asks if Marlena still loves John. She responds that sometimes love isn't enough. Will says they've been through so much together. Marlena says it seems they've become separate. Will asks about counseling. Marlena says that works when one of them doesn't leave the country for Europe. Marlena is sorry to say but doesn't think they can make it work. Will asks if she's okay with that. Marlena says she has to be. Will is sorry and hugs her.

Chad tells Abigail that the cake should be there any minute. Chad asks what he can do to get her mind off her troubles. Abigail says he's doing everything.

Caroline warns Stefano that things will come back to bite him in the ass.

Kate sits with Rafe and asks what Stefano wanted. Rafe says he just wanted under his skin. Kate thinks they should leave then but Rafe says that he didn't succeed. Jordan rejoins them as they start to make their way out but EJ calls for everyone's attention. Marlena and Will re-enter as EJ says he has a few more words to add. EJ jokes that his love hasn't changed in the last twenty minutes. EJ says their relationship has been volatile and intense at times but they've adapted to resolving the conflicts. EJ says they always found their way back to each other. Rafe wants to leave so Jordan begins taking him out. EJ declares it truly the happiest day of his life and kisses Sami.

Marge sits down and tells Timmy that he's always been a good boy but she needs him to listen to his grandparents now and she wants him to know that no matter what, she loved he and Bernardi more than life itself. Marge says goodnight and hangs up as she cries.

EJ toasts to Sami as the love of his life. EJ says this time there is nothing and no one who can tear them apart. Marlena toasts to them and everyone cheers as they kiss.

Rafe says he just had to get out of there from listening to EJ. Kate apologizes for suggesting going there. Rafe says it was fine he just wanted to get out. Rafe was glad to see his old friends and let EJ and Stefano know he'll be back on his feet again. Jordan comments on Rafe having a complex relationship with Sami which Kate laughs at.

Gabi gets off the phone with the babysitter and jokes with Will about all the calls they've made. Chad gets everyone's attention for a speech of his own. Chad talks about not knowing what to do when he first found out EJ was his brother but now knows what it means to have a brother. Chad says EJ has proven what Stefano always talked about and that's how important it is to have family on your side. Chad says EJ has been there for him through tough times and became his best friend. Chad toasts to Sami and EJ. Abigail shouts that there's a gun as Marge appears and fires two shots with her gun.

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