Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/10/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and EJ get ready for their engagement party. They play around and kiss on the bed as Sami jokes about not being late to their own party.

Marge sits alone and says it didn't have to be like this for Sami.

Cameron makes a call from the hospital asking about drug trials for what Chad is supposed to be taken.

Chad decorates the club/coffeehouse for the engagement party. Abigail arrives and Chad asks if she's okay. She talks about being unsure what to wear but Chad assumes her mind is on JJ.

Caroline runs into Stefano in the town square and says she wishes it was just a rumor that he was back. Stefano comments on the broken shop window. Caroline says it's nothing compared to what he's done to peoples' lives.

Eric reads his mail in the rectory and says the only woman's name that checked into the hotel was Fay Taylor. He says Fay is Nicole's mother's name and Taylor is her sister's name. Eric says it doesn't make sense.

Nicole and Marlena discuss things outside the town square and they conclude that Marlena must have gotten Kristen's flash drive instead of her own from her purse. Marlena declares that means there's something on it that Kristen desperately doesn't want seen so they have to find it.

Abigail tells Chad that by tomorrow, he will know all about what JJ did. Chad says someone has to set him straight. Abigail says she'll tell him tomorrow and find a way to make it right. Chad suggests they figure it out together and hugs her.

Cameron is informed that no one outside of Los Angeles is doing the drug trials. Gabi arrives and hopes she's not interrupting. Gabi notes that he looked pretty upset getting off the phone.

Kristen tells Brady that she was on the phone with marketing and suggests they go to the party together as they kiss.

Parker plays at home with the babysitter. He plays with the flash drive but she tells him not to play with that as he found it but it doesn't belong to them.

EJ and Sami lay in bed together after making love and talk about being in love.

Marge sits staring at the article on Sami being cleared. She pulls out her gun.

Stefano suggests to Caroline that they bury the hatchet for one night to celebrate Sami and EJ's engagement. Caroline says Stefano seems like he's on top of the world again. Stefano says that he is. Caroline warns him that bad things will be coming for him as she walks away.

Cameron tells Gabi that he's just dealing with a very confusing case. Cameron mentions Sami and EJ's engagement party and asks Gabi to go with him. Gabi says she already committed to an open mic night at school but she hates that so she'd rather go to the party. Gabi agrees to go with Cameron and meet him there. They say it sounds awesome. Gabi thanks him for the invite and exits. Cameron looks back at his phone and wonders what Chad is up to.

Abigail tells Chad she's done talking about herself and asks him about living in the DiMera Mansion. Before Chad can answer, Stefano arrives and calls it unadulterated bliss.

Kristen meets with the thief outside the town square. He informs her that he doesn't have the flash drive as a cop was tailing him so he threw it off the pier. He assures her that it's in the river. Kristen sends him away. She wonders out loud who could find it at the bottom of the river.

Marlena and Nicole return to the park to search with flashlights for the flash drive.

Brady goes to the rectory and gets his tablet computer that he left. Eric notes his good mood. Brady says getting Eric to marry them put him in a great mood. Brady mentions that he won't tell anyone at the party. Eric says he still has to find a way to tell Marlena. Brady goes to exit but Eric asks if he has a minute to talk about Nicole.

Stefano greets Abigail and tells her that she looks lovely. She thanks him. Stefano talks about how happy he is that he got Chad to live where he's supposed to. Stefano declares that family is everything. Abigail agrees and goes to get some water. Stefano asks if he said something wrong. Chad tells him not to worry about it. Stefano praises Chad's work on the club. Chad credits Sonny and says they are making a profit. Chad goes to check on Abigail. Chad says he hopes Abigail wasn't upset by the family talk. Abigail says it's okay as the whole town knows her family is a trainwreck. Cameron arrives and exchanges looks with Chad.

Eric asks Brady about Nicole's mother's name. Eric thanks him and tells him not to be late for the party. Brady says he will see him there and exits. Eric thinks to himself that Fay Taylor knows what really happened to him that night.

Marlena and Nicole continue to search for the flash drive. Marlena mentions having to give up and get to the engagement party. Nicole comments on not being invited and asks if Kristen will be there. Marlena says she will be. Nicole questions how Marlena can socialize with Kristen, knowing she hired the guy to rob her. Marlena admits it will be tough. Nicole says she underestimated her.

Parker remains with the babysitter and the flash drive lies on the table.

EJ and Sami prepare to leave for the party. They talk about their families coming together for the party. Sami asks what happened to the portrait of them that they replaced Stefano's with. EJ reveals that Stefano is selling it on eBay. They toast their drinks. EJ says they have this one night and then the rest of their lives as they exit together.

Marge writes a letter to her parents, saying she can't go on without Bernardi and what they did to him. Marge writes to them to take care of Timmy and tell him what really happened when he's old enough so maybe he can forgive her for what she had to do. Marge cries as she looks at the article on Sami and pictures of her family. She grabs her gun and looks into the mirror then says not like this. She puts the gun down and gets up.

Abigail turns around to see what Chad is looking at and sees Cameron. She asks what he's doing there. Cameron approaches and says he must be early but EJ invited him. Abigail understands it's a family party and Chad says they are glad he's there. Cameron starts to ask Chad for a moment but Gabi arrives. Chad asks about them being together which they admit. Chad tells them to have a good time. Chad takes Abigail to get some champagne.

Eric goes to his computer to search Fay Taylor. Nicole enters and asks him about still working. Eric says he's just catching up and asks how she is. She says she's fine. Eric thinks she's worked up. Nicole mentions interviewing people to replace her. Eric asks how it's going. Nicole says some are okay but she has a few more tomorrow. Nicole promises to find the perfect person quickly. Eric questions her being in such a hurry to get out. Nicole says she is and just came to grab some things and wil see her later. Nicole grabs a folder and a picture of her mother falls out. Nicole talks about missing her every day. Nicole recalls being with EJ when Fay came back to Salem the last time and she became a protective mother. Nicole talks about having a hard time when she lost her and she's told him most of those things. Eric questions most. Nicole says there are things that she couldn't even tell him.

Marlena arrives at the club for the party. Caroline enters behind her. Marlena looks around for Sami but doesn't see her so she and Caroline go to find a seat.

Gabi talks with Cameron about Arianna but apologizes when she sees Cameron is distracted. Cameron says he's still thinking about the patient his call was about from work.

Chad talks with Abigail and suggests picking her up after class for a drive so they can talk as he keeps his eye on Cameron. Kristen and Brady enter. Kristen jokes about Marlena beating her there. Brady goes to get drinks. Stefano approaches and greets Kristen. Stefano says it's been awhile since they had a party. Kristen says they should have a party for him since he got the family back together and is back in charge.

Caroline asks Marlena what's going on that has her co-hosting the party with Kristen. Sami and EJ arrive to applause from everyone. Sami asks EJ if they have to stay and he jokes about another drink.

Nicole tells Eric that she's sorry, she just didn't expect to see that picture and brought her back memories. Eric tells her not to apologize and he's glad they were close at the end. Nicole mentions working things out with Taylor too. Nicole says she wanted to name the baby that she lost Fay Taylor.

Kristen talks with EJ and Chad and says it's amazing that the place is still standing with all the DiMeras under one roof. EJ mentions that they never know what Stefano has in store. Kristen says he's fine and goes to check on guests. EJ tells Chad that the place looks fantastic. Chad questions why EJ invited Cameron. EJ tells him that Abigail is his date so he wanted Cameron to see how things are. EJ tells him to trust him as he knows what he's doing.

Caroline comments on Cameron and Gabi making a handsome couple. Gabi calls it just their first date. Caroline jokes with Cameron then goes to get a drink. Cameron sees Chad and Abigail exit together so he asks Gabi to do him a favor.

Sami thanks Marlena for everything. Marlena says Kristen had a lot to do with it as well. Sami thanks her for planning it all with her. Marlena comments on Sami becoming Kristen's sister in law. Sami thanks her for all of her support. Marlena just wants her to be happy after all she's been through. Sami hugs her and says she loves her then goes to socialize. Marlena turns around and is startled by Kristen appearing in front of her.

Eric turns away as Nicole asks if she said something wrong. Eric says no and he was just thinking about her dealing with the loss of a child. Nicole admits she went off the rails after that. Eric sits back in confusion. Nicole knows something is wrong and asks what it is.

Kristen asks if something is wrong as she seems upset. Marlena says it's nothing but Caroline approaches and mentions hearing that Marlena was robbed. They asked why she didn't say anything. Marlena says that he just wanted her purse and she didn't lose anything. Kristen calls it her lucky day and walks away.

Chad and Abigail stand outside. Chad offers her his jacket but she says she's okay. She suggests going back inside. Chad asks her about seeing Cameron with Gabi. Abigail says Cameron has the right to date whoever he wants. Chad mentions it being one of her best friends which Abigail compares to Chad with Melanie. Cameron and Gabi come out and Gabi takes Abigail away to show her photos of Arianna. Chad tries to go inside but Cameron stops him and wants to talk.

Sami tells EJ that Will and Sonny are on their way. Kristen and Brady approach. Kristen tells them to enjoy the rest of their day but they are leaving because of work. Kristen tells them that they are so happy for them. EJ mocks Brady being overcome with emotion and walks away. Kristen tells Sami that she went through hell and now will never have to think about the trial again.

Marge sits back down after getting dressed. She grabs the gun and loads it.

Eric tells Nicole that he's just curious about something. Nicole asks him what it is but Eric gets a call. Eric says he'll be there right away. Nicole asks what happened. Eric says a high school student was in a motorcycle accident with a head injury and is on life support so he rushes off. Nicole wonders what Eric was trying to get at and why she keeps asking about her mother.

Kristen asks EJ to let Stefano know that she's leaving. EJ suggests she tell him himself. Sami jokes with her about not telling him. Brady congratulates them and Kristen tells them to enjoy the party as they walk away. Brady tells Kristen that she doesn't have any marketing emergency so he asks what she's up to. Kristen just wants alone time with Brady so they exit together.

Chad questions Cameron about what's so important. Cameron tells him that he's onto him about the treatment he was supposedly getting. Cameron says he's onto him lying about having a brain tumor and that his medical condition is one big lie.

Brady and Kristen go to the town square and Brady gets a message of a real work emergency. Kristen thinks he can wait until tomorrow and they kiss. Kristen says she's never felt so in love before and there's no better feeling than being alone with him.

Parker's babysitter talks to Daniel on the phone, saying she will bring him the flash drive at the hospital.

EJ gets everyone's attention and thanks them all for coming. EJ thanks Chad for holding the party in the venue. EJ mentions cake being on the way. EJ then thanks Kristen and Marlena for throwing the party to celebrate the happiest time of his life. EJ calls it a dream come true and says he loves Sami. EJ says she and the children make life worth living.

Marge holds the loaded gun and looks at photos of Bernardi and Timmy. She says she's so sorry and then looks back at the article on Sami being cleared. Marge turns the gun and aims it at herself.

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