Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/9/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer grabs her keys and goes to leave home but when she opens the door, Daniel arrives and Jennifer tells him that he can't be there.

JJ paces in his cell and thinks back to finding out the truth about Jack.

Roman answers a call from Sami, asking where he is. Roman says he's at the hospital. Sami tells him to stay there and she'll come find him. Roman is in Rafe's room and Rafe asks if he's alright. Roman says everything's fine but the question is if Rafe is alright.

Kate approaches Jordan at the hospital and asks about visiting Rafe. Jordan approves supervised visits after his visitors before. Jordan says Rafe wants to prove himself and channel his anger. Kate asks if they are talking about Rafe or Jordan.

Brady asks Eric if he will marry he and Kristen. Eric brings up the night he got sick at the hotel.

Nicole tells Marlena that she's lucky she was there or else the thief would've taken everything in her purse. Marlena thinks she has everything but realizes there is something missing as the flashdrive lay on the ground nearby.

Rafe asks Roman about being police commissioner again and congratulates him on being reinstated. Roman thanks him and says he's looking forward to Rafe being back. Roman asks about his physical therapy. Rafe says she's good and they are getting to know each other.

Jordan tells Kate that she doesn't take her work personally and she thinks anger is a good motivator as she walks on.

Brady questions what Eric getting sick has to do with marrying them. Eric says he's not being clear and has lately just had some difficulties with scheduling. Brady understands if he needs more time to focus and tells him to let them know when he knows. Eric feels he's being unfair since they want to know and they deserve an answer right now.

Marlena tells Nicole that she's missing her keys. Nicole finds her keys and Marlena guesses that's all they are going to find. Cops arrive about the purse snatching. Nicole tells them what happened. Marlena thinks they found everything. The cops suggests Marlena go and make a statement. Nicole offers to help and make a description as the flashdrive remains on the ground.

Daniel apologizes for showing up without calling. Jennifer says she just had to get home. Daniel offers to do anything he can to help. She thanks him for his concern but says she can't talk to him since he's a potential witness that could be called to testify. Daniel says he would never say anything to hurt her. Jennifer says JJ has been hurt and she's never going to get him back.

JJ thinks back to breaking the window at the town square and then flips the bed in his cell. A cop enters and tells him to calm down. JJ says that he is calm.

Jordan works with Rafe and Rafe asks how he did. Jordan gives him a C. Jordan assumes he thinks he should get a higher grade so Rafe thinks she's getting to know him a little better.

Sami goes to the hospital and congratulates Roman on being police commissioner again. Roman asks the urgency about wanting to see him. Sami wanted to do this in person because it's harder for him to say no to her face.

Eric tells Brady and Kristen that he would be happy to marry them if nothing else comes up. They thank him and hug. Kristen says they have to set a date. Eric then adds that they can't tell anyone about this. Brady asks why not. Kristen asks if he still thinks something will happen to ruin everything.

Marlena and Nicole give their statements to the cops at the station.

In the park, the thief watches through the bushes as the cop finishes talking to a man. He comes out of the bushes and spots the flashdrive on the ground.

Marlena continues giving her statement and starts to say she must've been at the wrong place at the wrong time but stops and Nicole questions why.

Jennifer asks Daniel to just go. She thanks him for keeping JJ from hurting other people and himself but she can't talk to him right now. Jennifer says she needs to focus on so many things to handle and she's hurt JJ terribly so she has to fix everything that's wrong if she can. Daniel wishes her well. Jennifer knows he wants to say things but thanks him for holding back. She says it's her problem that she needs to deal with. Jennifer needs to save her son and knows it will be hard but she's never been so sure of what she has to do. Jennifer declares from now on her children are her only priority. She has to get JJ's jacket to him and shuts the door.

Roman gets a feeling that he isn't going to like what Sami is going to say. Sami says she's inviting him to a party tonight. Roman asks what kind of party. Sami calls it a celebration of her engagement. Roman calls it nothing to celebrate. Sami asks for a chance but Roman says there's no point. Roman says he loves her but marrying EJ and moving in with Stefano is nothing to celebrate but just stupid. Sami thinks he's living in the past. Roman mentions talking to Rafe and says the only reason Rafe is alive is because she was there to stop Stefano's hitman. Roman tells Sami that he won't be excited about it and tells her to enjoy her little party as he walks off. Sami walks on into Rafe's room but only Kate is inside. Kate tells her that Rafe isn't there. Sami accuses Kate of hovering. Kate tells Sami to do Rafe a favor and just go. Sami tells Kate to go first since she made someone come after him while Sami saved his life. Sami accuses Kate of trying to send her to prison when she testified. Kate asks Sami if she still has the gun and warns her that she will need it living in the DiMera Mansion.

Jordan doesn't think Rafe is up to continuing his physical therapy but Rafe insists on proving her wrong. Rafe begins to try and pull himself up. Sami walks up and looks in through the window. Rafe pulls himself up using the bars and tries to go forward but almost falls causing Sami to burst in but Jordan tells her to stop right there.

The thief tries to grab the flashdrive but hides in the bushes as the cop returns talking to his witness about where the thief could've gone.

Eric explains to Brady and Kristen that tonight is EJ and Sami's engagement party and doesn't want their news to overshadow theirs plus he needs to tell Marlena. Kristen wants to have champagne. They mention having things to do and kiss. Kristen thanks Eric and assures him he won't regret it as she exits.

Marlena suggests Nicole looking through mugshots to try and identify the thief. Nicole tries to stop Marlena but she exits while the cop goes to get the mugshots. Nicole thinks Marlena knows something about Kristen and goes after her.

Sami questions what Jordan is doing by not helping Rafe as he falls. Rafe tells Sami to just go so she exits but remains outside the window. Jordan asks Rafe if he's strong enough. Rafe pushes himself to continue all the way and makes it back to his wheelchair at the end. Rafe tells Jordan that he made it and asks if she thought he couldn't do it. Jordan admits she was doubtful but he proved her wrong. Sami watches and then walks away.

Brady asks Eric if he really pushed him about the ceremony. Brady wants him to know that he really wanted his approval and it meant a lot to him. Brady adds that he wanted Eric to see Kristen the way he does. Eric is happy to be able to bless their marriage. Brady thanks him and says they have come a long way and are now so close.

Kristen meets with the doctor who gave her the viles in the park. She worries about Eric still trying to figure out what happened in the hotel. He says he won't remember unless there is some physical evidence like photo or video. Kristen says there's no chance of that happening anymore.

Marlena goes to the coffeehouse which is restricted as a crime scene. Nicole catches up to her and asks if she thinks Kristen set her up.

Rafe feels he will be sore tomorrow in a good way. Jordan says he can start having short supervised outings. Rafe asks her for a grade. Jordan feels he earned a B+ and exits. Sami enters his room and asks how he stands Jordan.

Jennifer visits JJ in his cell. She encourages him that Justin and everyone are going to do everything they can. She asks if he's okay but JJ doesn't answer. She asks if he needs anything. JJ slowly stands and tells her that what he needs is for her to tell him more such as why she never told him and felt he didn't deserve that much.

Eric visits Daniel at his apartment. Eric asks about JJ being arrested. Daniel explains what happened. Eric says he called Jennifer but hadn't heard back. Daniel tells him not to expect to hear back since she's so focused on JJ. Daniel gives Eric something that came in the mail for him from the hotel.

Marlena tells Nicole to stop trying to read her mind. Nicole says she saw the way she rushed out of the station and figured there had to be a reason. Nicole thinks Kristen and Marlena must know something. Nicole says Kristen is about to get what she wanted in marrying Brady so she wonders why she would try to steal her purse. Marlena says that's what she needs to find out.

Kristen talks on the phone to the thief outside the Pub. He tells her about running into some complications. She asks if he got the flashdrive. He tells her that he hasn't but he will soon. She warns him to get it soon as Brady walks up behind her and questions what's wrong.

Rafe tells Sami that he stands Jordan because she's making him better. Rafe doesn't want to hear it and asks what she's doing there. Sami says she's just visiting a friend. Rafe doesn't want her insulting someone she doesn't even knows. Sami starts over by greeting him. Rafe says it's always good to see the person who saved his life and they're glad that nightmare is over. Rafe says speaking of nightmares and asks when Sami and EJ are getting married.

Kristen finishes her call with the thief saying she wants results soon as he says at least Marlena doesn't have the flashdrive and he's found it. Kristen hangs up and tells Brady it was just work as they talk about being excited for their wedding and they kiss.

Nicole and Marlena walk through the town square. Marlena tells her that this is in confidence that she and Victor are working together. Marlena reveals that she heard Kristen say she had an affair and lied to Brady about seeing anyone but she doesn't know who it was or who she told it to. Nicole suggests it was Stefano as she overheard her tell him that there was something that could destroy the marriage. Marlena starts to think Kristen is onto her. Nicole thinks Kristen is trying to set her up but they don't have proof. They wonder why she'd hire someone to steal her purse.

The cop decides to wait around the park area as the thief remains in the bushes.

Eric asks Daniel what the hotel sent in the mail. Daniel says he went for information about the dark haired girl that Eric remembered so it could be in the envelope. Eric thanks him for everything then gets a call that he has to get back to the rectory. Eric tells him to let Jennifer know if he talks to her but Daniel tells him that won't be happening.

JJ wants the truth. Jennifer tells him that he deserved to know about Jack and it was her job to tell him but he was too young in the beginning. Jennifer says Abigail was old enough to understand when she was told. Jennifer says she wanted to tell him but life got in the way. Jennifer talks about Jack disappearing from their lives and coming back while JJ was at boarding school. Jennifer says it was something to explain in person and then Jack died so suddenly and unexpectedly. Jennifer talks about JJ coming home so angry. JJ blames her for having excuses. Jennifer says she was trying to protect him while he grieved for his dad. JJ thinks she took the easy road and lied to him. JJ declares he's not an important part of the family and is not her son anymore. JJ questions if she's saying he wasn't mature enough to know. Jennifer says it just wasn't the right time. JJ talks about what he thought of Jack until he found out. Jennifer talks about the years that have gone by since then. JJ says he trusted her. Jennifer argues that they were not deliberately hurting him. JJ calls her a liar and says they are not a family. JJ declares that they are done. Jennifer tells him that she loves him and they are going to make this right. She places his jacket into the cell and says she loves him as she then exits. JJ kicks his jacket across the cell in anger.

Sami asks Rafe to let it go as she gets that marrying EJ is a big mistake to him. Rafe says it is to the entire universe. Sami asks if he can be happy for her. Rafe asks when the big day is. Sami says it's soon. Rafe tells her to go for it as he's moved on. Sami says Kate has been a very good helicopter girlfriend. Rafe says he was talking about himself and his legs which he's grateful Sami saved. Rafe hopes one day he can pay her back even in a small way. Rafe tells her that her life and what she does is not really his business anymore. Sami stops before leaving and tells him to keep up the good work and getting better as she really does want that for him. Sami then exits the room and exchanges looks with Kate so she goes the other way.

Eric reads his mail in the rectory and says the only woman's name that checked into the hotel was Fay Taylor and he wonders why that name sounds so familiar to him. He then says Nicole.

Marlena tells Nicole about trying to get into Kristen's purse. Nicole didn't know why. Marlena explains that she was trying to download information from her phone to find out who she was telling about her affair. Nicole asks how she does that. Marlena explains the device that Victor gave her but Kristen saw her before she could use it. Nicole begins to worry about a flashdrive.

The cop walks away from the scene as Daniel and Parker come through playing in the park. Parker puts his ball down and picks up the flashdrive.

The thief walks out of the town square and texts Kristen.

Kristen and Brady kiss in bed until her phone rings. She reads a text that says mission accomplished. Brady asks if everything is alright. Kristen says finally the marketing people got something right.

The thief puts his phone away and walks on.

Daniel asks Parker what he has and says it looks like somebody lost something.

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