Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/8/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady has a nightmare about Eric interrupting he and Kristen in bed and telling him that marrying Kristen is a mistake.

Nicole goes to the rectory and Eric asks if she gave leaving more thought and asks if she came to a decision. Nicole says she has.

Kristen sits at the coffeehouse, talking on the phone to a man nearby that she has planning to steal the flashdrive back from Marlena. Marlena then arrives and Kristen says they have so much to talk about.

Hope runs into Kayla at the hospital. Kayla tries to rush off but Hope wants to know what happened. Kayla tells her it's JJ and the worst possible thing happened. Kayla informs Hope that JJ is so upset and Daniel went looking for him so she just has to find him.

Daniel walks by the Pub looking for JJ but finds Rory. Daniel asks if he's seen JJ.

Abigail goes home and calls out to Jennifer that she's home. She goes into the living room and finds Jennifer with the trial transcripts. Jennifer tells her that JJ read it and he knows.

JJ stands in front of the shop window and thinks back to Kayla admitting that Jack raped her. JJ grabs a chair and throws it through the window of the store. JJ grabs more things and throws them as well.

Kristen talks to Marlena about being civilized and a team. Kristen says she's proud that they are trying to see the best in each other. Marlena admires her energy. Kristen talks about things to order for the engagement party. Kristen talks about Sami being free. Marlena says it seems like Kristen has made all the arrangements. Kristen gets a call from the man nearby, who tells her to hurry up since the place is almost empty and there will be no witnesses.

Nicole tells Eric that she's leaving St Luke's and taking the TV reporting job. Nicole thinks she's expendable but Eric disagrees. Eric thinks she's extremely good at what she does and he likes having her around. Eric is concerned about the reasons for her making this move. Eric feels like Nicole is running away instead of towards something. Nicole says she hasn't been proud of things she's done and will regret her mistakes but she's moving on because it's the best thing for her and even better for him.

Jennifer explains to Abigail that Rory and Bev told her JJ was asking questions about Jack and then Adrienne said JJ tried to get it from her. Abigail calls this a nightmare and tries to call JJ but gets no answer. Jennifer wishes she knew where he was.

Daniel keeps questioning Rory about JJ. Rory says JJ is his friend and all but today he was so wacko. Rory says they were in the town square so Daniel rushes off.

JJ punches out a guy who tries to stop him and throws another chair through another window of the shop.

Eric doesn't get why Nicole leaving would be best for him. Nicole says she knows how dedicated he is to his work so having a better assistant would help him out. Nicole tells him that she will find him the best one. Nicole gives her two week notice and will set up interviews. Eric says she doesn't have to but Nicole assures him that she will find him a great assistant. Brady comes in and Nicole then exits. Brady asks what's wrong with her. Eric asks about Kristen. Brady assumes she's on her way.

Kristen wonders where Sonny is to take the party orders. Kristen then remembers she has the pre cana meeting and hurries out leaving Marlena alone as the man at the counter looks at her.

Justin returns home and greets Adrienne, who he notices is distant. Justin asks her what's wrong. She asks if he's talked to JJ today.

Jennifer answers the door to see Kayla with Hope. Jennifer asks if she heard anything. Kayla goes in and wants to sit down but Jennifer just wants her to tell her. Kayla explains that it was like JJ knew everything already. Jennifer tells her that he read the transcripts. Kayla says JJ forced her confirm and she's so sorry. Jennifer tells her not to be sorry as she was the victim. Kayla feels JJ is a victim now too. Jennifer regrets not telling him years ago. Abigail cries as Jennifer feels telling her made them closer but JJ was always away and then Jack died. Jennifer says there was never a good time to tell him. Jennifer asks Kayla about JJ. Kayla said he looked fine but emotionally not so good.

JJ grabs all the copies of Jack's book from the shop window and throws them all over until Daniel tackles him and holds him down.

Hope gets a call that something is going on at the town square so she exits. Jennifer wishes she could contact JJ. Kayla is sure he'll talk to her when he's ready but is just too upset right now. Abigail starts getting tweets on her phone and tells them that a store with Jack's books has been trashed by a young man.

Justin asks Adrienne about JJ being there and hopes he wasn't trying to move in. Adrienne informs him that he's awfully upset about something else. Adrienne thinks back to JJ trying to trick her and tells Justin that she made a big mistake.

JJ yells at Daniel as Daniel holds him down. Two cops arrive so Daniel lets him go. JJ is pulled up by the cops. Hope arrives and asks what happened. The man that JJ punched explains that JJ was trashing everything and punched him. Hope asks JJ what happened but he doesn't answer so she decides to do it at the station. Hope arrests JJ and reads his rights as he is handcuffed.

Marlena waits for Sonny at the coffeehouse. She spills something on her purse so she empties everything out onto the table including the flashdrive. The man steps outside and calls Marlena. Marlena answers the call and the man claims to have a package to hand deliver from John and that he will meet her in five minutes.

Nicole sits at the Pub and interviews a woman for the assistant job. She tells Nicole that she's ready for everything but Nicole questions if she is. The woman informs her that she's a retired nun so Nicole thanks her and sends her on. Nicole says hell no to having a nun as Eric's assistant.

Kristen joins Brady and Eric, talking about how she hates being late. Eric begins the pre cana session. Eric talks about Kristen speaking on how much she loved Brady the last time and then Brady really opened up. Eric thinks they both came in stronger and asks if there's any secrets.

Marlena exits the coffeehouse and the man tries to steal her purse.

Nicole talks to the employment agency on the phone, complaining about everyone she's interviewed so far. Nicole hangs up as the next applicant arrives. She goes over her resume and then immediately says no when she looks at her.

Justin tells Adrienne that JJ played her. Adrienne says he just seemed so sincere but she talked to Jennifer and it turned out that JJ didn't know a thing about Jack and Kayla. Adrienne is afraid of what JJ will do when he does find out. Adrienne gets a call from Jennifer and asks about JJ. Adrienne says they'll be right there and informs Justin that JJ has been arrested so they have to get to the station.

Hope brings JJ into the station and sits him down. Hope says off the record as family, she wants to know what happened. Hope says they can get through this. Daniel comes in and tells Hope that he couldn't get a hold of Jennifer. Hope is sure she's on her way. Daniel says he cleaned up the bystander that was punched and will be fine. Hope asks for a statement on what Daniel saw. Daniel says he was late to the scene. Another man enters and says he saw the whole thing. He thinks JJ should be tested for drugs because he's nuts. Jennifer and Abigail arrive with Kayla. Kayla asks Daniel what happened. Jennifer asks JJ what happened. JJ tells Daniel to go for it since he's wanted him in jail since day one so he can tell them all about it.

The man steals Marlena's purse so she chases after him.

Kristen doesn't know where to start but admits she's always been afraid to trust anyone. Kristen says her previous relationships have been disastrous nightmares and then she fell in love with Brady. Kristen finds she's not as afraid as she used to be to trust. Brady smiles which Kristen calls his way of letting her know that he loves her and she's safe. Kristen says Brady changed her life by making her hope that she can love and have happiness. Kristen says she's actually starting to believe that she deserves those things which is incredible. Kristen says she was keeping secrets and there's something they both need to know that she's been keeping secret.

Justin and Adrienne arrive at the station. Abigail says she knows why but asks JJ what happened. Jennifer asks if he's alright. JJ tells Daniel to go for it and tell them what a piece of crap he is that never does anything right. Justin interrupts, saying he's still JJ's lawyer and tells him not to answer any questions from anyone. Justin suggests everyone just stay silent.

Kristen says she knows they said no more secrets but some things are supposed to be private. Kristen says she knows they have to be honest and she has to be completely truthful like Brady was with her. Kristen admits she did something behind Brady's back that started a long time ago. Kristen is terrified that if she tells him then she might lose him again.

The man with Marlena's purse runs into Nicole in the park and falls down, spilling the purse.

JJ says they all make him sick. Justin warns him that anything he says can be used against him in court. JJ says he doesn't care and maybe he should go to jail. Justin tries to talk to him but JJ yells at him that he's a liar just like the others. JJ says everyone jumps on him because he's the disappointment, screw-up, and loser. JJ says he just turned 18 and Jennifer has been lying him since the day he was born when they all knew. JJ says he knew Jack was a total hero so he thought he had a fantastic father when they all knew the truth and didn't say a word. JJ says they had years to tell him but didn't. JJ calls them all liars and says Kayla finally told him the truth so he's sorry to her for what Jack did as he still can't believe it.

Nicole tells the man to watch where he's going. He yells at her to shut up and keep moving. Nicole complains about him. Marlena yells for someone to stop him as he's a thief so he runs off.

Kristen tells Brady that she went to see a specialist and kept it from him. Brady asks if she's okay. She says it's not like that but she started fantasizing about what it would be like to be pregnant and have his baby. Kristen tells him that she can't have a baby but she wanted to check out medical advances. Kristen says the doctor confirmed it would be a long shot. Brady says he's sorry but he's okay. Brady doesn't understand why she wanted to keep this from him. Kristen didn't want to fail him as she knows what a great dad he'd be and how excited he would be to have a baby with her. Brady says he still is. Kristen assures him that the chances of her having a baby are extremely unlikely. Brady insists he's okay with things and they kiss as Eric smiles.

JJ says he hopes Jack is screaming in Hell for what he did. JJ says at least Kayla had a reason not to tell him but no one else has a pass as they are all liars. JJ declares that he doesn't want anything to do with any of them anymore. JJ says they all think he's a screw-up anyways. JJ says his family would rather have him sleep on the street then let him stay with them. JJ tells Jennifer to shut up. JJ says they are all liars just like Jack. JJ starts kicking the desk at the station until he gets pinned down by the cops. Hope has them let him go and says she has it. Hope informs JJ that he will be spending the night in jail and be arraigned tomorrow. Justin wants to talk but JJ tells him to go to Hell with the rest of the liars. JJ tells Jennifer not to touch him as he's escorted out. Jennifer cries with her family as Daniel looks on.

Eric praises Kristen for her honesty and says the pre cana sessions are working them through any problems they may have. Brady and Kristen are both happy they did it. Brady asks if this means Eric will marry them.

Marlena catches up to Nicole and recovers her purse that the man dropped. Nicole calls the cops on the thief. The flashdrive lays under the bench nearby.

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