Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/7/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/7/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami walk out of the town square and run into Marge, who yells murderer. EJ apologizes and says she saw the truth. Marge accuses them of lying and vows to make them sorry.

Kate questions Jordan about Rafe's therapy and pushing him too hard. Jordan says Rafe had some guests yesterday and she can ask him about it later.

Gabi tells Nick they need to talk about what happened between them. They agree it felt good in the moment but Gabi brings up the consequences. Nick asks if she's trying to say she's pregnant.

Theresa works at the hospital and doesn't think Kayla is happy for her. Theresa asks if she wanted to get rid of her. Kayla says she has other things on her mind. Theresa asks if it's about JJ.

Daniel walks through the town square and sees a picture of Jack above copies of his book through a shop window. Daniel wishes Jack was there because Jennifer and JJ need him.

Jennifer finds Rory and Bev in the park and says she needs to see JJ so she asks them to please tell her where he is.

Adrienne gets nervous and says Jack was always on adventures which was hard on Jennifer and the kids. JJ says he wasn't really talking about that stuff but the other thing with Kayla which causes Adrienne to drop her cup of tea and it smashes on the floor. JJ worries that he upset her. Adrienne says she's just clumsy. JJ asks if they can please talk about what happened. Adrienne asks if he's saying he knows. JJ says he is which worries Adrienne.

Kayla asks Theresa why she would think that. Theresa says Abigail was flipping out about JJ so she assumed. Kayla asks if she's heard from him. Theresa says she hasn't. Kayla tells her to just focus on working and walks away.

Bev tells Jennifer that they don't know where JJ is. Rory mentions that he was trying to find something out about his dad which worries Jennifer.

Adrienne tells JJ that it's not her place to have this conversation. JJ says he can't go to Jennifer, Abigail, or Kayla about this. Adrienne thinks he and Jennifer can discuss it after working things out. JJ says people will talk about Jack's past when his book comes out. Adrienne tells JJ that the only thing he needs to know is that Jack deeply regretted his decision until the day he died.

Nick starts to get excited but Gabi tells him that she's not pregnant. Nick tells her that if she was then he would be there for her. Gabi talks about Arianna not even being six months old yet so she's not ready to do it again for a long time. Nick says they can be careful next time but Gabi says no. Nick asks what she means. Gabi explains that she missed being with him but didn't miss how complicated it made her life. Gabi says she's sorry but she can't handle being anything more than just friends.

Rafe wakes up in his hospital bed with Kate by his side. Kate tells Rafe that she heard from Jordan that he did well and also mentioned visitors. Kate asks if it was Stefano. Rafe tells her that it wasn't. Kate asks who but Rafe says it doesn't matter. Kate thinks he just doesn't want to upset her which Rafe admits. Kate says she's already upset. Rafe doesn't want to tell but admits it was EJ. Kate asks what he wanted now. Rafe says EJ just wanted to rub it in that he was marrying Sami. Rafe wishes luck to him. Kate thinks Rafe was the one rubbing it in. Kate asks who else visited him. Rafe tells her that it was Marge.

EJ warns Marge not to threaten Sami. EJ starts to leave but Sami wants to say something. Sami tells Marge that she's right about her that she's a liar and always has been. Sami admits she lied about knowing Bernardi to cover her ass and everyone does that. Marge is still upset and yells at Sami. Marge accuses them of planting the evidence to set up Bernardi. EJ questions why he would wait months. EJ tells her to focus on her life with her son. Marge questions if he knows what this has done to Timmy since he has to live with people calling his dad a murderer. Marge breaks down crying so Sami hugs her.

Adrienne tells JJ that Jack felt he didn't deserve to be happy or loved after what happened and Jennifer had to convince him. Adrienne says because of that, they have JJ and Abigail. She encourages JJ that he would never do what Jack did. Adrienne says she's not making excuses for Jack. Adrienne mentions that Jack had to admit something at the trial. JJ asks what he had to admit. Adrienne realizes then that JJ doesn't know so she tries to call Jennifer but JJ grabs his things and runs out of the house.

Bev and Rory tell Jennifer that they were going to the library and they encouraged JJ to talk to her but they don't know where he went. Jennifer gets a call from Adrienne, who tells her JJ was there. Jennifer asks if he's okay. Adrienne says he's physically fine but she needs to come over right away so Jennifer rushes off.

Kate is sorry that Rafe had to relive that night. Rafe says it was more traumatic for Marge but he's not looking back. Rafe asks Kate why she's there.

Marge cries about missing Bernardi. Sami suggests she go be with her family. EJ agrees that everyone should take some time to heal. Marge tells him that healing is never going to happen. Marge says her husband is gone forever and his reputation ruined because of them. Marge says they got away with murder and no one gives a damn but her.

Daniel goes to the hospital looking for his missing bracelet. Theresa overhears and pulls it out. Daniel checks with a nurse, who tells him she will let him know if she hears anything. Theresa approaches Daniel and says he was just who she's looking for.

Jennifer goes to see Adrienne. Adrienne tells her that JJ was asking questions but she didn't tell him that Jack raped Kayla when she realized he didn't know but she's afraid it won't be long before he finds out.

JJ goes home with Bev and Rory, assuring them that no one's home. JJ searches through drawers as Rory asks why they are there. JJ unlocks a drawer to find the transcript of the Lawrence Alamain trial that Adrienne mentioned. JJ instructs them to keep a lookout for Jennifer or Abigail as he finds what he's looking for.

Nick asks Gabi if this is about Will and Sonny. Nick says he knows how upset Will was but he'll talk to him. Gabi tells him not to. Nick says she can't let them run her life. Gabi says she's not. Nick says no one thinks they should be together because of what happened. Gabi admits she doesn't have the energy to deal with judging and lecturing. Gabi thinks they should just move on with their lives.

Sami and EJ return home. Sami complains that Stefano is the reason Bernardi is dead. Sami rants about Stefano until EJ kisses her. EJ praises how Sami was with Marge.

Theresa talks with Daniel about Jennifer letting her go. Daniel tells her that she doesn't have to explain to him since it's not his business. Theresa mentions Jennifer having such a hard time with her son but she hopes things get better. Daniel says he does too.

Jennifer tells Adrienne how she and Jack planned to tell JJ together but didn't get to. Jennifer gets a call and asks for the police not to be called as her neighbors saw JJ breaking in with his friends. Jennifer then rushes home.

JJ begins reading the trial transcript. JJ reads that Jack was sworn in and says he doesn't understand. JJ then starts saying no way. JJ tells Rory and Bev to forget it and get out so they exit. JJ declares this can't be true.

Jennifer rushes home looking for JJ but he's gone, leaving the transcript on the couch.

JJ goes to the hospital and finds Kayla. JJ informs her that he knows what Jack did but he needs to hear it from her.

Gabi apologizes to Nick and hopes she didn't lead him on. Gabi wants to still be friends. Gabi knows it's been a crappy year for him but assures him that it will get better. Gabi tells Nick that she's there if he needs anything. Nick says he knows and thanks her. Gabi then exits.

Kate asks Rafe if she's cramping his style. Rafe says he always enjoys her company but doesn't want her feeling guilty. Kate says she's not there out of guilt. Kate explains that she's there to support him and will sit by his side every day until he can leave the hospital. Jordan enters and tells Kate that she wanted Rafe to rest. Rafe jokes that Kate never listens.

Theresa tells Daniel that she owes him a huge apology for coming on really strong when she first came to town. Daniel tells her not to worry about it. Theresa says she was new to town and needed attention. Theresa says it's awkward being around he and Jennifer. Daniel tells her that all is forgiven and he's seen how hard she's trying to start over. Theresa says getting fired was a wakeup call. Daniel gets paged and exits. Karen, the nurse nearby, comments on how nice Daniel is to talk to them. Karen wonders if something's going on based on Theresa's look and the way they were talking. Theresa invites her out to coffee.

Kayla tells JJ to go home and discuss it with Jennifer. JJ says that what he did was done to her. JJ knows it must be hard and is sorry to ask but he needs to know from her because it doesn't make sense. JJ says the transcript said that Jack had to admit. JJ then says it can't be true and that he just did it to put Lawrence away. JJ says he has to know the truth about his dad. Kayla tells him that she's sorry but it's true. Kayla admits that Jack assaulted her. JJ asks if he raped her. Kayla admits that Jack raped her.

Theresa and Kayla talk at the coffeehouse. Theresa says she wanted to lift Daniel's spirits but they're just friends. Theresa says she doesn't want any rumors started.

Gabi goes to the hospital and asks Kate about Rafe. Kate says Rafe is tired and in there with Jordan now. Gabi asks about their talk. Kate asks what she means. Gabi says that Kate was going to tell Rafe that she's in love with him.

Rafe tells Jordan to call him Rafe and not Mr. Hernandez. Rafe asks about his physical therapy sessions. Jordan gives him a B grade. Rafe agrees and says he's happy with that. Jordan tells Rafe that he's ready for the next step, extending his sessions to the real world and he will be moved to the rehab room which excites Rafe. Rafe asks if that means he can go home for good soon.

Sami and EJ lay in bed together. EJ suggests skipping their engagement party so they can make love all night long. Sami calls it a wonderful plan for tomorrow but she won't miss their party. EJ mentions that Stefano will be there. Sami says he's everywhere since they live with him now. EJ thinks his bad karma will be balanced out by Eric's good karma and her family being there. EJ asks if she told Roman about the party. Sami promises she will but is just getting up the nerve. EJ says Sami has a knack for getting what she wants and they resume kissing.

Kayla tells JJ that this was a really long time ago and she hurt Jack. Kayla says she could never justify what he did but JJ needs to understand that Jack was a very different person then. Jack yells at her that he doesn't want to hear anymore. Daniel interrupts and asks what's going on. Kayla says they are okay but JJ says they aren't and he storms out.

Nick remains at the Pub sitting alone. He says Gabi has no idea how happy they could be if they just got out of this town. Nick promises not to give up on them and make all of their dreams come true.

Kate tells Gabi that she never said that. Gabi says she may not have used those words but it was obvious. Kate wants Rafe to concentrate on getting better. Gabi thinks Rafe would have more motivation if he knew how she felt. Kate says he has plenty of motivation. Kate tells Gabi to enjoy her visit as she exits the hospital.

Jordan tells Rafe that she can't tell him when he will be able to go home. Rafe wants an estimate so Jordan responds two years. Rafe refuses then realizes she was joking. Jordan says only he can determine when he gets out. She tells him to take it easy and get some rest as she exits.

EJ and Sami remain in bed. EJ asks if she's okay because she's quiet. Sami says she's just thinking about Marge. Sami doesn't know what she would do if she ever lost EJ and kisses him. EJ tells her not to worry because he's not going anywhere as they continue kissing.

Marge stands over articles on Sami and photos of Bernardi at her home. She opens up a box with a gun inside then looks back at the article on Sami.

Daniel asks Kayla if she's alright and what JJ did. Kayla says it's not JJ's fault as he just heard some upsetting news. Kayla is afraid of what JJ might do next. Daniel decides to go after him.

JJ walks through the town square. Rory tries to stop him but JJ doesn't want to talk and keeps walking. JJ stops at the shop window with Jack's photo inside above copies of his book.

Jennifer searches the house for JJ and then finds the transcript on the couch and worries about JJ.

JJ stands in front of the shop window and thinks back to Kayla admitting that Jack raped her. JJ grabs a chair and throws it through the window of the store.

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