Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami talk at home after coming down stairs about their first night back at the Mansion. EJ thanks Sami for understanding the arrangement. Sami apologizes about before and tells EJ that he did the right thing. They kiss until the doorbell rings. Sami answers the door and Will arrives to ask if they have lost their minds.

Chad has a nightmare about Abigail finding out that he lied to Cameron about his tumor and wakes up in a panic. Chad declares that she can never find out.

Kayla stands at the hospital and thinks back to JJ questioning her about Jack. Anne approaches and asks her why Jennifer is not at work again. Kayla walks away.

Jennifer looks out the window at home. Abigail suggests eating if they aren't going to eat. Jennifer worries about JJ being alone in the street. Abigail notes that JJ is not answering his phone. Abigail says JJ asking about Jack and Kayla complicates things even more and she worries about JJ continuing to ask until he gets an answer

JJ sits at a restaurant with Rory and Bev. JJ says that he is looking for the truth about his dad.

Sami tells Will to trust her. Will asks why she's still living there. EJ says to blame him. Will wants one of them to tell him why they are living with Stefano.

Abigail and Jennifer look at old pictures. Jennifer says she left a message for Kayla. Jennifer doesn't want to speculate on what JJ does or doesn't know. Jennifer says it's been awhile since they've talked about what happened with Jack. Jennifer wants to know if Abigail still thinks about it and if it hurts the same.

JJ explains that he talked to Abigail and Kayla and felt both were hiding something. Rory comments on what a hero Jack was considered. JJ finds something on his phone and says it can't be true.

Sonny and Gabi are with Arianna at home until Gabi's phone rings and Sonny asks if it's Nick.

Nick sits in the town square hoping Gabi picks up.

Sami takes Will into the living room to talk. Chad comes downstairs and asks if heard Will's voice. EJ informs him that Will is having a heart to heart with Sami. Chad suggests they do the same thing.

Theresa arrives at the hospital and tells Anne that she's ready to work on making Jennifer miserable. Theresa says she will have a marvelous time having Jennifer go down. Anne tells her that it won't happen today because Jennifer took another morning off. Anne complains that Jennifer treats her job like a hobby. Theresa wants to use her absence to their advantage and she wants to work on Daniel. They joke about it. Theresa says she knows how to get Daniel's attention and they talk about how humiliated Jennifer would be.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she feels like it was such a long time ago when they talked about what happened. Jennifer says what happened with Kayla was the biggest regret of Jack's life. They talk about Jack taking full responsibility and living with the guilt. Abigail mentions Kayla living with it too. Jennifer says they waited until Abigail was old enough to tell her but Jack died before JJ was old enough. Abigail wishes JJ found out the way she did from them because she worries about him finding out the wrong way.

JJ goes over looking through old news articles to find information on Jack. JJ says none of the older stuff is digital so he's frustrated. Bev suggests the library but JJ says he already checked. JJ wishes Jack was alive to tell him. Bev suggests asking Kayla and Rory suggests Abigail but JJ says he won't be talking to them again since they will cover it up. JJ says it has something to do with Kayla. Bev mentions that Jennifer must know and suggests asking her to tell him what the deal is.

Gabi doesn't answer her phone and goes back to playing with Arianna with Sonny.

Nick leaves a message for Gabi, saying he'd love to see her today and for her to call him when she gets the chance. Nick adds that he'd love to see Arianna too and hangs up. Nick sits with his laptop, sending in modeling information for Gabi to agencies anywhere but Salem, saying the further they are from there the better.

Marge sits alone looking at the article of Sami being cleared and declares she won't let her get away with this.

Will goes over Stefano trying to send her to prison and trying to have Rafe killed so he questions why she's living in his house. Sami calls it EJ's house and she loves EJ. Will questions her feeling forgiveness for Stefano and if she forgot he tried to kill Rafe. Will thinks holding a grudge is appropriate.

Chad tells EJ about his nightmare and he's now terrified of Abigail finding out that he lied to her. Chad says she would never forgive him and he can't live with that because he thinks he's in love with her. EJ says they will just have to make sure it doesn't come out then.

Theresa tells Anne that she touched a nerve with Jennifer when talking about Daniel's apartment. Theresa asks where he is. Anne says he's in surgery and they talk about Daniel looking hot. Anne jokes with her about surgery. Anne tells Theresa that she'll get her chance to make a move with Daniel and says they have time to plot their next move. Theresa says she does have an idea.

JJ says he can't trust Jennifer to tell him the truth. Rory suggests he should try to call and ask. Bev agrees but JJ says Jennifer has no idea who he is anymore. Bev suggests other newspaper or magazines. JJ declares that he just found a way to find out what Jack did and rushes off.

Chad worries to EJ that he can't pull this off. EJ says he's already helped him by moving him into the mansion. EJ thinks it will be easier to pull off his lie from there.

Sami tells Will that it's not okay what Stefano did to Rafe and almost did to her but EJ made the ultimate sacrifice for her. Will asks what he gave up. Sami tells him that he gave up everything and made a ton of promises to keep her out of prison. Will apologizes and understands. Sami agrees it's a mess and not ideal but it was a trade off that had to be made. Sami tells Will that no one can know about this. Will asks if she's prepared to live like this. Sami says she can handle it and believes the kids will be okay. Sami says she wouldn't have a say if she was in prison. Will asks if she hates it as much as he does. Sami says more as no one hates it or Stefano more than she does.

Theresa asks Anne for access to the doctor's lockers. She says there's something of interest in Daniel's and she wants it while he's out. She whispers to Anne but Anne says it's impossible and illegal but likes the idea so she goes to the lockers.

Jennifer tells Abigail that the timing is awful for JJ to find out about Jack since he's so vulnerable and angry. Jennifer says they have no idea what JJ knows. Abigail says either way they just have to be there for him and she just wishes they knew where he was. The doorbell rings so they rush to answer it and it's Kayla.

JJ goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and sees Adrienne. She tells him Justin is in court but JJ says he came to see her.

Gabi's phone rings again and tells Sonny that it's Nick who keeps leaving her voicemails. Gabi says she can't avoid him forever so she should just tell him that there's no future. Gabi says she doesn't want to hurt his feelings but doesn't want to be a jerk. Sonny suggests telling him now before he sees her with Cameron. Gabi agrees and says it's just hard. Gabi listens to the voicemail and says Nick wants to see her. Sonny suggests she go see him and he's sure that Nick will blame he and Will for everything. Gabi says she won't let that happen. Sonny knows it's a complicated relationship. Gabi says she cares about Nick but has to find a way to tell him that it's over and to let him down easy.

Nick sends in Gabi's modeling information and says he's guaranteed Gabi a job so he should probably get a job himself.

Will sits with Sami and tells her that he knows a deal had to be made and he's happy she's out of prison but asks if EJ really has to honor his promise to Stefano now that it's all done. Sami tells him to understand they don't have a choice. Sami asks Will if he'd walk away from Sonny in a similar situation. Will admits he wouldn't. Sami says she had to do this and hopes Will accepts it. Sami says she has to be there for EJ as she loves him and they hug.

EJ finishes a call and tells Chad that his medical records have been authenticated and will now fully illustrate his treatment and illness. Chad thanks EJ and they hug. Chad still doesn't like the idea of lying to Abigail forever. EJ tells him that there is never a good time to tell his girlfriend that he lied to her ex boyfriend. Chad agrees. EJ says if he loves her then not living in truth is a small sacrifice to keep her.

Abigail greets Kayla and then decides to go to the hospital to pick up paperwork for Jennifer. Abigail exits. Jennifer tells Kayla not to take it personally as they were just talking about the past. Jennifer asks Kayla what happened. Kayla explains that she went to the park to find JJ to try and convince him to come home. Kayla goes over how JJ started saying all these untrue things about Daniel and how great Jack was and she let it slip that Jack was no saint. Jennifer understands. Kayla feels it was wrong and wishes she could take it back. Kayla says JJ started asking for details but she just left. Jennifer tells her that JJ went to Abigail and she knows he won't let this go.

Adrienne tells JJ that she knows he's been asking for a place to stay but he can't stay there because he needs to go home and make up with Jennifer. Adrienne says they all love him and are upset about this. JJ says he's seeing everyone's side of it and after thinking about it, he really wants to go home. JJ adds that he appreciates what Justin has done for him. JJ declares he wants a fresh start. Adrienne is proud of him and goes to make him a sandwich to celebrate. JJ stops her and says there was another thing that went down that has been throwing him off and he has to deal with it before he goes home. JJ hopes she can help.

Sami is glad that Will understands. EJ enters and Will tells him that he knows the sacrifices he made so he thanks him. EJ hugs him and Will hopes one day Stefano will pay for all the people he's hurt. Will says goodbye and exits. EJ suggests they get some fresh air. He kisses Sami and they exit together.

Sonny goes to the coffeehouse with Arianna. Chad jokes about bringing her to a bar. Sonny says Will is going to be meeting them after handling things. Chad mentions seeing him at the mansion. Sonny says Will and Sami will work things out. Sonny informs Chad that Gabi is meeting with Nick to tell him the truth.

Gabi goes to the Pub to meet with Nick. Nick sees her and imagines her being excited that he got her a job and agreeing to share their life together. Gabi goes to him and Nick thanks her for meeting him.

Anne returns to Theresa and gives her a bracelet from Daniel's locker. Theresa goes to check if Jennifer came to work and finds Abigail in her office. Abigail questions what she's doing there. Theresa says she had HR forms to give her. Abigail says she's not here. Theresa bets Jennifer is a wreck about JJ and asks how he's doing.

JJ asks Adrienne if she's talked to the family but she hasn't. JJ shows her Jack's book. Adrienne says she's so proud of him for it and wishes he was there to see it. She asks what this has to do with what's going on with he and Jennifer.

Jennifer asks Kayla to keep it between them because she needs to find JJ. Jennifer says if JJ has to find out the truth today then so be it because she's failed him so many times that she can't do it again.

JJ tells Adrienne that with his book coming out, everyone's been talking about Jack's past including everything he did.

Nick sits with Gabi and says he has so much to tell her but Gabi cuts him off and says she has to talk to him about something important.

Sonny tells Chad that he would let JJ stay on the couch but he doesn't want to rock things with Gabi and Will since things are good. Chad understands and says he'd let JJ stay at the mansion but doesn't think anyone should unless forced to. Chad goes back to work. Will arrives and greets Sonny with a kiss. Sonny asks about his conversation with Sami. Will says he didn't find out much other than that Sami loves EJ and will do anything for him which is how Will feels about Sonny then they kiss.

EJ and Sami walk out of the town square and run into Marge, who yells murderer.

Abigail warns Theresa to leave JJ alone especially today. Theresa asks her what's so special about today but Abigail just walks out of the office.

Jennifer finds Rory and Bev in the park and says she needs to see JJ so she asks them to please tell her where he is.

JJ asks Adrienne if she's okay. Adrienne gets nervous and says Jack was always on adventures which was hard on Jennifer and the kids. JJ says he wasn't really talking about that stuff but the other thing with Kayla which causes Adrienne to drop her cup of tea and it smashes on the floor.

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