Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/3/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami talk outside the town square. Sami says the kids went with Lucas and Caroline to the park. EJ says they are probably wondering why they aren't in Chicago. EJ adds that they are always happiest when with them. EJ talks about Sami walking out. Sami says she has to explain. EJ refuses to give up on them.

Chad goes into the living room where Stefano asks him about his room. Chad says it's fine. Stefano welcomes him home.

Cameron tells her to take care and goes to leave but Abigail stops him and asks why he lied to her. She thought they were friends and asks why he didn't tell her the whole truth.

Daniel sits at the Pub with Parker and Maggie. Daniel thanks Maggie for helping out. Maggie says she'll always be there for Parker. Maggie asks how Jennifer is. Daniel says he has a proposition.

Theresa says they like the same men but she just throws them away so someone has to pick them up. Jennifer warns her to listen up.

JJ asks what Kayla knows about Jack and why it sounds so bad. Kayla has flashbacks to Jack being aggressive with her from when she was raped.

Stefano tells Chad that he's glad EJ talked him into moving in. Chad says it's not his call. Stefano questions if he's disappointed in his decision. Chad says it wasn't his decision as EJ didn't leave him much choice.

Cameron doesn't know what Abigail wants him to say. Abigail tells him to tell her what he's been trying not to say. Cameron thinks back to arguing with Chad and isn't sure what she means. Abigail says that Cameron said they didn't have time for a relationship due to his work but now all of a sudden he has time to date Gabi but not her.

Jennifer talks to Theresa about trying to get a rise out of her with Daniel. Jennifer talks about JJ going through a tough time so Theresa needs to stay away and let him heal.

Kayla apologizes to JJ and says she shouldn't have said anything. JJ questions what she was going to say. Kayla says she was just frustrated and tells him to patch things up with Jennifer. JJ feels for the first time in his life that Kayla is lying to him.

Daniel tells Maggie that he wants to take Parker to visit Melanie in Europe and wants Maggie to go with them. Maggie calls it a family reunion and would love to be apart of it. Daniel wants to go as soon as possible. Maggie thinks it sounds like running more than a vacation. Daniel says the holidays are coming. Maggie thinks Daniel doesn't want to be alone.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she's what JJ needs right now. Jennifer argues that she's the opposite. Jennifer accuses Theresa of grabbing onto anyone but ending up dragging them down. Jennifer says she feels sorry for her but won't let her pull JJ under. Jennifer walks off into her office. Theresa follows her and tells her she's wrong as she doesn't know a thing about her or JJ. Theresa says Jennifer is the last thing JJ needs.

JJ believes Kayla was about to say something that makes Jack look bad compared to Daniel. Kayla says she's not there to sell him on Daniel. JJ talks about Jennifer and Abigail resenting Jack always leaving but he understands leaving this town. JJ asks Kayla if there's more that she wants to tell him about Jack.

Cameron tells Abigail that he and Gabi are just friends. Abigail questions if they are not dating. Cameron calls it no big deal and says there's no reason to be jealous. Abigail says she's with Chad and happy and she's happy for Gabi too. Cameron asks what the problem is. Abigail says he's the problem for not being honest and he could've just said if he wasn't interested in her. Cameron says he couldn't say that because it wasn't true.

Stefano tells Chad that family can be very compelling. Chad agrees. Stefano thought EJ would be there by now. Chad says he saw him earlier and he went to find Sami after a disagreement on where to live. Stefano tells him not to worry as they'll both be back soon.

EJ tells Sami to listen and says he understands things seem impossible but he can make sure she's safe. Sami doesn't want to go through this misery. Sami yells at him to stop second guessing her. EJ tries to get through to her but Sami tells him to shut up and give her a chance. Sami admits she's embarrassed to have walked out on him. Sami declares he doesn't have to beg her to come back because she's not going to let him live there without her. Sami sits with EJ and admits that she panicked as she was desperate for things to be normal for them. Sami talks about EJ fighting to get out from Stefano and he won but then he gave it all up for her. Sami asks how she could walk away from him when he did that for her. They say they know how difficult it is for each other. Sami says nothing else matters as long as she has him.

Stefano invites Chad to a game of chess but he is not interested. Stefano asks about Abigail. Chad says she's good. Stefano asks if Cameron is still a problem. Chad laughs about Stefano even knowing about it. Stefano says he has to know what's going on with his children all the time. Chad jokes about being tailed. Stefano asks if he needs help with Cameron. Chad thanks him but says Cameron has backed off and Abigail is his.

Abigail doesn't understand. Cameron says maybe he wasn't clear but he is putting his career first so he felt they could only be friends for now. Abigail questions for now. Cameron doesn't know why they are having this conversation since she's with Chad and happy and he's happy for her. Cameron then exits. Abigail gets a text from Chad that he moved into the mansion and wishes she was there. Abigail then looks at Jack's book, takes her things and exits.

Kayla tells JJ that she didn't come to talk about Jack at all but about his family being worried about him. Kayla tells him to call Jennifer and then walks away. Rory arrives and tells JJ that he found a place to crash for the night. Rory notes JJ's mood and asks what's wrong but he says it's nothing.

Daniel tells Maggie that he just wants Parker to meet Melanie. Anne walks by and sits at the counter. Maggie doesn't want to jump in and make things worse. Maggie notes that Daniel doesn't seem very happy these days. Daniel says no matter what he does with Jennifer and JJ it's the wrong thing. Maggie questions Jennifer feeling the same way which Daniel assures. Maggie says it's clear that he still loves Jennifer and she gets the feeling that he really is letting her go. Daniel says he is despite not wanting to but there's nothing he can do. Daniel asks Maggie to think about the family reunion which she agrees to do. Maggie says she'll check with Victor and Daniel thanks her. Anne walks away after listening.

Theresa complains about what a drag Jennifer is. She talks about JJ wanting to impress her and bringing her home but then Jennifer walked in and treated him like a child. Theresa says Jennifer makes JJ feel so small like she doesn't see him for who he really is. Theresa adds that JJ said Jennifer only cares about herself. Jennifer argues that she won't talk about her personal life. Theresa tells her that JJ is doing fine without her. Theresa talks about JJ putting on an act for Jennifer but still loving her and then she wasn't there for him. Theresa says JJ was heartbroken over Jack. Jennifer yells at her to shut up. Jennifer says she won't listen to this garbage. Jennifer says Theresa knows nothing about JJ or Jack. Theresa responds that she knows JJ hates her now. Jennifer warns her to stay away from him or else she'll have more trouble.

EJ and Sami kiss. EJ still wants to take her away to Chicago. Sami thought he only wanted to get her away from Stefano. EJ says it's to celebrate her freedom. Sami thinks they should go home and talk to Stefano. EJ asks why she would want to do that. Sami wants to lay down some ground rules. Sami says EJ promised they would live there but didn't promise that she'd be happy about it. EJ is unsure of this being a good idea but Sami thinks it could be fun and they kiss.

Chad declines Stefano's chess game. Stefano encourages him to practice his skills but Chad says he doesn't need any ruthless get rid of your enemy skills. Stefano brings up him getting rid of Cameron. Chad realizes he did that and declares he is a DiMera. Stefano tells him to be proud of that. Chad says that might take another day or two as he walks out.

Abigail approaches JJ in the park. Abigail surprises him with Jack's book. JJ excitedly wants to buy every copy in town. JJ says it's like a piece of Jack that will be there forever so he won't be forgotten. Abigail talks about how good the book is. JJ gives it back but Abigail tells him that it's his.

Jennifer tells Theresa to get out of her office. Theresa picks up a copy of an article on Daniel and starts to talk. Jennifer warns her about talking about JJ but Theresa says it's not about him but about Daniel.

Stefano continues his chess game while listening to Flight of the Valkyries. EJ and Sami walk in and Stefano says it's good to see them. Sami turns off the music and says she has a few things to say. Sami says they will live there but won't be sitting at the dinner table as they have schedules and lives. Sami brings up the music. Stefano turns it back on and says this is the music he loves and if she doesn't like it, she will use ear plugs as she does not dictate to him.

Jennifer tells Theresa that Daniel won't like her. Theresa brings up photos of Daniel she's seen and being at his home and being touched on Daniel's sofa.

Daniel tells Parker to be good for Maggie. Parker hugs Daniel goodbye. Kayla comes out from the back and asks the waiter where Caroline is. She's informed that she and Lucas took the kids to the park and Kayla does not want to go back there. Daniel approaches and asks if she's alright.

JJ thanks Abigail and says she has no idea how much it means to him especially after a day like today. She asks about today. JJ says he knows Jack did some sketchy stuff in his life but asks if he ever did anything off the charts bad. Abigail asks where this is coming from. JJ says he had a weird conversation with Kayla about Jack and stuff he did.

Stefano tells Sami that he will see her and the entire family for dinner. Sami tries to say that they weren't going to be there but Stefano exits. Sami shuts off the music and complains. EJ says they won't beat him head on. Sami

Cameron runs into Chad at the town square and talks about boosting his immune system. Cameron asks Chad about his doctor and if he's sure about his treatment. Cameron says according to his research those trials are only happening in LA.

Abigail asks JJ what Kayla said. JJ said she got mad about comparing Jack to Daniel and says that Kayla blurted out that she should know that Jack wasn't a saint. JJ adds that she didn't say anything else but she was jumpy. Abigail says Jack wasn't a saint and everyone is jumpy because they don't want him to be homeless in the park. JJ tells her not to worry about him. Abigail says she won't if he comes home but JJ says he can't deal with Jennifer yet. JJ thanks Abigail for the book and says it's exactly what he needed. Abigail tells JJ that they want him home and tells him to take care as she exits.

Kayla tells Daniel about running into JJ at the park. Daniel asks what happened. Kayla mentions JJ's attitude about Daniel. Daniel knows he's the problem. Kayla assures him that he didn't do anything wrong.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she knows how to make men happy and she should try it sometime. Jennifer tells her that it's sad the way she operates because she believes in her potential. Jennifer says if she would use her brain and taken advantage of all of her chances then she could've shined but right now she's wasting everyone's time including her own so she will never get what she wants. Theresa says they will see about that and exits the office.

Chad tells Cameron that his information is faulty and sometimes DiMeras get special treatment. Cameron asks about not wanting his family to know. Chad says he didn't but EJ figured it out. Chad tells Cameron to leave it alone as he has EJ now. Cameron promises to keep his privacy.

Sami questions Stefano pretending like he didn't try to throw her in prison and doesn't care about her. EJ tells her that getting in Stefano's face is not the way to win. Sami doesn't want Stefano to treat EJ like a slave. EJ thinks Stefano is grateful to have him around. Sami is worried about EJ being sucked back in. EJ insists that he will be fine. EJ says they just have to give him the illusion of a family. EJ says he couldn't do this without her. Sami kisses him and talks about almost having it all. EJ says they will have it again in time.

Theresa and Anne meet at the coffeehouse. Anne assures Theresa that Daniel and Jennifer are over for sure as she overheard him at the Pub. Anne says she'll make sure Daniel doesn't leave town. Theresa talks about Jennifer not being over Daniel. Theresa says Jennifer would not be happy if Daniel was with another woman. Anne says Daniel used to be a player but not anymore so she won't get him. Theresa says she doesn't have to sleep with Daniel but just have Jennifer think she did.

Abigail goes to see Jennifer and explains giving her Jack's book in hopes of convincing JJ to come home. Jennifer thanks her. Abigail says that's not what she came to talk to her about so she asks what it is.

Kayla and Daniel talk about JJ missing Jack. Kayla says Daniel isn't a monster while Jack was all too human. Daniel asks what it is but Kayla rushes off saying she has to get back to work.

JJ sits in the park reading through Jack's book. Rory returns and says they are all set with a place to crash. Rory then questions JJ reading a book. JJ informs him that his dad wrote it. Rory says that explains JJ's look. JJ says it's just something happened when Jack was alive and he doesn't know what it was but it definitely wasn't okay. JJ says he is going to find out.

Abigail tells Jennifer that JJ is asking questions about Jack. Jennifer says it's not surprising. Abigail clarifies that JJ is asking questions about Jack and Kayla.

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