Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/2/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/2/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami says they don't need the mansion and can let Stefano have it. Sami says as long as they and the kids stick together then they'll be fine. Sami wants to get as far away from Stefano as they can as she never wanted to live there anyways. Sami wants to go pack but EJ stops her and says he's sorry but he can't let her do that.

Sonny talks to Gabi at the coffeehouse and tells her that he thinks she and her date are going to have a great time as Cameron arrives and they smile at one another.

Chad goes to see Abigail, who greets him with a hug as she cries.

JJ talks to Bev in the park about Daniel knowing they were in his apartment. Bev tells him not to be so sure that Daniel won't rat them out.

Daniel makes a call about having his locks changed until Parker calls for him.

Jennifer and Kayla talk at the hospital about JJ until Anne and Theresa approach. Theresa tells them that she's not going anywheree.

Lucas goes to the Pub with the kids and Johnny tells Caroline that they are going to Chicago with Sami and EJ.

Sami tells EJ that they can move out and wants to go pack but EJ tells her that they cannot move out of the mansion. Sami insists but EJ tells her that they have to live there. Sami argues against until realizing it is part of the deal. EJ says giving Stefano everything wasn't enough. EJ says he didn't want her to go to prison for the rest of her life. Sami understands he would've said anything as they were both desperate but he can't expect her to live with the man who was going to send her to prison. EJ says he will live there because he gave his word.

Bev and JJ talk about Daniel not telling on them. Bev wishes they could go back to his apartment and asks JJ where he's going to sleep tonight.

Theresa informs Jennifer and Kayla that Anne got her a new job at the hospital. Anne says she has a unique skillset. Kayla notes that she didn't approve but Anne reveals she got her a job as hospital security which Jennifer laughs at. Kayla calls Theresa her second last chance. Theresa says she just needed to work for the right person and now has a chance to make things right.

Gabi tells Cameron that she knows Sonny pushed him to ask her out but Cameron says he didn't need any pushing. Sonny jokes with them as they laugh with one another which makes Sonny smile.

Chad sits with Abigail as she talks about her dad and reading his book. Chad informs Abigail that he's moving into the DiMera Mansion today. Abigail calls it soon. Chad knows she hates it. Chad asks about Jennifer. Abigail says she's not there so they are alone.

Kayla agrees to let Anne make the call in her department but wants Theresa to meet the same standards as any other employee. Jennifer goes to her office. Kayla insists that this is Theresa's last chance with no more excuses. Theresa promises not to let her down. Kayla wishes her luck and suggests she stay away from Jennifer as she walks on. Theresa thanks Anne for believing in her. Anne sends Theresa to work on a special project. Theresa goes to Jennifer's office. Jennifer tells her to go away but Theresa says that won't work. Jennifer says she's not her problem until she screws up again. Jennifer tells her to leave but Theresa says they have unfinished business.

Sami questions EJ giving his word to Stefano and says he's lied to him a million times. EJ calls this different and says he's trying to keep her safe which is easier to do if they are in the mansion to keep an eye on Stefano. Sami thinks he's just trying to justify it. EJ reiterates that he gave his word. Sami asks what that means. EJ says he gave his word as a DiMera. EJ says he would've done anything to set her free. EJ reveals that he got down and begged Stefano for her. Sami wants to go talk to Stefano but EJ stops her and says she will do no such thing. Sami questions EJ giving her an order. EJ tells her to breathe before she lashes out. Sami says she can't because there's no air in the mansion. Sami questions what this is doing to EJ and what it will do to the children. EJ states that he's done enough begging to last a lifetime. They argue as Sami feels that EJ's word means more to him than her and their children. EJ asks if she's listening. Sami says she's heard every word and that the only reason they are staying there is because of him. Sami questions him trading everything in for that. EJ says there are not many lines he would not cross for her but he gave his word. Sami says he's choosing the DiMeras while she chooses their family. Sami asks him to come with her. EJ repeats that he can't. Sami says EJ can't live in the mansion without her. EJ says he doesn't want to but he gave his word. Sami doesn't want to hear it and says she will send someone to get her things as she storms out.

Chad and Abigail kiss. Chad asks about what's going on with her family. Abigail says it's just drama. Chad says it won't scare him off. Abigail says wherever he is is where she will be as they continue kissing.

Daniel sits wtih Parker as he plays with his new train set until Parker says Jennifer.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she missed her shot and will now find out that payback is a bitch. Jennifer questions her and says she won't get revenge and will be lucky to last two weeks. Jennifer tells Theresa to stay away from her and her son as Theresa exits. Theresa tells Jennifer to dream on.

JJ asks Bev to crash at her place but she says no way. She wishes she could but can't because of her dad. Bev gets a call from her dad so JJ says he will call her later and Bev exits as Kayla approaches. JJ says it's good to see her and that he's been worried about Jennifer. Kayla mentions Jennifer is worried about him too. JJ says he's made a mess of things and really wants to fix it so maybe she can help.

Anne goes over things with Theresa and tells her that her one job is to make Jennifer's life miserable on a daily basis. Theresa is glad to have a clear goal. Anne says it won't be easy. Theresa thinks they just need to get under skin and she'll start to mess up. Theresa mentions Jennifer being protective of JJ. Anne says she is of Daniel too.

Daniel talks to Parker about Jennifer having a son too who needs her a lot so they might not see her but they will still love and miss her.

Jennifer goes through papers on her desk and finds an old drawing that Parker made for her.

JJ tells Kayla that he thinks they need a couple more days until Jennifer can hear him. JJ says he can't live in the park but doesn't know where to go. JJ suggests staying with Kayla but she stops him and says she won't get in the middle of this. Kayla says he will have to work things out with Jennifer but JJ thinks Daniel has turned everyone against him.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse and talks with Sonny. Abigail talks about being happy with Chad. Sonny says it looks like everyone might be happy even Gabi as he points her out with Cameron.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ hoped it was Sami but is glad that Chad delivered on his promise. Chad asks EJ what's going on. EJ informs him that Sami left for good as she refuses to live with Stefano. Chad says they can't blame her.

Sami goes to the Pub where Johnny and Allie greet her with hugs. Sydney wants her doll but Sami forgot it. Caroline takes the kids to get ice cream. Lucas asks Sami what's up with her. Sami responds that EJ lost his mind and she's afraid that she's lost him.

Cameron and Gabi sit together and talk as Cameron wants to hear more about Arianna and suggests they all hang out sometime. Sonny apologizes to Abigail for pointing out Cameron but Abigail feels he should be happy too.

JJ argues with Kayla about Daniel. JJ thinks Kayla sides with Daniel because they are friends. JJ calls Daniel scum and asks how she can't see it.

Theresa approaches Daniel at the hospital with forms for him to sign. Theresa mentions getting a new job and is surprised Jennifer didn't tell him. Daniel takes the forms to sign.

EJ tells Chad that he can blame Sami for not staying since she's the reason. EJ stops and tells Chad to go upstairs and unpack. Chad wants to know what he was going to say she was the reason for. Chad realizes EJ made a deal for Stefano to reveal the evidence that cleared Sami. EJ says he couldn't let her go to prison. Chad understands which EJ is glad to hear. Chad is surprised all Stefano wanted is for them to live there. EJ calls it the first order of the day but he made sure that he took care of business. EJ says he paid for it in blood and treasure with everything.

Sami explains to Lucas how EJ said they all have to live there together but she can't as it would be a toxic nightmare. Caroline sits with them and feels lost. Lucas explains to her that EJ wants her in the DiMera Mansion with Stefano. Lucas is glad that Allie doesn't have to live there anymore. Lucas asks if they are breaking up but Sami says they aren't because EJ will realize she is right and come to his senses. Sami admits they are in love but asks how EJ can expect her to do this as he would never ask her to if he really loved her.

Chad goes over Stefano's deal. EJ pours them drinks and they toast to welcoming Chad home which Chad sarcastically calls one big happy family.

Lucas tells Sami that she shouldn't let EJ bully her and she's doing the right thing. Lucas encourages her to hang in there as he steps away. Sami tells Caroline that Lucas agreeing with her is making her think she's wrong. Sami wants Caroline's opinion. Sami thinks it would be an insane nightmare to live in the mansion. Caroline says it doesn't make sense but questions why EJ is insisting it. Sami says it's because EJ told Stefano he would and promised him a lot of things to get Stefano to provide the evidence to clear her. Caroline realizes EJ gave everything he had and promised to live in the house. Sami repeats that it wouldn't make sense. Caroline states that she understands EJ giving his word meaning something.

Chad tells EJ it's unbelievable that Sami doesn't get what he did for her. EJ says Sami wants him to leave with her and double cross Stefano. Chad says it wouldn't be the first time but EJ reiterates that he gave his word and Sami has no sympathy. Chad understands giving his word. Chad asks EJ why he was so okay with him lying to Cameron. EJ calls that different as Chad took what he wanted from Cameron and never gave his word so all is fair and love and war. Chad understands EJ did what he had to do. Chad tells EJ that he still loves Sami so it can't be over yet. EJ feels Sami storming out meant it's done. Chad assures him that it's not over yet. Chad tells EJ to make his case and Sami will get it. EJ says maybe in time but Chad says now while everything is still mushy. Chad encourages EJ to do it. EJ thanks him and says it's good to know he cares. Chad adds that he doesn't want to live in the mansion without the kids around. EJ says he doesn't either and thanks Chad with a hug as he then exits.

Jennifer comes out of her office and stops when she sees Daniel. Theresa walks up past Jennifer and approaches Daniel, who is looking at a photo of Parker on his phone. Theresa comments on it and asks if he has more photos. Theresa smiles at Jennifer as she angrily watches them together.

Kayla argues with JJ about Daniel. JJ says Daniel is not half the man that Jack was. JJ shouts that it's pathetic and calls Daniel a son of a bitch. Kayla shouts back that she knows better than anyone that Jack was no saint.

Sami questions Caroline taking EJ's side and thinking she is wrong. Caroline explains that EJ made a promise and sacrificed everything for her. Sami says she knows that and that's what makes her crazy about Stefano. Caroline goes over this being the man that she plans to marry who loves her so she should want to know that EJ can keep a promise. Sami says to Stefano is another thing entirely. Sami doesn't want him in the mansion and she's worried that it will destroy EJ if he gets sucked back into that life. Sami worries that it will change him but he's hellbent on staying there. Caroline tells her that she has a choice to make. Caroline walks away as EJ then enters the Pub.

Gabi tells Cameron that she has to get going to take over for Will on watching Arianna. Cameron says he will cover the bill. They hope to see each other again soon as Gabi exits. Cameron runs into Abigail, who comments that it looked like he was having fun. Cameron tells her to take care and goes to leave but Abigail stops him and asks why he lied to her.

Daniel shows pictures of Parker to Theresa until he gets paged by a patient. Theresa says she'll find him later as Daniel walks away. Theresa approaches Jennifer and tells her that Daniel is so nice and hot too. Theresa says they like the same men but she doesn't throw them away.

JJ admits Jack wasn't a saint. Kayla tells him to forget it but JJ refuses and questions what she meant by she should know better than anyone. JJ asks what she knows about Jack.

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