Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/1/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes home on the phone with Lucas, discussing bringing Allie over. Sami hangs up and hears Stefano in the living room. Sami storms in as Stefano is replacing his large portrait on the wall. Sami questions what the hell he's doing there.

EJ talks about how humiliating it must be for Rafe to be stuck in bed and about him lying under oath. Rafe mocks EJ for being jealous of what he had with Sami that he has to come get in his face. Rafe says he actually has pity for him.

Justin sits at the coffeehouse and is joined by Adrienne. He thanks her for meeting him. Adrienne says she was happy he called. Marge interrupts and questions if they are celebrating destroying her family.

Eric asks Nicole what's wrong. Nicole says she has to leave. Eric questions it. Nicole informs him that she got a good offer from an old producer friend. Nicole thinks not being here would make her happy.

Marlena meets with Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion as she holds the flash drive. Victor assumes they have nothing. Marlena goes over having to get close enough to Kristen to get her phone. Marlena says she failed once and won't get a second chance. Marlena tells Victor to accept the flashdrive device won't get them what they want.

Kristen meets with her video editor outside the town square. She tells her that she no longer needs the video so she wants her to destroy it completely. Kristen hands her the flashdrive but she informs her that it's not the right flashdrive. Kristen argues that it can't be. She assures Kristen. Kristen feels she must be mistaken.

Marlena tells Victor that she loves Brady but she has to be there for her kids. Victor says Sami is acquitted so what's the problem. Marlena says it's Eric who is going through something and won't talk about it. Victor thinks he can talk to God. Marlena feels he doesn't understand. Victor questions her and says they are about to run out of time to stop the wedding.

Kristen's video editor continues to assure her that it's not the same flash drive. Kristen worries that this means the flash drive is out there and recalls Marlena giving her purse back.

Nicole talks about Eric giving her a job and she will never forget it but she thinks she really needs to move on. Eric asks why. Nicole doesn't think it's a big deal. Eric says he likes working with her and looks forward to seeing her every morning. Nicole tells him not to say that and says maybe she should be honest with him. Eric asks her to stop being hesitant with her. Nicole says he means the world to her and she's afraid that what she is about to tell him will permanently turn him against her.

Kristen goes over saying she knew Nicole wasn't drunk and was in on this with Marlena. Kristen tells her editor to stay available as she needs some time. She agrees and walks off. Kristen wonders why Marlena hasn't done anything with the flashdrive and if she's waiting to use it against her or if she doesn't know what she has. Kristen worries about having time.

Marlena tells Victor that he's the expert at sneaking around. Victor says Marlena being inexperienced is why it has to be her. Marlena says she doesn't know anything about flashdrives and knows Kristen's defenses will be up. Victor says they have to bring Kristen down as family. Victor guarantees an opportunity will present itself.

Justin apologizes to Marge but she doesn't want to hear it. Marge complains about Sami going free. Adrienne asks Marge to go talk in private but Marge tells her she should be embarrassed. Marge accuses Adrienne of working with Justin all along. They argue that it wasn't like that. Marge believes Adrienne cooked up a scheme to bring the video to the prosecutor. Justin says Adrienne is not her enemy. Marge complains about protecting her son. Justin tells her the truth about Bernardi came out in court. Marge yells that they ruined her and her son's life. Marge declares that she won't give up as people need to know the truth about Bernardi and all of them as she storms off.

Sami argues with Stefano at the mansion.

EJ and Rafe continue to argue. Rafe suggests he go home to his bride to be and says maybe they will actually make it through the wedding this time unless Sami tries to blow his head off again. EJ says Rafe has been a thorn in his side since the day he came to town. EJ wishes Sami wasn't there to save Rafe's life. EJ makes fun of what Bernardi was going to do to Rafe leading to Rafe grabbing EJ by the tie.

Sami tells Stefano that he has 30 seconds to get out or she'll call EJ. He tells her to go ahead and see how surprised EJ really is. Sami doesn't want to believe it as Stefano laughs.

EJ pulls away from Rafe and comments on his progress. Rafe says nobody deserves scum like him. EJ gets a text from Harold that Stefano is home and rushes out. Marge runs up trying to get EJ's attention but misses him. Marge then turns and enters Rafe's room, believing they got to him too.

Nicole recalls first finding out that Eric was a priest and how she thought he wouldn't make it. Nicole says she looks up to and respects him but there's something between them that she can't look past. Eric wants her to tell him so they can work it out. Nicole then says that it's Kristen and Brady. Eric questions her leaving because of them. Nicole declares Kristen is going to ruin Brady's life and talks about Eric being okay with it. Nicole says he may think it's best but she can't watch him condone that relationship when it's going to hurt Brady. Nicole says now she has to do what she thinks is best. Eric says he's doing this to find out what is really going on between them. Eric says he's working with them to find hope. Nicole disagrees.

Marlena goes to her office and finds Kristen at her desk. Kristen tells Marlena that they should have a little talk. Marlena puts down her purse and the flash drive falls out as she says she won't be there long as she has no idea what she wants. Kristen brings up her proposed truce and suggests they throw a party together to celebrate Sami and EJ's engagement. Marlena questions that being what this was all about. Marlena gets a call and says they can do this another time as she exits. Kristen goes back to searching her desk

Justin and Adrienne talk outside the town square. He says she didn't deserve any of that. Adrienne tells Justin that he's a good man and Bernardi did what he said. Justin says Marge was just looking for someone to blame. Adrienne admits she screwed up big and should've come to him right away with the video. Adrienne says she was too proud and stubborn and doesn't know what happened. Justin understands that she was worried about his involvement with EJ and Sami. Adrienne asks where they go from here.

Rafe tells Marge that he knows what she's dealing with now. Marge questions if Rafe lied for the DiMeras in court as she saw EJ coming from his room. She asks if EJ just paid him off. Marge accuses him of lying and says she knew how he and Bernardi were friends. Marge says Rafe lied for his slut of an ex-wife. Rafe tries to say he understands her hard times. Marge screams that her life is a wreck because of he and Sami. Marge slaps Rafe until Jordan rushes in and pulls her off.

Sami says this can't be happening. Stefano says it is. Sami thinks Stefano is trying to talk up EJ being in on this but not telling her. Sami shouts that Stefano is out of the house and their lives which EJ made sure of. EJ then slowly walks into the room.

Marge yells about Rafe lying about being Bernardi's friend and questions how much the DiMeras paid him. Jordan threatens to call security but Rafe tells her not to as it's over. Marge goes to leave but Rafe wants her to sit and pull herself together. She tells Rafe that he shouldn't have done that to Bernardi as they were friends and then she exits. Jordan asks Rafe if he's okay. Rafe says he's a hell of a lot better than she is.

Stefano apologizes to EJ and says he thought he told Sami everything. Sami asks what everything is. EJ says he was going to explain everything to Sami in Chicago after putting the kids to bed. Sami asks if he thought she would kill Stefano when she found out. EJ wanted it easier to digest the news. EJ explains that it's been since the day she was cleared.

Eric tells Nicole that they have disagreements but she is a permanent fixture there. Nicole mocks the idea as Eric tries to find the words. He says they are a team and he doesn't know what he would do without her. A little girl comes in and tells Eric that the radiator is linking. Eric says he's busy so they can call the maintenance man but Nicole assures him that the teacher will want him so he exits. Nicole sits down and prays until Father Matt enters and asks what's wrong. Nicole responds everything.

Kristen continues searching Marlena's desk and says she has to have it in there so she can go home free and then she spots it on the desk.

Justin talks to Adrienne about EJ pulling every trick in the book during the trial but as a husband, he understood he was trying to save the woman he loves. Justin feels he would've broken the rules too if it was for Adrienne or their kids. They agree that there's no guarantee that they both won't screw up. Adrienne wonders what to do now. Justin mentions where he's staying at the club so he's thinking about moving back home. Justin says he's in if she is.

Father Matt is sorry to hear Nicole is leaving and says she's been such a positive there. He suggests other jobs at the Parrish but Nicole doesn't want Eric to feel like she's his responsibility. Father Matt tells her that they will miss her around there as he then exits. Nicole starts to cry and says she'll miss being there too.

Rafe assures Jordan that he's alright. Rafe explains who Marge was and how she was a good wife and mother. Rafe is okay with Marge wanting to make things his fault since she has it worse than he does.

Stefano decides EJ and Sami have a lot to talk about so he exits the room. Sami goes after EJ saying she asked him what happened to get her free. EJ says he wanted her to enjoy her freedom. Sami cries about walking into their house and seeing Stefano. Sami goes over the trial and realizes the anonymous tip was from Stefano and they only found the razor because EJ had to make a deal with him. EJ says it was either that or she went to prison for the rest of her life so he had no choice. Sami says Stefano got his house back and asks what else he had to give him. EJ admits he gave Stefano back everything.

Kristen gets up but Marlena returns and says Kristen still hasn't found what she's looking for. Marlena says she has patients and has a meeting. Kristen tells her that they can throw Sami and EJ a party they'll never forget as she rushes out. Marlena comments that Kristen is up to something but not a party.

Eric returns to the rectory and finds Nicole packing her things. He asks if she accepted the job offer. She says no. Eric asks for her to sleep on it and he'll go along with whatever she decides. Nicole agrees but wants the rest of the day off. Eric asks if she's leaving so she doesn't have to listen to him ask about what happened at the hotel since she always comes up with an excuse to not talk about it and now she's leaving permanently. Nicole says she doesn't know anything about what happened that night and then quickly exits. Eric wonders out loud why it gets her so upset.

Marlena joins Victor at the Pub. Victor asks what happened. Marlena recalls him saying an opportunity would present itself. Marlena tells him that Kristen was going through her desk and jokes about Kristen wanting to throw a party. They wonder if Kristen is onto her. Marlena thinks they will just have to be very careful from now on.

Kristen meets with her video editor outside the town square again. Kristen tells her that she saw who has the flashdrive and they could ruin everything. Kristen says she will do whatever it takes. The editor asks if she's going to kill anybody.

Jordan says she scheduled Rafe for an afternoon workout but he was beat up after this morning and what just happened. Rafe insists he can do it as he wants to get out and has someone he has to deal with.

Sami can't believe EJ gave everything back. EJ says he would do it again in a heartbeat. Sami apologizes, saying it happened because of her. EJ reminds her that Bernardi was there on Stefano's orders and the razor disappeared on his orders too. Sami says Stefano was willing to send her to prison for the rest of her life just to get everything back. Sami says they don't need the mansion and can let Stefano have it. Sami says as long as they and the kids stick together then they'll be fine. Sami wants to get as far away from Stefano as they can as she never wanted to live there anyways. Sami wants to go pack but EJ stops her and says he's sorry but he can't let her do that.

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