Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/30/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/30/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will tells Sonny that he should've told him about Nick. Sonny says he's bitching and complains about all he's put up with from him. Will questions him as they start to argue but EJ arrives and says he thought they were more mature than this.

Kate and Gabi talk at the hospital. Gabi asks if she came to see Rafe but Kate says she had a board meeting as Rafe made it clear he did not want her hovering. Gabi asks if she made it clear how she feels about him.

Jordan finishes working with Rafe. Rafe doesn't say anything so Jordan asks what's bugging him.

Nicole looks back at Miles business card at the coffeehouse. She gets up and runs into Daniel at the counter. She asks him what's going on. Daniel tells her to ask Jennifer as he's staying out of it. Nicole tells Daniel that she wanted to talk to him about Eric and asks how he's doing.

Brady admits it still hurts him to know how Kristen preyed upon him and that he was attacked to further her plan. Eric starts having flashbacks to the hotel at Brady's words. Brady questions trusting someone who wanted to harm him as Eric jumps up and Brady asks if he's alright. Eric says he's fine but he remembered something he forgot to do but he won't be long as he rushes out. Brady doesn't buy it and says he wasn't fine at all.

Daniel asks Nicole why she doesn't just ask Eric. Nicole says she can't. Daniel asks if Eric said he can't talk about it. Nicole says no. Daniel doesn't think Nicole would stop until she got him to open up. Nicole says she also knows when to cut her losses.

Eric leans against the wall frustrated, saying he was so close again.

Brady wants to go check on Eric but Kristen is worried about what Brady was saying, thinking he was saying that all of their efforts were for nothing. Eric returns and Brady checks on him, noting that he's pale. Eric apologizes for leaving and walking back in. Brady asks what just happened. Eric says something just struck him.

EJ tells Will and Sonny not to fight in front of Arianna and asks what's wrong with them. Will tells EJ that Nick is sleeping with Gabi and Sonny didn't tell him about it. EJ questions Sonny keeping that from Will. Sonny reveals that Gabi threatened to move out and take the baby then questions what they would've done in that situation.

Kate tells Gabi that she doesn't want to be lectured about her emotions. Gabi mentions them breaking up before his attack but she knows Kate still cares. Gabi says Rafe can be clueless when it comes to talking about his feelings. Kate likes that Rafe didn't want to talk about feelings and admits they were happy together. Gabi asks if Rafe is happy with the way things are now but Kate doesn't know which Gabi says is her point as she exits.

Rafe tells Jordan that he's just beat after physical therapy. Jordan thought he'd be happier about making progress. Rafe notes that it's the first time Jordan has encouraged him. She says it's not about her. Rafe thought she was supposed to be like a coach but he doesn't know what she's thinking. Jordan tells Rafe that he's doing an amazing job and she's really happy about it as she then exits his room. Rafe calls it an admission of feelings and suggests maybe she's not a robot after all.

Daniel questions Nicole refusing to ask Eric himself. Nicole just wants to know but then says forget it as she just cares. Daniel continues to question Nicole not talking to Eric. Nicole doesn't think Daniel would get it even if she explained. Daniel suggests maybe he does.

Kristen questions what Eric was struck by. Eric says it was what Brady was saying. Kristen felt struck in a different way and gets upset. Kristen declares she's overwhelmed and starts to leave but Brady gets her to sit back down. Brady says he knows it's difficult but also important for their future. Brady declares that he's not done. Brady goes over what he was saying before. Brady talks about having an agenda at first too and how he wanted Kristen out of everyone's life then he got to know her and she made him feel alive again. Brady says he forgot about his agenda because he fell in love with her just like she did with him. Brady talks about shutting her out and tells Kristen that she deserves much better.

Will admits he's a jackass and apologizes to Sonny, saying he should've known that he wouldn't keep something from him without good reason. Will asks if Gabi can take Arianna and leave. EJ says there's no law against it. Will blames Nick. Sonny thinks Gabi could've been bluffing so maybe she didn't mean it. EJ calls it a generous interpretation of her motives. Sonny says maybe they are too busy with other things instead of being there for her so she's lonely and turns to Nick. Will calls Nick a nutjob.

Kate visits Rafe and says she has a few meetings before her meeting but thought they could talk. Rafe tells her that she doesn't need an excuse to come see him. Kate asks about therapy. Rafe says he's not taking things for granted since he can lift his legs again. Rafe mentions that Jordan is starting to change and he actually thinks he's starting to get through to her.

Nicole asks Daniel what he gets. Daniel thinks Nicole is ready to move on. Nicole says she can't put anything past him. Daniel thinks working with Eric has been a good healing time for Nicole. Daniel says it can't be easy for her. Nicole shows him the business card from Miles that said she could have her old TV job back if she wanted. Daniel is happy for her. Nicole asks if he thinks she's deserting Eric in his hour of need. Daniel says no but he's a little worried about her.

Brady talks about getting over being betrayed to live with the person you love. Brady says he will do anything to not lose Kristen as he loves her that much. Brady calls her his love and his soulmate and he thanks God for her every day. Kristen holds back tears as she asks if Brady really meant all of that. Brady assures her he meant every word.

EJ tells Will that he knows where to find him if Nick causes any more problems. EJ suggests he listen to Sonny and talk to Gabi. Will agrees. EJ mentions his wedding. Will asks if they have set a date. EJ says no but they are taking Sami and the kids to Chicago tonight on a surprise trip. EJ calls it a much needed escape for them and tells them not to fight anymore as he walks away. Will apologizes to Sonny and they hug and say they love each other.

Krisetn and Brady hug as she apologizes for the way she acted before as she doesn't understand. Kristen says she doesn't have any more doubts. Eric decides it's a good time to wrap up. Kristen mentions having to run to a meeting. She kisses Brady and thanks him then exits.

Daniel talks about when Nicole first started working for Eric. Nicole admits she felt safe there. Daniel thinks it had been a blessing so he'd hate to see her stop feeling safe. Nicole thinks he sounds like Eric when saying that. Daniel says she has been a help to Eric but the experience also made a huge difference in her life. Nicole asks if he thinks she's going to backslide without the job. Daniel tells her to just think about what she really wants. Daniel gets paged back to the hospital. Daniel tells her to just call him if she ever wants to talk more. Daniel exits. Nicole looks back at the business card and says thinking about what she wants is the whole problem.

Will apologizes to Sonny again. Sonny tells him that it's over and in the past. Will jokes with him and says he hopes there's not another fight. Sonny says every couple fights. Will notes that Arianna fell asleep so the zoo will have to wait and they will go home. Will wonders what to do about Gabi. Sonny suggests texting her to meet him at home and they can figure it out together.

Gabi meets Jordan. Jordan talks about Rafe being glad to move again and encourages her to be supportive. Gabi asks if she only works with Rafe since she never sees her around. Jordan says she's new in town and doesn't know anyone that rushes off to the physical therapy room. Gabi then gets the text from Will asking to talk now and wonders what now as she exits.

Kate asks Rafe if he and Jordan are becoming friends. Rafe isn't sure about that. Rafe says Jordan is the only one who can tell him if he's making progress. Kate thinks it's good that she won't be so cold anymore. Rafe thinks she's starting to open up. Kate calls it lovely. Rafe apologizes for going on about himself and asks Kate what she wanted to talk about. Kate says it wasn't important anyway and she has to get to her board meeting. Kate tells him to keep up the good work as she's happy for him and then she exits and sees Jordan at the counter.

Eric tells Brady that he was moved and impressed by the things he said and how Kristen reacted. Brady asks if this means he will bless their union. Eric suggests asking God for help on what's best for him. Eric tells Brady he can't do it yet. Brady asks why. Eric responds "Kristen."

Kristen talks with Daniel at the hospital. She mentions going ahead with fertility treatments. Daniel congratulates her. Kristen thinks it's worth a shot given how she and Brady feel about each other.

Gabi returns home and asks where Arianna is. Will says she's taking a nap. Gabi questions Will bringing backup in Sonny to talk. Will says he doesn't want to fight but just talk. Will apologizes for blowing up but thinks she understands why he did. Gabi admits she gets it and that's why she was so anxious about him finding out. Gabi talks about not being ready to answer any questions. Sonny asks if she's ready to now. Gabi talks about she and Nick remaining friends and how he knows what he tried to do is wrong and they know what made him do it. Will still doesn't want to trust him with his daughter if he's still messed up. Sonny agrees with Will and says Nick also hurt Gabi which is why they are concerned. Gabi says maybe it's hormones or not sleeping enough but she felt sad and lonely and that all she is now is Arianna's mom. Gabi says Nick was there and friendly and sweet then it just happened but she thought about it and it's not something she wants for herself. Gabi says she will have to find a way to tell Nick that it's not going to happen for them. Gabi says she needed to step back, think about it, and figure it out for herself. Will wishes she would've told him. Gabi apologizes for threatening to take Arianna away and says she would've never done it. Arianna starts to cry so Will goes to check on her. Gabi notes that Sonny and Will are always so together on the same page about everything and she wonders what that's like. Sonny tells her it's a lot different than she's thinking.

Eric talks about still believing Kristen could be playing Brady. Brady doesn't think Kristen could ever convince Eric otherwise. Brady says he has to get to the hospital meeting. Brady stops and asks Eric what really made him leave earlier. Eric thought he had a meeting to get to. Brady asks about what happened at the hotel and asks if he talked to Nicole. Eric says he tried. Brady suggests trying again since she was there and insists the answers are out there somewhere as he then exits.

Kristen tells Daniel that she's made her next appointment. She thanks him for his support as she exits. Daniel sees that she left behind the business card of her fertility specialist.

EJ enters Rafe's hospital room and slams the door shut, waking him up.

Sonny mentions Octoberfest at the club and invites Gabi. Gabi informs him that Cameron already asked her which he calls great. Gabi asks if he had anything to do with that. Sonny plays clueless but Gabi continues asking since Cameron didn't even know she existed but suddenly they have a date. Sonny admits he talked to him but kept it casual. Gabi worries about making her sound desperate. Sonny says he just said she's a very nice girl that deserves a very nice guy. Gabi calls it the sweetest thing he's ever said to her. Gabi says she'll have to figure out their weird relationship but not right now and she goes to help Will with Arianna.

Rafe asks EJ what he wants now. EJ says he wants nothing from him and just came to tell him how happy the children are to have Sami back and they are one big happy family. EJ says it almost didn't happen as Rafe's testimony almost put Sami in prison. EJ adds that Rafe's testimony tarnished his reputation as the white knight of Salem. EJ asks Rafe about lying for months about Sami carrying his child. EJ talks about how humiliating it must be for Rafe to be stuck in bed.

Nicole goes to the rectory. Eric is glad she's there since they haven't talked about the night at the hotel. Nicole says they can't right now as she has to quit.

Daniel calls Kristen after she left her card, leaving a message to call him back. Brady approaches. Daniel says he just wanted to let her know something but it's none of Brady's business. Brady questions if he has a secret. Daniel asks Brady to respect her privacy.

Kristen meets with her video editor outside the town square. She tells her that she no longer needs the video so she wants her to destroy it completely. Kristen hands her the flashdrive but she informs her that it's not the right flashdrive. Kristen begins to worry and says this can't be happening.

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