Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/27/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/27/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail tells Chad that she doesn't want to pry but she wants him to explain why he didn't want to tell her that he was moving back in with his family. Chad didn't want to ruin lunch. Abigail asks why he's moving back since he just moved into his new place. Chad thinks back to EJ blackmailing him. Chad asks if Abigail wants to know the truth which she calls nice.

Sonny reads to Arianna outside the town square. Cameron approaches. Sonny talks about Oktoberfest at the club and invites Cameron. Sonny mentions that Gabi would also enjoy it.

Gabi and Nick kiss. Will walks in and asks what the hell is going on. Gabi questions what he's doing home. Will argues with her and Nick tells him that he's out of line.

Brady goes to the rectory looking for Eric but Nicole says he hasn't been there all morning.

Eric tries being hypnotized by the doctor that Marlena brought in but he can't remember anything new. Eric complains about the images and not remembering. Eric asks if he thinks what he's remembering could be real.

Kristen stands at home staring at her flashdrive and thinking back to being with Eric. EJ comes in so she puts it away. EJ notes that she was startled and assumes she was thinking dark thoughts and is hiding something. EJ asks if it has anything to do with getting back with Brady. Kristen says absolutely.

Gabi says she doesn't have time to explain. Nick doesn't think she has to. Will shouts about Nick. Nick holds him back. Will warns him not to put his hands on him. Will says Gabi is about to repeat the biggest mistake of her life by hooking up with a disgusting human like Nick.

Chad mentions the video of Sami and Bernardi. Abigail talks about how Sami would've been in trouble for the shooting regardless of it. Chad talks about growing up an only child and how his family is trying to move on now. Chad notes that living at the mansion won't be boring. Chad wants to change the subject and gives her a present. Abigail opens it and questions where he got it.

Nicole tells Brady that he has no reason to stick around and can devote himself to his psychopath fiancée. Brady refuses to leave and says they're going to talk about them and then her and Eric.

EJ asks Kristen about Brady. Kristen defends Brady and says what she's keeping from him has nothing to do with trying to trick him. EJ asks what it is and promises to be nice. Kristen doesn't think she can handle him being nice. Kristen says things are just complicated. Kristen says she's not sure she's going to follow through with an appointment as she wants to see what Brady will say in the pre cana session. EJ realizes it's a test. Kristen says she wants to know what Brady is thinking and feeling to know their relationship is real. Kristen adds that a lot more could be revealed.

Abigail asks Chad how he managed to do this when it hasn't even come out yet as the gift is Jack's book. Chad says he didn't mean to make her cry. Abigail says it's not because she's sad but because she misses her dad. Abigail says Jack would know how to help JJ and Jennifer.

Nick tells Will that he's blowing this out of proportion and needs to calm down. Will continues to argue. Gabi wants to explain. Will questions why she was about to have sex on their couch. Will says he's worried about Gabi as Nick made his life a living hell and almost ruined hers. Nick brings up Will getting her pregnant when he knew he was gay. Nick says they've both made mistakes. Will threatens to beat Nick up as Gabi screams for them to stop.

Nicole tells Brady that there is nothing going on between her and Eric. Brady says he knows her and knows she wouldn't be getting drunk if something wasn't going on with Eric. Brady says she will never move on if she's wrapped up in Eric. Nicole argues that he needs her. Brady tells her that it's not true and she needs to realize it.

Eric tells the doctor that he can't talk to Marlena about this as the images he saw were very disturbing. Eric says he has to figure out what this all means on his own. The doctor is sorry they reached a dead end but Eric says he's not upset.

EJ tells Kristen that it's good if the sessions helps her find out more about her relationship. EJ pours her a drink. Kristen says she's interested in how Brady is feeling not herself. Kristen asks EJ about his marriage plans now that Sami is out of jail. Kristen says she's just curious since Sami is free so she wonders why EJ isn't more cheerful. EJ claims he is but Kristen calls him gloomy. EJ insists that he's fine. Kristen says everything else in his life is fine so they must be talking about Stefano.

Abigail again asks Chad how he did this. Chad says he's been trying for awhile as he wanted to get it for her since they were friends but now that they are more than friends, he's really glad he could get it for her. Abigail says they're lucky as being friends makes everything better. Chad checks his bag for another present but says he must have left it as his apartment. Chad suggests they go there together and Abigail agrees.

Will and Nick continue to argue as Gabi yells for them to stop. Gabi tells Will that he's not going to control her life. Will says he's trying to save Gabi from a huge mistake. Will declares that Gabi is not getting involved with Nick. Nick tells him this isn't the first time this has happened and suggests that Will ask Sonny because he knew all about it.

Sonny tells Cameron that he was trying to get a hold of Will as he thought he was coming right back. Sonny suggests Cameron go to Oktoberfest with Gabi. Cameron asks about him looking out for Gabi. Sonny says Gabi is a nice person and would like to see her with a nice guy.

Nicole argues with Brady about Kristen. Brady brings up Eric doing the pre-cana sessions. Nicole notes that Eric didn't put it in the calendar and wonders if he didn't want her to know about it. Nicole says she's tired of pretending to be happy about Brady and Kristen. Nicole thinks Eric is nuts for agreeing to it and thinks they will both regret it someday as she then storms out.

EJ tells Kristen that she brought up Stefano not him. Kristen says she can see the signs as Sami is free, his family is under one roof, yet EJ is withdrawn and drinking early so she thinks Stefano is back in the picture. EJ mentions that Chad will be moving back in. Kristen realizes they're not going to talk about Stefano and decides she will call Chad. She tells EJ that she knows what it's like to take a risk and fail. EJ says he's fine. She feels bad for him because he worked so hard for something only to have it end up ruined.

Chad and Abigail go to Chad's place. Chad gives her an envelope that he says should've been in the book. She opens it and it's early reviews of Jack's book. Chad tells her that they are all great reviews. Abigail doesn't know how to thank him. Chad says she already did. Abigail wants to do it properly and kisses him.

Gabi tells Will that she wants to talk to him because it's not what he thinks. Will doesn't want to but then stops and says it's on Gabi that he walked in on his worst nightmare walking back into his daughter's life. Will says he's pissed off and slams the door as he exits.

A worker from Titan greets Nicole at the coffeehouse. Nicole talks about working at the church and living in the convent. He mentions looking for a reporter for his show and suggests Nicole. He gives her his card to think about it, asking if what she's doing now is really what she wants.

Eric goes to the rectory and asks Brady if he's seen Nicole since he wanted to talk to her before they got started. Brady says she just left and notes that Eric seems preoccupied. Eric calls the day strange. Brady reminds him of the pre cana session. Eric tells Brady that it's about making sure they are ready for a sacred vow. Kristen enters and suggests they get to work on that.

Chad and Abigail kiss in bed after having sex. Chad says no one ever thanked him like that. Abigail says this is everything she wants with the person she wants. Abigail gets a text and mentions filling in for Theresa to help Jennifer. Abigail talks about Jennifer needing someone that she can count on. Chad mentions Jack writing great things about her and they kiss.

Gabi can't believe Nick did that. Nick apologizes and says Will just makes him so mad by being so smug. Gabi understands Will is angry and trying to fix things while Nick makes it a war. Nick says she knows how he feels about her. Gabi tells him to just leave as she's going to visit Rafe. Nick wants to talk but Gabi says Will is right and she needs to think about this. Nick questions her listening to Will. Gabi suggests maybe this is wrong as no one in the town wants them together so maybe it's a big mistake. Nick apologizes for his behavior and wants her to take her time but asks for a chance to prove it's not a mistake and that he's changed. Nick says he will call her as he exits. Gabi says to herself that Nick has changed but so has she and she has to move on with her life. Gabi says deep down she knows that doesn't include Nick.

Will returns to Sonny and tells him that he just talked to Nick and Gabi then asks if Sonny has been lying to him.

EJ joins Nicole at the coffeehouse and asks if she's considering a new career and what Eric would say.

Eric begins the pre cana sessions with Brady and Kristen. She starts by asking Kristen why she loves Brady. Kristen says there's more than one reason. Eric asks if she doesn't want to answer. Kristen says she's just wondering what's the most important reason. Kristen talks about how Brady listens and how he stands up for Nicole because she's his friend and how important their marriage working is to him. Kristen says Brady taught her how to love again and jokes that she can be self-absorbed but now she just thinks about Brady and not so much about herself. Kristen talks about heading over a cliff when she came back for revenge but now she just wants to be herself in love with Brady.

Gabi leaves the apartment and her phone rings which makes her smile as she walks on.

Abigail goes to the hospital and greets Cameron then starts to just walk away but he stops her and says they are going to run into each other so they might as well talk about what happened. Abigail realizes he knows she's with Chad. Cameron says it's cool. Abigail says they are very together and he's really sweet to her. Cameron says he's happy for her as Chad is a good guy. Abigail feels lucky. Cameron says how lucky Chad is. Cameron hopes they can all still remain friends. Abigail agrees.

EJ asks Nicole about the producer Miles wanting Nicole back at Titan. Nicole says he does and talks about her current intern job. EJ asks why she would turn this down unless it's because of Eric. EJ thinks working in the convent has had an affect on her character and jokes about celibacy. EJ says Nicole has stopped being herself for her job. Nicole thinks he would have better things to do with Sami being home but she's glad he came.

Brady begins talking about being a mess when he first met Kristen after losing Madison. Brady talks about starting to live again and love getting them past everything that happened. Eric asks Brady how he feels about the things that happened and if it's something that's been forgotten and forgiven.

Chad looks at his treatment research and wonders how long he has to keep this up.

Will tells Sonny about Nick saying that Sonny knew about this. Will doesn't want excuses and says Sonny should've told him but didn't. Sonny asks if he knows everything he's put up with him from him.

Nick sits outside the Pub looking at Gabi's photo and complaining about the people in Salem. Nick declares they need to go somewhere else to be together and he's going to make that happen.

Gabi goes to the hospital and tells Cameron that she got his text. Cameron tells her it's a date which Abigail overhears.

Nicole tells EJ that she's learned from her mistakes and to never make herself miserable like she did when she was with him. EJ gets a call and steps out to take it. Nicole looks back at Miles' business card.

Brady says he needs to be totally honest and admits it still hurts him to know how Kristen preyed upon him and that he was attacked to further her plan. Eric starts having flashbacks to the hotel at Brady's words. Brady questions trusting someone who wanted to harm him as Eric jumps up and Brady asks if he's alright.

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