Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/26/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ finds Chad's treatment research papers and asks if he has a brain tumor. Chad calls it nothing and says he just had a CT scan after a bump on his head. EJ questions why he didn't tell him. Chad calls it a false alarm. EJ asks why he's reading about experimental treatments then.

Sonny asks Abigail if she's getting serious with Chad and hopes that he doesn't hurt her. Abigail asks why he thinks that Chad would hurt her. Sonny says he and Chad are friends and he just doesn't want to see Abigail hurt. Gabi enters and says she'd hate to hear how Sonny talks about people he doesn't like.

Will goes to the Pub and finds Kate sitting with Nick. Will greets Kate and asks if she's rehiring Nick.

Rafe tells Jordan that he's looking forward to working in the actual physical therapy room. Jordan tell him that she still won't let him overdo it. Rafe jokes about her being so serious.

Theresa sits in the town square and says she may have to leave Salem but she won't go home. She approaches Jennifer and says she ruined her life and calls her a bitch.

Daniel finds JJ in the park and tells him that he knows what he did. JJ claims not to know what he's talking about and starts to leave but Daniel says someone broke into his place and spent the night so he threatens to call the cops.

EJ questions Chad still being concerned. Chad says he was just curious and tells him to let it go. EJ brings up Lexie. Chad insists that it was a false positive. EJ questions who did the scan and believes Chad is lying. Chad asks EJ to just leave it alone. EJ wants to know what's really going on.

Theresa tells Jennifer that her entire family has turned on her to send her to jail in LA. Jennifer says she feels sorry for her since her fresh start didn't work out. Jennifer suggests she should've worked instead of embezzling funds. Theresa admits she made a mistake but says Jennifer did too but not taking her offer to bring JJ home. Theresa says now Jennifer probably lost JJ for good.

JJ denies breaking into Daniel's apartment. Daniel says someone did and brings up things being moved and the photo being smashed. Daniel brings up the superintendent meeting Bev and how he can ask his neighbors. JJ admits he was there but says he didn't steal anything. Daniel says it's still breaking and entering. JJ tells him to go ahead and send him to prison. Daniel says he doesn't want to make things worse for him so he promises not to tell anyone about it. Daniel says all he asks if that JJ hears him out for five minutes.

Kate explains to Will that Nick did some freelance work for her. Nick says he was just trying to make up for the formula that Sami and Sonny stole. Will argues with Nick. Kate thought they were all getting along. Will blames Nick for trying to put Sami in jail. Nick says Sami's free now and Kate brought up the gun thing but everything he said was true. Will decides he will leave. Kate wants to spend more time with Arianna. Nick decides to go first and tells Kate to let him know if she's interested. Nick exits the Pub as Kate reminds Will that it was her fault that Nick got called to the witness stand. Will sarcastically states that Nick never does anything wrong.

Gabi and Abigail question Sonny about thinking Chad will hurt Abigail. Sonny says Chad is his best friend but has done some rotten things. Gabi brings up destroying her wedding. Sonny agrees but adds that he had a very good reason for that.

Chad sits with EJ and says that Cameron did the initial scan so he went to a specialist for a second opinion and got a clean bill of health. EJ continues to question the research. Chad says Cameron stabbed him in the back by making out with Abigail while he was with the specialist. EJ realizes Chad pretended to have a brain tumor to punish Cameron. Chad says he wasn't planning to but was just so angry after seeing Cameron with Abigail. EJ tells him it's okay as he understands. EJ calls it a wise decision.

Jennifer tells Theresa that she doesn't regret not taking her offer since once she leaves town, she won't have an influence on JJ. Theresa tells her that she was her last chance to get JJ home. She says she may be leaving Salem but she will never forget how Jennifer ruined her life. Theresa vows to make her pay for it some day as Jennifer walks away.

JJ agrees to hear Daniel out. Daniel tells him to go home and be with Jennifer to make things right. JJ asks what the point is since she doesn't care about him and forced him out with crazy demands. Daniel argues that she loves him and wants his life on track. Daniel says he felt like he knew him before he met him because Jennifer always talked about him. JJ thinks he's just saying that. Daniel goes over things he knows from JJ's childhood because of Jennifer always talking about him. Daniel tells him how proud Jennifer was and is of him. Daniel says he knows JJ loves Jennifer and Abigail and being apart is hard on them all. Daniel suggests he just go home, fix it, and work things out. JJ says it wouldn't change anything because Daniel would still force his way into Jennifer's life and turn her against him so he questions what the point is.

Rafe asks Jordan about being so serious. Jordan says she'll let him know if he makes progress and will not make anymore jokes. Rafe continues joking with her as she wheels him out of the room.

Gabi agrees that Chad had a good reason to break up her wedding since they shouldn't have lied about Arianna's paternity. Abigail argues that Chad still shouldn't have disrupted it like that. Gabi agrees that it wasn't his business but says it helped in a way and they have since made amends. Abigail says she can vouch for Chad changing and needs to meet him for lunch. Abigail thanks them for being protective but assures that Chad will never hurt her again as she exits.

Chad asks if EJ approves of him lying to Cameron. EJ says he got what he wanted out of it and Cameron can't tell Abigail. Chad is glad because he doesn't want Abigail to know about any of it. EJ says she would ask far too many questions. EJ calls Chad's plan excellent. Chad thought EJ would think he's insane. EJ says he likes Cameron but Chad is his brother so he supports him. EJ notes that Chad is thinking like a DiMera which he calls a good reason for him to move back into the mansion. Chad says he can't for his own reasons and it wouldn't go over well with Abigail. EJ says he understands. Chad has to go meet Abigail for lunch. They are glad they talked and both exit.

JJ tells Daniel that he was right that Jennifer loved him until Daniel came in and messed it all up by badmouthing him all the time. JJ says he knows Daniel hates him and he thinks Daniel is only trying to score points with Jennifer. JJ tells Daniel that he's not his dad and never will be. JJ says he won't let Daniel use him to score points with Jennifer. JJ starts to leave but Daniel stops him. JJ tells him to let go of him as Jennifer approaches and asks what's going on.

Nick sits in the town square with his tablet, upset that not one modeling agency has responded to him putting Gabi's name out there. Nick says they should be jumping at the chance and says he will make this work.

Gabi questions what Will would say if he heard Sonny trashing Chad. Sonny says he wasn't trashing him, just questioning mistakes and brings up Gabi almost destroying his life.

Chad and Abigail have lunch at the Pub. Chad thanks her for dropping off the time sheets to Sonny. EJ arrives and sits with them. Chad asks what he's doing there. EJ says he simply can't stay away and wants to be there when he breaks the news to Abigail. Chad is shocked as Abigail asks what news.

Theresa remains in the town square, complaining that she doesn't have enough money. She wonders how she's supposed to get out of Salem. A man with a motorcycle helmet walks by. Theresa stops him and says she'd love a ride. He asks what he gets in return. She tells him she will definitely make it worth his while.

Jennifer asks what Daniel and JJ are fighting about. JJ tells Daniel that he gave him the five minutes that he promised. Daniel says he was just trying to convince JJ to go home. JJ says he blew it and storms off. Jennifer questions what Daniel was thinking.

The man mentions to Theresa that he's going to Chicago. Anne walks by. Theresa says she needs a different kind of favor and gives him her money.

Rafe returns to his hospital bed, talking about how the physical therapy room went. Jordan says she'll get his pain meds. Rafe jokes with her to make her smile. Kate enters so Jordan says that's it for this session and exits. Kate comments that Jordan is one of the least personable humans she's ever met. Rafe agrees that she comes off that way.

Gabi thinks Sonny can't wait to tell everyone what she did to Melanie. Sonny says he doesn't keep secrets from Will but he promised Chad that he wouldn't say anything. Sonny blames Gabi for Chad losing Melanie and regrets not going to the cops. Gabi says she would've been in jail and he wouldn't have Arianna cramping his style. Sonny insists he loves Arianna. Gabi warns him to start respecting Arianna's mother a bit more as she storms out.

EJ tells Chad that he can't support him keeping this from Abigail so he's asking him to do the right thing. Chad tries to cover and says it's nothing as he can't believe this is happening. EJ says he knows why he wanted to keep Abigail in the dark but with what they discussed earlier, it's the right thing. EJ offers to tell Abigail for him.

Will joins Sonny at the coffeehouse. Sonny thinks he seems distracted. Will admits he is as he ran into Nick which never goes well. Sonny asks what he said. Will says it was nothing. Sonny comments on Gabi being a really good mom. Will talks about them taking Arianna to the zoo.

Nick goes to see Gabi. Nick brings up running into Will so he knew he wouldn't be there. Gabi asks if they fought. Nick says there's just always an underlying tension all the time. Nick feels it's just hard to have a fresh start with all the history. Gabi says she knows the feeling and tells him that she has issues with Sonny. Gabi tells Nick that they argued about Melanie and she's scared that he will tell someone. Nick says Sonny knows if he tells anyone then Chad will go to jail. Gabi says Nick always knows how to make her feel better.

Abigail wants to know what's going on. EJ starts to explain. Chad intervenes and declares he's moving back into the DiMera Mansion. Abigail doesn't think he needed to hide it. EJ mentions that Stefano might come back at some point. Abigail asks if it's really what Chad wants. Chad says it wasn't an easy decision but the right one. EJ agrees. Abigail gets a call and steps away. Chad calls EJ a son of a bitch and EJ smiles.

The man that Theresa paid off tries to steal Anne's purse so Theresa stops it but Anne reveals she saw Theresa with the guy before so she knows Theresa set that up.

JJ finds Rory in the park and tells him that Daniel knows that they broke in to his apartment.

Jennifer asks Daniel why he approached JJ. Daniel says he wanted to talk to him about going home. Jennifer asks if he really thought it would work to provoke him. Jennifer asks if Daniel just can't stop himself. Daniel says he just wanted to help but Jennifer shouts that he just made everything worse.

Kate tells Rafe that she didn't get to spend time with Arianna. She asks Rafe if he's okay. Rafe says he was just thinking about Jordan and how difficult she is to read. Kate wonders why it matters as she's just there to help him. Rafe finds it interesting when someone fights so hard to be someone they're not. Jordan watches through the window.

Chad tells EJ that he can't believe what he did to him. EJ calls it brilliant. Chad accuses him of blackmail and questions his support. EJ says he supports him so Chad needs to support him. EJ says Chad moving back in helps he and Sami. EJ tells him that they can spend more time together. Chad says EJ just played him. EJ tells Chad how the system works. Chad asks if EJ really would've told Abigail that he was lying about the brain tumor if he didn't move back in. EJ says luckily they will never know as he exits the Pub. Abigail returns and asks Chad what's really going on.

Nick starts kissing Gabi but she says they can't. Nick apologizes and says she's just so beautiful that he wants her and can't help it. Gabi says that's sweet of him to say. Nick doesn't want to make her uncomfortable so he's going to go. Gabi stops him and says he gets to her too and she's really glad he's there as they kiss. Will walks in and asks what the hell is going on.

Anne questions what Theresa was trying to accomplish and if she really thought she'd get her job back. Anne tells her it's impossible and never going to happen. Anne says what she just pulled was nutty but sometimes that can be good. Anne mentions that she shares her point of view on Jennifer so she thinks there may still be a place for her at the hospital after all.

Rory worries that Daniel will call the cops but JJ tells him they are okay and won't have to worry because Daniel doesn't have the guts and promised not to say anything. Rory is surprised and says that was cool of him. Rory suggests maybe he's not so bad. JJ says Daniel is a jerk that's trying to use him to get close to Jennifer so he's never going to accept him.

Jennifer asks Daniel what he said that made JJ so upset. Daniel says he just told the truth that she missed him and he needed to go home. Daniel says he told JJ that he was wrong and that he loves her. Jennifer questions why he would say that. Daniel says he's not going to hide his feelings for her. Jennifer calls it the wrong thing to say to him and he shouldn't have said anything at all. Jennifer worries that she may never get her son back. Jennifer begs Daniel to stay away from JJ and to stay away from her. Jennifer states that she doesn't want to see him again and walks away.

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