Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ has a nightmare about Daniel coming home and finding him in his apartment. He wakes up and calls out to Bev and Rory, saying they have to get out of there.

Chloe tells Daniel that he didn't have to cancel his plans to check up on them. Chloe asks if he really thought she wouldn't find out about he and Jennifer.

Kayla goes to Jennifer's. Jennifer talks about wishing JJ would have came home. Jennifer worries about JJ making it on his own and if he will ever come home.

Theresa goes into Jennifer's office and begins looking through the desk.

Cameron goes to the coffeehouse and asks Sonny if Chad is there. Sonny says they switched shifts and hopes Cameron doesn't beat Chad up for stealing his girl.

Abigail goes to Chad's. Chad forgot about meeting her. Abigail says he can make it up to her and they kiss.

EJ meets with Stefano outside the town square. Stefano asks where Sami is. EJ says she took the children to spend some time. EJ thanks Stefano for meeting with him. Stefano realizes EJ has not told Sami about their agreement yet. EJ wants a little more time and thanks him for giving the time. Stefano says he's a patient man but sooner or later, everything he wants will be his.

Jennifer tells Kayla about taking JJ's house key and feeling guilty. Kayla mentions Theresa and Jennifer asks what now.

Roman goes into Jennifer's office. Theresa talks about Sami's charges being dropped. Roman says he came to see her. Theresa wants one more chance and swears to do better.

Chloe tells Daniel that she called Anne after Daniel kept changing the subject from Jennifer. Daniel says Chloe hasn't changed at all. Chloe talks about wanting Daniel to be happy and she can't believe he's letting JJ do what she couldn't in coming between he and Jennifer. Chloe calls it a shame.

JJ tells Rory and Bev that they have to get out and leave the place exactly as they found it. JJ opens the drawer and sees the photo of Daniel and Jennifer that he smashed as there is then a knock at the door.

EJ tells Stefano that he plans to tell Sami tonight as he doesn't want her to hear it from anyone else. EJ is sure she will hate it. EJ says he promised to bring them under one roof and to work with Stefano again with undying loyalty. Stefano stops EJ and says there is one little thing he could do for him as a loyal son.

Cameron tells Sonny that he and Abigail just didn't work out. Sonny asks if it bugs him that Chad and Abigail did work out. Cameron says they are all friends and he wouldn't want that to change.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed. Chad asks what she did last night since she wasn't at the club. She talks about being with Jennifer and trying to find JJ. Abigail hopes JJ realizes how good he had it at home. Chad tells her that he's always there for her with anything he can do to help her as she kisses him.

Kayla tells Jennifer that Theresa isn't getting a free ride and she feels like she owes her an apology as she didn't realize how big of a favor it was to ask Jennifer to take Theresa as an assistant.

Theresa talks to Roman about how Sami ended up after she was never given up on and Theresa now wants one person to believe in her. Roman says Theresa violated her probation so now she has to go home and face the consequences. Roman reveals that she has a flight booked for tomorrow.

The apartment superintendent is knocking on Daniel's door asking if he's home, saying he heard from the neighbors that there was water running all night. JJ, Rory, and Bev worry on the inside as he says for whoever is inside to open up.

Chloe asks Daniel to address what she asked but Daniel doesn't want to get into it. Chloe questions sending Parker back into an on again off again relationship. Chloe worries about JJ being into drugs and vandalizing Daniel's car. Daniel tells her not to worry about Parker. Daniel adds that he trusts her to do what's best for Parker and she needs to trust him now.

Jennifer tells Kayla that she would've done the same thing that she did for Theresa. Kayla says she should've expected the worst given Theresa's history. Kayla informs Jennifer that Theresa is going to have to go to jail since she made a deal with the judge in LA to have the hospital judge. Kayla feels she did a disservice to Theresa and Jennifer. Jennifer says they all have to live with consequences of their action.

Stefano tells EJ that he wants the entire family under the roof when he gets back including Chad. EJ says he already asked Chad. Stefano tells him to try harder because Chad looks up to him. EJ agrees to try. Stefano says he will see him soon.

Chad asks Abigail about Jennifer. Abigail says they are lucky to have one another but hates feeling like she's keeping being with Chad from Jennifer. Chad gets a text from Sonny that he needs the time sheets for the club. Abigail offers to drop them off since she's going to run errands. They agree to meet later for lunch and then kiss.

Theresa complains to Roman that she will die if she goes back to LA. Roman informs her that all the arrangements for her to fly back tonight have been made and he will pick her up at 8, giving her enough time to say goodbye. Roman exits as Kayla enters. Theresa complains but Kayla says she didn't take her second chance.

The superintendent continues to knock on the door at Daniel's. JJ and Rory hide as JJ sends Bev to answer the door. Bev pretends that she just got out of the shower and answers the door, pretending to be Daniel's daughter Melanie. She talks her way out of things and shuts the door. Bev calls JJ a genius and kisses him.

Chloe tells Daniel that she does trust him but she wants him to end up with someone terrific and she hopes it's Jennifer. Daniel thanks her and says the same for her. Chloe thanks him for letting her see Parker and wishes it was longer as it's hard to say goodbye. Daniel says it's not goodbye but just see you soon.

Jennifer sits at home with an old birthday card and flashbacks to when JJ was a kid.

EJ goes to the coffeehouse and talks with Sonny. Sonny offers to get him a table but EJ is looking for Chad. Sonny explains that they switched shifts so EJ decides he will try and catch him at his place. Sonny stops EJ and apologizes for Adrienne and for having to testify. Sonny wishes he didn't mess up so much. EJ says the truth got Sami free and thanks Sonny and Will for allowing Sami to spend the morning with Arianna. Sonny comments on the apartment feeling crowded lately. EJ asks if there is a problem.

Abigail decides to get going and says she will text about lunch. They kiss goodbye as she exits. Chad sees Abigail lost her earring on the bed as there's a knock on the door and it's Cameron. Chad asks what he wants. Cameron says he won't take up much of his time but he's been researching his condition and thinks he'd qualify for some treatments. Chad mocks the idea. Cameron asks if he wants to live or not. Chad says he's not going through hell for a few extra weeks. Chad says he only trusts his doctor and accuses him of ulterior motives. Cameron asks where his doctor is if not Salem.

Sonny talks to EJ about life with a newborn and assumes it's still not as exciting as EJ's. Abigail arrives and congratulates EJ on Sami's news. EJ mentions Sydney wanting to see her. EJ exits as Abigail gives Sonny the time sheets and mentions seeing Chad earlier. Sonny notes that she is missing an earring and she thinks she knows where she left it.

Chad accuses Cameron of wanting to know his doctor so he can blab to Kayla and that he wants him out of the state so he can have Abigail. Cameron questions Chad not telling Abigail about his condition. Chad says they are fine and going to be together for a long time. Cameron says he hopes he's right and exits.

JJ, Rory, and Bev walk through the park as Rory jokes with Bev about pretending to be people. JJ wonders if the superintendent will speak with Daniel but they aren't too worried. JJ gets a call from Theresa and steps back to take it. Theresa tells him that Jennifer just fired her so now she has to leave Salem.

Jennifer sits at home until there's a knock at the door. She rushes to get it and it's Anne, who asks if it's a bad time.

Daniel returns home with Parker. Parker wants his game so Daniel gives it to him then gets a call from the superintendent, who tells him that Melanie is there. Daniel is surprised and thanks him, saying he will call her. Parker can't get his game working so Daniel looks through his drawer and finds the smashed photo of he and Jennifer.

EJ goes to Chad's. Chad congratulates him on Sami's good news. EJ asks if he has good news of his own as he bumped into Abigail who seemed radiant. Chad admits they finally took the plunge. EJ asks about the other plunge they talked about. EJ wants Chad to move back into the mansion with the rest of the family.

JJ questions why Theresa is calling him. Theresa blames him for this and calls him a creep. Theresa tells JJ to go to Jennifer and tell her to hire her back. JJ wonders what she did. Theresa says she broke the rules. JJ questions why it's his fault that she screwed up. Theresa says she doesn't have time and JJ has to help her but he says he doesn't.

Cameron asks Kayla at the hospital about a local clinical trial for the drug that Chad is taking. Kayla doesn't and asks if it's about Chad.

Chad talks to EJ about all that's happened. EJ understands it's awkward but wants to put it all behind them. EJ adds that Stefano wants what happened with him behind them as he is moving back into the mansion. Chad laughs it off but EJ tells him that he is. EJ wants to keep it between them but wanted to give him a heads up. Chad tells EJ that he already knows his answer. EJ says it would mean a lot to have the whole family under one roof. Chad asks why EJ asked for Stefano and then realizes that Stefano helped get Sami out of jail so now EJ has to help him. EJ asks him to help. Chad says he would do just about anything for EJ but he cannot move back in with Stefano. EJ tells Chad that he would have a closet bigger than this place.

JJ tells Theresa that he's not even talking to Jennifer. Theresa tells him to fix it and mentions trying to talk to her for him. JJ tells her to go to Hell. Theresa tells him the same and hangs up. Theresa says it wouldn't even do her any good. She declares no one is going to help her but her.

Jennifer tells Anne that it is a bad time but she goes on in. Jennifer wonders why she couldn't wait. Anne says she's never in her office and gives her a paper to sign to officially terminate Theresa.

The superintendent visits Daniel and they talk about Melanie not being there. Daniel asks what she looked like. He mentions her hair being dark. Daniel thanks him for coming by as he exits. Daniel decides to call Melanie but she doesn't answer. Daniel wonders what she would've been doing there and then looks back at the smashed photo in his drawer and says JJ.

Cameron admits to Kayla that Chad mentioned the treatment. Kayla asks why it mattered. Cameron says Chad's his friend. Kayla suggests he's upset that he hasn't told Abigail about his illness. Cameron says he hopes Chad is undergoing the best possible treatment. Kayla says Chad is not his patient anymore. Cameron argues that he's still involved but Kayla tells him to back off.

Sonny mentions to Abigail that Cameron was looking for Chad but he's not sure why. Sonny admires that Cameron wants them all to remain friends. Sonny asks Abigail if she's getting serious with Chad and hopes that he doesn't hurt her.

EJ finds Chad's treatment research papers and asks if he has a brain tumor.

Theresa sits in the town square looking through her money and wonders where she can go.

Jennifer tells Anne that she didn't need to come over just for that. Anne complains that she's never at work. Jennifer complains about her. Anne says she cares about her job and treating people fairly. Jennifer calls her opportunistic and disgusting. She tells Anne to take her papers and leave her house. Jennifer orders her out. Anne tells her to be kind and loving to herself as she did the best she could and that's all anyone could do as she then exits and Jennifer slams the door. Anne says to herself that she will crack Jennifer.

Daniel finds JJ in the park and tells him that he knows what he did.

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