Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/24/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa tells Jennifer that she can get JJ back home. Jennifer asks why she would do something for her. Theresa says she can do it as long as Jennifer gives her the job back.

Rory and Bev look through Daniel's DVDs as JJ watches and Rory comments that it's too bad Daniel isn't gone longer.

Daniel plays with Parker in their hotel room in Chicago until Chloe arrives and says it's been awhile.

Victor talks with Abigail in the town square about Jennifer and Daniel. Nicole arrives and tells Victor to leave Abigail alone.

Brady lays in bed with Kristen, asking her what's wrong.

Marlena asks if he can describe the woman in his dreams. Marlena asks who the woman is. Eric recalls the woman is blonde as Marlena continues to ask if he knows who it is. She encourages him to try and see her face.

Kristen tells Brady that something horrible is happening.

Chloe hugs Parker and talks about how it seems like it's been so long. Daniel tells her that she can bring Parker back any time tomorrow. Daniel sends Parker to get his bag. Chloe says there's something that she has to tell Daniel.

Theresa guarantees Jennifer that she can have JJ move back home and improve his attitude. Theresa promises to work hard if she gets her job back. Jennifer stops her and says no then tells her to leave.

Eric struggles with trying to remember the woman's face. Marlena says they will come back to it later. Eric snaps out of the hypnosis and decides this is a bad idea. Marlena goes over what Eric remembered and wants to know what else he remembered.

Brady tells Kristen that she has nothing to worry about. Kristen says she had a very strong feeling like somebody walking on her grave.

Theresa complains that Jennifer is impossible and had it out for her since day one. Jennifer says she gave her chances and tells her to get out. Theresa says Jennifer is just like her parents in making the wrong moves. Theresa praises JJ and says JJ doesn't have a mom who cares so she feels sorry as she walks away.

Rory finds Parker's Nintendo DS and suggests selling it but JJ doesn't want to hurt Parker. JJ worries about the cops being called if they steal. Bev agrees that they can't take his stuff or drink the booze because it would be stupid and asking for trouble. Rory suggests they get high instead.

Chloe tells Daniel that it's important that she thanks him after all she did to him and Jennifer but he gave her a new beginning. Daniel says she got help and he knows how much she loves Parker. Chloe says her therapy has done wonders for her. Chloe says she can't deny she loved him but shouldn't have tried to hold onto him. Daniel says that's over. Chloe declares that she's learned that there is a time to let go.

Victor tells Nicole to butt out. Nicole suggests Abigail walk away. Abigail says it's okay as she agrees with Victor that Jennifer should be with Daniel but they both decided to stay away. Victor thinks they are being stupid. Abigail agrees to try and talk to Daniel. Victor likes the idea. Abigail decides she'll go now if it's not too late. Victor wants to know what he says and she walks on. Victor asks Nicole if she has any more stupid remarks. Nicole asks if he's going to interfere in any other love lives.

Kristen tells Brady that she's scared because no matter how much they love each other, something will come along and destroy it. Brady disagrees and kisses her.

Eric tells Marlena that he doesn't remember anything. Marlena argues that he does. Eric suggests that he must've been imagining things. Marlena goes over what he remembered again. Marlena believes the woman could have poisoned him. Eric doesn't want to talk about it anymore and tells her that he doesn't need her help as the subject is closed. Marlena questions what he's hiding.

Victor questions if Nicole is still after Daniel. Nicole says she just wants Daniel to always be happy with the woman he was destined to love, Jennifer. Victor calls her a pathetic romantic that thinks everyone has the perfect soulmate. Nicole brings up Victor's history of failed relationships and then found Maggie so she wonders why that can't happen to her.

Daniel encourages Chloe that she will one day find someone and build a whole new life. Chloe asks Daniel about he and Jennifer but Daniel decides not to talk about personal stuff. Chloe apologizes and says it's just weird that he hadn't mentioned Jennifer once. She asks if there's anything wrong.

Kayla goes to Jennifer's and tells her that Theresa's firing is final and she will do the paperwork. Jennifer brings up possibly pressing charges and informs her that she caught Theresa embezzling funds. Kayla is shocked and says it just keeps getting worse. Jennifer says Theresa technically didn't cash the check and was so desperate to keep her job that maybe firing her was enough. Kayla says Theresa will face punishment going back to LA.

Rory plays loud music. Bev complains until there's a knock at the door which startles them. It's Abigail asking if Daniel is home.

Kristen tells Brady that he always makes her feel better. Brady gets a text from work and says he has to go home and get something to handle it. Kristen tells him he can do that while she will call Eric to handle the pre-cana sessions.

Eric tells Marlena that he's not hiding anything. Eric thinks his memories are gone and what he seemed to remember is fake. Eric regrets agreeing to the hypnosis. Father Matt enters and apologizes for interrupting. Eric tells him that Marlena was just leaving and he needs to speak to him alone anyways. Marlena exits. Eric tells Father Matt that they were just finishing their hypnosis session. Matt asks if he remembered anything. Eric tells him that it's too bizarre it can't be true.

Abigail continues knocking and asking if Daniel is there. JJ hides with Rory and Bev as a man walks by and informs Abigail that Daniel went on a trip with Parker. Abigail thought she heard voices inside but decides to leave.

Daniel tells Chloe to concentrate on Parker. Chloe didn't realize he and Jennifer was an off limits subject. Daniel goes back to Parker, who found a Candy Land board game as a present. Chloe says they can play when they get to her place but Daniel suggests they can all play together.

Marlena meets with Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion and says she's giving back his flashdrive device. Victor says it's priceless and will cut through anyone's information. Marlena says she won't get a chance to use it as she can't get Kristen's phone. Victor asks her if something happened to her today. Marlena admits she had been so worried about Brady and Kristen and sick about Sami that she had forgotten about Eric. Marlena says they all assume Eric can take care of himself but he can't right now and she needs to focus on helping him. Marlena says all she knows it that something is eating Eric alive. Marlena declares that Eric is only human.

Eric tells Father Matt that his dream and what happened in the hotel are connected but he doesn't know how and the woman he sees may have tried to hurt him. Eric says he had a picture of this woman in his head being dark-haired but clearly felt she was blonde now and has a distinct feeling that he knows her. Eric says he keeps thinking about why someone would want to hurt him.

Kristen holds onto her flashdrive and thinks back to being with Eric in the hotel room. She takes her purse and exits.

Abigail goes home. Jennifer asks if she's heard from JJ at all but she hasn't. Jennifer wonders where he's going to spend the night as it gets cold. Abigail offers to call him and talk about whether he will talk to them. Jennifer says she's told JJ that she loves him and it's up to him now.

JJ gets a call from Abigail. Rory worries that she knows he's there but JJ assures that she doesn't. JJ doesn't answer. Bev asks if he doesn't want to talk to her. JJ says not here. Rory mocks Abigail wanting to talk to Daniel.

Theresa sits with Caroline at the Pub. Caroline says she, Roman, and Kayla all talk and agreed. Theresa questions them all being against her and tells her to skip the lecture. Caroline says she made plenty of mistakes but changed because she got tired of being miserable. Caroline tells Theresa that if she changes, she promises the whole family will be on her side.

Nicole lays in bed reading and imagines Eric getting in bed and kissing her. She snaps out of the dream and gets out of bed.

Eric wonders if these ideas in his head are just figments of his imagination. Father Matt suggests quiet time and prayer to him. Matt says his door is always open if he needs him and tells him goodnight as he exits. Eric prays until Kristen arrives.

Victor tells Marlena to stop meddling in Eric's life and to focus on Kristen lying to Brady. Marlena says she can't do anything about it. Victor questions if she's going to give Kristen a pass. Brady enters and asks how they're doing.

Abigail knows Jennifer is torn up about thing so she won't push about JJ or Daniel. Jennifer thanks her. Abigail says she is going to say that she's so happy she fired Theresa. Jennifer says she should've a long time ago. Abigail offers help if she needs it. Jennifer says she'd love that so Abigail agrees to be there. Abigail says right now they are all they've got as Jennifer hugs her.

Daniel, Chloe, and Parker finish playing Candyland and Chloe sends Parker to get his bag to get ready to go. Chloe asks for more alone time with Parker. Daniel agrees to have her drop him off a little later. Chloe thanks him. Chloe suggests Daniel can go home and sleep in his own bed tonight and she can drive Parker back to Salem to bring him back if that would work.

JJ tells Rory that his family is messed up but it's Daniel's fault and not Abigail's. Bev wants to get high. JJ suggests doing it by the window to avoid a smell and they look for a lighter. JJ finds one in a drawer and tosses it to Bev. JJ remains at the drawer and finds a photo of Daniel and Jennifer.

Kristen tells Eric that she wanted to confirm the pre cana sessions. Eric agrees to 11 AM tomorrow. Kristen notes that he seems upset. Eric says he's just tired. Kristen says she'll see him tomorrow. Eric says goodnight and she exits.

Brady asks Victor what's up with him arguing with everybody today. Victor blames it on a bad mood. Brady notes that Marlena seems serious. Marlena says she's happy about Sami and hugs him. Marlena decides to go and exits. Brady asks Victor what's going on.

Theresa walks through the town square and declares that she hates the town but can't go home.

Abigail and Jennifer sit together at home until they hear a noise which they hope is JJ. They rush to the door but nothing is there. Jennifer worries about how cold it is and cries that she's glad Abigail is there. Abigail tells her not to worry as JJ will be fine.

Daniel asks if Chloe's sure that she doesn't mind driving back to Salem. Chloe says her day is free and she figures Daniel has reasons to get back to Salem now. Daniel agrees and tells Parker he'll be staying with Chloe. Daniel decides he is heading home today.

Rory asks JJ if he's going to join them in getting high. JJ smashes the picture of Daniel and Jennifer then puts it back and joins them at the window.

Brady questions Victor arguing with Marlena. Victor talks about having a hard time dealing with women and says it will happen to Brady as he gets older. Victor warns Brady to make sure he can be happy with the most extreme version of Kristen he can imagine and then maybe he'll come to his senses.

Kristen sits with her flashdrive and says maybe someday soon she won't need it anymore and she can absolutely trust Brady then it can be destroyed and everything will be perfect.

Marlena sits in the town square with Victor's flashdrive device. She calls it ridiculous and says she needs to focus on Eric but can't until she finds out what is going on.

Nicole goes through a box of photos that Eric gave her from Africa as a thank you gift. Nicole says all she will ever have from Eric is gratitude.

Father Matt returns to Eric to tell him that he's going to bed and asks how he's doing. Eric says he's better as prayer helped. Eric insists that he will find the answers as he knows God heard his prayer and will show him the truth. They say goodnight and Father Matt exits.

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