Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/23/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady goes to Daniel's and talks about the good news about Sami and brings up Jennifer.

Jennifer accuses Theresa of embezzling hospital funds and fires her. Theresa asks for her job back but Jennifer doesn't want to give her another chance.

JJ goes to the park and meets with Rory and Bev. They ask JJ about being homeless but JJ tells them to join him tonight as he's going to party.

Eric and Marlena talk about hypnotizing Sami. Eric wants answers. Marlena asks what he wants answers about.

Nicole talks to Victor about wanting to help him against Kristen. They question why they should trust one another as Kristen arrives and questions them being together when they hate one another.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she can explain the check and claims she used the money for hospital supplies. Jennifer doesn't believe her and insists that she's fired for being caught stealing. Jennifer threatens to call the police and have her arrest.

JJ tells Rory and Bev about being at the Kiriakis Mansion. They get excited but JJ says he won't be staying there. JJ then reveals Daniel is going to Chicago so his apartment will empty with a full liquor cabinet and all they will have to do is be out before he gets back. JJ says Daniel ruined his life so this will be payback.

Brady tells Daniel that Jennifer is in a really bad place. They talk about JJ. Daniel says he's offered to help and all he can do is make sure JJ doesn't see him near Jennifer. Daniel tells Brady that he and Parker are going to visit Chloe in Chicago. Brady asks how Chloe is doing. Daniel says she's doing good and now seemed like the perfect time. Daniel asks Brady to keep an eye on Jennifer since he can't help right now.

Eric talks to Marlena about being under a lot of stress. Marlena wonders about the night he got sick. Eric tells her about going back to the hotel but having no luck. Eric mentions strange flashbacks. Eric hopes that if he can remember what happened that night then he will understand what made him sick.

Nicole argues with Victor in front of Kristen until she walks away. Nicole questions Victor not thanking her since she came up with a story to get her away proving that she's a good partner. Victor says he wants less talk and more success. Victor then exits with Nicole calling out after him. Kristen stops Victor outside and wants to know what was really going on but Victor walks away so Kristen follows him.

Theresa begs Jennifer not to call the cops and starts saying she knows it was wrong and is so sorry. She says she needs the job and the deal she made with her parents to come to Salem. Jennifer tells Theresa that she brought her problems with her. Theresa worries that bad things will happen to her if she goes back to LA. Theresa says her family will turn on her if she gets fired and she won't have anybody so her life will be ruined. Theresa says she will stay away from JJ and do a good job. Jennifer insists that she stole from the hospital so she's done. Theresa argues that Jennifer had it out for her from day one. She talks about her giving JJ chance after chance. Jennifer says to look where that got her.

Bev asks about trouble with the cops by breaking in. JJ mentions Jennifer having a key to Daniel's so they head to go get it.

Daniel talks to Brady about thinking that he and Jennifer would be raising Parker together. Daniel talks about all they've been through. Brady tells Daniel that staying away from Jennifer sends the message that JJ and his lies have won.

Marlena questions Eric about the images in his flashbacks. Eric explains that Daniel thinks he was poisoned. Marlena says he has to tell her about the images but Eric says he can't because they are so vague. Eric wants to be hypnotized and Marlena wants to be the one to do it.

Daniel tells Brady that he's probably right but he told Jennifer that he's there for her. Daniel suggests maybe it will work out but not now. Daniel decides to change the subject and asks about him and Kristen. Brady says things are going great which Daniel says he's happy for. Brady brings up Jennifer losing Jack in the explosion and he lost Madison. Brady says they both thought they'd never find someone again but he found Kristen and hopes that Daniel and Jennifer can find a way to work it out.

Jennifer tells Theresa that she wanted to help her parents but she has a troubled child too and she will do everything she can to make sure JJ doesn't turn out like Theresa. Jennifer calls her a manipulating, lying thief. Jennifer says she has learned her lesson and is not going to give her a second chance. Jennifer orders her out and repeats that she's fired. Theresa mocks her. Jennifer tells her to blame herself so Theresa storms out.

JJ goes to Jennifer's with Rory and Bev. JJ finds the key to Daniel's in a drawer. JJ looks at a picture of Jack. Bev comments on JJ really loving his dad. JJ says he was the best and then they go to leave together but Jennifer arrives.

Kristen catches up to Victor in the town square, asking what they were up to. Victor asks why it's so important to her. Kristen says they both love Brady and knows there's a conspiracy going on. Victor makes jokes. Kristen talks about Nicole sticking her nose in people's business and feels she's trying to get between her and Brady. Kristen says Nicole is too stupid to see that she's going to lose Brady from her life. Kristen remarks that she'd hate to see the same thing happen to him.

Brady goes to the coffeehouse and finds Nicole, questioning her still drinking. Brady says he won't lecture her but Nicole accuses him of sending Maggie after her.

Marlena reminds Eric that she is one of the best psychiatrists in the country and she's free. Eric feels that it would be too uncomfortable. Marlena talks about how the flashbacks could be fragmented memories that need to be pulled open. Marlena thinks sharing the images with her could help. Eric insists that it would be too uncomfortable. Marlena wonders what could be so bad.

Jennifer asks JJ what he's doing there. JJ says he just came to get some things. Jennifer asks Rory and Bev to wait outside so they exit. Jennifer asks what he came to get since she didn't keep any money in. JJ says he just came to get clothes and asks if she wants to check them for drugs so she does. Jennifer tells him that he can't come and go as he pleases. JJ tells her that he won't be back then. She asks where he's staying and if he's living outside. JJ says she's the one who told the family to lock him out so asks where she expected him to stay.

Theresa talks with Kayla at the front desk of the hospital. Theresa mentions hearing about Sami and her being one of the only ones that didn't judge her. Theresa informs her that Jennifer just fired her. Kayla asks what happened and what pushed her over the edge. Theresa complains about there being a file on her and says the place sucks. Theresa wants to be transferred and worries about going to jail if she loses her job.

Brady tells Nicole that Maggie was concerned about her. Nicole argues that not everybody is an alcoholic. Brady notes that she was drinking this morning and is still drinking now. Brady thinks it's a cry for help as she still has feelings for Eric that aren't going away. Nicole says she told him that in confidence in a moment of weakness but she's past it now. Nicole says Brady just keeps throwing Eric back in her face.

Eric doesn't want to fight Marlena about it and wants someone else for her to recommend. Marlena calls it late notice. Eric decides to call Daniel but Marlena stops him and says she'll try to call someone she knows but it won't be easy.

Kayla tells Theresa that there's nothing she can do for her as she barely qualified for this job. Kayla tells Theresa that she should tell her own parents. Theresa worries about it. Kayla suggests telling her sooner than later so they can make arrangements to go home. Theresa refuses to leave. Kayla gets a call and steps away, saying they will talk about it later.

Jennifer says she can't tell JJ how much it hurts to see him upset and angry. Jennifer feels like she keeps walking around trying not to cry because she can't figure out what happened to him. Jennifer tells him that she loves him and always will. JJ says he loves her too. Jennifer stops him from leaving and tells him she needs the key which startles JJ.

Nicole tells Brady that she'd like one person in the town to not see the worst in her. Brady says he and Eric don't. Nicole insists on not having feelings. Nicole's phone alerts go off so she talks about e-mails coming in for Eric about Sami. Brady offers to give her a ride but Nicole decides she will hang out there for awhile. Brady asks her to take care of herself. Nicole says she always does and Brady exits. Nicole then orders a double espresso.

Marlena brings a doctor to the rectory with Eric for the hypnosis. Eric unplugs the phones and turns his off then turns off the lights. Marlena decides she will step outside and check her e-mails. She assures Eric that he's in good hands. He thanks her as she exits.

Victor comments on Kristen's high opinion of herself and questions thinking she could get Brady to disown him. Victor says Brady's family was around before her and will be after she's gone and she will be gone. Brady approaches and says he hopes he's not interrupting.

Theresa begins packing her things from her desk, complaining that Jennifer just got upset because JJ thought she was hot. Theresa stops and looks at Jennifer's family photo on her desk. Theresa then says she just might do it.

Jennifer tells JJ that she was serious about him not being able to come and go as he pleases but he can call and she'll let him in. JJ says he'll be like a stranger and hands her the house key as he exits. Jennifer cries watching him go.

Daniel talks with Parker about preparing for their road trip while he's on the phone with Chloe. Daniel says they are on their way and hangs up. Daniel grabs their bags and they exit.

Kristen tells Brady that he's not interrupting and kisses him. Victor says they were just finished and walks away. Brady tells Kristen that Sami is doing great. Kristen suggests EJ and Kristen could use a little more time alone. Brady agrees and says he booked them a room at the Salem Inn. Kristen calls it amazing as they kiss.

Nicole uses her computer at the coffeehouse and declines interview requests for Eric until she comes across an e-mail.

Marlena sits outside the rectory with her phone. Inside, the doctor begins to hypnotize Eric and they go over the night at the hotel but Eric is not fully in to it. The doctor thinks he should have Marlena do it if he really wants to get to the truth and thinks there is no other choice. The doctor goes out and tells Marlena that they need some help so she returns to the rectory.

Jennifer sits at home crying until there's a knock at the door. She answers it thinking it's JJ but it's Theresa. Jennifer doesn't want to hear what she has to say but Theresa argues that she does. Theresa walks in and says there's something she can do for her. Theresa declares she can get her son back.

Nicole approaches Daniel in the town square. Daniel tells her that he and Parker are about to take a road trip. Nicole talks about going through Eric's backlog of e-mails about Sami but she notes that Eric got an e-mail from the hotel plaza clerk and asks if he went there. Daniel says they went together and suggests she ask Eric about it as he has to go.

JJ uses the key to get into Daniel's apartment with Bev and Rory. Rory finds some alcohol and JJ calls it party time.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Eric. Eric goes over the images he sees. Eric recalls someone else being in the room. Marlena encourages him to try and see who it is.

Brady and Kristen kiss in bed.

Marlena asks Eric if he can see who is in the room. Eric says he can't see her as his flashbacks continue. Eric says he knows the woman from his dream but he can't see her. Marlena asks if he can describe her. Marlena asks who the woman is.

Brady and Kristen continue in bed until Kristen stops, looking worried and Brady asks what's wrong.

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