Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/20/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe begins to speak on the new evidence at the trial. Abe opens up his bag and reveals that Bernardi's razor has been found.

Maggie goes to see Jennifer and asks about JJ moving out. Jennifer says he walked out and talks about how hard it is. Jennifer says JJ is out there and she has no idea where he is or what trouble is waiting for him.

Theresa goes to Jennifer's office at the hospital and finds an envelope on her desk. She opens it up and finds a check for $2500. She wishes she asked for more then gets a call from JJ, who says he's in the park and needs to see her as it's really important. Theresa agrees to be there in a few minutes. She hides her check on her desk and then exits.

Marlena and Victor talk at the Kiriakis Mansion about being unable to prove to Brady that Kristen had an affair. Marlena talks about it being a disaster trying to get Kristen's phone.

Kristen stands outside the rectory with her flashdrive and says the way things are going, she might not need it after all. She heads inside where Nicole is. Kristen mocks her for drinking and thinks she needs help. Nicole accuses her of making people miserable. Nicole guesses no one knows the most miserable thing she's done.

Eric grabs his bag and starts to leave the hotel but stops and looks at the bed where he stops remembering. Eric says it's his dream and it can't have anything to do with it. Eric approaches the bed and realizes it was there.

Abe explains that forensics examined the razorblade and found Bernardi's fingerprints and blood all over it. Melinda objects but is overruled. The judge asks how the police found the razorblade. Sami cries tears of joy wanting to know the same thing. EJ thinks back to his agreement with Stefano.

Eric gets frustrated and says it can't possibly be.

Abe reveals a photo of a nurse who used to work at the hospital but skipped town on a flight to Morocco and then they searched her apartment and found the razorblade among bank records and Bernardi's fingerprints and DNA from every room. Sami excitedly kisses EJ.

Jennifer talks to Maggie about not wanting anyone to take JJ in. Maggie says the temperature is dropping and it's supposed to rain. Jennifer says she can't ask JJ to come home or his behavior will continue. Maggie asks where JJ is going to go if he can't go home.

Theresa meets with JJ in the park. JJ assures her that he did not give her up to the cops. She asks what's going to happen to him. JJ talks about his charges being dropped to a misdemeanor. Theresa says it will be like it never happened. JJ tells her that he needs a place to crash. Theresa calls Jennifer and Kayla self-righteous bitches. She says she doesn't know anyone that can take him in but JJ asks about her place.

Marlena explains to Victor how Nicole pretended to be drunk to distract Kristen. Victor suggests bringing Nicole in on this but Marlena feels that's the last thing they need.

Kristen tells Nicole that something is off about earlier like the way she went after her while loaded. Nicole says she'd rather see Brady with Lindsay Lohan. Kristen talks about Nicole being plastered earlier and now alert. Kristen says there's no side effects as she's perfectly fine.

Eric sits down and says this doesn't make sense and goes against everything he believes. Daniel returns and asks if he's okay.

Abe talks about Bernardi's name being on the bank account in Morocco. Melinda argued that it doesn't change the fact that Sami killed Bernardi. Abe reveals that they are no longer sure that the gunshot is what killed Bernardi and goes over what Kayla and the surgeon believe. Abe says Kayla now believes that Bernardi died unrelated to the shooting. He reveals that the nurse Gloria was there to cause his death. Abe says they found e-mails that Bernardi told Gloria that he would never leave his wife because of his son as possible motive. Sami is excited. Justin tells her to stay calm as he exits with Melinda and the judge.

Jennifer gets a message with JJ's phone records and tries to figure out a number that she recognizes as Maggie exits. Jennifer realizes it's Theresa and rushes out.

Theresa asks JJ about wanting to stay with her. JJ says he's not going home and they get along. Theresa wants to help but worries about Jennifer finding out and going to Kayla while she needs her job. JJ assures her that no one will find out or see him. Theresa apologizes. JJ tells her not to worry about it. Theresa then says there's a really easy solution if he needs a place to stay.

The judge resumes court as Justin and Melinda return. Sami wants to know what happened. The judge asks Melinda if the people wish to proceed with the case against Sami with the new evidence. Melinda says no which makes EJ and Sami happy. Melinda officially withdraws all charges against Sami. The judge declares Sami free to go. Sami hugs Justin and EJ as she declares it's finally over.

Marlena tells Victor that she thinks bringing Nicole in would be a serious mistake. Victor says they are at square one with less time to stop the wedding. Marlena gets a call from Sami and hears the good news. She says she will be right there. She informs Victor that all charges against Sami have been dropped as she rushes out.

Kristen realizes Nicole wasn't drunk. Nicole mocks the idea of playing drunk. Kristen thinks she's up to something. Nicole tells her to get a life. Kristen brings up her pre-cana meetings and reminds her that she and Brady are getting married. Kristen mentions becoming good friends with Eric. Kristen says she feels protective of Eric and threatens to tell him what Nicole thinks about him. Nicole tells her to get out. Kristen gets a call from EJ and hears the news. Kristen tells Nicole that she has better things to do than hang out with a lonely, sad, jealous, pathetic loser as she exits.

Eric tells Daniel that he's starting to figure things out. Daniel notes he was pretty upset. Eric gets a call from Marlena that it's over and the charges have been dropped. Eric thanks her and hangs up. Eric excitedly tells Daniel that the charges have been dropped and Sami is going home. Daniel suggests Eric go home for the celebration while he stays there to check around. Eric says this could be a turning point for his whole family as he hurries out.

Sami and EJ return home with Justin where the kids excitedly hug Sami as Marlena watches with a smile. Sami promises she's home forever and never leaving again. Justin talks about the day turning out like this. EJ thanks Justin for everything he's done. Justin wonders who tipped off the cops to the nurse. EJ says he doesn't know. Kristen joins them and hugs EJ. Kristen mentions Stefano hearing the news. Sami thanks Marlena for being there when she couldn't be as they hug. The kids talk to Sami as EJ watches with a smile.

JJ asks Theresa what solution she is talking about. Theresa gets a call from Jennifer but ignores it. She tells JJ that Jennifer is the solution because he can get her to cave. JJ says he will figure something else out. Theresa asks about the money she used to buy pot from him but JJ informs her that it was confiscated. Theresa gives him all the money that she has in her purse and says he can take his time paying her back. JJ asks about her not being worried about money. Theresa says things are looking up as she walks away.

Jennifer goes to her office and isn't surprised to find Theresa not there. She searches Theresa's desk for any information about JJ and finds the $2500 check that Theresa hid.

JJ goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to talk with Justin. Justin suggests he make up with Jennifer but JJ calls it none of his business. JJ asks if he doesn't want to be his lawyer anymore.

Jennifer sits in her office and says she can't believe Theresa put her name on her check fund request. Jennifer calls for security as Theresa enters and asks if she's in trouble again.

Kristen congratulates Sami and says she informed Brady. Kristen, Sami, and EJ toast champagne as the doorbell rings so Kristen goes to answer it. EJ asks how she suggests they fill the time. Kristen answers the door to see Eric and asks what brings him back.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and asks how it went with Eric. Daniel tells her that it got short as Eric got called home. Maggie says she was with Jennifer. Daniel hopes she's okay. Maggie wonders how she possibly could be. Daniel asks her to watch Parker for a little bit longer as he has one quick errand to run.

Eric tells Kristen that he heard about Sami. Kristen says she was just kidding. EJ and Sami kiss through the doorway and Eric calls out to her. Sami runs up and hugs him. Eric says he knows the kids must be happy. EJ says things are getting back to normal. Eric says he just wanted to see her but has to get to the rectory. Marlena says she has to leave as well and thinks they need some time alone. Sami thanks Marlena for everything. Marlena tells her to enjoy her time with her family as they hug. Eric, Marlena, and Kristen exit. EJ and Sami kiss and then head upstairs. Outside the mansion, Marlena tells Kristen that she doesn't have to see them out. Kristen tells Eric that she dropped forms off at the rectory and then walks away. Eric asks Marlena if she has some time because he needs to talk to someone.

Justin tells JJ that he won't quit his case but needs more from him if he wants things to end well. JJ says he's not going home. Justin asks where to find him if he needs to talk to him. JJ tells him to worry about his legal problems while he worries about everything else. Justin comments that he thought his troubles were over. Justin heads into the living room where Daniel is. Daniel says he came to see him about JJ and the mess he's in.

Jennifer tells Theresa that she got JJ's phone records and found out that he's been talking to her every day. Theresa says she can't tell her who to talk to and says JJ has been the one calling her. Jennifer wants her gone and fires her. Theresa says she can't take it out on her and can't fire her without grounds.

EJ and Sami kiss in the bedroom

Nicole meets with Victory at the coffeehouse. They toast to Sami. Nicole wishes she could get rid of Kristen for good. Victor brings up hearing about what happened this morning. Nicole realizes Marlena told him. Nicole asks if Victor will grant her wish. Victor suggests stepping back and letting Marlena handle things. Nicole thinks Victor came looking for her to deliver a message.

Marlena and Eric sit at the Pub. Marlena feels Eric's been carrying the weight of the world around with him. Eric calls it nothing compared to what Sami's been through. Marlena brings up that he wanted to talk and asks if something happened today.

Sami and EJ lay in bed together. Sami asks how he did it and talks about all the evidence suddenly appearing in time to save her. Sami mentions EJ being gone right before it all. Sami asks what EJ did. EJ says who cares how it happened. EJ tells her that she is back home with the children and he's made sure she will never be taken away again.

Justin talks about the charges being dropped for Sami. Daniel asks if he can make that miracle happen for JJ. Justin says JJ is making it difficult as JJ re-enters the mansion and grabs his backpack, stopping to listen in on their conversation. Daniel says he wants to help Jennifer but no one can know but them. Daniel mentions taking Parker to Chloe's and spending the night. JJ says for Daniel not to count on it as he exits.

Jennifer goes over everything she has on Theresa and then reveals the check that she found which she calls stealing. Jennifer orders Theresa out because she's fired.

Victor claims to have no idea of a message to deliver. Nicole tells him not to play her. Nicole talks about getting in between Marlena and Kristen because Marlena was about to blow it. Nicole says she'll try to take a step back but wants in on the plan. Kristen then arrives.

Eric talks about how Marlena hypnotized Sami to help her remember the razor blade and wants to know how that works. Marlena says she will tell him if he tells her why he wants to know.

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