Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/19/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/19/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ visits Sami in the cell saying he wants to reassure her. Sami wants him to tell her what the hell is going on.

Abe and Hope talk in Hope's office about forensics. Abe says they can't afford mistakes. Justin enters, wanting answers.

Jordan tells Rafe that he's making real progress. Rafe thanks her. Jordan calls it a fact not a compliment. Rafe thanks her for helping him. Jordan says it's just her job. Rafe wonders where Kate is. Jordan makes a remark about Kate being picky about the coffee to the barista which causes Rafe to say oh my God. Jordan asks what. Rafe says he can't believe that Jordan actually made a joke and he laughs as Kate returns to the room.

Maggie goes to Daniel's. Daniel thanks her for watching Parker. Maggie asks how long he's going to be. Daniel says he will keep her posted. She asks if his sudden trip has to do with Jennifer and JJ. Daniel informs her that it's something to help Eric.

Father Matt and Eric talk at the rectory about Sami. Eric talks about being stressed about his dream that never changes. Eric says he never sees the woman's face in his dream but he knows that he knows her.

Nicole bumps into Kristen and Brady at the town square. Kristen mocks Nicole being drunk all the time.

Abe tells Justin that he's not welcome there right now. Justin needs to know if there's anything to help Sami. Hope tells him to trust them and rushes him out of the room. Hope gets a call and shows Abe what she has. Abe says they better handle this personally and they exit together.

Sami asks EJ what is going on. EJ says he doesn't know. Sami tells him to lie and make something up then. Sami apologizes for yelling at him. Sami says the trial is driving her insane. EJ thinks that things may be looking up as Melinda did not look happy. Sami worries that she could be getting her hopes up for nothing. Sami asks if they're going to take her away from EJ, the kids, and her life. EJ thinks back to the agreement he made with Stefano. EJ tells Sami it's not going to happen and encourages her to keep the faith. Sami wants to believe she'll finally get out. Sami wants EJ to be honest with her. Sami says she knows she has a way of making herself the center of attention. Sami talks about EJ being there for her as her rock since this started and she hasn't returned the favor. Sami apologizes but EJ tells her stop worrying about him. EJ says he lives for loving her.

Kate comments on physical therapy being so lighthearted. Rafe jokes that Jordan located his funny bone. Kate asks what Jordan said as she wants to laugh. Rafe starts to explain but then just says she had to be there. Kate then complains about the coffee barista which Jordan and Rafe not try to laugh about. Kate asks what's so funny and then realizes it's her. Rafe explains the joke and how Jordan was accurate about Kate and the barista. Kate remarks about making jokes at someone else's expense as Jordan exits. Rafe comments on Kate's sense of humor going missing. Kate jokes that she's known for her sense of humor.

Maggie asks Daniel what he's doing for Eric. Daniel says it's just a project that he's helping him with. Maggie hoped it was something to help Jennifer and calls it an awful mess. Daniel agrees. Maggie says it's not like him to do nothing. Daniel says there's nothing he can do. Maggie comments that Daniel being around would be in the way of Jennifer trying to get JJ home. Daniel says she said it and not him.

Eric tells Father Matt that he doesn't mean to harp on it but the dream is really bothering him. Eric says he's cleared his schedule today in hopes of finding some answers.

Nicole tells Brady and Kristen that she's sober now. Kristen says she didn't need Nicole attacking her earlier. Brady questions why Nicole attacked Kristen. Nicole asks if she really needs a reason.

Daniel thanks Maggie again for taking care of Parker. Maggie asks if Eric is alright. Daniel says he's okay but hopes he will be better when they are done. Daniel then exits.

Father Matt asks Eric if he's sure he's up for the drive to the capital. Eric says it's better than sitting around. Eric says he will pray for Sami on his way and hopes he will get answers at the hotel.

Brady asks Nicole what happened. Nicole calls Kristen a lying, sociopathic, drama queen and says it was a nothing incident. Brady questions her attack but Nicole declares she's done and walks away. Brady asks Kristen if she exaggerated as she wants the truth. Kristen calls her a sad pathetic human and notes that Marlena stood up for her as well. Kristen says Nicole wants to blame everybody else for her problems. Kristen wants to talk and doesn't want him upset but has an errand to run. They kiss and Kristen walks off. Brady goes in the opposite direction.

Rafe asks Kate if she's not actually mad about Jordan's joke. Kate says she's not but suggests maybe she should be. Rafe says Jordan not being totally serious is just wow. Abe and Hope arrive. Hope says they need to talk and go over something about the case while there's not much time. Hope asks Kate to excuse them so they can talk to Rafe alone.

Justin returns to Sami's cell and tells her and EJ that something is going on but Abe and Hope won't say what. Justin is optimistic that they are working so hard on this. Justin tells Sami that they are doing everything they can to get her home.

Hope shows Rafe a photo of a woman on her phone. Rafe notes her being familiar and then recalls that Bernardi knew her. Rafe says Bernardi greeted her a couple times. Hope brings up Bernardi calling in sick and Rafe covering for him. Rafe explains that Bernardi took Marge and Timmy out for dinner so he covered for him. Rafe remembers the restaurant he went to. Rafe then realizes they are saying Bernardi was having an affair with this woman. Rafe asks what this means for Sami if Bernardi wasn't such the family man. Abe decides to let Hope finish up and exits. Kate returns to the room and notes that she also recognizes the woman. Kate says she saw her at the hospital the night Sami shot Bernardi. Hope gets a call and steps away. Kate asks Rafe what's going on with the woman. Hope has to go and tells Rafe not a word to anyone as she exits. Kate asks Rafe about the woman. Rafe says they've found something out but he doesn't know what and suggests they keep quiet about it.

Daniel joins Eric at the rectory. Daniel finishes a phone call and is informed that the hotel room is empty. Daniel suggests they can find something new. Daniel gets another call. Eric says he'll wait for him outside and exits. Eric runs into Kristen.

Brady catches up to Nicole outside the Pub and he wants to know what happened between she and Kristen. Nicole jokes about Kristen keeping Marlena captive in the past. Brady wants to know what happened. Nicole thinks back to it and then asks Brady if it really matters because they just got in a fight as they don't like each other. Brady says that might not be a big deal but Nicole getting drunk first thing in the morning is.

Kristen asks Eric about setting up the pre-cana meetings. Eric mentions his trip. Kristen decides she will text him and figure something out as she then walks off. Daniel comes out and joins Eric. They're ready to go and walk off together.

Hope returns to her office where Melinda is waiting and asking what's going on. Hope says she was trying to run down leads. Melinda asks if she's being screwed. Hope asks if she thinks she deserves to be.

Justin talks about Abe and Hope being up to something and that Melinda will do whatever she can to keep this from the jury. Justin talks about taking steps to counter her and mentions social media as he exits. Sami agrees that Hope and Abe wouldn't get so worked up if this wasn't something to help her. EJ comments that it sounds plausible which makes Sami assume that EJ set this up.

Nicole tells Brady that she didn't get set out to get drunk. Brady talks about warning signs and asks if she's having a tough time dealing with him being with Kristen. Nicole says no. Brady then asks if it's because she knows she will never have something like that with Eric. Nicole tells him to get over himself and mind his own business as she storms off. Maggie approaches and asks what that was all about. Brady says she exploded when he asked about her drinking. Brady gets a call and steps away to answer it.

Kate knows it's killing Rafe to not be apart of the investigation. Rafe jokes about enjoying lying in bed doing nothing at all. Jordan returns and says it's time to resume physical therapy. Jordan comments that Kate is in the way. Kate then exits the room. Rafe tells Jordan that today is actually turning out pretty well. Rafe notes that she is not asking why. Jordan just wants to get started as they have a lot of work to do. Kate remains outside the room, looking in the window as she thinks back to running into Stefano at the town square. Kate wonders why Stefano was so happy.

Abe joins Hope and Melinda. Melinda argues that Hope's priorities are out of whack. Hope thinks Melinda is more worried about her record than the truth. Melinda asks Abe what is going on. Abe says they are waiting on a call from forensics and then gets it.

EJ tells Sami that he didn't do anything. Sami talks about the timing. EJ calls it a coincidence and encourages her to wait and see what happens. Sami asks if he's afraid it might backfire like the last time. EJ says that won't happen and promises that he will get her home to the children at any cost.

Daniel and Eric go to the hotel. Eric recalls when he talked to Kristen from behind at the front desk while she was in disguise. They enter the room. Eric brings up the woman in the lobby.

Kristen enters the Pub and joins Brady. She tells him it was a wasted trip as she and Eric ended up setting everything up through text. Kristen mentions not knowing where Eric was going. Brady thinks their wedding will be fun and they both can't wait as they kiss.

Daniel decides to get a water sample from the hotel room. Eric looks around the room.

Jordan works with Rafe on his physical therapy. Kate continues watching through the window and cheers on Rafe.

Abe finishes his call and says the evidence has been verified. Melinda wants answers. Hope argues that they have evidence. Melinda says it doesn't matter. Melinda tells Abe to get Hope in line and then to the court to testify as she declares Sami is going down today. Melinda exits. Hope complains about her. Abe tells her not to let Melinda get her off of her game. Abe tells Hope to bring everything to the court room.

Sami complains about waiting. Justin returns and informs them that court starts in five minutes and the guard is on his way. Sami declares this is it.

Rafe apologizes to Jordan for saying it was like boot camp and says it's worth it. Jordan says he hasn't seen her bill yet. Rafe asks if it's another joke and laughs about loosening her up. Jordan exits so Kate returns. Kate asks Rafe how it went. Rafe responds that things are actually starting to look up.

Melinda returns to the court, rushing in late and calls Abe to the stand but the judge informs her that social media is lit up with stories about new evidence and questions being out of the loop. Melinda doesn't want interest from outside pressures. The judge asks if there is new evidence. She admits that there may be and that Abe asked for time to work on it. Melinda wants to proceed but the judge wants to hear about the new evidence. Justin agrees and suggests they get started. The judge orders Melinda to bring Abe in now. Hope wishes Abe luck as he heads inside. The judge asks him about the new evidence.

Nicole works at the rectory until Maggie arrives. Nicole tells her that Eric's not there but Maggie says she came to see her as she was concerned after talking to Brady. Nicole insists that she does not have a drinking problem. Maggie tells her she's there if she ever needs to talk or go to an AA meeting. Nicole tells her that she works in a church for a priest. Maggie says she has her number if she ever feels like it. Maggie then exits. Nicole says she's trying to look out for Brady and Eric while living like a nun. Nicole declares that now she wants a drink and wants Kristen to get what's coming to her.

Brady and Kristen go over a questionnaire to fill out for the pre cana meetings. Brady admits he's still a little worried about Nicole. Kristen tells him not to be as she made a big deal out of nothing and they have more important things to focus on. Kristen wonders aloud if there's anything Eric doesn't know about her after all the time they have spent together.

Eric sits on the bed. Daniel asks if he had the window open or closed. Eric thinks it was open. Daniel decides to go ask the clerk a few more questions. Eric says he will stay a little longer to try and remember. Eric grabs his bag and starts to leave but stops and looks at the bed where he starts remembering the dream again.

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