Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ asks about the razorblade. EJ realizes Stefano didn't destroy it and has had it all along. EJ tells him to turn it in anonymously. EJ tells him that he has to do it for Johnny and Sydney to bring their mother home. Stefano responds that he doesn't have to do anything.

Abigail reveals that she and Chad did it which Cameron hears from the doorway. Gabi calls it sudden and Abigail agrees that it was unexpected.

Chad researches his condition and thinks back to his specialist talking to him, informing him that he is actually in perfect health. Chad says telling Cameron that he had a brain tumor got Cameron out of the picture and now he wants the treatment that will keep him there. Chad finds one that he calls perfect.

Kate goes to the hospital and asks Jordan about Rafe. Jordan talks about Rafe's progress being slow and how it will be a long process. Kate doesn't think Jordan likes her very much.

Abe visits Rafe in his hospital room and updates him about Sami's trial. Abe says Sami is hanging out there on her word with no proof to back her up.

Roman is called to the stand at the trial and is sworn in. Sami wonders where EJ could be.

EJ tells Stefano that he doesn't want to hurt his grandchildren. Stefano questions the image of their mother. EJ reminds him that he's hurting the children. Stefano asks how stupid he thinks he is. EJ asks if Stefano really hates them that much. EJ asks what he wants. EJ says he can take the house and the company back if that's what he wants. EJ shouts that he will give Stefano anything he wants. EJ yells at Stefano to name his price.

Cameron continues listening in as Gabi asks Abigail how she is after. Abigail doesn't know how to answer it but says she's great. Abigail mentions being taken by surprise but it was her choice. Abigail says Chad was sweet and romantic and it was everything she ever wanted.

Chad reads about the treatment he found and says no one would ever know. Chad thinks back to Abigail and calls it a good cause as Cameron was never right for her anyways. Chad gets a call from the coffeehouse that the dishwasher is broken.

Melinda interrogates Roman about Sami's lies.

Stefano questions if EJ is going to threaten him. EJ wants to know what he wants. Stefano thinks he should know. Stefano says he taught him better while Sami has turned him to mush. EJ says Stefano is five moves ahead and thinks back to Stefano saying he would be begging for him to take things back. EJ realizes that Stefano had all of this in motion when he left. EJ asks Stefano to take it all back as Sami is all that matters to him but Stefano says not to him.

Chad says he will take care of it and hangs up as Cameron then arrives. Cameron calls him a son of a bitch and asks how could he.

Kate tells Jordan that she knows she can be intimidating but it's not her intention. Jordan says she doesn't like or dislike her as she has no feelings about her. Jordan says she only cares about her patients' progress and anything else is irrelevant. Jordan adds that she doesn't find Kate intimidating in the least as she walks away.

Rafe tells Abe that he's gone over every second he's spent with Bernardi and thinks there has to be a trail if he was dirty. Rafe says they must be missing something. Abe encourages him about getting out of the hospital. Kate enters and asks about the trial. Abe tells her that it's not going well. Abe mentions that Kate didn't have to hand the prosecutor more ammunition. Abe exits and Rafe asks Kate what she said at Sami's trial.

Roman argues with Melinda about Sami being railroaded before when innocent. Melinda asks if it's true that Sami has lied under oath.

EJ tells Stefano that he's offering all he has and all he can think about is Sami being locked up for the rest of her life. EJ begs Stefano to take it all back. EJ gets on his knees and begs him to take back what he's stolen. Stefano questions him thinking it's only about things like money and the house. EJ says he has nothing else to give. Stefano tells him that he broke his heart again. Stefano tells EJ that if Sami gets out of this, EJ will live in the mansion as his son and will work with him side by side. Stefano adds that EJ's entire family will live in Stefano's house until he wants it otherwise. EJ sheepishly agrees and gives his word as a DiMera. Stefano makes EJ kiss his hand and tells him to get up. EJ mentions Sami's trial being in session so there is not much time as they have to act now. Stefano tells him that he has some calls to make and papers to sign first.

Abigail tells Gabi that she felt it was the right moment with Chad. Abigail admits she thought her first time would've been with Cameron.

Chad says good news traveled fast. Cameron can't believe Chad took things this far. Cameron says he cares about Abigail and thought Chad did too. Chad says that's why this happened. Cameron accuses Chad of lying to Abigail. Chad fakes a headache so Cameron goes to grab him some water while Chad hides the treatment information.

Roman tells Melinda that to his knowledge, Sami has never lied in criminal court but did in family court. Justin objects so Melinda is told to wrap it up. Roman insists that Sami only lied in family court to protect her son from a drunk. Justin objects but Sami says the jury still heard it.

Stefano has EJ sign papers to sign everything back to Stefano and mentions calling overseas contacts. EJ says they liked the changes he had made. Stefano says together they can come up with what they need. EJ finishes and hands the folders to Stefano. Stefano suggests EJ go to Sami's trial. Stefano mentions that he will have dinner with the children and pretty soon the whole family will be together again. EJ says yes, father. Stefano assures EJ that it's for the best as EJ exits. Stefano laughs and toasts his drink to one big happy family, his family.

Cameron gives Chad a water. Chad says he's sorry and wishes neither of them had to lose in this situation. Cameron says he only cares about Abigail being vulnerable with her family drama. Chad says he doesn't owe him an explanation but they were together because it was what Abigail wanted. Cameron says Chad must feel pretty good. Chad responds that Abigail gives him a reason to live.

Abigail tells Gabi that she's not disappointed, she just thought awhile ago that it would be with Cameron but everything shifted. Abigail mentions that Jennifer will freak out. Gabi doesn't think she should find out. Abigail says Jennifer is different. Abigail then says she did lose it to a DiMera so maybe she will keep this to herself.

Kate tells Rafe that she wasn't thinking when she had to answer the question she was asked. Kate assures that Justin can discredit Nick. Kate insists that she wasn't trying to hurt Sami for once. Kate says she's grateful and doesn't want to think of what could've happened if she wasn't there. Rafe says she's going to prison for saving his life. Kate tells him not to blame himself as it's not his fault and there's nothing he could've done. Jordan interrupts. Kate asks for a minute because they are in the middle of something but Jordan says it can't wait. Kate reluctantly agrees and goes to get Rafe some coffee. Rafe asks Jordan if they can go to the physical therapy room today but Jordan says he's not ready. Rafe complains about doing the same thing over and over. Jordan says they will rotate things and begins working with him on his leg exercises.

Melinda questions Roman about Sami being at crime scenes and Sami lying about not knowing Bernardi. Roman admits that over twelve years, he never had reason to believe Bernardi was a dirty cop. EJ arrives. Sami is glad he's there and tells him that they are burying her alive. EJ assures her it will be fine. Sami tells him it's okay as she understands that he can't stop it.

Stefano sits with his phone and makes a call. Stefano says it's time to make the move. Stefano raises the king chess piece and declares check mate.

Abigail tells Gabi that she is really happy and is so glad she ran into her. Gabi hugs her. Abigail agrees that Jennifer does not need to hear right now. Gabi exits to go see Rafe.

Chad talks to Cameron about Abigail giving him a reason to get up in the morning. Cameron questions if she's fulfilling a purpose. Chad says Abigail is his friend and he didn't have too many of those. Chad asks how he even knew about them. Cameron says it doesn't matter as he's done talking about it. Cameron tells Chad to get better as he owes it to Abigail. Chad questions if Cameron loves Abigail.

Jordan continues Rafe's physical therapy. Gabi enters and Jordan agrees to a five minute break.

Roman is excused from the stand and exits the courtroom as Sami cries. Justin asks EJ where he's been. EJ says he had some business to take care of. Abe enters and tells Melinda that there is a bombshell. Sami looks to EJ, who looks down.

Cameron says Abigail is his friend and he cares about them both. Cameron asks if Chad is going to tell her about his illness. Chad says no as she has enough to worry about. Cameron warns him that he has no control over his illness and exits. Chad says to himself that Cameron is wrong because he's in complete control.

Gabi updates Rafe quickly that she, Arianna, Will and Sonny are all great and finishes so Jordan can resume therapy. Gabi exits and watches through the window.

Abe and Melinda argue about evidence that has come up. Justin notes to Sami that Abe was the next witness. The judge asks if they are ready to proceed. Melinda says an urgent time-sensitive matter has come up so Abe cannot testify right now. Melinda requests a recess which is granted as Sami holds hands with EJ.

Kate walk through the town square with her coffees and runs into Stefano, who comments on the beautiful day.

Cameron returns to the hospital and runs into Abigail. She says it's good to see him. She mentions that she came to drop files off for Jennifer and not to see him. Cameron says it's good to see her too as Abigail exits.

Jordan tells Rafe that he's making real progress. Rafe thanks her. Jordan calls it a fact not a compliment. Rafe thanks her for helping him. Jordan says it's just her job. Rafe wonders where Kate is. Jordan makes a remark about Kate being picky about the coffee which causes Rafe to say oh my God.

Kate tells Stefano that everything is right in his world as Rafe is in the hospital and Sami is on trial fighting for her life. Stefano wonders if Kate ever truly knew him and then walks away.

Abe talks on the phone outside the courtroom, demanding no slip ups from forensics and wants results immediately. He says they have about four hours. Roman approaches and questions the recess. Roman asks if there is something that's going to help Sami. Abe pats him on the shoulder and walks away.

Justin visits Sami in her cell. Sami asks what it is. Justin says they won't say but Melinda wasn't happy. EJ joins as Sami says this could be good. EJ emphasizes could be. Justin asks why he says that. EJ says it's about time she got a break. Justin hopes this break doesn't cost them anything.

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