Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/17/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melinda asks what she can do for him. EJ says he's there to talk about what he can do for her. EJ says he knows how much she wants he and Stefano behind bars so he's there to give her the opportunity to do just that.

At the hospital, Maxine asks Cameron if he's seen Jennifer but he hasn't. Maxine says she's worried about her with all she's going through with JJ. Maxine comments that Jennifer is lucky to have someone special in her life to lean on.

Chad and Abigail continue kissing and end up kissing on Chad's bed until Chad stops.

Sonny starts to go home but stops at the door as he hears Gabi and Will arguing inside about Nick and him testifying against Sami. Sonny enters as Will says he wishes Gabi and Nick were not friends.

Nick and Hope talk at the town square. Nick says he didn't want to testify against Sami but Kate made it happen. Hope wants to talk to Nick before she goes back to court. Nick assumes she's worried about him going back to prison since Vargas is headed back.

Justin visits Sami and they talk about thinking EJ would be there. They hope EJ is not making things worse.

Melinda asks about EJ and Stefano being put behind bars. EJ says it's a deal so in return he wants the charges dropped and Sami home. She questions letting Sami walk on murder one. EJ argues that she knows Sami did not kill Bernardi in cold blood. Melinda brings up the evidence. EJ insists that Sami is innocent and he will not allow her to go to prison. Melinda feels threatened. EJ says he's offering her the chance to put the DiMera family away. EJ brings up how many years people have been trying to do that. Melinda calls it an extraordinary opposition. EJ says he just wants Sami free and asks if they have a deal. Melinda is surprised that a DiMera has genuine feelings and a willingness to sacrifice himself for someone else. EJ again asks if they have a deal. EJ wants an answer by the end of the day but Melinda declines. Melinda tells him that Sami is going down for murder one. EJ offers a murder charge against Stefano. EJ brings up Sami's family running the police department. They continue to argue. EJ shouts that Sami is innocent and questions how Melinda could turn down his deal. Melinda feels EJ will lose it and do something stupid when Sami goes away so she'll get him then and then they can make a deal for Stefano so she will have all of them in jail by the end of the year.

Sami asks Justin not to give EJ a hard time about the money thing since she gets why he did it and she would've done the same thing. Justin comments how badly it backfired. Sami gets how bad it is. Justin apologizes. Sami asks where his pep talk is. Sami guesses they have plans to make. Lucas arrives and asks for an update. Justin tells Sami that he'll see her in court as he exits. Sami tells Lucas that he's the only guy that hasn't been called to testify and feels he couldn't make it worse. Lucas asks for the short version. Sami responds "it's bad, really really bad."

Cameron tells Maxine that he and Abigail are just friends.

Chad tells Abigail that she is the best thing to happen to him in so long and he wants to be smart and think. Chad says he wants to but knows it's different for Abigail. Abigail agrees. Chad doesn't want her to do anything she wouldn't normally do just because she's upset with her life right now. Chad decides it's not the right time but Abigail feels that it is. Abigail says she wants to do something that she wouldn't normally do for the first time with him and they kiss again.

Maxine apologizes to Cameron for assuming. Cameron tells her not to worry and offers her coffee but she declines as he then walks away. Maxine comments that he's really got it bad for Abigail.

Chad and Abigail continue kissing in bed as Abigail begins to undress and they make love for Abigail's first time.

Hope talks about Vargas helping them track down Jensen and saving Will, Gabi, and Arianna so Nick should be grateful to him. Nick says he was but wasn't helping him with anything illegal. Hope is concerned about some of Nick's choices and she asks what's going on with he and Gabi.

Gabi asks Will how many times he wants Nick to apologize. Will doesn't care and refuses to trust him. Gabi asks if he wanted him to commit perjury in court. Will mocks the idea that Nick would never lie and exits the room. Sonny says he wasn't going to defend Nick. Gabi feels Will is being unreasonable. Sonny tells Gabi to be glad that he doesn't know she's sleeping with Nick. Gabi remarks that if he found out and blew up, then she'd have no choice but to take Arianna and move out. Sonny questions if she's threatening to take Will's baby away from him. Gabi says she just doesn't want Will to know as it wouldn't help anything. Sonny agrees but adds that he still hates it since he and Will don't keep secrets. Gabi argues that he's just helping them get along so it's a good thing. Will comes back into the room and asks what's up. Sonny says they were just talking about the schedule and they have Arianna today. Gabi decides she's going to visit Rafe. Will tells Gabi that they can't drop the subject of Nick since as long as he's around, they have to deal with it. Gabi has nothing more to say and exits.

Hope tells Nick that Maggie already told her about the modeling thing. Nick wanted her to keep it secret. Hope says they won't let him go off the rails again as they love him. Hope gets called to court and hugs him goodbye then walks off.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed after making love. He asks if she's okay. She says she's better than okay. Chad asks if she's not sorry. Abigail says she is sorry that she waited so long and they kiss again.

Sami asks Lucas to help get her affairs in order. She gives him a paper on things to give the kids. Lucas asks if she's sure it's this bad and not just being dramatic. Lucas says EJ should be getting her out. Sami says he's trying to be positive. Lucas argues that DiMeras don't go to jail. Lucas comments that a desperate DiMera is never a good thing.

EJ removes money and fake passports for he, Sami, and the kids from the safe at the DiMera Mansion. EJ makes a call and says it's him.

Abigail and Chad talk about her no longer being a virgin and they kiss. Abigail thanks him for hanging in with her while she was going back and forth. Chad says no one else is there now. Chad gets a call from the club and gets up to answer it.

Gabi walks through the town square and drops her things. Cameron rushes up to help her pick things up and Nick arrives as well. Cameron walks away. Gabi thanks Nick and asks him what's going on. Nick asks what that was about.

Sami wants to Lucas to promise to try and get along with EJ for the kids sake. Lucas says it won't come to that but promises to get along with EJ. Lucas tells her to not worry as the truth always comes out. The guard comes in to take Sami back to court.

EJ says on the phone that he's certain this is their only option. Johnny comes in so EJ hangs up. EJ asks about school but Johnny says who cares as he's tired of this and needs Sami home now.

Chad returns to Abigail as she's getting dressed. She tells him that Jennifer texted so she feels like she needs her. Abigail tells Chad that she wishes they could do this all day and all week. Chad says they will soon and kisses her goodbye as she then exits.

Gabi tells Nick that it was nothing with Cameron and comments that he looks so serious. Nick says he was just worried about how Will and Sonny are handling things with them. Gabi says Will doesn't know they slept together as that wouldn't help things. Gabi says she has to get to the hospital to see Rafe before his physical therapy session. Nick says he'll see her later as she walks off.

Lucas goes to Sonny and Will's. Lucas goes into see Arianna while Sonny exits to get to the club.

Sami and Justin talk at the court about not hearing from EJ as he's not responding to calls or texts. Sami suggests he must be working on something but she's sure he wouldn't risk anything again. The judge resumes court. Melinda calls Hope in to testify.

EJ asks Johnny about wanting Sami home immediately. Johnny says Sydney was crying again last night but he took care of it and told her that EJ would bring Sami home soon. EJ thanks him for looking out for his sisters. Stefano walks in and Johnny runs up to hug him.

Gabi runs into Abigail at the hospital. Gabi can tell something happened. Abigail says things with JJ are still horrible but Gabi insists. Abigail asks how she can tell. Gabi takes her to have girl talk.

Cameron is in the town square and texts Chad that they need to talk. Chad says they don't but feels he needs to get his story straight.

Lucas gives Will an old toy from his childhood from Sami. They talk about Sami saving it all these years. Will asks Lucas if things are as bad as it sounds. Lucas says Sami is scared so it's weird for her but they can't do anything now. Lucas suggests Will stay at home with Arianna and not get involved.

Arianna interrogates Hope about being at the crime scene and how Sami initially lied about knowing Bernardi. Hope admits she had no reason to believe Bernardi was corrupt. Justin cross-examines her by asking about another officer Adam Davis who turned out to be dirty. Melinda argues about there being no evidence on Bernardi. Hope admits they have no leads as Melinda finishes.

Stefano gives Johnny a present and sends him off with a present for Sydney too. EJ shuts the door and asks Stefano about his contact calling him. EJ assumes Stefano is there to gloat about cutting off his family's only chance to be free. Stefano says fugitives aren't free and if EJ runs away then he will destroy everyone's lives. EJ feels Stefano did that himself by setting this whole thing in motion. EJ blames Stefano for his children crying for their mother every night. He asks if he's happy that Johnny and Sydney suffer because of him. Stefano says no one would believe Bernardi was dirty thanks to EJ. EJ says there's nothing he wouldn't do to bring Sami home. Stefano says all these years, he's moaned about women he loves but this time Stefano believes EJ truly loves Sami. EJ states that he will not lose her and the children won't lose their mother. EJ says Stefano can free her so he asks what he wants and what it will take.

Cameron returns to the hospital. Maxine asks if Gabi found him as she has questions about Rafe's physical therapy. Cameron heads to the waiting room where Gabi and Abigail are talking. Gabi says she can tell by Abigail's grin and wants to know what happened. Abigail reveals that she and Chad did it which Cameron hears from the doorway.

Chad researches his condition and thinks back to his specialist talking to him. Chad says his brain tumor got Cameron out of the picture and now he wants the treatment that will keep him there.

Sonny returns home and talks to Will about Lucas feeling the same as Justin. Will shows Sonny his old toy for Arianna.

Sami and Justin talk about EJ not being there as Melinda then calls Roman to testify.

Stefano comments on EJ's portrait of he and Sami in the mansion. EJ wants to know what Stefano wants. Stefano responds that he wants EJ to be happy. EJ says the only way to do that is to have Sami home with him. Stefano calls her case junk. EJ says without any evidence, it's difficult to fight. Stefano talks about needing something real to support her story. EJ asks about the razorblade. EJ realizes Stefano didn't destroy it and has had it all along. EJ tells him to turn it in anonymously. EJ tells him that he has to do it for Johnny and Sydney to bring their mother home. Stefano responds that he doesn't have to do anything.

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