Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/16/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Justin begins interrogating Marge on the stand. Marge argues that there's been no real evidence against Bernardi. Justin gets her to admit that $100,000 was deposited into her son's bank account. She swears it wasn't Bernardi. Justin questions her as to where that money came from if Bernardi wasn't accepting a large sum from an outside source.

Chad goes to leave the Pub with an order of food but runs into Kayla, who asks how he's doing. Chad says he's fine and things with Abigail are great. Kayla hopes he continues doing well and that he's feeling okay. Chad responds that he's feeling fine and then gets upset as he realizes that Cameron told Kayla about his condition.

Abigail asks Jennifer how things went with JJ at home. Jennifer says they didn't go so well. Abigail doesn't understand why he's acting like this. Jennifer tells Abigail that JJ is gone and she's afraid he might be for good.

JJ, Rory, and Bev hang out at the park. Bev asks JJ about not going home. JJ says he's an adult. Hope arrives and asks JJ when he's going to start acting like an adult.

Marge asks for some water on the stand. Sami whispers to EJ that this could be it to prove Bernardi was a dirty cop. Justin repeats his questioning of where Bernardi got his hands on $100,000.

Jennifer tells Abigail how she told JJ there had to be new rules and he just left. Abigail wonders what he's thinking and where he's going to stay. Jennifer says JJ has to come back when he starts thinking rationally but Abigail points out that he hasn't been thinking rationally for a long time. Abigail wonders if JJ gets into something worse. Jennifer hopes he has enough sense to not risk himself again. Jennifer says she's being tough this time and has called in backup to set JJ straight.

Hope tells JJ that Jennifer called and told her about their fight. Hope says Jennifer didn't want her to drag him back home as he's 18 now. Hope wants him to understand how incredibly hurtful it is to Jennifer and says she doesn't deserve this. Hope talks about how Jennifer always supported JJ and was there for him. JJ says it's not about hurting her but he needs some space and time to cool off. Hope asks where he plans on cooling off. JJ asks Hope if he can crash at her place for a couple of days.

Justin awaits an answer from Marge. She insists that Bernardi wasn't a dirty cop and everyone knows it. She complains about EJ being a DiMera. Justin again asks Marge if she knows where the money came from. Marge complains that he can't do this and says she doesn't know where it came from but insists it wasn't Bernardi's. Marge says someone else must've put the money there but it wasn't him. Justin questions who else had access to the account. Marge again goes after EJ being a DiMera and says they can do whatever they want to get access. Marge shouts that it's the only explanation that makes any sense.

Chad tells Kayla that there's no reason for her and Cameron to consult about him anymore. Chad talks about having a new specialist and he doesn't want Cameron in his business. Kayla says they are concerned about him. Chad says there is no reason to be as he is fine.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she lost her father and doesn't want to lose her brother too as she then exits.

JJ tells Hope that she won't even know he's there and he can help around the house. JJ talks about wanting to spend time with Ciara too. Hope says she would love to help him out but he needs to go home. Hope says they are family but she's also a cop and will be watching him as will the entire force. Hope then exits. Rory tells JJ that was brutal. JJ gets a call from Abigail and tells her that he's not coming home. She asks to talk to him in person. JJ agrees but only her and not Jennifer.

Marge continues to complain and screams about them ruining her and her son's lives. She is escorted out of court screaming that Sami killed Bernardi as Melinda glares at EJ. Melinda calls Adrienne as her next witness. EJ and Justin discuss her being called. Justin notes that Melinda is nervous now that the money is out there. EJ encourages Sami that they have nothing to regret or feel guilty about. Melinda interrogates Adrienne on the stand about her finding out about the money. Melinda thinks it wasn't a coincidence that she ran into Marge.

Chad tells Kayla that he doesn't want to ruin what he and Abigail have by talking about depressing things and he doesn't want her pity. Kayla assures him that Abigail would help him through it. Chad says Abigail has been through a lot so this is the last thing she needs. Kayla tells him that keeping secrets is no way to start a relationship. Chad insists that he's going to beat this and Abigail will never have to worry. Chad says he cares about her and would never hurt her. Chad asks her to trust him and not say anything to Abigail about it. Chad then exits.

Abigail goes to the park to see JJ and hugs him. She asks if they can talk alone so Rory and Bev leave. Abigail asks JJ to come home and says moving out is a mistake and crazy. JJ says Jennifer is crazy. Abigail tells him not to talk like that. Abigail talks about how amazing Jennifer is and how much she loves him. Abigail talks about doing things she's not proud of but being forgiven by Jack and Jennifer. Abigail says JJ has to work through this with Jennifer and not just run away from his mistakes. Abigail says Jennifer feels like she has to be tough on him but it's breaking their hearts. Abigail asks JJ to come home so they can work on being a family.

EJ cross-examines Adrienne about being in court and then she's dismissed. Melinda then calls Edward Craig as her next witness. She explains that he is from the FBI to investigate Bernardi being corrupt. Sami wonders what's going on. Justin thinks they have been setup.

Abigail says she knows JJ is really upset and feels betrayed but hanging out with his friends is not the answer. JJ says they want him around while Jennifer doesn't. Abigail asks when he turned into a selfish and cold-hearted person. JJ tries to leave but Abigail says he's going to listen to her. Abigail says he lied about being expelled from school for drugs then got arrested for the same thing. Abigail talks about Jennifer always trying but JJ kept disrespecting and lying to her. JJ decides it was dumb to agree to talk to her and slams his backpack down. Abigail doesn't know why she thought she'd actually get through to him. Abigail tells him to run along and play with his friends because she is officially giving up. Abigail says she gets it now. Abigail tells him that she loved their dad as much as she loves him but Jack always made excuses for abandoning his family and now JJ is doing the exact same thing. Abigail says JJ is just like Jack and storms off.

Hope talks to Jennifer at home about JJ. She thinks Jennifer is handling it. Jennifer worries about not hearing from JJ.

JJ lays on the bench in the park. Bev and Rory come back with hot chocolates. Bev mentions that it looks like it might rain.

Melinda begins speaking to Edward Craig on the stand about researching the money put into Bernardi's son's bank account. Edward says their initial test showed everything was clean but they kept digging and found a discrepancy that the bank had been hacked. Melinda goes over the bank records. Edward reveals the $100,000 was all put in at once. Melinda calls it curious since Bernardi was killed on June 11 and the money was deposited on August 27.

Jennifer tells Hope that JJ has to know she won't back down and he has to follow her rules. Hope agrees. Jennifer says it's so hard and she misses Jack at times like these. Hope says she knows it's tough but she has support from the people who love her. Jennifer cries that she can't even lean on Daniel for so many reasons. They hear the door and Jennifer rushes to see if it's JJ. JJ enters with flowers so Hope exits. Jennifer is glad he came back and suggests they talk things out. JJ says he just came to get his jacket.

Abigail goes to Chad's. Chad notes that she's upset. She tells him about JJ making stupid decisions and tearing their family apart. Chad hugs her.

Jennifer gets JJ's jacket and checks his pockets. JJ tells her there's no drugs in there. Jennifer says his word isn't enough. JJ asks for his jacket so he doesn't freeze while living on the street. JJ goes to leave but Jennifer stops him and says she owes him an apology.

Melinda continues to go over the deposit into the bank account. Edward mentions that his team traced the deposit to the kamen islands and talks about those types of deposits coming from someone who has unlimited means.

Jennifer tells JJ that she should've brought him home right after Jack died but she thought it made sense not to disrupt his life. She calls it a bad call on her part as he needed to be with them. Jennifer says when he did get home, she should've paid more attention to him. He asks what she's getting at. Jennifer wants to own up to her lot of mistakes and wants JJ to own up to his. JJ says nothing is different and she's still being impossible.

Chad tells Abigail that he's sorry about her family stuff and wishes he could help. She tells him that he is helping just by being there for her. Chad says he always will. Abigail doesn't know what she would do without him. Chad says she won't have to worry about that as they kiss.

Jennifer asks JJ what happened to her sweet little boy and if time apart really changed him that much. Jennifer says they used to be so close. She talks about JJ's birth and knowing he'd grow up to be special. Jennifer says she's not going to give up on him because she's his mother and loves him and that will never change. Jennifer adds that she won't let him destroy his life. She says she's just trying to help him. She begs him not to walk out the door and stay with her to rebuild their bond. She asks him to let her help him get his life back on track.

Melinda finishes with Edward while staring down EJ. Justin has no further questions but reserves the right to call the witness back. The judge calls recess for an hour. Justin steps out to think about this as everyone else leaves but Sami and EJ. Sami tells EJ that it's over and she's going to prison for the rest of her life. EJ tells her not to give up hope. Sami tells him no more promises as she knows he's done all he can for her. EJ tells her that he's so sorry. Sami understands why he did what he did and kisses him before being escorted back to her cell. Justin returns to the court room. EJ asks if it's as bad as they think. Justin declares that they are royally screwed. Justin says the jury believes it was a setup and they hate him, EJ, and Sami. EJ argues that they haven't even presented their case yet. Justin says it would only do more harm as they have no evidence or proof. Justin declares that the only thing that could save Sami is a miracle.

Chad and Abigail continue kissing and end up kissing on Chad's bed.

JJ tells Jennifer that he's not interested in her fixing things. He doesn't want her help and just wants her to leave him the hell alone. JJ storms out leaving Jennifer crying.

Kayla visits Sami in her cell and brings her a good luck charm from Caroline. Sami is glad it's a closed trial because she would hate for their family to have to sit through it. Kayla asks if today was really bad. Sami says she can't pretend anymore as she's going to prison for the rest of her life.

Melinda calls things a slam dunk as EJ walks in and asks to speak to her in private. She asks what she can do for him. EJ says he's there to talk about what he can do for her. EJ says he knows how much she wants he and Stefano behind bars so he's there to give her the opportunity to do just that.

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