Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ visits Sami in her cell as she complains about it coming out that she threatened Nick with a gun. Sami says the gun wasn't even loaded and worries about Nick testifying.

Nick meets with Melinda and tells her about Sami threatening him with a gun. He tells her what happened. She thanks him and says he will be the first witness when the trial resumes.

Adrienne finds Justin outside the courthouse and asks him how the trial is going. Justin doesn't think they should talk about it since she's there to testify. Adrienne says since she found the evidence that might help Sami, she thought they could talk and it would be the first step towards fixing things between them.

Jennifer says it's her house and her rules so if he lives there then he will do what she says. JJ declares it's time to move out then. She tells him not to say things that he doesn't mean and asks for his phone but he refuses.

Daniel visits Eric at the rectory and tells him that he came up with nothing on his blood test results. Eric figures he'll have to live with the fact that he will never know what happened to him. Daniel tells him not quite.

Kristen walks through the town square looking at her phone until Nicole bumps into her with a drink in her hand. Nicole pretends to be drunk as Kristen mocks her. Marlena watches from nearby. Nicole grabs Kristen and holds her, causing her to drop her purse which Marlena then approaches. Nicole continues pretending to be drunk as she argues with Kristen about Brady and knowing she's hiding something. Marlena takes Kristen's purse and her phone but can't get Victor's device open and accidentally drops it into Kristen's purse. Kristen tells Nicole that she's done with her and shoves her back to where Marlena is. Kristen then questions what's going on and what they are up to.

Daniel tells Eric that it's a long shot but they want to know what happened so he thinks they should go back to the hotel and see what he can remember.

Nicole rambles to Kristen that Marlena is trying to steal her cash. Marlena says she found the purse on the ground and was returning it to Kristen. Marlena then pretends to question Nicole's drinking. Kristen exits. Nicole says that was fun but Marlena needs the purse back and rushes after Kristen.

JJ argues that Jennifer wants to control him and accuses her of wanting to go through his contacts. Jennifer wants him to have a great life but it won't happen until he owns his mistakes. He tells her to own her mistakes and asks why he'd want to stay when all he hears is how disappointing he is. JJ says he's done with this crap. Jennifer shouts that she's done letting him screw up so if he walks out the door then he won't come back.

Daniel asks Eric what is wrong. Eric is unsettled by the idea of returning to the hotel but realizes that it's the only way to get answers so he will have to face his demons.

Nicole catches up to Kristen outside the town square, continuing to provoke her. Kristen tosses her purse aside again when Nicole grabs her, allowing Marlena to get it and get Victor's flash drive back. Marlena then goes on to break up Kristen and Nicole. Kristen declares that she's done, grabs her purse and storms off. Marlena decides she has to go and rushes off as Nicole was trying to talk. Nicole then follows after Marlena.

Justin and Adrienne talk about the case. They both say that they want justice. Adrienne says she misses him and hopes they can start talking again when this is all over. Justin's phone rings so he has to go. Adrienne wishes him luck.

EJ asks Sami what's wrong. She says Nick won't want to admit that he dragged her into an alley so he might bring up Will shooting EJ. EJ doesn't think Nick will want to go back to prison on blackmail charges.

Nick remains at the station where an officer brings Marge into the room. She thanks him for testifying and introduces herself as the reason he's there because Sami murdered his husband.

Sami wonders who else Melinda will call to testify and worries about the trial continuing. EJ promises it's almost over and kisses her. A cop comes in and informs them that it's time so he lets Sami out of her cell. EJ and Sami hold hands until Sami is then handcuffed.

EJ talks with Justin at court about the money in Timmy's account. Justin says they can't bring it up unless a witness opens the door. EJ complains about Sami being made to look guilty.

Nick apologizes for Bernardi's loss and says he never knew Bernardi. Marge wishes more people knew how he lived. The officer comes in and brings in Adrienne, while calling Nick to the court to testify so he exits. Marge turns and asks Adrienne how could she.

EJ warns Justin that Nick's testimony could be a minefield since certain details could prove damning to Will if they come to light. Justin knows what he's talking about and says he will do his best to steer clear of that subject. Sami is brought in and joins EJ and Justin. EJ tells Sami that she has nothing to worry about in regards to Will. Sami thanks Justin for protecting Will. Justin says protecting Will is also protecting Sami in this case. The judge enters to resume the trial.

Jennifer asks JJ where he's going to go. He questions why she cares. Jennifer asks if he's going to start a career as a drug dealer or go to prison. JJ says what's wrong with him is her. Jennifer wants to help but JJ doesn't want it. Jennifer demands his phone but he refuses to give it to her when she tries to take it leading to her falling into his birthday cake. JJ asks if she's okay and she says she is. Jennifer gets up and continues asking for the phone but JJ instead walks out of the house.

Daniel tells Eric to check his schedule and they will plan a trip to the hotel as soon as possible. Eric thanks him and Daniel says they will be in touch as he exits. Eric thinks back to talking to Brady about asking Nicole about that night. Eric then says to himself that maybe Nicole should go too.

Marlena goes to the Pub and says that was close. Nicole catches up to her. Marlena thinks she shouldn't have followed her. Nicole asks Marlena if her plan worked. Marlena responds that she doesn't owe her an explanation. Nicole thought they were working together but Marlena says they are not.

Jennifer cleans up the cake until a knock at the door. She rushes to answer hoping it's JJ but it's Daniel. Daniel notes that she looks surprised to see him even though she said he could come over. Jennifer says she should've called him. Daniel asks what's wrong since JJ was released from custody and asks where he is. Jennifer hugs Daniel while crying.

Kristen goes through the park, getting away from a dog. She pulls out her phone and calls Eric. Kristen tells him about running into Nicole and warns him about her being drunk, saying Nicole physically attacked her. Kristen adds that Marlena witnessed the whole thing. She warns him to help Nicole so she doesn't hurt somebody. Kristen hangs up and then worries about the flash drive since Marlena had her purse. She finds it is still inside and declares that her secret is safe.

Nicole gets a call from Eric but ignores it. Nicole talks to Marlena about distracting Kristen for her so she thought they were working together. Marlena says it was a moment of desperation and she didn't get what she wanted. Nicole says they both know who Kristen really is and they don't want Brady to marry her so she doesn't see the problem. Marlena tells her that she does not trust her. Nicole doesn't understand since they are on the same side then asks if it's about Eric.

Adrienne apologizes to Marge and says the truth must have been hard to hear. Marge says she has no idea what the truth is. Marge accuses her of acting nice to Timmy to sneak a look at his things. Marge thinks Adrienne just wants to help Justin. Adrienne wants justice. Marge says the only justice will be Sami spending her life behind bars.

Melinda begins interrogating Nick about the night Sami threatened him with a gun. Nick tells that he confronted Sami because she stole $30,000 from his room. Nick brings up that Sami threatened to kill him with the gun. Melinda asks if Nick had reason to believe she would follow through on her threat. Nick says that Sami said it wouldn't be the first time that she shot someone. Melinda adds that it wouldn't be the last.

JJ meets up with Rory at the park. JJ says Jennifer is not going to run his life anymore. JJ tells Rory that nothing they said could've made Jennifer believe him. JJ asks Rory to let him crash at his place which Rory cracks up laughing at.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he was right all along that she was enabling JJ and if she did something sooner then this wouldn't be happening now. Daniel asks what exactly happened. Jennifer says Justin got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor because he was a minor so she thought JJ would be grateful but he was defiant about what he did. Jennifer says they just had a fight. Daniel wonders where JJ would go with no job or money. Daniel assures her that JJ will be back and they will figure it all out together. Daniel hugs her and says she won't have to do this alone as he loves her and doesn't want to see her in this pain. Daniel asks her to let him help her.

Nicole apologizes to Marlena for breaking Eric's heart in the past but he has clearly gotten over it. Marlena says he has and asks if she has. Nicole insists that their relationship is strictly professional. Marlena feels that them working closely together can't end well for her. Nicole questions what that means. Marlena tells her that she has endless control issues. Nicole responds that Marlena has a superiority complex. Marlena talks about how Nicole got involved with Kristen. Nicole says she was just trying to help her. Nicole thinks Marlena thinks she will screw up her plan or Eric's life. Marlena suggests both so Nicole exits the Pub.

Justin begins his interrogation of Nick. He asks Nick about going to prison. Justin questions him about Vargas but Melinda objects so Justin finishes and Nick is escorted out of the court. The judge says the next witness can be called. Melinda requests a recess until tomorrow afternoon. Justin objects. The judge asks if she wants to rest or call additional witnesses. Melinda then calls on Marge. Sami whispers to EJ that she thought she wasn't going to call her. EJ says apparently she changed her mind.

Rory tells JJ that he was going to ask if he could stay at his place since his mom is ready to kill him so there's no way JJ could stay with him. JJ says he'll stay at a hotel or something. JJ tells Rory that Jennifer wanted to take his phone so he thinks she was going to rat out all the kids they stole drugs to. Rory thought JJ had a cool mom and wonders what happened.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves him and is grateful that he wants to help but she doesn't think that he can. Daniel asks if she means it will be harder to get JJ back on track if he's there. There's a knock at the door so Daniel starts to head out back assuming it's JJ but Kristen calls out from the door that it's her. Daniel tells Jennifer that he will keep his distance but she can call if she ever needs him. Daniel then opens the front door and tells Kristen that he's glad she's there as Jennifer could really use a friend. Daniel exits and Kristen heads inside. Kristen asks Jennifer what happened and if she's alright.

Nicole goes to the rectory and sees Eric inside. She starts to turn around and leave but Eric stops her. Eric mentions his call from Kristen. Nicole guesses that Kristen says she attacked her in a drunken rage. Eric asks if she did. Nicole says they had an argument and starts to leave but Eric stops her and says he needs her help with something very important.

Melinda asks Marge about Bernardi's friendship with Rafe.

Eric asks Nicole why she's so reluctant to answer questions. Nicole has nothing to say and wishes he would stop obsessing over that night. Eric is stressed wondering who tried to poison him. Eric says he's going to take a trip to the hotel and wants to know if Nicole wants to go with him. Nicole says no way because she can't and then rushes out.

Marlena remains at the Pub with Victor's flash drive device. She calls it a waste and goes to throw it away but then decides maybe Victor will have some use for it and she exits the Pub.

Kristen asks Jennifer if she and Daniel had a fight. She tells her that JJ left, saying he didn't want to live there anymore. Jennifer cries about not knowing where he is. Kristen assures her that he knows there's no place like home.

Daniel walks through the park. JJ and Rory come out from behind the bushes after Daniel goes by. JJ says Daniel is the reason everything went wrong. Rory says Daniel wasn't who turned them in. JJ says Daniel turned Jennifer against him so if he thought getting his tires slashed was bad, he can just wait.

Justin begins interrogating Marge on the stand. Marge argues that there's been no real evidence against Bernardi. Justin gets her to admit that $100,000 was deposited into her son's bank account. She swears it wasn't Bernardi. Justin questions her as to where that money came from if Bernardi wasn't accepting a large sum from an outside source.

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