Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/12/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric lays in bed having nightmare flashbacks about his night in the hotel room and wakes up in a panic, saying it's always the same dream

Theresa uses the computer at work, reading about JJ's arrest. She says he better not rat her out. Kayla enters and Theresa comments on how awful JJ's arrest is. Kayla tells Theresa that Jennifer won't be in to work. Theresa asks why as to what today is.

Abigail sits at home with a birthday cake for JJ.

JJ and Rory are in jail. JJ says he never thought he'd be having his birthday breakfast in there. Rory talks about the food. JJ suggests a way to help.

Jennifer meets with Justin and thanks him for taking the case but says she thinks JJ might need to suffer the consequences.

Nicole finds Victor at the coffeehouse and suggests they talk.

Eric finds Marlena at the rectory and says he didn't know she was coming. They talk about Sami's trial. Eric mentions turning to prayer. Marlena worries it's not working or else Brady wouldn't be marrying Kristen.

Kristen sits alone in the park and is joined by Stefano.

Justin asks Jennifer if she's decided that she wants JJ to stay in jail. Jennifer talks about JJ getting out of every situation and being a perfect liar so she doesn't know if it's best to just rush in and help him. Justin informs Jennifer that the judge is willing to release JJ without bail since before today, he was a minor and the amount of pot was under the limit so he could plead for a misdemeanor. Justin says JJ could be tried as an adult. JJ and Rory are then brought in.

Brady eats breakfast at the Pub with Ciara. Ciara says it's so cool that he and Kristen are engaged again because she really likes Kristen. Brady is glad somebody does.

Eric talks to Marlena about performing the marriage of Brady and Kristen. Marlena argues that Eric is seeing what Kristen wants him to see. Marlena calls Kristen a lying psychopath that will make Brady's life hell.

Kristen talks to Stefano about her revenge plan against Marlena as she holds onto her flash drive. Stefano says their lives were in her hands. Kristen talks about things changing when Brady forgave her. Kristen says no one can see the video because Brady can't find out that she slept with his brother. Stefano wonders why she doesn't get rid of it. Kristen says she can't until she knows that Brady truly loves her because if he suddenly left her, then she would be left with nothing. Kristen says she wants to be absolutely certain.

Theresa is sad to hear JJ is spending his birthday in jail. Kayla questions how much time she's been spending with JJ. Theresa quickly points out that he's in high school. Kayla brings up Jennifer finding her in her house. Theresa says that was when she just got to town. Kayla asks if she was buying pot from him. Theresa is offended by the question. Kayla warns her about her past. Theresa says she's never going to get a break and that she has work to do so she exits.

Abigail sits at home and has a flashback to JJ's birthday when they were kids as she cries.

Jennifer tells Justin that they will accept the deal. Justin informs JJ that he's going home and will only be charged with a misdemeanor. JJ asks about Rory. Justin says the deal holds for him too. JJ is thankful. Rory's mom arrives and comments on him getting lucky. Justin says they got lucky but what they did was still serious and next time, the law would hit them. JJ promises it won't happen again. Rory then tells Jennifer that there's something she needs to know about JJ.

Kristen tells Stefano that with the pre-cana counseling, she will be more understanding once she hears Brady say how much he loves her. Stefano questions why she spends so much time with Eric. Kristen says they've been working together and he hasn't remembered a thing so she doesn't think that he ever will.

Eric suggests to Marlena that they agree to disagree on Kristen. Marlena notices the matchbox on his desk and points out that it's from the hotel that he got sick. Eric explains that he found it in the drawer. Marlena wishes they knew what happened. Eric talks about thinking about it more often than he wants to and has become obsessed with it. He mentions talking to Father Matt about it. Marlena offers hypnosis and mentions how it helped Sami. Marlena realizes he doesn't want to get shrunk by his mom and says it doesn't have to be her. Marlena decides she has to go. They hug and Eric tells her to stop worrying about Brady as she exits. Eric then calls Nicole and leaves a message that he'd really like to talk to her again about the night at the hotel.

Victor mocks Nicole and tells her to get out of his sight. Nicole says they are on the same side but Victor doesn't want to be. Nicole suggests they work together. Victor questions her wanting him to help hurt the woman that Brady loves. Nicole says she does and brings up Marlena not doing anything. Victor says he would never partner with Nicole. Nicole brings up Brady's happiness. Victor says he's keeping an open mind for Brady. Nicole calls him a liar and storms out. Victor then calls Marlena and says they need to talk right now.

Theresa goes to the Horton house. Abigail assumes she came to make sure JJ didn't talk to the cops about her.

Rory explains his made up story to Jennifer about convincing JJ to sell pot with him in order to pay him back. Rory sticks to JJ not wanting to do it but he wouldn't let him quit. Rory's mom argues that he's just making it worse for himself and takes him out of the room. JJ asks Jennifer if she gets how it happened now. Jennifer says no and tells him to go with Justin for his release.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Victor. She asks what's going on. Victor hopes she found something about Kristen sleeping with someone and lying to Brady. Marlena thinks they should try to figure out who she was talking to on the phone since they couldn't get the phone records. They assume it has to be Jennifer since she's Kristen's only friend. Victor says she used to think Jennifer was smart but after mistreating Daniel and now this. Marlena says Jennifer is honest so they may have to approach her directly. Victor worries that Jennifer could blab to Kristen. Marlena mentions that she couldn't get past the password on Kristen's phone. Victor has the answer and offers her a flash drive.

Kristen and Stefano talk about Eric not remembering. Kristen mentions Daniel trying to figure things out but there's no evidence. Kristen says that once she knows for sure that Brady loves her then there will be no more flash drive and any threat to their relationship will be destroyed as Nicole walks by and hides behind the bushes to listen.

Theresa tells Abigail to stop making things up about her. Abigail brings up the day she caught her reeking of weed. Theresa claims she was sick. Abigail talks about JJ not wanting her to tell Jennifer about Theresa. Abigail says it makes sense now that JJ was Theresa's dealer. Theresa calls it slander. Abigail says it's true and tells her to admit it. Theresa warns her that she doesn't know who she's dealing with. Abigail shoves her and tells her to stay away from JJ before she calls the cops. Theresa laughs at her. Abigail orders her out so she exits.

Justin takes JJ out of the room at the station as Jennifer refuses to listen and then she holds back tears.

Victor explains to Marlena that the flash drive he has will automatically bypass any passwords and download everything on the phone in 10 seconds. He tells her to just get her hands on Kristen's phone but she calls it impossible. Victor says she will have to do the impossible and his hands have to stay clean or else Brady will know that he's not giving her a second chance. Marlena decides that she will just have to follow her around and hope she puts her phone down. Victor advises her to do it quick as she exits.

Nicole listens in on Kristen and Stefano until Brady joins them. Nicole walks away. Stefano says goodbye to Kristen and walks away. Brady tells Kristen that he wants to start pre-cana today if she's up for it. Kristen says she can't wait.

Nicole goes back to the rectory and complains about Brady showing up when Kristen was about to spill. Eric enters and is glad she's there as they both say they need to talk.

JJ returns home with Jennifer. Abigail gives Jennifer a file that Theresa dropped off and said she would need. Jennifer says it's just old press releases and calls her useless as she goes to make a call. Abigail asks JJ if he's okay. JJ doesn't think she cares. Abigail says she's been worried sick ever since she heard. JJ sees his birthday cake. Abigail says she always made him a cake even when he was away at school. JJ says that was always the best part of his birthday and thanks her with a hug.

Theresa returns to the computer in the office. She says there's no more updates and assumes JJ is home now but hopes he's not blabbing about her. Theresa worries about Abigail being a tattle tale or JJ making a deal but decides she will just deny it if so. Kayla bursts back in, shouting surprise which startles her. Kayla hands Theresa her first paycheck. Theresa calls it perfect timing since she was so broke. She opens it and questions what the hell it is.

JJ and Abigail eat birthday cake. JJ calls it the best one she ever made. Abigail says she knows it might be hard to talk about but asks him what happened. JJ just says he got arrested and now he's out. She asks what made him think it was a good idea to sell drugs. JJ says it's not what she thinks and wasn't his fault. She just wants to know what made him do it and suggests he own up to his mistakes. JJ claims he was practically forced into it by Rory. Jennifer comes back in and tells him to stop lying because no one was buying it at the station or now.

Nicole tells Eric that there's some important things he should know. Eric mentions calling her which Nicole didn't know as her phone was off. Eric tells her that he wanted to talk more about the night at the hotel. Nicole suggests he stop thinking about that as it ups his stress level. Eric insists but Nicole complains about her phone being off. Eric says it's very important but Nicole tells him to drop it and quickly exits.

Marlena sits in the town square with Victor's device. She worries about never getting her hands on Kristen's phone as she then sees Brady and Kristen walking through the town square. Kristen decides she's going to go shopping while Brady meets with Eric. They go their separate ways. Nicole approaches Marlena and asks why she hasn't returned her calls since she thought they were working together. Marlena tells Nicole to stop talking and listen if she really wants to help.

Theresa asks where her money went. Kayla explains being taken out for taxes. Theresa thought she would be making a lot more. Theresa argues that she can't live on that but Kayla thinks it's plenty. Kayla exits. Theresa wonders how she's supposed to have any fun.

JJ tells Jennifer that what Rory told her is the God's honest absolute truth. Jennifer says it was a lie and they all knew that JJ told Rory to tell it. Jennifer calls JJ the bad influence. JJ accuses her of twisting things around. Jennifer tells him to stop lying as he's been manipulating her ever since he came back to town. Jennifer brings up him being kicked out of boarding school for drugs. JJ blames Daniel for everything. Jennifer asks for a moment alone so Abigail exits. Jennifer tells JJ that he is responsible for who he is and what he's done so she does not want to hear about Daniel or anyone else being blamed. She tells him to start acting like he's 18 as things are about to change.

Brady goes to the rectory and asks if there's anything he can do for Eric or Sami. Eric suggests he pray for Sami. Brady says he will and does. Eric notes Brady being in good spirits. Brady asks Eric if he would be willing to start pre-cana today. Eric didn't realize he wanted to start so soon. Eric mentions telling Marlena. Brady apologizes and says maybe it's a bad idea and he put him in a bad position. Eric stops him and says he thought about it so if they really love each other then he wants to be the one to give his blessing.

Kristen walks through the town square looking at her phone until Nicole bumps into her with a drink in her hand. Nicole pretends to be drunk as Kristen mocks her. Marlena watches from nearby. Nicole grabs Kristen and holds her, causing her to drop her purse which Marlena then approaches.

Theresa looks up funds for public relations office and says Jennifer will be too busy to notice so she requests funds.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's not going to participate in his games anymore and won't be a pushover so if he gets in trouble then it will be on him. She says he's going to take responsibility starting with giving her his cell phone. JJ refuses since he's 18 now. Jennifer says it's her house and her rules so if he lives there then he will do what she says. JJ declares it's time to move out then.

Eric agrees to check his schedule for an open slot to do Brady and Kristen's pre-cana. Brady asks Eric if he asked Nicole about remembering the night at the hotel. Eric says he asked twice but she completely shut down and couldn't get out fast enough which they both call odd.

Nicole continues pretending to be drunk as she argues with Kristen about Brady and knowing she's hiding something. Marlena takes Kristen's purse and her phone but can't get Victor's device open and accidentally drops it into Kristen's purse. Kristen tells Nicole that she's done with her and shoves her back to where Marlena is. Kristen then questions what's going on.

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