Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The trial resumes with Rafe sworn in to testify.

Nick sits in the town square on his computer when Maggie joins him. They talk about Nick looking for a job. Maggie offers a reference and then notices he has Gabi's photo. Maggie asks him what's really going on.

Gabi goes to the Pub and finds Abigail crying. She asks what's going on. Abigail says everything.

Chad plays with Theo in the park. Theo mentions missing Lexie. Cameron arrives and says he does too.

Will and Sonny are at home with Arianna until there's a knock at the door. Sonny assumes Maggie is early but it's Kate. Will asks Kate how testifying went. Kate says it could've gone better. Kate tells him that they just called Rafe.

Melinda goes over Rafe's job history and working with Bernardi along with his relationship with Sami. She asks if Rafe has lied for Sami in the past. Justin objects. Melinda insists and they argue. The judge allows her to proceed. Rafe says he would not like to answer the question but admits that he has lied for Sami in the past. She asks for details on his lies. Justin calls it absurd but the judge allows it. Rafe admits that he lied to help Sami keep her daughter from EJ.

Theo runs off playing. Cameron suggests Chad needs to prepare and tell his family that he's sick so people can help him.

Abigail sits with Gabi and tells her about JJ being in jail. Abigail feels she should've known he was in trouble. Gabi compares it to her sister going to jail for dealing. Abigail worries about JJ going to prison as a kid and brings up what happened to Nick.

Maggie asks Nick what's going on. Nick wants to keep it between them and says he's trying to help Gabi get back into modeling since it was her dream. Nick says she doesn't know so he doesn't want her hopes up if it doesn't work.

Will tells Kate that he doesn't understand how she hurt Sami on the stand. Kate explains that she had to testify that she knew of Sami threatening Nick with a gun.

Melinda continues to question Rafe lying for Sami. She asks if Bernardi was a friend of his. Rafe calls him a colleague and co-worker. Melinda says they were more than that and reveals text message records between them. Rafe says they were friendly colleagues and admits that he never saw anything to make him think negatively of Bernardi.

Nick explains to Maggie that he and Gabi are friends and he's learned from his mistakes so it's not like before. Maggie agrees to not say anything to Gabi and then exits. Nick looks at Gabi's photo and says he will make this happen for her.

Gabi encourages Abigail that JJ won't go to prison. Abigail is scared that he could get in even more trouble. Abigail feels she has to do more for him. Gabi says her friends will help her and brings up Cameron and Chad. Abigail informs her that Cameron kind of decided for her to be with Chad.

Chad tells Cameron that he's not checking out anytime soon and his treatment is going fine. Cameron inquires further about it but Chad doesn't want to talk about it. Chad tells him that Abigail has made her choice. Cameron doesn't want to see her hurt. Chad asks if he means by dying. Theo runs back up and asks who's dying.

Kate tells Will and Sonny about Nick telling her that Sami threatened him with a gun. Sonny argues that Nick could've been exaggerating as he and Will exit.

Melinda goes over Rafe being in a coma and how he felt when finding out that Bernardi was killed. Rafe admits he did not know of a reason for Bernardi to want him dead.

Abigail tells Gabi about Cameron always making excuses. Gabi asks if that means she settled. Abigail assures her that she's happy with Chad as he's sweet and romantic. Abigail still feels there is something that Cameron isn't telling her but she's not sure what it is.

Chad sends Theo back to play and warns Cameron to back off. Cameron refuses to let up since he's family and wants him to get better as he then walks off.

Kate goes to exit with Arianna but Maggie arrives when she opens the door. Maggie says she was coming to visit Arianna. Kate says Sonny and Will didn't tell her. Maggie decides she will stay for a little visit with Arianna. Kate says she was just going out but Maggie says she won't keep her long.

Justin begins to question Rafe about Bernardi. Rafe talks about not believing Sami would shoot him in cold blood and that no one would know if Bernardi was a dirty cop. The judge calls a break and prepares to finish for the day.

Chad goes to Abigail's and asks about JJ. She tells him that Jennifer is meeting with his lawyer. Chad wants to distract her for an hour and asks her which bottle of champagne the club should carry. Abigail assures him that they will make it fun.

Cameron remains in the park and thinks back to kissing Abigail in the past.

Chad and Abigail toast champagne and they end up kissing.

Rafe feels bad about testifying. Jordan tells him that he told the truth and that's all he could do. Jordan wheels him out of the court room.

Maggie holds Arianna. Kate tells her that she was going to take Arianna to see Rafe. Kate talks about Rafe having to testify. Maggie bringing up Sami having a gun in the first place but Kate says she has to go and rushes out with Arianna.

Gabi meets Nick in the town square. Gabi says she was going to see Rafe. Nick offers help with her classes. Gabi mentions needing a job. Sonny and Will interrupt, asking for a moment alone with Nick. Nick says it's okay so Gabi exits. Nick asks what's up. Will tells him to stop trying to incriminate Sami.

EJ and Justin discuss Rafe testifying. They say it didn't help. EJ hopes things will change when the evidence is on record. Justin tells Sami to hang in there as he exits. EJ and Sami talk about the kids. Sami kisses EJ and says she loves him as she is then escorted out.

EJ puts the kids to bed at home.

Sami sits in her cell looking at a photo of the kids.

EJ opens his briefcase and pulls out Sami's letter to him.

Chad and Abigail continue kissing until Chad says he doesn't want to take advantage of her. Abigail assures him that he's not. She says he's being her friend that she can say anything to and doesn't hide how he feels. Abigail insists it's what she wants so they continue kissing.

Cameron remains in the park, looking at Abigail's number on his phone.

Chad and Abigail kiss as Chad says he hasn't even begun to show her how he really feels and then they continue.

Jordan gets Rafe back in his hospital bed. Rafe feels that he blew it. Jordan tests his strength and then tells him to rest. Rafe wants to keep going but Jordan says the trip to the courthouse was enough and he's already set back. Kate arrives with Arianna. Jordan calls it perfect timing. Rafe thanks Jordan for taking him to the courthouse as she exits. Kate sits with Rafe and asks how court went. Rafe says he didn't help Sami and fears it will get worse for her before it gets better.

Sonny and Will sit with Nick. Sonny brings up Nick saying Sami threatening him with a gun. Nick says she did. Will asks why she did. Nick explains that Sami took money from his room and didn't like how he asked for it back since he was angry. Nick explains that it was $30,000 that he was investing for a friend. A man arrives and informs Nick that he has been served. Will says now Nick gets to tell his story at the trial.

EJ sits alone and reads Sami's letter that she wrote to him from her cell. Sami wrote that she finally found the words she needs to say to him.

Chad and Abigail kiss until Abigail gets a phone call from Jennifer. Abigail says she's home and will be there as she hangs up. Chad asks what happened. Abigail says they can't get a bail hearing so JJ is spending the night in jail. Chad says he's sorry and encourages her that he will be alright. Abigail is scared. Chad offers to do anything he can. Abigail tells him he's there and that's all. She mentions that Jennifer will be home soon so Chad gets ready to leave.

Cameron puts his phone away and walks off.

Abigail walks Chad out. Chad tells her to call him anytime. Abigail says she will and thanks him as they kiss goodbye.

EJ continues reading Sami's letter, saying all the reasons she loves him.

Sami lays in her cell bed, clutching the cards from EJ and the kids.

EJ reads Sami's letter about missing him while being apart and how they are always in each other's hearts.

Will asks Nick if he's done enough damage to his family. Will asks if it would feel good to send Sami to prison. Nick says no. Will tells Nick that what Sami did saved Rafe's life, who is Gabi's brother. Will warns him not to make this worse if he wants a chance. Will walks away. Sonny then tells Nick to imagine if Will knew he was sleeping with Gabi. Sonny tells Nick to do right by Will for once.

Kate tells Rafe that they were all boxed in and they couldn't lie on the stand. Rafe says they know that Sami saved his life. Gabi arrives. Rafe says court was rough. Kate encourages that Justin and EJ won't let Sami go to prison but she's not Rafe's problem. Gabi agrees that he needs to focus on physical therapy. Kate says he needs all his strength and they joke about him being able to play with Arianna.

EJ reads Sami's letter about not giving up. Sami's letter finishes with her promising to be home to them soon and saying how much she loves EJ.

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