Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/10/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Eric discuss Sami's trial. Brady questions Eric saying he hopes they can all be happy at the same time and if something is wrong.

Kristen remains in the park with her flash drive, saying maybe with counseling she could let go of the past. Nicole then arrives and asks what the hell she has. Kristen says it's nothing but Nicole says she looks like she got caught.

Daniel informs Rafe that he is cleared to leave the hospital to testify. Jordan goes to make arrangements. Rafe feels the least he can do is help Sami after she saved his life.

Kate is sworn in at the trial while Sami talks to EJ about Kate and the truth.

Brady senses something with Eric. Eric thinks back to his flashbacks to hotel. Brady says he can tell something is on his mind and wants him to stop jerking him around about it. Brady tells Eric that he can confide him in and gives his word that it won't leave the room. Eric thanks him but thinks he needs to let it go and stop dwelling on it. Brady tells him that it won't work and suggests he let it out by telling him what's going on. Eric decides maybe he should.

Kristen tells Nicole that she doesn't owe her any explanation. Nicole insists. Kristen brings up Nicole finding her with the pregnancy test and yells at her to mind her own business. Nicole thinks she's avoiding something. Kristen shows her that it's a flash drive and claims it includes business information but Nicole doesn't believe her.

Melinda goes over Kate buying the gun for Sami. Kate admits that she bought it in case Sami needed defense from EJ.

Eric tells Brady that he's been having a dream that is keeping him up at night about the night in the hotel when he was poisoned. Brady wonders who would do that to him.

Kristen mocks Nicole not believing her. Nicole continues to believe she's hiding something. Father Matt approaches and greets them. Father Matt brings up the scholarship students and then mentions that Kristen could be a help to Jennifer. Kristen asks what's wrong with Jennifer.

Daniel continues to talk to Rafe. Rafe insists on Sami being innocent and he doesn't want to see her missing out on her kids. They talk about EJ wanting Rafe to make something up about Bernardi but Rafe refuses to lie. Rafe mentions EJ bringing up their lie about Nicole's baby. Rafe says there's a difference in lying to protect a child and lying under oath. Daniel suggests Rafe just tell the truth. Rafe says that's what he intends to do and hopefully everyone else does as well then Sami may stand a chance.

Kate talks about the gun being a joke gift to Sami. Justin objects, saying Melinda is trying to use the DiMera name to smear his client. Melinda then goes over where Kate was when Bernardi was shot and asks if what she saw goes with Sami's story.

Victor goes to the hospital and talks with Daniel. Victor brings up hearing that JJ got busted and that Maggie also told him about Daniel and Jennifer. Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Victor says he can listen. Victor says no woman should have to deal with a punk son all alone. Daniel says he went to the station and Jennifer was handling things. Victor wants to see Daniel as happy as he and Maggie because they deserve it.

Father Matt says he thought she knew. Nicole informs Kristen that JJ got arrested for drugs. Father Matt explains that JJ was hanging around the wrong crowd and it just happened this morning. Kristen assumes Jennifer must be a wreck and rushes off to go find her. Father Matt wants to talk with Nicole about what she can do to help with Eric.

Brady and Eric continue to talk until Brady has to go. Brady tells Eric that he will get on this for him because he deserves answers.

Justin objects to Melinda trying to say Sami is lying. The judge warns her. Melinda goes over what Kate saw after Bernardi was shot. Melinda then goes over Kate not seeing the weapon.

Jordan tells Rafe that she will make sure he is okay to testify. She says it can't be easy to testify against Sami. Rafe says there's nothing he can say to hurt Sami but appreciates her concern. She is concerned about how the stress could affect his progress. Jordan goes to sign him out.

Justin cross-examines Kate. He goes over Kate's relationship with Rafe and Kate's belief that Stefano had originally attacked Rafe. Melinda objects, saying there's been no evidence but stops. EJ whispers to Sami that Justin's got her.

Father Matt talks to Nicole about Eric being overwhelmed with worry over Sami's trial. Nicole says she sees what it's doing to him and doesn't think Sami even cares. Matt insists Sami loves her brother but Nicole argues that Sami only cares about herself. Matt wants to focus on Eric and what she can do for him. Father Matt mentions that Eric has other things on his mind besides Sami.

Daniel goes over Eric's blood test results at home until Kristen arrives, looking for Jennifer. Daniel suggests she's still at the police station. Kristen says she just heard about JJ as she comes in. Kristen mentions Jennifer not answering calls and asks if she's okay. Daniel says she's as okay as can be when her teenage son could be charged with felony. Daniel explains that JJ was actually dealing. Kristen assumes Jennifer must be a wreck. Daniel says he probably shouldn't discuss it. Parker makes a noise from his room so Daniel goes to check on him. Daniel returns to the living room with Parker and introduces him to Kristen. Kristen decides she should go find Jennifer. Daniel apologizes for being unable to help. Kristen then decides maybe he can.

Father Matt talks to Nicole about Eric having a hard time solving his problems. Nicole agrees to try and back off. Matt says that Eric seems obsessed with what happened when he got sick and he may never understand it so they have to help him accept that.

Eric sits in the rectory, looking at the matches from the hotel.

Nicole tells Father Matt that he can count on her.

Daniel asks Kristen if she has a medical issue that he can help with. Kristen says she was referred to a specialist about her being unable to get pregnant. Kristen mentions preparing to get married and she wants to be absolutely sure whether or not she can have kids. Kristen says miracles do happen.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Victor. Brady feels he owes him an apology as things have been happening fast so there's some news he should've given him before. Victor already heard that Brady is engaged and says secrets don't last long in this town. Brady doesn't think it's a secret and says he loves Kristen. Victor congratulates Brady with a handshake. Brady thanks him and knows he has a long way to go before people think he knows what he's doing. Brady talks to Victor about his pre-cana plans. Victor can't believe Brady and Kristen are seriously talking about a church wedding.

Melinda takes back her objection as Justin finishes with Kate. EJ talks to Sami about the money in Timmy's account as evidence. Melinda goes back to interrogating Kate about Sami shooting people in the past, forcing Kate to admit that Sami threatened Nick with a gun.

Nicole goes to the rectory and greets Eric. Nicole apologizes for going off about Kristen. Eric understands she did it because she cares about Brady. Nicole goes to leave but Eric asks if she has a minute to answer some questions. Nicole sits and asks if it's about Sami's trial. Eric says he just has some questions about the night he got sick and she came to his rescue.

Kristen calls it crazy that she's thinking about having a baby. Daniel repeats that miracles do happen and mentions Chloe having the same thing. Kristen thanks him for the recommendation and asks him not to tell Brady to not get his hopes up. Parker knocks papers off the table. Kristen goes to help Daniel pick them up and notices Eric's test results, so she asks if something is wrong with Eric.

Kate is released from the stand and the judge calls a short break. Melinda arranges for Nick to be called. Justin questions Sami pulling a gun on Nick and if there's no limit on what she will do. Sami says it was nothing and wasn't even loaded. Justin brings up the look on the jury. EJ points out that Nick was a convicted murderer. Justin goes to make a call. EJ tells Sami not to get upset. Sami says she already is upset that Justin is suspicious of the money in Timmy's account. Sami asks EJ about it. EJ says all that matters is the trial. Sami realizes EJ planted the money and worries about it backfiring. EJ tells her to calm down as it's under control.

As Kate exits the court, she sees Rafe being brought in a wheelchair by Jordan. The guard tells Kate that witnesses are not allowed to talk to each other so Kate exits.

Sami asks EJ to tell her that he's not personally involved as Rafe is then brought into the court room.

Victor questions Brady going through with things. Brady says they want to get married in the church and it's up to Eric. Victor asks about them taking Eric's counseling to heart. Brady feels that if Eric can believe in their love then the whole town will follow. Brady knows Victor is not happy about it but insists that he is and the countdown to the wedding is on. Brady gets a call from work and steps out. Victor comments to himself about Brady marrying a psychopath. Victor then calls Marlena and informs her that Brady says the wedding countdown is on and that Eric has agreed to officiate. Victor declares that means Eric has lost his marbles. Victor doesn't know what to do but suggests they get together and figure it out.

Kristen asks Daniel if Eric is sick. Daniel says he's fine with nothing to worry about. Kristen decides to go check on Jennifer and thanks him for everything. Daniel wishes her luck as she exits. Outside the apartment, Kristen says Daniel is still trying to figure out what happened to Eric. She says the answers are in her flash drive and no one will get them unless she wants them to do.

Eric talks to Nicole about how he can't get that night out of his mind and wants to talk about it. Nicole says she already told him everything. Eric suggests any possible details that slipped by. Nicole says there isn't anymore. Eric continues asking but Nicole tells him to accept that there's nothing new. Nicole decides she has to go to a meeting and rushes out. Eric wonders what's going on with Nicole.

The trial resumes with Rafe sworn in to testify.

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