Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/9/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail catches up to Chad outside the Pub wanting to talk but Chad says he has to go to Sami's trial and he just got a text from Sonny and Will that they have to testify against Sami.

Will has a nightmare about Sami's trial where he gets interrogated on the stand and then put into a holding cell until Sonny wakes him up.

Sami's trial begins.

Brady tells Nicole that Eric is his brother and he thinks Eric will marry them and give his blessing despite Nicole disagreeing.

Eric asks Kristen what else they have to talk about. Kristen brings up the pre-canon and wants Eric to tell Brady no. Eric questions it and what her objections are. Kristen says they are personal.

Will tells Sonny about his nightmare. Will asks where Gabi is with Arianna. Sonny says everything is under control which Will finds hard to believe. Sonny says he doesn't want to testify against Sami either. They joke about Sonny's life changing. Will says he'll never lie for Sami again, only Sonny as they kiss.

Melinda argues that she will prove that Sami murdered Bernardi and that she must pay. Justin begins his argument that Sami is not stupid so he questions why she would shoot a man in a hospital unless she had to. Justin insists on Sami telling the truth.

Chad talks to Abigail about worrying about Sami. Chad kisses Abigail and walks off as Cameron approaches.

Nicole continues to argue with Brady about Kristen. Brady informs her that this was his idea.

Eric thinks Kristen just doesn't want to do this. Kristen says she's just trying to spare Brady's feelings as the pre-canon thing can't happen and she thinks it would be easier if it came from Eric.

Cameron asks Abigail about Chad seeming upset. Abigail says he would be too if he was going through what Chad is going through. Cameron thinks back to Chad telling him that no one else can know about his brain tumor. Cameron asks Abigail if Chad finally told her the truth.

Melinda calls Chad to testify. EJ, Sami, and Justin discuss things. Chad swears to tell the truth. Melinda asks Chad about the video he recorded of Sami and Bernardi.

Nicole questions Brady wanting Eric to marry he and Kristen. Brady thinks she's not being a friend. Nicole says she wants what's best for him and that's not marrying Kristen. Brady doesn't want to hear it anymore. Nicole tells him to think about Eric and how he'd be marrying Brady to the woman who tried to kill his mother. Brady says they are trying to move on. Nicole asks him to leave Eric out of it. Brady reveals that he already asked Eric and he's thinking about it. Brady adds that Kristen is the only one who had an issue with it and they are talking about it now.

Eric asks Kristen why she's so against the idea. Kristen thinks back to her and Eric in the hotel room. Kristen says she thinks the less time they spend together, the better it would be for Brady, her, and Eric.

Cameron declares that he's glad Chad finally told her. Abigail questions what he means since Chad tells her everything and has since the beginning. Abigail reveals she's talking about Chad having to testify at Sami's trial. She doesn't want him giving her trouble about Chad. Cameron asks what's wrong. Abigail says Chad tried hard to keep her out of the whole Sami video thing and wonders why things are so screwed up all the time. Abigail then tells Cameron that she feels like she doesn't even know JJ anymore.

Melinda continues interrogating Chad about the video. Chad talks about not coming forward with the video at first. She finishes and Justin has no further questions so Chad is dismissed.

Will and Sonny wait outside the court room. Sonny tells Will that everything will be okay. Will blames himself for everything starting with sleeping with Gabi and getting her pregnant leading to Gabi and Nick's wedding blowing up and Sami breaking up with Rafe which then led to Rafe being with Kate and Stefano coming after him. Sonny tells him to think about their choices that led to living together and waking up with Arianna. Sonny adds that if he could go back, he wouldn't change anything. Sonny then gets called into the court. Will sits down and daydreams about having to visit Sami in prison in the future.

Nicole tells Brady that Eric will realize what a selfish destructive bitch Kristen is. Brady brings up Kristen not being selfish with the scholarship kids. Nicole argues that she doesn't want to see Brady get hurt again. Brady tells Nicole that it's not her business so he wants her to back off.

Eric tells Kristen that he thought they were working quite well together. Kristen claims she does consider other people's feelings and brings up Marlena. Kristen says Eric marrying them would only cause more upset. Kristen says she's stunned that Eric didn't shut down Brady's request. She wants him to do it now but Eric says no and tells Kristen that it's her choice if she wants to stop it.

Melinda begins interrogating Sonny first about his immunity then about his relationship with Chad. She asks about his relationship with Will and what instructions EJ gave him about the video. Sonny admits EJ told him not to tell Will about it so he didn't. Melinda finishes and Justin cross-examines Sonny. Justin asks Sonny about not sharing the video. Sonny says he knew that Sami was telling the truth. Melinda then questions if Sonny is saying Sami has never lied to he or Will. Sonny says he's not saying that and is then released. Melinda then calls Will to the stand.

Abigail sits with Cameron at the Pub and explains what happened with JJ getting arrested and how he could go to prison for years. Abigail says she used to know everything about JJ but now feels like he's a complete stranger. She mentions not talking to Chad about it since he was going to court. Cameron mentions her needing to talk to someone. Abigail says she's talking to him and he's being really nice to her even after all that's happened. Cameron says they are friends no matter what. Cameron suggests with all that she's going through, now might not be the best time to get serious about anyone as Chad enters the Pub.

Kristen asks Eric why he's being like this when he's hated them being together. Eric doesn't want to say no to someone wanting their marriage off to a holy start. Eric says he won't stand in their way and suggests she could be blessed with children of her own some day. Eric adds that he thinks she would make a wonderful mother.

Nicole says she is looking out for Eric since Brady isn't. She calls Eric the most selfless, giving, caring man she knows. Nicole suggests Brady get married in Vegas instead of doing this to Eric because he's too kind to say no. Brady says he's tried to reason with Nicole but he can't do it anymore as he's sick of listening to her. Brady declares that he's tired of trying to be her friend. Brady tells her that if she thinks Kristen is insane, she should look in the mirror because she's crazy over Eric. Brady tells her to let him go. Nicole tells Brady to go to Hell and storms off.

Eric and Kristen talk about thinking Kristen would be a good mom so Kristen agrees and asks about the pre-canon.

Brady sits in the town square and thinks about Nicole telling him to think about what he's doing to Eric. Brady calls Eric but he doesn't answer. Brady then walks off.

Eric explains to Kristen that it would be pre-marriage counseling and he would ask them how they see their lives together. Kristen agrees to think about it and thanks Eric for helping her see beyond her initial objections as she thinks it now could be a good thing. Kristen says she will be in touch and exits. She pulls out her phone and makes a call saying she needs to see someone immediately.

Abigail asks Chad how the trial went. Chad says it was about what he expected. Abigail gets a call and steps away to answer it. Cameron decides he should get going but Chad stops him and asks what he's trying to pull.

Sonny tells Will it will be okay as Will heads into the court room and takes the stand.

Kristen meets with her doctor associate that gave her the vials to drug Eric. She worries about spending a lot more time with Eric but he assures her there will be no problem.

Eric finishes a call and then has flashbacks again to his night in the hotel. Eric wonders why this keeps happening to him. Nicole enters and tells him that he cannot be thinking of marrying Brady and Kristen.

Kristen tells him that he better be right about this as she sends him away. She pulls out her flash drive and says if she gets rid of it then she gets rid of the one chance that she has to ruin Marlena's life but it could also mean she has a decent chance of a happy life with Brady.

Eric tells Nicole that it's none of her business and she can't tell him what to do. Nicole says she's looking out for him but Eric says she only cares about herself and asks her to leave him alone so Nicole exits.

Chad tells Cameron that he heard what he told Abigail about not getting serious with him. Cameron says Chad doesn't know what Abigail is going through. Chad accuses him of trying to make a move. Cameron brings up Chad's tumor and getting close as he exits. Abigail returns and asks Chad if everything is okay.

Melinda asks Will if Sami asked him to lie about her knowing and hating Bernardi. Will says no and says that Sami would never murder anyone. The judge warns him to answer the questions. Melinda asks again if Sami asked him to lie. Will says she did ask him to lie and to the police. Melinda thanks him for being honest and has no further questions nor does Justin. Will steps down and is released from the court. Will feels he just keeps hurting Sami and it will be his fault if she goes to jail as Sonny hugs him. Inside the court, Sami wonders why Melinda is doing this. Justin says Melinda wants to spend time away from the incriminating evidence. Melinda then calls Kate to the stand as Sami feels things just get worse.

Chad wants to know why Abigail's upset as he wants to help in any way he can. Abigail thanks him and they get close as Cameron looks through the window from outside.

Brady goes to see Eric and tells him that he thinks he put him in a bad position and he didn't mean to. Eric informs him that he and Kristen talked so Kristen is going to think about pre-canon. Brady is surprised as Eric says who knew Kristen would be the one to bring them closer together.

Kristen remains in the park with her flash drive, saying maybe with counseling she could let go of the past. Nicole then arrives and asks what the hell she has.

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