Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/6/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/6/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen wakes up in bed with Brady and realizes she has to get up and check with EJ about the trial. Kristen asks about Eric and if he's on their side in getting married.

Eric looks at his hotel information and has flashbacks again. Eric wonders what's going on. Father Matt enters and asks if something is wrong. Eric says that there is.

Sami sits in her cell and goes through the cards from the kids that EJ brought her. Sami holds back tears and then opens up a card from EJ.

Justin finds EJ at the court and says if he wants him to fight the continuance, he needs him to tell him what he's done now.

Stefano and Cecily sit together at the coffeehouse as Stefano gets a call. He answers and says that's interesting.

Theresa walks through the park, looking around as she thinks back to JJ saying they would meet up. She wonders where JJ is. Abigail approaches and asks Theresa why she isn't at work.

Maxine tells Daniel that Jennifer rushed out after a phone call. Maxine exits after being paged. Nicole arrives and asks Daniel what JJ did now.

Jennifer says she wanted to believe him and all his stories but she has to face the truth that JJ is a criminal and a liar. Jennifer tells JJ that it's the end of the line and it's all over. Jennifer doesn't believe anything because everything he has said to her has been a lie.

Father Matt asks Eric what is wrong. Eric wishes he knew. Matt wants him to tell him what happened. Eric talks about memories of his trip to the hotel and being sick have been coming back stronger. Eric says he's remembering about the dream of a woman that he told him about.

Kristen asks Brady how Eric reacted to their engagement. Brady says it wasn't great but not as bad as Nicole's reaction. Brady says he doesn't want to screw up their brotherly relationship. Brady then reveals he asked Eric to marry them but Kristen says no way in hell.

Daniel tells Nicole that it's none of her business. Nicole says she cares about him and says Daniel pays every time JJ screws up. Daniel says he doesn't know if JJ did anything. Daniel says he can't just rush over there but Nicole thinks he has to do something so Daniel makes a call.

Theresa tells Abigail that she gets breaks. Abigail assumes she snuck out and doesn't want her to rat her out. A girl rushes up and informs Abigail that JJ got arrested for dealing drugs and they run off together.

JJ claims that not everything he told Jennifer is a lie. Jennifer doesn't believe his story about Rory pulling him in to dealing drugs. Jennifer tells him that the lying is going to stop. She asks if he's been dealing drugs since he's been home. Jennifer brings up stealing Cameron's prescription pad and says she'll never believe him again. Jennifer warns him that he's going to go to jail and get a criminal record. Jennifer then asks if he did drugs in their house.

Kristen asks what Brady was thinking by asking Eric to marry them. Brady doesn't understand as Kristen wants things changed. Brady wants to do things right this time in a church but Kristen tells him that it's not going to happen.

Eric continues talking to Father Matt about being upset about the hotel trip and his dreams. Father Matt thinks he may be able to help him

EJ tells Justin that anything he's done is none of his business. Justin asks EJ if he planted the money in Timmy's bank account. EJ asks if he really wants to know the answer. EJ says Sami is innocent. Justin agrees to fight the continuance but warns him that this could come back to bite them.

Sami reads EJ's card and cries. She calls the guard to ask for another pencil and gets one so she can begin writing.

Daniel finishes his call and informs Nicole that it was JJ as he was caught selling drugs. Nicole knew he had something in his hand the other day. Daniel says last time he went to see her, he made things worse so he's not going. Nicole thinks Jennifer would want him there. She assures that he needs to go see her. Abigail arrives and asks Daniel about what happened. Daniel says he just found out and agrees to take Abigail to the station.

Jennifer recalls the book club meeting and realizes that JJ put drugs in the doughnuts. She can't believe he would do something like that. JJ claims it was a mistake.

Theresa worries about giving JJ money for pot and being on his phone. She worries about being incriminated and decides she needs to find out what's going on so she exits the park.

JJ tells Jennifer that he needed to get rid of the drugs and was going to give the laced doughnuts to his friends. Jennifer thinks he's only sorry that he got caught. She talks about JJ continuing to lie and sell drugs. Jennifer says he played her like a complete fool.

Brady doesn't understand Kristen's reaction. Kristen doesn't think Eric would let her get married in his church. Brady insists that he will take care of it. Brady says it's not like they have any secrets from Eric. Kristen thinks back to drugging him and tells Brady that she's not going to do it.

Father Matt thinks Eric is just under a lot of stress and is overworked along with worrying about Sami. Eric insists that Sami is telling the truth about everything. Matt says they will have to count on their faith of God and the legal system. Eric says he's always been able to handle things about him but so much has happened to Sami. Eric believes Sami is innocent and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Justin visits Sami and tells her that he argued against the continuance and will get an answer soon. Justin notes that Melinda seemed a little nervous but admits he's nervous as well.

EJ goes to the coffeehouse where Stefano spots him and says he hears things are looking up for Sami.

Jennifer tells JJ that he's been driven to self-destruct. She realizes that JJ set out to destroy Daniel's mp3 player, train set and his car and lied about it all. Jennifer says JJ threw Jack's memory in her face. Jennifer asks what happened to JJ as Daniel arrives with Abigail. JJ tells her that's what happened to him. He tells her to go over to Daniel so he can make her all better since he's the only one that she cares about. JJ yells at Jennifer to get out of his damn face.

EJ doesn't know what Stefano thinks he knows about Sami's case but assures him that it's none of his business. Stefano says he still gets a lot of phone calls with information. Stefano brings up the money being found in the account. Stefano suggests maybe it's Sami's ticket to freedom. EJ argues that her ticket to freedom is that she's telling the truth. Stefano is bothered by EJ's demeanor. Stefano says he doesn't want to hurt his feelings but he thought he was walking like a weak little puppy. EJ says he's learned not to jump the gun. Stefano says if only he learned that before he stabbed him in the back.

Sami asks Justin why he's nervous. Justin says he just hopes this new evidence doesn't end up hurting their case. Sami asks how it could since it proves Bernardi was a dirty cop. Justin tells her to forget it and stay focused as he gets called by the judge and rushes out. Sami worries that he thinks EJ planted the evidence.

Brady tells Kristen that he knew it would be a hard sell but didn't expect her to freak out. Kristen agrees that they should be able to talk about everything so she decides that she will talk to Eric. Brady tells her that he wants to do this because he loves her and they kiss.

Jennifer calls JJ a coward for blaming everyone else for his screwups. Jennifer says she will get him a lawyer because she doesn't want him to go to jail. Rory is brought back through with his mom yelling at him about being so stupid. Abigail asks Jennifer if she should call Justin. Jennifer says he's working on Sami's case and doesn't know what to do as JJ is in so much trouble. Abigail decides she will talk to JJ. Daniel asks Jennifer what he can do and she hugs him as JJ stares at them. Daniel tells Jennifer that she will get through this and get JJ out. Jennifer tells Daniel that he was so right about everything while she was so wrong. Abigail warns JJ not to give the cops any attitude. Daniel says it's not what it's important and offers to call Justin. Jennifer says there is a lawyer on the way and apologizes. Daniel says maybe now JJ will let her help him since she knows the truth. Jennifer feels she was a blind idiot. Jennifer asks if he really thinks she can get JJ back. Daniel says he knows she can. Daniel gets paged back to the hospital. Jennifer tells him to go as she has him with her even if he's not right there and they hug again.

EJ tells Stefano that he thought he was being very jovial in his defeat. Stefano does not feel defeated as he has the money he needs and no problems. Stefano says some of EJ's critics feel Sami's situation has turned him into not the man he's always been but he assured them that EJ could handle it. EJ insists that Sami will be fine and then the real criminal will be brought to justice. Stefano calls it a wonderful thought and wishes he could help but says that his hands are tied. Stefano goes back and sits with Cecily. EJ remarks that he wishes Stefano's hands were tied behind his back.

Theresa goes to the hospital asking for Jennifer. Maxine says she had to leave. Daniel returns and Maxine informs him that the surgery he got paged for got postponed. Maxine says she's glad Daniel went to see Jennifer. Daniel says she is his friend so he went to make sure she's okay. Maxine walks away. Theresa approaches and asks Daniel if there's anything she can do to help. Daniel says that's nice of her but there's not much anyone can do and walks away. Theresa is glad her name didn't come up and hopes it stays that way.

Brady walks through the town square and finds Nicole. Brady asks if she wants to talk. Nicole says it's not her business so maybe she shouldn't. Brady questions her attacks on Kristen. Nicole calls her a catastrophic mistake.

Father Matt encourages Eric to continue to pray for guidance. Kristen arrives as Father Matt exits. Eric says they have a tough call to make in the last two scholarships. Kristen thinks she has a way to make it a lot easier.

Theresa mentions hearing Daniel's surgery got postponed and offers to buy him a coffee. Daniel turns her down. She says she meant just as friends and just wants to help.

Abigail tells JJ not to be stupid as this is about him and not Daniel. JJ doesn't expect her to understand and says she doesn't know him at all. Abigail agrees but says she wants her brother back. Rory's mom approaches Jennifer and says she's been getting these calls since Rory was thirteen but can tell this is Jennifer's first time. She says she's done with Rory and wants him out as soon as possible. She suggests Jennifer do the same because the first time won't be the last. Rory's mom assumes Daniel was JJ's father but Jennifer corrects her. She talks about Rory running guys off from her too. She tells Jennifer to concentrate on the things that count because her kid isn't worth it.

Nicole tells Brady that she cares about him and doesn't want him to get hurt again. Brady agrees it's not her business. Nicole insists that she's a mistake and won't accept that they belong together. She adds that she doesn't think Eric will either.

Kristen tells Eric that she will get the money so that both kids get scholarships. Eric is glad to make two great phone calls and decides their business is done but Kristen says not quite.

Daniel tells Theresa there isn't anything she can do. He appreciates the concern but he's sure Jennifer is handling it. Daniel then walks away. Theresa says to herself that it was his last chance at the best thing he could've had. Theresa says she has bigger things to worry about and wonders how she will replace the money she gave JJ for the drugs. She thinks back to being on the computer and walks on.

JJ tells Abigail that she and Jennifer think things are so great but they aren't. JJ says he will never be the same since Jack died. A cop comes over to take JJ to his cell. Jennifer tells Rory's mom that she will never give up on her son. She tells Jennifer that he's going down and there's nothing she can do about it. Abigail goes over to Jennifer and worries about JJ being taken away as he's escorted out. Abigail cries about what is going to happen to him.

Brady thinks Nicole is wrong about Eric as he may wind up marrying them.

Eric asks Kristen what else they have to talk about. Kristen brings up the pre-canon and wants Eric to tell Brady no.

EJ returns to Sami. Sami says Justin was there and went to find out the ruling on the continuance. She asks if everything is okay. EJ mentions running into Stefano and it wasn't pleasant. Sami knows Stefano must be getting a thrill out of this. EJ insists that Stefano will pay for what he did. Justin returns and announces that the continuance has been denied so the prosecution must start the trial today.

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