Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/5/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ holds Sami and kisses her. Sami says walking into her trial with EJ makes her feel like she can handle anything. Abe enters with a smile and informs Sami that new evidence has surfaced while Melinda has asked for a continuance.

Kate goes to the Pub and complains to Kayla about Stefano getting into Rafe's hospital room.

Rafe works through physical therapy with Jordan. She advises him not to tire himself out but he insists on continuing.

Nicole goes to the rectory to talk with Eric about Brady.

Jennifer checks on JJ's final scores and finds out that he got an 86 which makes her happy. Maxine notes Jennifer's smile. Jennifer turns and runs into Daniel.

JJ and Rory meet with a guy in the park and give him some weed but cops arrive and arrest JJ and Rory. Cole and a friend arrive, watching with a smile. Hope runs up with her gun, saying she heard the request for backup but stops when she sees it's JJ.

Justin informs Sami and EJ about Bernardi's savings account for Timmy and how it was found by Adrienne. EJ decides to go check on some things. He tells Sami to keep the faith and kisses her goodbye as he exits. Sami asks Justin if this is a good chance to clear her name. Justin says it is if it turns out to be true.

Nicole tells Eric that she knows it's insane for Brady to come to him about the wedding and that she married EJ but Kristen is worse. Eric says they can't know what's going on in Brady's head. Nicole is disappointed that Eric said what Brady wanted to hear.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she should've been watching where she was going but just got some great news that JJ did great on his final as it made her feel like he's turned things around.

Hope asks JJ what happened. JJ says he knows what it looks like but she's got to listen to him that it's not what she thinks.

Nicole asks if Eric told Brady he would marry them at the church. Eric tells her that it's confidential. Nicole can't believe it. Nicole doesn't think Eric can be okay with Brady throwing his life away with Kristen. Nicole says everyone can see Eric is tortured unless something else is wrong so she asks if there is.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's glad JJ is doing so well and he hopes he keeps it up. Jennifer thanks him and Daniel quickly exits. Jennifer then calls JJ.

Hope advises JJ not to say another word without his attorney as he can't explain away that he was selling drugs. JJ says he can explain why. Hope says she's listening. JJ tells her that he had a huge fight with Jennifer about Daniel and he was in a bad place. JJ claims he owed Rory some cash. Hope tells him that he was dealing drugs and is now going to deal with the consequences as they take JJ in.

Jordan decides Rafe is done for the day. Rafe wants to do more but she worries about him pushing too hard and suffering a setback.

Kate tells Kayla that Stefano is a maniac with a personal vendetta against Rafe. Kayla suggests she talk to the police. Kate doesn't think she'll get the best care for him. Kayla thinks it should be up to Rafe. Kayla decides she will talk with Rafe about Stefano. Kate insists that Stefano threatened Rafe's life.

Sami and Justin discuss the savings account. Justin mentions that Marge was shocked by it. Sami remarks about her not knowing who she was really married to. Justin comments that it's easy to look past things when you're in love. Sami asks if they are still talking about Marge or her.

EJ meets with his forensics expert in the park. He tells him that the police have discovered the funds and asks how long it will be before they realize that the money was put in after Bernardi died.

Rafe tells Jordan that he wants his life back. Rafe wants to be out of the hospital and back on his feet. Jordan tells him that she will need him to listen to her directions and do exactly what she says. Jordan says if he can't comply, then she should say goodbye right now.

Kate tells Kayla that she knows what Stefano is capable of. Kayla says she does so if Stefano wanted Rafe dead then he would be. Kayla brings up that Stefano is on the hospital board as the top donor. Kate wants to hire a private guard for Rafe. Kayla says he will have to agree to it first and then exits.

Sami tells Justin that she knows he's thinking about her being willing to take the deal to sell out EJ. Justin says he's not judging. Sami can't believe she considered it but says she was desperate to get out of her cell and back to her kids. Justin understands she thought EJ could've gotten out but in the end, she couldn't take that chance. Sami says she and the kids need EJ so it was a selfish decision on her part. Justin thinks she'd do anything for EJ and he'd do anything for her.

EJ's expert tells him that the police will never know if they follow typical protocol but if they hire an expert then it could take a week and a half. EJ worries that Melinda does not give up but the expert doesn't think they have anything to worry about. EJ hopes he's right as he walks away.

Nicole tells Eric that he can talk to her if something is bothering him. Eric knows he can. Nicole says he won't though and only needs a friend when it's convenient. Nicole tells him to forget it and storms out. Eric then makes a call to Daniel and asks if he can stop by.

JJ and Rory are brought into the station. Hope talks with an officer about the tip. Hope expects two different stories and sends the cop to call Rory's parents while she calls Jennifer. Jennifer tells Hope that she was just going to call her with great news that JJ just got an incredible grade on his first summer final. Hope responds that she needs Jennifer to come to the station immediately and she'll explain when she gets there. Jennifer says she's on her way and rushes out of the hospital.

Nicole walks through the park and finds the crime scene caution tape. A woman informs her that kids were busted selling drugs so they can't feel safe anywhere. Nicole says to herself that she can't feel safe as long as Kristen is around. Nicole calls Marlena and leaves a message, asking about them working together against Kristen.

Eric goes to Daniel's and says he knows he said he was fine not knowing what happened to him when he got sick but he's getting this memory and keeps coming across reminders of that night. Daniel asks what he can do to help. Eric asks if he thinks there's another way to figure out what happened that night.

Sami tells Justin that she believes she and EJ would do anything for each other but feels like Justin made that sound like a bad thing. EJ returns and gives her a card from the kids. Justin tells EJ that the continuance could work in their favor but EJ wants no delay and to go straight ahead.

Kayla goes to Rafe's room and says she'll come back later if he's in a session but Jordan says they are done for now and she exits. Rafe thanks Kayla for rescuing him. Kayla knows he's getting impatient. She says she needs to talk to him and talks about patient safety. Rafe then asks if Kate said something to her about Stefano.

Kate goes to the hospital and asks Jordan for a word. Kate asks for an update on Rafe's progress. Jordan then questions why she would give her one.

JJ tells Hope that Jennifer was lying about being with Daniel. Hope says they aren't talking about that. JJ says he never thought she would do something like that and was feeling angry. Jennifer arrives and asks Hope what happened. Hope informs her that JJ is being charged with selling drugs.

Daniel tells Eric that he would do anything to help him but all he could do is look at his blood work again. Daniel asks if he can tell him any more about what he remembers. Eric says he saw a match book from the hotel and can't stop thinking about it. Eric says something just doesn't feel right. Eric says now he wants to know.

Jordan tells Kate that she can't speak to her about Rafe's condition without his permission due to patient confidentiality. Kate says she is the one caring for Rafe. Jordan tells her that it doesn't entitle her to privileged information and walks away.

Rafe wishes Kate didn't say anything. Kayla asks if Stefano threatened him. Rafe says not exactly as he just wanted him to know he's helpless in the hospital bed. Rafe brings up Sami's trial. Kayla offers to put a guard at his door but Rafe declines. Kayla says Kate has offered to hire a private guard. Rafe just wants to get out of the hospital and get better. Kayla thinks Jordan is his best bet.

Kate drinks coffee at the hospital. Maxine approaches and asks if Stefano has her agitated. Maxine says she heard he was there. Maxine asks if she really thinks someone will try to hurt Rafe again after what happened. Kate says she must not know Stefano. Kate jokes that if anyone could intimidate Stefano it would be Maxine. Maxine assures her that only people who love Rafe will be allowed in his room. Maxine suggests Kate go and see Rafe so she decides to do that. Kate thanks Maxine. Maxine tells Kate that she's not responsible for what happened as Kate then walks on.

Justin asks EJ why he would turn down the continuance chance for more evidence. EJ worries that Melinda will be working twice as hard to find evidence against Sami. Justin suggests that Melinda could drop the charges if she realizes she can't win. EJ thinks she could refile again. Sami says she refiled last time because of the video. Sami says if this money proves Bernardi is guilty then what could possibly make her guilty. Justin says he was thinking the same thing.

A cop takes JJ in for his fingerprints. Jennifer asks Hope if JJ said what happened. Hope says JJ claims that he was coerced by his friend and had never done anything like this before. Jennifer asks if she believes him. Hope says JJ will need an attorney. Jennifer suggests Justin but remembers he's working with Sami. Hope decides she will call one of his associates who is very good and she exits. JJ is brought back in and tells Jennifer that he can explain.

Kayla tells Kate that she can go see Rafe now. Kate complains about Jordan refusing to give her an update on Rafe. Kayla says she can just have Rafe sign a waiver but she doesn't think Kate will be satisfied until Rafe has a full recovery. Kate goes into Rafe's room and greets him. Kate asks how he is. Rafe says he's feeling pretty good but they need to talk.

EJ says they all know that Melinda won't drop the case. EJ says the evidence gives them reasonable doubt and thinks it's enough to get her acquitted. Justin offers to argue against the continuance. Sami asks EJ if he thinks this is the right decision. EJ thinks it's the only way to guarantee she comes home to him and the children. Justin is not sure this strategy is in Sami's best interest but in the end, it's her decision.

Eric apologizes for bothering Daniel about this again. Daniel says he wants to find out what happened to him as much as he does. Eric says Daniel has a lot on his plate and asks how things went with Jennifer. Daniel says in a way they went well as getting Parker's birth certificate let him know what they both need. Daniel says letting Jennifer go was the right thing as they spent a lot of time and energy to make their relationship work but it just doesn't work. Eric asks if he's sure. Daniel says Parker needs to be his focus like JJ needs to be Jennifer's. Eric calls it a selfless thing and asks if it's what he or Jennifer really wanted. Daniel says he just wants Jennifer to be happy. Eric asks if he will be there if she needs him.

JJ asks Jennifer if Hope told her what happened. Jennifer wants to hear it from him. JJ says he did something really dumb as he was so upset after they fought. JJ says he met Rory at the park to hang out but he owed him some cash. Jennifer questions him helping with his business. JJ says he should've walked away. Jennifer asks if he just wanted to punish her. JJ swears it was only one time and he shouldn't have let Rory talk him into it. JJ asks Jennifer if she's going to say anything.

Eric returns to the rectory where Nicole is. Nicole talks about the church being about people and relationships. Nicole wants to be his friend. Eric says he's just had a lot on his mind. Nicole tells him he can think while she walks. Nicole exits. Eric looks at his hotel information and has flashbacks again.

Rafe tells Kate that he appreciates her concern but she can't control everything. Kate says every patient needs an advocate. Rafe doesn't want to be called a patient and insists that he's a man. Rafe wants to get out of the hospital. Kate says she just feels responsible. Rafe tells her that no one is responsible.

EJ tells Sami that Justin is right that it's entirely her decision. EJ brings up seeing cases like this before. Sami says EJ had her at being able to go home to the kids so she wants Justin to fight the continuance and wants this whole thing over once and for all. Justin agrees to file a motion and exits. Sami kisses EJ and wonders what she would do without him.

Maxine approaches Daniel at the hospital and asks if he's talked to Jennifer because she's not at work. Maxine informs Daniel that Jennifer got a call from the police station and rushed out so something is very wrong.

JJ asks Jennifer if she believes him. Jennifer says she does not but JJ insists he's telling the truth. Jennifer asks how stupid he thinks she is. She feels like she doesn't even know her own son anymore. Jennifer says she wanted to believe him and all his stories but she has to face the truth that JJ is a criminal and a liar. Jennifer tells JJ that it's the end of the line and it's all over.

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