Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ sits at home with his weed and thinks about Theresa until Abigail comes in and asks what he's doing as he stuffs it into his bag.

Adrienne runs into Marge in the town square with her son Timmy. Marge talks about Timmy's savings fund that Bernardi opened up for him. Marge thanks Adrienne and says without her, Sami would've gotten away with murder.

Sami meets with Abe in his office at the station, asking why she's there and if Justin needed to see her before the trial. Abe says he and Roman thought she could use a little luck. EJ and Will then enter with the kids, who run up to hug her as Sami is overjoyed.

Abigail questions what JJ shoved in to his backpack. JJ blows it off until Jennifer walks in. Abigail asks what happened between them. JJ tells Jennifer to tell her.

Daniel talks with Jordan at the hospital. Daniel mentions her report of Rafe being the most thorough he's ever seen. He asks if there's any chance that she's related to a Ridgeway that he went to medical school with but she says there's no chance.

Kate meets with Kayla at the Pub. Kate is not happy about Rafe regressing and wants to know what she's going to do about it.

Stefano enters Rafe's hospital room and claps, saying bravo he did it.

Jennifer doesn't want to talk about things. JJ tells Abigail that Jennifer and Daniel are done again and says last time they said that, they were still seeing each other. JJ talks about her lying and storms out. Jennifer follows him out and thinks he owes her an apology, saying she didn't lie to him. JJ questions why he should believe her.

Maxine invites Jordan for a cup of coffee but she says she has too much work and walks away.

Kayla tells Kate that Rafe has a long and difficult recovery ahead of him. Kate says Rafe is frustrated with his therapist. Kayla says Rafe can bring any concerns to her directly.

Rafe questions what Stefano is doing there. Stefano says he decided to visit an old friend and brings up Sami's trial. Rafe tells him to go to hell. Stefano questions why he's living when he's never going to be a real man again.

Daniel asks Maxine to be his date to the award dinner, saying she deserves the award too and Victor and Maggie are out of town. Maxine says she'd love to but asks about Jennifer.

Jennifer promises JJ that she and Daniel are over. JJ tells her to admit that she doesn't want to let him go. JJ tells her that if she is going to go back to Daniel then she shouldn't pretend that he matters to her. Jennifer says she loves he and Abigail more than anything but she will not tolerate his disrespect as she's still his mother. JJ tells her to start acting like it. JJ says she's walking around like someone died because her boyfriend dumped her. JJ brings up Jack and then tells Jennifer that he's going to finish his finals as he walks away.

Adrienne says she just did what she thought was best. Marge understands looking out for her son. Marge tells her that she'll want her son far away from Sami and her family. Timmy drops his backpack so Adrienne helps pick things up as the check for his savings account fell out.

Sami holds the kids and wants them to tell her everything. Will has Sami hold Arianna. Sami counts them all as her blessings.

Kate tells Kayla that she's frustrated and is sure Rafe is too as Jordan hasn't gotten him out of the bed yet. Kayla brings up Kate choosing Jordan as the best therapist. Kayla assures Kate that Rafe is in excellent hands.

Rafe tells Stefano to save his sympathy because his condition is temporary. Stefano appreciates his optimism. Stefano remarks that hospitals can be very dangerous as Bernardi found out.

JJ goes to the park and calls Theresa. He says he's on his way to turn in his final but he took care of that thing so he'll hook up with her later. Bev arrives and greets him. Bev says her day just got a lot better and suggests they celebrate the end of school. She brings up the new club. JJ mentions that his sister is dating the owner so he could get them in. Cole walks by and watches them from a distance.

Abigail apologizes to Jennifer. Jennifer says she's made such a mess of things and things with Daniel are over. Abigail argues that she can't let JJ run her life. Jennifer says Daniel ended things so they can focus on their sons. Jennifer agrees that they need to put their children first. Abigail says she always does that and asks what she's going to do. Jennifer says she's fine and doesn't need Daniel to live a happy life so they will all be fine.

Daniel tells Maxine that he and Jennifer just isn't working. Maxine asks if he's sure. Daniel says he is. Maxine then agrees to go with him to the dinner then. Maxine tells him to feel free to cancel if anything changes.

Rafe calls Stefano a stupid son of a bitch and says he knows he sent Bernardi to kill him. Stefano claims Sami shot an innocent man. Stefano jokes about his ex-wife going to jail for trying to protect him. Stefano brings up that Rafe will have to testify against her and laughs about it.

Allie asks how Sami will take care of them if she has to stay. EJ promises that he's doing everything to bring her home. Sydney asks what if he can't. Johnny insists that EJ can do anything and hugs him as Sami smiles.

Adrienne looks at the check as she helps get Timmy's things picked up and Marge exits with him. Adrienne pulls out her phone and says this is it then decides she's doing this in person and rushes off.

Daniel calls the babysitter at home and tells her to have a great time taking Parker swimming. Abigail arrives and begs him not to give up on Jennifer.

Jennifer walks through the town square with Kayla, talking about feeling like the worst mother. Jennifer says JJ listened to Jack and feels maybe she's earned his disrespect since he found her with Daniel after saying it was over. Jennifer says it doesn't matter now anyways since Daniel broke it off. Jennifer agrees that being a parent comes first so she will have to focus on JJ for now.

JJ tells Bev that he's meeting Rory and will see her soon. Bev kisses him goodbye and exits. Rory arrives and asks about his stash. Rory questions him giving any away to Theresa. JJ says he's got it and Rory says he has a new customer lined up. They walk off together while Cole continues to watch from the bushes.

Sami hugs EJ after the kids are gone. Will comes back in. Sami thanks him and says nothing could've been more special. Will says he wants to talk to her about one thing. Will goes over that he shot EJ and Lucas went to jail which is why Sami fought Bernardi over the evidence. Will tries to argue that he can go to Melinda but EJ stops him and says Will's admission would only strengthen Sami's motive for killing Bernardi to the jury. EJ adds that Lucas would also get charges against him. Will just wants to help. Sami tells him that it's okay but there's nothing he can do. Sami assures him that she's going to be fine. Sami tells Will to go home and be with Sonny and Arianna to enjoy the day. Will tells her that he loves her as they hug and Will then exits. Sami hugs EJ and tells him that she loves him as she cries.

Adrienne goes to the station and finds Abe. Abe says it's not a good time but she says he will want to make time as she has information on Sami's case. Abe questions if she's going to put another nail in the coffin. Adrienne says that what she has to say may do just the opposite.

Stefano questions why he'd want Rafe dead and jokes about him trying to be a real man again. Rafe asks what he knows about being a real man since this is all about Stefano being unable to handle Kate being with a real man. Stefano laughs it off and says he doesn't care who Kate is in bed with. Stefano mocks that he can't defend himself or anyone. Stefano looks at his photo of Arianna on the table and calls her his sister's bastard child. Rafe tells him to shut his mouth. Stefano claims he came for encouragement and says the nurse will bring his pot to him. Rafe vows that he will get out and warns Stefano to hope he's already dead when he does. Stefano says he won't hold his breath and exits. Kate enters with a nurse asking what's wrong. Kate realizes Stefano was there and says she'll be back as she storms out. Kate sees Stefano leaving in the elevator and walks away frustrated. Jennifer arrives asking Maxine if she's seen Theresa. Maxine hasn't but mentions talking to Daniel.

Abigail tells Daniel that she feels like she owes it to Jennifer to explain. Abigail says the guilt she feels over Jack's death is nothing compared to Jennifer blaming herself for pushing Jack, JJ, and Daniel away. Abigail says Jennifer is only truly happy when she's with Daniel. Abigail says there is nothing wrong with them except JJ. Daniel thanks her for her concern but says they both agreed that this is how things need to be. Daniel tells Abigail that she can't change things so they need to accept it. Abigail doesn't think it makes any sense. Abigail apologizes and says she will try to understand and respect his decision but she's sorry it hasn't worked out. Abigail thanks him for listening and starts to leave but Daniel stops her and says there is something he wants to say to her, not about Jennifer but about her.

Sami admits to EJ that she's scared and ashamed that she considered taking Melinda's deal behind his back. EJ asks if she's having second thoughts about turning it down. Sami says she's not because she believes EJ will do everything he can to help her but they both know she probably won't ever see her kids again without handcuffs on. EJ reminds her that he's a DiMera and they make things happen. EJ says Sami won't spend the rest of her life behind bars no matter what.

Adrienne tells Abe about Timmy's savings account and how she saw his deposit slip for $100,000. Adrienne says he may be able to prove that Bernardi was a dirty cop after all.

Maxine informs Jennifer that she has a date with Daniel to his awards ceremony. Maxine starts to say he'd have a much better time with Jennifer but Jennifer tells her to go have fun and not give them another thought.

Daniel thanks Abigail for always being his advocate as it means the world to him and that she's been such a rock to Jennifer while also grieving herself. Daniel assures her that Jack would be very proud of her. Abigail hopes so but isn't always sure. Daniel says she will continue to be there for Jennifer like she was for Melanie and is for JJ. Daniel wants her to be good to herself too. Abigail says she's trying. Daniel asks about things with Cameron. Abigail says she's a little confused about that. Daniel tells her not to let things get confusing as things will be a lot better if she's honest and clear. Abigail says she's trying to get there and will at some point. Daniel encourages her to listen to her heart instead of other people to figure out what she needs. Abigail thanks him and says she will try that. Abigail wants to ask him one more thing before she leaves.

Adrienne asks Abe if this could be good for Sami. Abe says if Bernardi was on the take and tried to shoot a fellow officer then they all need to know. Abe believes Sami pulled the trigger to save Rafe's life but if they can prove it, it will be thanks to Adrienne.

Sami knows EJ would do anything for her but wonders what else he can do at this point. EJ jokes about being DiMera which Sami says she can't wait to be one. Sami kisses him and says she doesn't know what else EJ can do. EJ says he's not afraid to call Stefano's bluff.

Kate finds Stefano into the town square and warns him to stay away from Rafe. Stefano calls her a whore. Kate swears that she will do whatever it takes to protect Rafe. Stefano laughs at her. Kate questions him not taking her seriously. Stefano says she's so devoted to Rafe until her eyes start wandering. Stefano calls it a joke because Rafe will never be able to watch out for himself ever again. Stefano then walks away.

Rafe works through physical therapy with Jordan. She advises him not to tire himself out but he insists on continuing.

Jennifer checks on JJ's final exam scores and finds out that he got an 86 which makes her happy.

Abigail tells Daniel that it's about JJ as she knows he's been a jerk and there's no excuse for it but he wasn't always like this so she worries. Abigail wants to know from a guy's perspective if there's anything else she can do. Daniel's opinion is that until JJ cares enough to change and be responsible, he's going to do what he's going to do and there's nothing they can do to stop him.

JJ and Rory meet with a guy in the park and give him some weed but cops arrive and arrest JJ and Rory.

EJ holds Sami and kisses her. Sami says walking into her trial with EJ makes her feel like she can handle anything. Abe enters with a smile and informs Sami that new evidence has surfaced while Melinda has asked for a continuance. Sami is thankful and hugs EJ.

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