Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/3/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi takes Arianna to bed while Sonny searches for Arianna's blue bunny. He looks underneath the couch and finds the open condom wrapper as Gabi comes back into the room. Gabi asks if it's his. Sonny says no so it must be hers. Gabi tells him not to be mad. Sonny can't believe she slept with Nick there.

Nick tells Will that he didn't realize he still hates him. Will says it's not about hating him but about protecting himself and his daughter from him.

Sonny questions Gabi about where Arianna was or if they walked in on she and Nick. Sonny tells her how messed up it is.

Abigail meets Chad at the coffeehouse.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen tells her that EJ isn't there and tries to shut the door but Marlena says she came to see her and walks on in. Kristen asks why and if she spoke with Brady.

Nicole questions if Brady really did it. Brady was hoping Eric would be happy for him. Nicole thinks she's right about this. Eric asks what's going on. Brady announces that he has asked Kristen to marry him. Eric thought he was taking things slow. Nicole calls it stupid as she and Eric both ask if Brady is insane.

Marlena tells Kristen that she hasn't talked to Brady and says this won't take long. Kristen asks what she can do for her. Marlena reminds her that she wanted to bury the hatchet. Kristen asks if she's changed her mind. Marlena says she's all about peace and harmony while keeping her eye on Kristen's phone laying nearby. Marlena thinks back to asking Roman for Kristen's phone records. Kristen asks why she's there. Marlena says the DiMera Mansion won't be appropriate for the children while Sami goes on trial so she wants her to persuade EJ to letting the children stay with her. Marlena then begins coughing and pours herself a glass of water but spills it. Marlena asks Kristen to go to the kitchen to get some water.

Brady declares that he's happy and doesn't expect them to be. Brady tells Eric that Kristen will be working with him a lot so he wanted the news out. Nicole questions how she got him to propose this time. Brady says he had to convince her. Nicole wants him to change his mind. Nicole asks Brady to call it off.

Chad and Abigail have a candle lit dinner that he set up. Chad hopes this is the beginning but isn't sure what to call what they are doing. Abigail thinks back to questioning Cameron breaking things off with her. Abigail tells Chad that they should call this a date.

Nick tells Will that he wants Arianna to be happy and healthy too. Will questions if he thinks they are all going to work things out. Nick says he just wants to be friends and asks for a chance. Will says they all gave him one when he got out of jail but he wasted it. Will says he's sorry as no one should have to go through what he went to nor what he and Sonny went to. Caroline comes over and says amen to that.

Sonny tells Gabi that she can't get back with Nick. Gabi admits it happened while Will and Sonny were at the club as they argue.

Nicole continues arguing about Kristen with Brady until she storms out of the rectory.

Marlena tells Kristen that she doesn't have to go to the kitchen and tries the water bottle but ends up spraying it all over Kristen. Kristen storms out to go dry off. Marlena then takes Kristen's phone.

Chad and Abigail share a drink of the club drink that Chad named after her. She asks how he's feeling after getting punched at the club opening. Chad thinks back to talking to Cameron about his brain tumor. Chad tells Abigail that it's the last thing on his mind.

Caroline asks Nick if the truth upsets him. Nick apologizes to Caroline for letting her down. Caroline is sorry that she put him in a position to do it. Will tells her that it wasn't her fault but she says she should've seen what was going on. Caroline brings up being the one to introduce Nick to Gabi. Nick says he appreciates that and never meant to hurt her. Caroline questions not getting an apology letter or visit. Nick didn't think she wanted to see him. Caroline says he's right but not doing those things was copping out. Nick asks what it will take to believe he's changed. Will tells him to stop expecting it to happen overnight. Will then goes to help Caroline run the Pub. Nick exits.

Gabi accuses Sonny of judging her and complains about having to pick up the slack while Will and Sonny are doing other things. Gabi says she misses her life. Sonny says she's not the only one making sacrifices. Sonny thinks something is seriously wrong if she misses her life with Nick. Gabi says she misses being with someone and she misses sex.

Brady asks Eric about calling him insane. Eric says he got caught off guard. Brady thought he would give them the benefit of the doubt. Eric admits he's seen another side of Kristen while working with her. Brady doesn't care what John and Marlena think. Eric says the family loves him. Brady talks about choosing between Kristen and his family. Brady suggests Eric be the one to pick the wedding date.

Gabi tells Sonny that this is really about Sonny not liking her and not wanting her there. Sonny says it was his idea to move in together. Gabi thinks he just wanted to make Will happy. Sonny talks about how they were just joking around together before. Gabi questions why it's so difficult for him to like and trust her. Sonny brings up what she did to Melanie and how she could've gone to prison. Gabi remarks that no one is as perfect as him and storms out.

Kristen goes to answer the front door as the doorbell rings and it's Nicole. Nicole hope it's not true. Marlena asks what it is. Kristen shows them her engagement ring and says it's true.

Marlena tries to get in to Kristen's phone but it's password protected. Kristen comes back into the room and startles her.

Brady tells Eric that he wants him to pick the date so that they are not rushing and also mentions wanting to get married in his church.

Caroline sits with Will at the Pub and says she's proud of how he stood up to Nick. Will wishes he had said something sooner but hopes Nick got the message. Caroline thinks he got it loud and clear.

Gabi goes to Nick's and says she didn't know where else to go after a fight with Sonny. Gabi thinks Sonny just hates her and that Sonny and Will think everything she does is a mistake. Gabi says maybe Sonny is right that she is messed up. Nick calls her smart, beautiful, and amazing. Nick tells her not to let anyone tell her otherwise and then kisses her.

Abigail and Chad dance together. Chad says he's going to walk her home.

Will returns home. Sonny tells him that Arianna is sleeping and they kiss. Will asks if Gabi's home. Sonny says she was but just left. Will wanted to talk to Gabi and tells Sonny that Nick tracked him down and said he wanted to work things out. Will says he feels bad still about going off on Gabi but Nick doesn't deserve to be in Arianna's life. Sonny agrees that it's not going to happen. Will wonders what Gabi is thinking and hopes it was a one time thing. Will doesn't want Nick near Arianna unless they are around. Sonny agrees. Will asks if he talked to Gabi. Sonny says they talked. Will asks how it went.

Gabi and Nick lay on the couch together after having sex. Gabi says she's feeling better now but can't stop thinking about the things Sonny and Will said to her. Nick says there's no reason for her to put herself through that. Gabi says they live together so they have to get a long. Nick suggests she could move out and mentions Rafe's place being empty right now and will be for a couple of months. Nick asks if she feels obligated to stay with Will and Sonny. Gabi admits she does and says she had nowhere to go when she got out of the hospital but they were there to help her. Nick says they aren't doing her any favors if they are treating her like crap. Nick suggests she do what's best for her to keep herself and Arianna happy. Nick tells her to remember that she has options. Gabi says he's given her a lot to think about but has to get back home now. They kiss again and both are glad she came. Gabi then exits.

Eric asks Brady about wanting to get married in the church. Brady thinks it would be great and wants his blessing. Eric thinks Brady is using him.

Nicole jokes about Kristen's ring. Kristen asks if she feels better after some insults then suggests she leaves. Kristen doesn't think it's anyone's business but her and Brady's. Nicole thinks she's using him. Kristen says the ship has sailed on getting back at Marlena. Kristen notes Marlena being quiet and asks if she's changed her mind. Marlena says she's just stunned. Kristen says she was too at first. Kristen suggests Nicole leave. Nicole promises Brady will leave her too as she exits. Marlena asks if she's set a date. Kristen tells her to keep her schedule open so she can come. Marlena says she wouldn't miss it and congratulates her. Marlena reminds her to talk to EJ about the kids as she exits. Marlena then bumps into Nicole who was waiting outside. Nicole can't believe Marlena didn't back her up and questions her silence. Nicole says Marlena can't be considering giving Kristen another chance.

Kristen texts Brady asking where he is. Brady texts back that he is with Eric. Kristen thinks back to her pregnancy scare and takes a drink.

Brady tells Eric that he wouldn't ask him to approve something he's not supporting but it would be great if he could ask John and Marlena for their approval. Brady says Eric's blessing means a lot to them. Brady says everyone told him he was wrong and that Kristen couldn't love him but they were wrong. Brady says when they are all in the same room, he will know exactly why he loves her so much.

Sonny tells Will that they were acting like everything was cool and joking together. Arianna starts to cry before Sonny can tell him what happened. Will goes to check on her as Gabi returns home. Gabi notes that Sonny obviously didn't tell Will. Gabi thinks that's a smart idea and says they don't need to know everything the other is doing. Sonny complains about Nick making their lives hell. Gabi warns him that they need to stop telling her what to do and who to be with if she keeps living there. Sonny asks what she means by if she keeps living there.

Chad walks Abigail home. He mentions thinking about the future and says he's here with her then kisses her. Abigail thanks him for the really good time. Chad says he will call her tomorrow as he walks away. Abigail heads into the house with a smile.

Marlena asks Nicole why this concerns her. Nicole says she's worried about Brady and realizes Marlena does too. Nicole says this is a disaster that they have to stop. Nicole declares that Kristen doesn't have a prayer.

Eric tells Brady that he's not sure they can get married in the church with their pasts but he will look into it. Brady wants him to think about. Eric says he will pray on it and isn't saying no. Brady says he wasn't sure how he'd react at first. Eric admits he wasn't sure how to react. Brady says the only thing better than marrying Kristen would be for Eric to be the one to marry them.

Kristen sits at home and watches her sex tape of her and Eric. Kristen takes out the flash drive and says it's dangerous to keep around so she should just get rid of it but then says not until she's absolutely sure.

Nick sits with his laptop and photo of Gabi. Nick begins typing "My name is Gabi and this is my story"

Gabi talks to Sonny about Rafe's place being open. Sonny questions her going out on her own. Gabi says she's there for Will and wonders what he will think when he finds out she left because of Sonny. Gabi questions Will having to choose between Arianna and Sonny. Gabi suggests they all get along and Sonny then agrees. Will returns to the room with Arianna.

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